How do we save western animation, Cred Forums?

How do we save western animation, Cred Forums?

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Does it deserve saving?

Nuke Japan and Korea out of existence so that we have no competition

What about cana
Sorry i couldn't finish saying that with a straight face.

You will have to worry about australia a lot of the surviving japs will end up there.

France will pick up the scraps from Japan and Korea then.

How would destroying the animation sweathouses they have over there do anything?

France is part of the west m8

>getting rid of the countries with the best and/or most efficient inbetweeners
That'd be like shooting yourself in the foot in order to win a race.

The French are also huge weeaboos so expect them to pick off where the Japanese did at any given moment.

I love that new berserk show

put in more money and focus less on children's programming


By outsourcing to the Japanese again.
Westerners cannot animate anymore, it's time to give it to those who are competent.

you mean 2d right?

2d is almost dead in West, no studios wants to keep doing 2d, if you find something good is a indie project, so you gonna find some good shorts bu nothing more.

West is moving to 3d, is there a lot of margin to improve but west is doing some "experimental things", so animation is not dead in west, also east (japan) is having a heartache with 3d, since anime like artstyle is looking shit in 3d models.

No one can deny Japan reach top 2d animation.

get rid of any sense of good art and focus more on making more animation frames like the animoos



>western animation
If you're talking about western in the context of actually western and not just us/canada then government subsidies. There is not enough talent, interest, capital or profit margins in most countries to create good looking animation by market mechanics alone.

That webm looks fine to me.

Eastern animation has a much larger demographic. Almost all of western animation is aimed at children then sometimes enjoyed by older viewers so I would say what said would need to happen. I'm not saying make the shows full of tits like some eastern shows do but maybe expand genres and branch out beyond stuff directly aimed at children's television networks.

I don't think any random TV network in the west is going to bankroll such a risky endeavour, though. A lot of systems would need to change for any of this to happen.

It was animated by a Japanese studio.

I can't argue against that logic

Purging all faggots and women from production.

Currently and sadly western animation is on a stage where it can't save itself because it's being shunned by pretty much everything.
From executives, to censorship, to general view of society, etc animation is on a stage where the model considers it almost a relic that is too expensive to maintain.

Western animation is more successful now than it's ever been.

It doesn't need saving, thank you very much.

But we're not up to par with high budget Japanese model kit commercials user. I mean look at SpongeBob, it is no where near Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans. The West is dead. DEAD!

Model kits are so cheap it's almost stupid not to purchase them.

Allow product placement back in cartoons.
More profit will mean more funds for shows with actual care put into them.

WOW but that us oretty good user it doesn't need to be saved

Get people to take it seriously. We let our standards slip with noodle nonsense shit like Adventure Time.

We kill Rebecca Sugar and Seth McFarlane.

You guys take Sugar. Leave McFarlane to me.

You'd have to find some way to get rid of the age ghetto and get everyone in the west to stop thinking of animation as just for kids.That's damn near impossible though. Some shows and movies have tried but ultimately they just don't work over here because animation just has that stigma in the west.

Find a better way to monetize it. Everything else will follow suit

This kind of goes for media in general though

More Westerners begin animating.

by stop making dumb "how can ___ be saved" threads

Kill the people in charge, instill a puppet CEO, and forcefeed good animation by killing off the garbage.

Spongebob is more on the level of Crayon Shin-chan

It's more like shooting your teammate in the foot in a three-legged race.

The only right answer.

2D animation in the west is fucked beyond all recognition. It's straight up too hard to maintain a market like that anymore. Japan already is way further on 2D because they've crafted a streamlined process for creation that services both the lowest common demoninator and the cream of the crop.

Where the creative future in western animation lies is with 3D. Shows like Ladybug already showed that it's entieely possible to make television that looks that good, it's just a matter of waiting for the rest of the industry to catch up. Then, we'll start seeing major progress with creativity and innovation, the only hope at destroying the cultural stereotype against all animation.

There's nothing to save, just burn it all down.

What do kids (and I mean actually kids, not (wo)manchildren on tumblr and Cred Forums) even like nowadays in terms of merchandise?
I know smartphone apps are huge with the younger demographic due to accessibility.
But otherwise I haven't really done any research.

Same shit as always. Cheap toys, stickers, books... Phone apps are big simply because they don't require the parents to buy a video game system of some kind.