Characters who were born to job

>Characters who were created for the sole purpose of jobbing
>Characters who have never won a fight

Also, the fact that "jobber" became general nerd slang is proof positive that professional wrestling is a staple of modern culture

>Only seem to win at the start as a plot device
>Then always get the tables turned on them
Sometimes they don't even have to incite anything to get the shit stick thrown in their faces.

Obviously, pro wrestling and comics are both about power fantasies that have ridiculous costumes and catchy names.

Excuse me king of all jobbers coming through

He has to job otherwise the world would end every weekend.

It's the problem with overpowered villains.

>tfw you remember Darkseid got took out with one punch from doomsday


>Darkseid got took
is you good?

Wait, what? Bolphunga appears after his "appearance" in the Mogo story? I've only read silver age GL. Why would they bring this no-character back?


or that wrestling is nerd shit.

He's become a sort-of antagonist to Guy Gardner. He gets his butt kicked whenever Guy has his ring with him though.

I miss Bolphunga..

No, it became spammed on Cred Forums. It hasn't become a staple.

He's a jobber even in his own comic book...

That file name though


But seriously, rewatch JL (not A), he literally one-shots people with no immunity to mind control. He would be super OP without some jobbing.



>defeating darkseid is my destiny
>lol jk im just gonna get taken out with ease and then superman or batman will do it

>i only exist so that the badguy can rip my arms off to show that he means business, or for batman to pull out a little device and disable me with a single button press




Is it considered Jobbing if you practically defeat yourself? I mean, most of the times she loses is because she did something dumb.

The dumb things helped to get her into the situation. But the situations were still something she should have won.
The final Unalaq human fight.
The Godzilla fight.
Shaking off the shirshu poison with the Avatar State.
Breaking the chains initially against Zaheer and P'li.
The control room fight with Kuvira.
All of those are encounters she should not have any difficulty with but rather the "aftermath" of those results where she works towards a better goal for everyone together. Yet she had to job for them to advance their plot.

>That time Nightwing jobbed to gravity

You probably don't know what a jobber is.

To be fair being killed by Phoenix is not what I could jobbing. Its only natural

>Son of the wife he liked
>Consummate jobber

>Son of the wife he disliked and antagonized
>Competent, but mostly due to his mother's genetics and being raised away from him

Darkseid reminds me of my dad

I could swear Kalibak has won fights in the past. It's just that then he loses again when the plot calls for it.

>batman: This is my ultimate pupil, the one man that can effectively hunt me down if I go rogueor replace me
>kills himself on a rock
I'm glad I dont buy mainline comics anymore

Wait, did he actually die?

Its injustice, not canon. But yes, he dies because Damian goes full edgelord and hits him in the head with a baton.


Huh, neato.
Thanks for filling me in.

That's sort of the problem with him in general. He's superman, plus shape-shifting and ridiculously overpowered telepathy. Where do you even go with that power set.

I think he was basically anti squirrel girl.


Every magic character on a team.

I don't recall Nico from Runaways being too much of a jobber.

What else do expect of Worf?

I'm not sure that counts as jobbing. It's Doomsday.

She usually losses because of plotbending

No, she loses because of her own doing and stupidity.

Because the plot needs her to lose.

It's still all her fault.

If they had competent writers, they could have her lose without literally everything bad coming from her being a retard.

The Wrecking Crew are professional jobbers who show up to lose and show how powerful or skilled the heroes are.


Anyone else hate Skrulls?
They just feel a bit shitty.

>implying that watching people getting into fake fights wasn't already nerdy

>sister and him have had a rivalry their entire lives
>he finally thinks he has her at her weakest point
>still loses
>gets saved by the woman that cucked him
Being Zuko is suffering.

It still counts. Darkseid can take Superman going all out. Superman going all out barely stopped Doomsday.

>I will read his mi- DAAAAUUURGHHH

It's just Injustice, you 'tard. Rebirth is really good and worth a look.

>moviefag detected

It's not mainline you fucking retard. Looks like being a casual little fag didn't actually do you any good.

Oh god Worf is the biggest jobber


To be fair, the character is a total bitch in the movies with no presence.

I wouldn't know, I'm not a casual

It's usually plot related reasons:

>about to kill Zaheer... Poison kicks in

>about to destroy Kuvira with the avatar state... PTSD kicks in

>about to lock Vaatu in the tree again... Unalaq shows up and attacks her from behind

>fighting Unalaq evenly... Out of nowhere tentaclepornbending

>tries to use the stuff she learned in her spirit world journey to revive the light inside Vaatu... She fails but the princess of the fairies can do it

>doesn't avatar state yip-yip on the giant robot so the rest of the cast can be useful

All things she could have avoided completely if she wasn't a retard.

