>lel all heroes are retards except superman xd


End preview.



EnnisxDillon otp

Fucking incredible


Gotham By Midnight was a mistake


already book of the year




>that accent
Garth you ledge

Yeah, what's going on there?

Based Tommy cameo.

I don't give a shit about this book but I am picking it up

Cockney not scouse

Perversion bump

Drinks on the house, fellas. There ain't no closin' time...

But you gotta leave your guns at the door.


Come on, Americans don't know what scousers are. You don't expect them to *learn* do you?

Fucking amazing...Ennis you handsome Devil!

Ugh, fine here (you).

Garth is Irish tho

Do you guys not get that it's part of the pisstake? Letting shitty American writers use Constantine willy nilly means the impression people have of the character becomes a stereotypical street Brit

Oh wow, Ennis is taking exactly zero prisoners on this one.

>that rant about Vertigo
I unironically agree

Somebody fill me in on Section 8 and what's been released recently so I can buy in

Yes i was praising him for it

Onee of us

There a team of pretty low quality heros from hitman
All star section 8 fucking buy it.
All star se

Ennis is taking no prisoners today

The new hellblazer comes out tomorow anybody got a preview of that?

Parody Superhero team from Ennis' Hitman. Consisted of Sixpack, a delusional drunk who thought he was a world class superhero, Jeande Baton Baton, a Frenchman, Flemgem, a guy who could spit massive lugies, The Defenestrator; a Terminator rip-off who broke panes of glass over people, Twitches, who was twitchy, Friendly Fire, a man who could shoot energy from his hands but could only ever hurt his friends, Dogwelder, a strange man who would weld dogs to peoples faces and Bueno Excellente, a Spanish speaking pervert and rapist. The team mostly showed up for comic relief, until they almost all died fighting interdimensional horrors, and Sixpack sacrificed himself to stop them
More recently we got All-Star Section 8, which is Sixpack trying to get the team back together, each episode guest starring a major JL hero that Sixpack was trying to convince to join the team.
Now we have Sixpack and Dogwelder: Hard Travelling Heroes, in which Sixpack and Dogwelder travel across America fighting crime.

Anyone else think Tommy looks a bit like a black-haired Cassidy there?

He did a similar joke in all star section 8.
Toned it right down here though arc would be unreadable otherwise

>TFW Sixpack wont shut up and gets sent to Hell in Baytor's place by accident.

also mfw duplicate file exist message appeared

love the fucking surfboard

I dont get it

dc has really been killing it with these previews
sounds silly but they all have some page worth oh shitting about

Neither do I but apparently Hellblazer issue 44 was part 4 of Dangerous Habits.

its referring to the caliber of the gun

Is this a silver surfer rant?

Shit, I was thinking it might have been a reference to that canned Ellis storyline about school shootings.

No, it's a Hellblazer rant. About how since he's left the Vertigo imprint they've made his character and magic increasingly mainstream, as compared to the old days when it was pretty abstract and mostly about being a cunning wanker who knew when and where to apply pressure.

We don't deserve Ennis.

I like that despite Ennis having at best a rocky relationship with Cape comics, he seems to enjoy working for DC. Possibly because they let him get away with this shit.
I'd love for him to right a similar comic taking the piss out of Marvel too.

Its called shoot if your curious

Yeah, right. Is it actually completed?

You know as angry as i am that was censored its probably for the best it did not get published it was not a very good issue.

Still not worth the censorship though.

Yup published in 2014, i think it got storytimed awile ago