Vinyl rip of the Over The Garden Wall soundtrack, from What.CD to you. 24-bit FLAC


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aw yuh get comfy

Thanks pal

Based user. Thank you very much.

an user actually delivered, it's like I'm living is a dream world

OP here, just got the actual record in the mail, sounds beautiful through my speakers.
Happy I'm getting to hear the full version of the teacher's song, don't know why Beatrice and Witt thought it was "dreadful" (I guess she is a bit of a drama queen though)

Wirt. I know it's Wirt, my phone doesn't

That looks beautiful. Are you the user from the last thread with the Audio Technica turntable?


I'm glad I actually ordered the vinyl. The rip is amazing, and better than any other music source we have, but it's good to have the vinyl myself.

So does anyone know why the soundtrack doesn't have the Cloud City song?
If they were pushing the vinyl timelimit I would've just put it and The Old North Wind on a 7", it really was one of my favorite songs...

Listening to this with the balcony door open. Breezy cool weather with the leaves falling.

Extreme comfort. Thanks user.


Best reprise of a song ever. It's so damn comfy and chilling. Made me cry in the show.

Nobody nose. We're all crossing our fingers for the digital version to have it, though.

I'm in class right now, but as soon as I get home I'm gonna chill out to this entire album.


Got the first pressing, too. Ordered at 1PM CST. Gets here on Thursday. So hyped. Even without a turntable.

Haha, time for late 70's technology.

good shit, as long as you have a good cartridge on there

Holy shit the quality of The Beast Is Out There. It's like it was straight from a broadway recording. This made me realized I would LOVE a broadway version of OTGW.

Does it have the song the pumpkin people sing at the barn?

Yeah, it's called "Pottsfield C.M."
It is pretty awesome

I don't remember the peach song in the show. What part was that?

Yes! I have been looking for that song for a long time!

m95ed I think.

>Early on Wirt and Greg actually got lost in the Unknown by RIDING the little black train (rather than almost getting hit by it). That was actually the whole concept of the series - that Wirt and Greg get on a train on Halloween night, and realize it’s going to “Death” and so they jump off half-way and end up somewhere between life/death/dreams/reality. So in the last episode we reveal that the beast is actually not a bad guy… he’s just trying to get them on the train, because that’s where they belong.

>Old Black Train song

Neat. It's like the song is based on the original concept.

She sang it for like 4 hours straight, any song would be dreadful under those circumstances, no wonder the school never got any results if this was the way she taught the alphabet and numbers.

I thought the way they sing in that song was pretty odd, so I looked it up. Apparently they're using a technique called Shape Note singing. It was a method of singing used by rural Americans who didn't know more advanced musical notation. So cool how they incorporated that.

Nice. My internet's shit, so I'll download it over night. I'm sad I don't have the actual vinyl, even if I don't have anything to play it on. I got the For Sara tape even if I don't have anything to actually play it with.


>OTGW was a take on Night on the Galactic Railroad

having never been to a real stage play
I'd go to a OTGW stage play in a heartbeat

God, I love all the folk details in OTGW. There's so much care and attention put into every single aspect of the show.

That… Actually sounds almost cooler than the show we ended up with.

I don't know if OtGW would translate well to the stage, but it is an interesting thought

Man, I wish I had the money to splurge for the vinyl. Hopefully I can get it before it stops existing at reasonable prices.

I really hope somebody makes a better rip of the cassette than the current rip that can be found on SoundCloud.

For Sara rip in FLAC from What, uploaded it here like a week ago

Still doesn't sound great, it's supposed to sound like he recorded it on his boombox (I think there's some parts where it's deliberately Daniel Johnston-esque) but better

Oh, sweet. Thanks!

Sometimes I wish I had a What.cd, but I don't have the means to seed constantly enough for their tastes. A shame, but I'm content with MySpleen.

>Old North Wind
You're in luck, user, apparently it's on the vinyl, after all the hubbub about it not being there. Track 23!

That's not what I'm talking about, it doesn't include the song before that Greg sings

Oh! That one, yes. It's a real shame it didn't include it. Fingers are crossed for the digital release, though, where they don't have these time/size constraints, and can losslessly distribute the digital form.

Is it that "Everything is nice and fine all the time" song?

