It's a linda episode

>it's a linda episode

I am constantly amazed at how poor the animation in this abomination of a show is.

But it's actually pretty good sometimes.

Provide a single example. The majority of speaking roles have people facing the camera like the OP picture. It is so obnoxious and blatant how this cheap as fuck cartoon has to cut corners, especially given how fucking atrocious the style is to begin with.


So zeke/ jimmy end when?

Very good example.

Of good animation or cut corners?

>simple art style and composition =/ overall shitty animation

>It's a Bob is in the right but is treated like he's in the wrong because FAMILY episode

>This passes for good western animation

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the average weeb does not know the difference

Logan X Louise OTP

Why are the wife focus episodes of every animated sitcom so god-awful?

Peggy? Awful
Lois? Awful
Marge? Awful
Francine? Awful
Linda? Awful

I think Francine has had some good ones, and honestly so has Peggy.

Get your absolutely abbhorent taste out of here

Francine and Linda episodes are elder got tier

Because each wife is even more insufferable than her husband!

Can you name a single devoted, not-snarky, not-annoying, loving wife and mother in any of these horrible "comedy" shows that plague television?

And how should it be, user?

Peggy's are supposed to be awful because the narrative treats her like the broken woman she is.

Marge did have that cop episode.


>It's a Louise feet episode

My favorite

How does that work when sheĊ› wearing ballet flats?

Are anime-only fags incapable of recognizing style?

>its a Louise is wise & snarky well beyond her years episode

What a gimmick of a character. Even gene is less obnoxious and 70% of the time he's only there to make some lowbrow pun or pop culture reference.

Francine is kind of dumb but for the most part is cool.

Also Peggy isnt supposed to be a very likable person.

All right!

marge, she would never break up with homer over something stupid :)

Linda is actually a good wife. She doesn't think some things through, but even angry, she's woth her family 100%.

Look at Seaplane. She never entertains cheating on Bob for a second.

Marge episodes were good when the Simpsons were still good tbqhwyf

Linda is hilarious.

This, she's devoted and EFFUSIVELY loving and supportive. It's remarkable how tight-knit the Belchers are.

>Francine episodes awful

That's not Haley.

Louise isn't wise at all, she just likes to think she is.

>actually didn't mind Peggy, later find out everyone hates her

It's the flipside of the "doofus husband, sensible wife" archetype, the husband is going to be more entertaining than the wife. Homer is going to do funny things Marge isn't. Linda's actually pretty OK, though, because she's as goofy as the rest of the cast in her own way.

It's a similar problem with live-action dramas, the husband's involved with the actual hook of the show and the wet-blanket housewife exists because you gotta have a family drama side-plot.


She's funny and caring and adorable