>has to look like the most incompetent retard in the universe in The Avatar State and The Chase so Azula can be a credible villain
>he still doesn't get to defeat her because bryke forgot to give Katara something to do in the finale

I think Zhao is the only named character that Zuko ever got to beat.

The only time that Jinxx ever started winning was when she went Good in the name of the D.
Barring maybe the first episode. Of a four season or possibly more series.

I believe pic related hold the world record for jobbing to the most people

THIS,the only 'thing' they've got going is being capable of squaring off with Thor, they're literally walking power level indicators

It's weird that bryke never let her win on her own when in ATLA just being a teenager with a vagina made you an unstoppable fighting machine

The Abomination.

The Wrecker could hold his own against Thor, but that was before he split his power with the other 3 goobers. More importantly, Silver Age Thor wasn't portrayed as being as powerful as he is these days, he struggled against Mr. Hyde and Cobra for crying out loud.

who has apocalypse ever really killed ? his name is apocalypse

being fabulous is suffering

>about to kill Zaheer.
she never even got close to kill zaheer. He literally stayed out of her reach

>about to destroy Kuvira with the avatar state
after getting destroyed herself in a fair fight

>fighting Unalaq evenly... Out of nowhere tentaclepornbending
- character used a technique she didn't learn to defeat my waifu? cheater!

>tries to use the stuff she learned in her spirit world journey to revive the light inside Vaatu
stop making up stuff

>doesn't avatar state yip-yip on the giant robot
because she couldn't. The only thing she was able to do in avatar state is to stop the giant for about 5 seconds.

>Its a steve gets shit on by everybody episode.
>Its a steve never wins episode.

I first heard it among non-Cred Forums people, before Cred Forums was a thing.
people use it everywhere. it's a thing.


except that's just one time.
He's the guy whose plan, every time he shows up is "pick an X-man or two or whatever. give them more powers and make them look weird. make a big speech about kill all humans, somehow lose."

That's literally every story arc he's had.

you could just say the entire league minus batgod

Thanos. He is turning into one of the bigger jobbers in Marvel.

>Gets taken down by a team of mostly B+ heroes(In terms of strength) that don't even wield cosmic power.

This is the same guy that was able to literally be unphased by silver Surfer blasting at him with all he had, and was able to essentially be unharmed by Black Bolt fucking shouting at him(although Black Bolt himself has weakened).

>turning into
In his best-known and most highly-regarded story it's revealed that he's a compulsive loser whose own psyche will never allow him to win, even with infinite power.

He is, at the deepest levels of his id, canonically, born to job. Thanos is the ur-jobber.


You do know three of the members of the team that took him out were cosmic-tier powerhouses right?

I mean I hate Blue Marvel but that guy is overpowered as fuck, and both of the 'Captain Marvel' ladies they had present are capable of ridiculous power.

At least he'll be the next Galactus.

We get it Carol, you hate Skrulls.

A character who loses to someone who all intents and purposes they should be able to defeat if written properly?

Sounds like Thor in the movies.

I think it's more that Katara was a bit of a sue.

Reading this thread has made me realize why I've been so disappointed by every MCU villian. They're all basically jobbers.

Yeah, but the characters who actually do the work in that fight are Medusa, She-Hulk, War Machine, and Carol Danvers, most of whom Thanos can kill by backhanding them too strong. Bendis just doesn't get Thanos.

Is She-Hulk REALLY that strong?

I mean, even Hulk had to get pretty pissed to fight Thanos.

No, that's not what a jobber is. A jobber is a character who loses JUST to show how much stronger the other guy is.


Bucky and Ronan were only defeated by the power of friendship

I thought the Winter Soldier did pretty well a few times?
He seemed to come out on top for most of his fights.
I may be remembering it wrong. It's been a while since I've seen the movie, so correct me if I'm wrong.

Also, who's the guy taking the mask off?

A dark elf from Thor 2.

Even he knows that he must lose to Gumball.

Ah, no wonder I didn't recognise him.
My pirated copy crapped out halfway and it wasn't interesting enough for me to try again.

I'm a big Jasonfag, but outside of Lobdell's shit Jason jobs like a motherfucker.

that makes him more compelling, when its himself that internally knows he must Job because he knows he's a villian and doesn't deserve to win.

gives him pathos, means he's capable of empathy, and understanding how flawed he really is.

>Where do you even go with that power set.

To your own book.
It'll soon happen again. R-right?

Any Hobgoblin who isn't Kingsley is doomed to job.
Probably because they suck.

Maybe he was talking about the cartoon specifically.
In which case, Bats also jobs. In fact, no less than three Leaguers job to Deadshot in a row in the original series.