I've got a complete copy of the soundtrack that I believe somebody who worked on OtGW uploaded here months ago, I'll put it on Mega now.

Is the vinyl still available? I have no funds until next month and I reallyyyyy want it

They sold out of all the copies they had in stock, there's a preorder for the next pressing in November

Oh okay so they are gonna make more.
Might be an early Xmas present to myself

I know this is probably just the same as "my dad works at nintendo" but I want to believe

Itty Bitty Baby
Itty Bitty Boat

Am I the only one that thought that was really dumb? Like "Oh we gotta be deep, put the goofy song...in Latin!"



I thin the track you're looking for is Episode 8 Track 8



I think the track you're looking for is Episode 8 Track 8

Very thanks user, Much appreciated

Oh, I recognize that. It's a cutup of the "Composer's Cut" audio on the Australian Blu-Ray (which cut out the voice tracks for everything but the vocal songs). It's originally AC3, so lossy source, unfortunately, but it's definitely the most comprehensive (if not quality) soundtrack out there. Thank you for the link, user.

>finish playing OTGW
>put another record on
>half my speakers are quiet
>remove and check cartridge for loose connections
>thing disintegrates in my hand

You just wanted one last ride. Didn't ya, fella.


>Am I the only one that thought that was really dumb?
Yeah. And no taste too. Get out

Guess we see it differently. I don't dislike OTGW, but it had a lot of moments like that that irked me. It's a comfy show, but I'm not its biggest fan.



user why you gotta make me feel old. It's a tape recorder.

I know the difference, I was being general rather than remembering what he specifically had in the show. Haven't done my yearly rewatch yet, trees have to be more bare

>analog equipment
Cred Forumsmrades, why is analog stuff so fucking /comfy/? I've been scanning my family's old video cassettes and it's just lovely seeing them work.

It was simpler times. Where kids could actually go play outside without helicopter parents.


The distortion of cassette or videotape adds a nice nostalgic tinge, and the mechanics are complex and fascinating.
No one attempts engineering like this anymore

Techmoan's retro videos are the definition of comfy

anyway to get an mp3 of this?

Yeah, ffmpeg, xld, foobar, or any of the millions of FLAC to MP3 converters which all ultimately just use ffmpeg's libs in the end anyway

To be fair it's not needed, it would be like complaining no one bothers with mechanical clocks when digital clocks would lose maybe a couple milliseconds every thousand years. Something gets lost in terms of skill but practicality moves ever forward, just with less clicks and satisfying clunks.

Well done comrade, well done


Thanks, you guys.


Software is the new technical wizardry. Instead of manipulating complex physical mechanisms, it's now manipulating complex electrical mechanisms in interesting ways. Like Fast Inverse Square Root, or Quicksort. It's not as physically satisfying, but it certainly has its charms.

Yeah, the problem is most people, including me, don't really understand it other than wizadry with ones and zeros, pretty much everyone can understand and marvel at the gears and the pulleys. Of course all of this is near irrelevant because it was a race to the bottom in terms of audio quality since pretty much forever.

Oh potatoes and molasses
Bitches get down, gon' shake those asses

God damn, these threads are so comfy.
New watchers are nice but lurking while seriously dedicated fans discuss is wonderful.

This thread reminds me it's almost October.
Please tell me we're gonna do a Cred Forums stream of this on Halloween.

Probably. Maybe. I dunno but would be fun to have a Cred Forums Halloween stream

I'm so fucking happy Tiny Star is on this. It's one of my favorites even though you can barely even hear it in the series.

Thank you very much, OP.

>Full versions of Send Me A Peach and Old Black Train
Oh god finally.
Not having the Beast's song is fucking blasphemy though.

I was thinking of doing a huge stream on Halloween day, airing dozens of specials and spooky shorts and vintage commercials and things. My only concern is that people (and even me) might be actually out doing stuff rather than sitting at home browsing Cred Forums, I'd have to gauge interest. Would definitely run OTGW in a primetime slot though

Seriously? God damn it, I was really hoping for that one specifically.


what is the name of the song that the beast sang one time, it goes "falala falala chop the wood..." or something like that

Aparently it's not in the album sadly. This is the best we've gotten, from the composer's cut It's based on a song from Hänsel und Gretel

>Send Me a Peach

I remember Old Black Train from the show, it's one of the most memorable moments for me. But I don't remember Send Me a Peach at all. What's the context around it?

