Rick and Morty and Steven Universe

>YOU DON’T GET IT MORTY you know when a dog fucks his sister and then she gives birth to inbreed pups Morty? And those stupid fucks can’t even eat or stand right? This kid is DOUBLE INBREED Morty! Her mom fucked herself so hard she literally gave birth to this idiot. I think she had to have some kind of human fetish that got her killed while she was fucking a human-shaped dildo SO HARD MORTY she gave life to it and killed herself in the process. I think there’s like not even a nick of the poor Greg fella in here Morty. And he is full of bullshit Gem propaganda Morty we have to save him, save him and his bellybutton gem.

Add the burps with your mind

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>R: Hug that cannon and believe in yourself Morty
M: Wwwwwwhat?
R: That’s how gem stuff works Morty they are fuelled by emotional turmoil and life changing decision. Now be resolute about being a lesbian so that we can shoot some kind of fat woman shaped death ray Morty

lame ripoff of geno fro SMRPG
get this shit out of here


I never knew how bad I wanted something until just now. It's so fucking absurd it just might work.

>save him. save him and his bellybutton gem

What sort of drugs do you think Rick could make out of damaged gems?

I think he would be pretty intrigued from the fact Steven can grow gem inside his body while being an organic being. Like I can picture him growing crystal meth on cat after "studying" the poor boy

>Add the burps with your mind
Best idea ever. People should start doing this when they write out Rick dialogue.


Crossovers are synonymous with cringe, especially when SU is involved.

Sometimes they can be amazing. Is World's Finest the first crossover or was there some before that?

>Oh Shit Morty we've gotta get out of here.
>Wh-why what's wrong Rick?
>Him, Morty, that fat little Jewish Kid is what's wrong.
>Geez Rick he do-doesn't seem that dangerous to me.
>Oh he issss Morty, every time I see that kid he pulls a new power right out of his asshole. But that's not the problem Morty, the problem is he's gonna wanna be your friend, Morty.
>That doesn't sound that bad Rick.
>It doesn't, until you realize he's a Melodramatic little PUSS. Everything with that kid, everything is an excuse to cry. Or sing. Or cry while singing.

Fucking stop.


This is just too beautiful.

>Rick having to break out in song

I need this. We need this.

Get Shwifty.

my fucking sides

Man he was really phoning it in for these.


He is a DLC voice for DOTA youtube.com/watch?v=8VnVgtYzKjM

>add the burps with your mind.
All me keek.

Can't wait for season 3.


This is way better.

this is great

Yeah you can tell he actually had fun with this.

>Y-You know what Rick? There's- ya know- there's nothing wrong with this place. Outta all the messed up- all the really gross and hateful messed up places you've taken me there's-there's nothing bad, or y'know, evil here- it's just nice.

>Yeah, uh huh

>Just-just take a look at this boardwalk, i-it's sparkling clean- and the shops are just family run restaurants and and and arcades, no pawn shops, n-no porn arcades, j-just fun in the beach, f-fun in the sun-

>Yeah M-Morty, this stepford abomination is reeeeeeaaaaal nice

>Wh-why do you have to be like that Rick!? Why do you look at at at people just being nice and decent to eachother and decide that they're like under mind control or something?

>Pffft, "mind control" Morty? nobody could use mind control for an entire planet's history. These poor saccharine saps are obviously genetically engineered.

>Hey, woah! Genetically engineered, Rick?

>Oh yeah! Oh yeah, Morty, j-j-just look at 'em. Don't they look just a little "off" to you?

>Rick, they're aliens, o-of course they're gonna look weird.

>Not-not like this Mor-teee, take a look at that one's head over there. She's an onion! And that fat kid over there looks like a bunch of fries! If they were a-an alien race, they'd all look like the same weird thing. Somebody's been cultivating this, this sick little garden. >Let me tell you Morty, if the gardenER wants their, their garden, this unflinchingly spineless, I can tell you they aren't gonna be so nice.

>Aww geez Rick. Who do you think, I mean, what do you think made these people

>The despot who put this charade together was probably exiled for war crimes, or fucking animals, or something. Keep you eyes peeled Morty.

Rick: Hey Morty, this guy reminds me of you, you wanna know why?
Morty: Why?
Rick: Because there's five of them, and I've had five Mortys. That's canon.

I added the burps and stuttering before reading OP's suggestion ...

I didn't think it was funny, nice concept though.

It wasn't supposed to be funny, I just have autism and like imagining how different IPs would interpret the situations and characters of other IPs.

I also have autism, and I agree to liking doing the same thing.

Also IP's?

intellectual property
context, dear autsie, context

It has less to do with context, and more to do with a lack of knowledge on said acronym.

But thanks anyway.

He's done that like twice.

It's funny because it's all true.

> whoa morty that was a triple obese woman death ray you shoot that's like a giga-coming-out-of-the-closet-watt of emotional release

Wow these are so much better without the burp every two words. It allows people to add it in where they find it most pleasing rather than at the author's mercy. Or none at all if they wish.

What about Rick and Morty vs Uncle Grandpa?

Rick and Morty vs. Adventure Time?