Vanko, Malekith, and Ultron would be squash matches.

>it's okay if it's fucking retarded because it isn't the main universe


The Guardians of the Universe

Damian is the one throwing the nightstick..

Sabretooth, Apocalypse.

it gets especially irritating considering they've done that sort of plot with Steve more than 40 times, it's way overdone

And DD got stronger after that

>I didn't watch JLU

Batman didn't take out a single big enemy in that entire show

Wouldn't that make you a casual?

Then don't specify mainline universe in your post cunt

"I can't believe he's blood."

That's literally the entire reason why it's allowed to be stupid you retard.
Becuase it's a non important "what-if" universe that doesn't affect the main storyline at all

> Dennis Hopeless doesn't realize this.
> he's gonna job Kingsley to Spider-Woman.

This is gonna irk me a lot more than anything else Hopeless has done.

The question is, if all jobbers got into a fight, who would win?

Thanos, actually.

Then he'd job even harder to whatever heroes they throw at him.

>Getting beat by garbage Titans
>PIS jobbing overpowered heroes.

One of the worst 100th issues i have ever

I kekkled at that scene

>>Characters who were created for the sole purpose of jobbing
>>Characters who have never won a fight


>taken out by miles
still mad

so he's Kumagawa?

Is it wrong that I read Abomination's voice in Ron Pearlman's voice? I blame Ultimate Destruction for that.

Funny, I read him as Zorak.

Did you say skrulls?

I know he did bad stuff, but no one deserves to go out jobbing to the fucking titians.

When i read in injustice 'Diamn kills nightwing and replace him in superman's regime' i was expenting something more than 'triped on a rock and break his neck'. Ffs damian dont even wanted to kill him

I REALLY think FC should've had Orion revealed to have been not quite dead at the end, boom tube in, and deliver the final killing blow, just to fulfill the prophecy, before they both "die" for real.

Then again, even then, neither Darkseid or Orion are truly dead, so it's pretty whatever.


Makes him more pathetic, anyway. I don't think there's much compelling about "I'm shit but I'm going to continue being shit because reasons."It works on comedy characters like the Superior Foes, with Thanos it's just kind of like "THIS is the final boss of 616?"

at that point the prophecy was already fulfilled, in countdown no less

It's best if you come to terms with the fact Steve does not come out on top. He'll break even with a consolation ending sometimes. But never hope for more.


>I think it's more that Katara was a bit of a sue.
Most of the main cast in the show was a Sue.

More like Piccolo, every human character, or every character who isn't Goku

Everyone is a jobber in that series though except goku

For all the hype Bane gets, he is jobber incarnate.

>Let me just turn on my venom and-oh no ive been beaten again

Did Toriyama really think that everyone wanted to see Piccolo and Krillin bite it at every turn? There's comic relief and then there's just plain shitting on characters.

Not really. Aang was strong but often got dunked on. Sokka was the normie. Toph is a great earthbender, but a bit one not.

Katara, though?

>Aang was strong but often got dunked on
Aang won every fight with maybe 2 exceptions.

>Sokka was the normie

>Toph is a great earthbender, but a bit one not.
Toph is one of the most Sue characters in the series.

Aang had problems fighting Sokka in the first season and only ever won because he'd go into avatar state. He also didn't listen to the Guru's words, fucked up hard trying to learn firebending early, and very nearly got killed for trying to rely on the avatar state.

I don't really recall much from Toph, aside from being mad that Korra made her out to be a total slut.

TNG Worf, specifically. DS9 Worf actually got to win occasionally.

Toph being a slut made perfect sense.

>sheltered spoiled rich girl with parent issues who runs away from home and hates being tied down

Meant Zuko

Eh, I always saw her finding a guy and having a family. We know she had the feels for Sokka.

>implying Countdown actually mattered

As much as I love FC, it always did kinda bother me the way Morrison treated Orion. He gets basically no respect and no one even seems to lament his death all that much. Just, "Oh shit, we found a dead New God. Let's investigate."

same deal with the U-Foes.

I thought DBZ was bad about shitting on the secondary cast and then I saw DB Super.

At least GT had the decency just to ignore people.

And yet Goku has never been him in a one on one fight...

Really makes you think.

I knew it was going to be more of the same, but I wish Toriyama had a bit more range than he used to. All the same problems seem to be present.

What the fucks a jobber anyways?

The problem is even worse now, because it's not enough to shit on the characters. They have to take away everything that made them special in the first place.

>proceeds to job himself

Thanos literally only loses in the end due to himself/some higher power. He wipes the floor with the fucking heroes, except the retard Bendis doesn't get that.