An instrumental version of the song plays when they get chased by the frogs on the boat.

It's a long shot, but do they have the full version of any of the other songs from episode 9? The Angels Have Gone Silent or whatever that plays at the start, the sort of techno number that played in the background of the party, and the lively keyboard tune that played when the cop showed up at the witches gathering? I really liked all three tracks, but wished they were longer.

Actually, they have all of them.

>The Angels Have Gone Silent or whatever that plays at the start
The Fight Is Over, track 25. It's the same as what you heard in the episode though, no more verses or anything.
>the sort of techno number that played in the background of the party
Tiny Star, track 26. I love it, one of my favorites.
>the lively keyboard tune that played when the cop showed up at the witches gathering
Nope, sorry. It's on the composers cut from the dvd though, check

It's a real shame the composer's cut is lossy. It would've been totally perfect if it had just been DTS-HD instead of AC3.

Nothing can ever be perfect, unfortunately.
We're already really lucky that it provided us with Tome of the Unknown in gorgeous 1080p with a 5.1 track, the Australian Steven Universe had only a crappy upscale of that show's pilot

You're right, I'm incredibly grateful we at least got a flawless blu ray release. I guess the stars can only align so far. Fingers crossed the digital release brings even more to the table.

Not the same user you were interacting with before, but I can see why you'd say that. I, for one, find the show to be perfect in many ways. However I can see how others don't find it to be such. When I had my ex-boyfriend watch it with me, he didn't like it nearly as much as I did. That disappointed me, but I think I may have over hyped it before he watched it. To each his own, I figure.

However Potatus et Molassu was was one of the best songs in the show. I didn't think it was dumb at all, but I can see why you'd think so. Sorry you don't like it, desu. You're missing out

Does anyone have the comics for the current ongoing? I don't think I've seen them in the Win-O for a couple months.


The full version of Send Me A Peach is great. I love it desu


What the heck is with the random techno bits near the end? Track composition is a mess.

It's in basically chronological order. Episode 9 takes place in the "real world"

I know but 'The Fight is Over' would have been enough without making it jarring but the more poppu modern tracks is distracting, especially when the hey were barely heard background in the actual show.

I like em, frick you buddy

I like them too but I don't like them in the album. I like hotdogs but I don't put sausages in cake.

I like 'em too, but I agree. They should've put the Cloud City songs (welcoming committee and "less than fine" instead of the party background; it's great to have Fight is Over, and the party theme is great, but the Cloud City songs would've fit better.

>this was released on vinyl
I like vinyl and I think this shit is retarded. Pandering to autsits is always a mistake

nigga wot
For Sara was on cassette, soundtrack is on vinyl. It makes sense, the show was obsessed with the old, comforting feel of old things. That's like complaining that the Beast didn't have a flashlight instead of a lantern.

Besides, it's coming out digitally in a week or two. Calm your titties.

Guess what just arrived, anons

Cartoon Network's probably going to air it themselves

In the past they've been known to air it as a crappy abridged version though

Currently waiting for fall to get more underway before I show my girlfriend the show. It's taking a lot of patience!

Thanks for the level-headed reply user. I honestly do feel I'm missing out. For all accounts, I should fucking love OTGW, but I can only like it. For some reason I've been enjoying the comics a bit more, although I've only read the origin of the Woodsmen issue.

It's not bad by any stretch, but I don't really consider it great as anything other than some comfy fall-ness, if that.

Nah, you're misremembering things. Last year, they aired the five episodes over the course of a week, just like the show premiered. Then they aired the abridged version all at once on a Saturday. So we got both.

A very flat dragon dildo.

What do they have to abridge? The original was about 10x11 minute episodes, right?

Even if you air one per day, that's still less than 200 minutes total.

I think they ran the whole thing in a 2 hour timeslot, and with commercials they cut out a whole bunch

I'm honestly still interested in what the abridged version was like. I know it's inferior to the separate episodes; I'm just curious to see what they cut.

Well they may run it again this year if they do what they did last year

>movie commercials

Right, forgot about that.

God fuck commercials.