>Morty, long story short: Homeworld i-is really messed up. But we gotta--we gotta go there, Morty.

>Ah, jeez! Can't we just, y'know, enjoy ourselves for once without angering a bunch of aliens?

>W-well, we can, if you like the idea of the Earth being used as a birthing center for these guys.

>Wh-wh-wh-wh-what?! That's insane!

>Exactly. The Diamond Authority is desperate for resources right now, so they're going around and using other planets to create more soldiers by sticking injectors into the ground. They--they'll drain the entire Earth, Morty. It'll be entirely uninhabitable unless we stop them.

>O-oh, man...th-that's really heavy. H-how are we gonna stop em'?

>I-I know an old Gem that was a friend of mine. Fre-freaky chick named Rose Quartz. She started a rebellion a-and really kicked Homeworld's ass. If we can get her, and we use my inventions, we can probably assassinate all the figureheads and get back in time for dinner.

>S-so she lives in that house right up there?

>Yeah. H-hopefully she's got some fight left in her. She actually didn't like fighting all that much, b-but Gems live for thousands of years, Morty. She probably hasn't mellowed out yet. C'mon, let's knock on the door and see who's home.

Uncle Grandpa is EVERY ones Uncle. At once. Even Rick's. UG is basically a omnipotent god that just so happens to be super benevolent. Rick would either go along with his antics or get the fuck out of dodge.

Adventure time is just another parallel reallity

Time for some Garnet dialogue.
Time for the most judgemental "Rick."

Yeah okay except he just wants to get his hands on a gem for some bizarre experiment and the homeworld thing is just a front

>Wh-what do you mean, he's "not going to fight"?

>There isn't another meaning.

>Li-listen, I know that Rose wasn't exactly the most bloodthirsty person, b-but even she knew when action had to be taken. I-if you guys are just gonna sit here and wait for Homeworld to decide to slaughter us all--and judging by what that little green shit--


>Yeah, whatever--what she did, they're gonna be coming soon. And by the time the Diamonds send out all their soldiers, i-it's gonna be too late. You guys can't just i-insult her to her face, stop her superweapon, and br-brainwash her soldiers into this f-fucking drum circle and expect her to not care.

>We know that day might come. But right now, Steven's still a child.

>S-so is Morty, and h-he's gotten used to everything we do--

>Has he?

>Wh--yeah, probably.



>You always do this. You always place your goals and plans before everyone else's well-being. You tried to do it with Rose, you did it with Unity, and now you're doing it with your grandson and Steven. You need to consider others for once. Steven will fight when he is ready; but now is not that time.

>O-oh, really? Y-you're gonna give me this speech? Wh-when Pearl is probably just constantly waiting for him to turn back into Rose?

>She's changed, Rick. You haven't.

>That's just--y-you know what? I don't care. I'm taking him to Homeworld, Garnet.

>We won't let you do that.

>Then I'll make him see that he has to.

>We won't let you do that, either. Stay away from him, Rick.

>Alright, th-then what I'm I supposed to do? J-just sit here and wait for Peridot and the water one to fuck?

>Lapis, and to fuse. (smiles) But that's what I've been doing recently.

>Man, you f-fusions are some re-realllll sickos, y-you know that?

>Maybe. But at least we're a happy sicko.

>Wh-what's that supposed to mean?

>Whatever you think it means.

My suggestion was going to be he's going to kill all of the Diamonds and make a nice necklace for Beth/Summer. But then I realized that even that's way too selfless for Rick to do.

He obviously needs to use one as a power source for some throwaway project or maybe crush one and use the powder to possess a corpse or maybe he just wants to get schwifty with an Amethyst

The fact you animated his nips made me laugh almost as hard as the "Add the burps with your mind".

I'm gonna be honest, this is pretty good.

I feel like Rick would just kidnap him and use him to destroy homeworld and throw him off to the gems.



Thanks! I've actually thought about writing this as a fanfic for a long time, but I haven't done it yet. Maybe once I get my college work down to a more manageable level, I'll start it.

I was originally gonna end it with Rick pulling out a gem destabilizer and shanking Garnet at the last second, but I couldn't think of a cool one-liner for Rick.

I mean there'd probably be an exchange where Steven cowers out/has a moment of morality. Then Rick would probably say that even his idiot grandson could do something like what he needs Steven to do. Finally I feel Rick's plan wouldn't motivate Steven and he'd just do some act of terror against HW and warp home. Then tell Steven and the gems something along the line of "good luck bitches"!

Yeah, that was about what I envisioned.
Hit her voice quite well.

Now, if Stevonnie walked into this with clothes that cover the gemstone, the scene could get funny with Garnet playing Rick for a fool and the kids clueless as to what is going on.
And then Pearl calls them to the warp pad for training and the penny drops for Rick, but it's too late for him to intervene.

I mean there'd probably be an exchange where Steven cowers out/has a moment of morality. Then Rick would probably say that even his idiot grandson could do something like what he needs Steven to do. Finally I feel Rick's plan wouldn't motivate Steven and he'd just do some act of terror against HW and warp home. Then tell Steven and the gems something along the line of "good luck bitches"!

