Will he be ever topped?

Will he be ever topped?

Fabok in the house!

Fabok is David Finch done right.
Reis is house-style done right.

>house-style done right
You're an idiot. An imbicile. Parroting shit you have no understanding of. Fucking mongoloid piece of shit. A tasteless philistine to boot.

Answering your question, Reis is discount Neal Adams. Poor man's Neal Adams. A Neal Adams cover-band that never even learned to play properly, just watched some youtube videos to see where and how to hit the strings.

I prefer stylized art. After seeing I honestly can't tell Reis apart from Fabok.

Wow that's a neat Ethan Van Sciver page.

>Neal Adams
You're an idiot. An imbicile. Parroting shit you have no understanding of. Fucking mongoloid piece of shit. A tasteless philistine to boot.
He's JLGL of this generation and Adams never actually improved as an artist after the 70s. Reis is better.

Neal Adams is shit mate.

Then you're an idiot.

Reis is nowhere near JLGL's talent.

Don't be a nostalgiafag, user.

Nobody is mate. He's still the best Cape artist of this time like Lopez was of 80s.

Praise be his name!

Favor and Reis are small compared to Redondo stuff

Considering the new generation of artists prefer more stylized art, I'd say not likely.


You're an idiot if you think that. Neil Adams could do much more than draw action figures by imitating other artists. His drawing was much more lively and his vision and perspective made a lot of difference. Artists like Neil Adams and Breyfogle are in a higher tier compared to Reis.

That could legit be reis art

Personally I hate Reis' art because it looks like nothing but a series of stiff action figure poses.

This is much too clean to be Reis art.

>muh action figures
>muh stiff action poses
Kill yourself and try harder to bait next time if you want a (You)

Do you really think Reis is as good as Neil Adams? Cmon son

Yes, Adams never actually evolved. Like his career's best work was in early 70s with O'Neil and then it stayed that way. As opposed to say somebody like Byrne or Starlin. Not to say his paneling wasn't as dynamic as some of the other artists that gained prominence throughout the 70s.
Reis has continued to evolve his style, compare his earlier work on Invisibles/Action to his early 2000 works to his later GL stint to Aquaman. He's the best traditional Cape artist currently at big.

That looks like shit. The only sense of movement comes from the (barely visible) speed lines.

Show me better paneling and movement in traditional big 2 art. Go on. Name better Mavel/DC house artists.

You are retarded if you think there are no sense of movement in there.


> Name better Mavel/DC house artists.
They're all interchangeable

Reis is a rich guy, with a millionaire contract maybe he don't give a fuck anymore
His work gets worse every month
And Prado is the worst inker I ever seen

He is one of the few artists that improves himself every passing issue.

I'm not sure if that's true. He peaked around Blackest Night and Aquaman. His Justice League and Cyborg were mediocre.


Gene Ha and Neal Adams

This, his Multiversity issues were dire as well.

>Lopez better than Miller
fuck off

>Miller ever being good

You fuck off.

Doesn't do capeshit anymore and debatable.
Don't kid yourself. I'm a nostalgiafag too but his current stuff is utter trash.

>Neal Adams
How can nostalgiafags be this delusional?

>>Doesn't do capeshit anymore and debatable.
He's done stuff in the n52 and is by far and away better at figures, faces and backgrounds compared to Reis, and there's absolutely no way he's worse at paneling and composition.

>>Don't kid yourself. I'm a nostalgiafag too but his current stuff is utter trash.
You didn't set a timeframe, Reis has never even come close to Adams Batman/Green Lantern and Arrow level art.
And really the only thing that's suffered in his current art is his linework and faces (typical a houseart fag would hold these as the highest elements of graphic art), the paneling, compositions and designs are still really good.

Explain to me how Reis is better at Paneling and kinetics than Neal Adams?

Look at this and tell me that Neal Adams' compositions are better than Reis'

At least he puts more than one panel in 2 pages

>the paneling, compositions and designs are still really good.
Reis excels at that as well when he isn't forced to draw endless amount of Splash pages. His composition is very dynamic when it wants to be and traditional when it wants to be (Aquaman).

I like the DC house style but Reis, Fabok and Van Sciver are indistinguishable.

I never said Reis was bad, I like him a lot. Neal Adams is just a better artist.


you're the "art is shit dude" from the frostbite thread. please a trip, so i can ignore your awful opinions.

Reis doesn't look even a little like Neal Adams.

Van Sciver has the super detailed lips. That's how I recognize him.
Reis and Fabok are really similar, but there's something about the faces that help me distinguish the two.

Also am I the only one who thought the Rebirth spread looked rushed?

He prolly got more top than you bitch nigga

Absolutely false, family.

Johns love him.

What makes Brazilians so good in doing cape comics?

>posting Neil Adams' modern past his prime art just to make a point.

And I love him too.

It seems most artists working on DC are either Brazilians or Canadians with the odd Spaniard.

I think Van Sciver is the most prominent American artist of the current generation.

I'll never not hate how Benes draws lips. Just ugly.


So you're saying that being able to portray a sense of motion and weight in comics is worthless? Go fuck yourself

It really ruins the whole face for me. Just too tumor-y rather than normal plump, pouty stuff.