Now, listen here, you crazy lesbian space rocks. First you hurt my friend! Then some orange space rock comes in, tries to smash my robot. And then your little kid tries to take my ice cream sandwich! Nobody takes my ice cream sandwich!! Especially a kid who bedazzled his belly button!

Seconded. I barely got through the pilot of R&M because the burping was so overdone. The style of dialogue is funny without them.

>yfw Uncle Grandpa is a parasite that has transcended mortal limitations



What if Rick fucked Pink Diamond out of existence

Oh shit this would be pretty accurate dialogue

God, how stupid are you user? R.a.M is banned viewing around here because one character mentioned the wage gap in one episode. Didn't you know that? We try to keep things neutral and un-tainted by political views on this board, unlike on Reddit, fucking leftist cucks. Am I right, guys?



ok morty we're gonna have to get censored mortty

>ok rick ho-how do we get censored doc-i mean rick

simple morteee you're gonna have to lick my balls mharti lick my fucking balls

Out of all crossovers, for some reason, this one is the one I hate the most.

>Wait a second Doc! Why are you calling me Morty instead of Marty?! Are you going insane!

No Morty, you are the fucking idiot here! My name is Ri-i-i-i-i-i-i...

>What is going on Doc! I'm about to hyperventilate from all this commotion!

Wait a second, you are right. My name is Doc! What was I thinking back then? Back to the chase, we need to get back to our time, save our timeline and destroy this....this......man-God.

hey mharti look what i found t-to help us avoid getting sued

>Doc you're losing touch with reality again!

M-Mharti, you aren't the person you ducking think you are. Fight that demented God by suing back towards hi-i-i...

>What are you talking about Doc?!

Why did I think I was a mad scientist agai-i-i...

>I'm scared Doc-c-c...

That's it Mharti! Fight it off, fight it off! If we don't, I'm gonna end up becoming a pun making dog!

Can someone recreate this scene from Raising Gazorpazorp, but it's Yellow Diamond/homeworld
> yellow diamond: This will be the first instance of capital punishment in our society in 5000 years due to our awesomeness. So we are forced to improvise.
>We placed a large boulder on that ledge.
>rick: Holy shit! You're gonna crush us with a boulder?!
>No! Stop interrupting! The boulder falls onto a lever that will launch... Knives. >What?! Just give me a gun, I'll kill myself.
>Stop interrupting! The knives will... Fine! You were right the first time, okay? The boulder crushes you. I just didn't want to admit you were right. Happy?!
>yellow pearl:Just ignore them. Ignore them.
>Such an asshole.

shipping is retarded, shipping is retarded, shipping is retarded, shipping is retarded, shipping is retarded… oh fuck no, please no I don't want this I don't I don't I don't
I do

Honestly, I could imagine rick blabbering all if this to morty just so he could help him steal stevens bellybutton gem.

Here's something a little sweeter

>Rick and Ronaldo talk about the sneaple
>Rick confirms his dubt
>Sneaple everywhere
>only way to detect them is to steal the secret Sneaple humanized weapon Steven And throw him in the green vortex
>Or lick Rick balls very hard

I like the idea that Rick quietly jumps between different animated series regularly.

Rick vs. Uncle Grandpa when

Rick and Morty is cringe incarnate

>Geez, I can't believe we found a version of Earth with a "Dog Copter" movie franchise.
>I can't believe the things this reality considers PG-13.
>Yeah. I-I'm pretty jealous.
>Don't be, Morty. There's pros and cons to e-every alternate timeline. Fun facts about this one - it's got annoying sentient gems, a big hole where Russia used to be, aaaand the best donuts in the multiverse!!

>I can't believe the things this reality considers PG-13

> Is World's Finest the first crossover or was there some before that?
It depends what we consider crossover.
As I remember, in ancient greek myth Prometeus met Io and was freed by Heracles.

shameless bump


Also the argonauts were basically ancient greece Avengers.

>Rick and Morty go to CG's universe
>They just go see Dogcopter after Morty stops gawking at Garnet
>Nothing else happens

I met your mother once Steven she was a great warrior kid really she had a mean two tonnes right she could break any shithead from homeword who tried to touch her turf. She was also really, REEEEEALY perverted Steven like she was four hundred years old and chased human adolescent Steven. I met my share of cougar in my life but she was the first one to go after guys one GEOLOGICAL ERA younger. Can you imagine what an 18 years old looked to her in gems term? That’s like lusting to an EMBRYO kid t-t-t-that’s mess up I tell you. Still you look like a fine kid Steven look out for the Perl bitch not to go in heat like her boss and you will grow fine


But Yellow Diamon is pretty ruthless as far as we have seen so it would be out of her character

Christ, this shot cracked me up so bad.

I declare from now on that every R.a.M fanfiction shall have the A.B.M system which stands for Add Burps with your Mind

>This entire thread.
Sometimes Cred Forums can be so amusing.

Please don't die

>"He's not just your Uncle and Grandpa, he's EVERYONE'S Uncle and Grandpa!"
Mother of god.

He is the Prime Parasite from which all other wacky parasites bud off.