New Supergirl promo

New Supergirl promo
>yfw We're moving back to Gotham

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>We're moving back to Gotham

>that gross baby arm growing out of the side of her head

Are those two the most important DC female powerhouses currently?

I want to see these two fuck.

Do you think Gadot talked to her about why they need to exterminate the Palestinians?

Is there a reason they didn't give superman any lines in the promo? Does he talk like a caveman?

It's pathetic how weak these two look...

>he hasnt seen her nudes

He said "I'm with her"

Clark is cute! CUTE!

Fucking adorable.

I'm hype.

Man, Winn really wanted to give Superman a hummer.

Grant loosing her shit over Clark


Do you think Moist had to explain who she was to her?


>We're moving back to Gotham

Can't wait. I forgot how comfy this show could be.

So would Batman be on the table for a CW show? Or is he too important.

Plus the whole Gotham thing.

Moving to Gotham from literally anywhere else is a terrible idea.

Pretty sure Fox has the TV rights so we would hear about it long in advance if he was allowed on CW

Supergirl has never been big though

Wait, Supergirl is living with and dating a black guy?

Unless you're from Hub City

gotham's criminals are people
metropolis (and other places) have fucking space conquerers
the city green lantern was from was just wiped from the earth by mongul or something
joker might poison you because h's a maniac
but that I can just, like, not drink the water
i can't do shit if green lantern pisses off some cosmic freak who wants to make him hurt


One wasn't that bad.

The Clinton/Trump effect. Poli Sci class talked about it. Whenever one is in the spotlight the other does worse. At this point the less he talks the better he sounds in your head.

holy fuck lmao

It runs in the family.

Melissa is so alpha.

Does it mean we will have Gotham timeskip soon, and there will be one DCTV universe to rule them all, with:
>Green Arrow
>Martian Manhunter
>motherfuckin timeskipped Batman
>LoT crew
>Justice Society of America

If only that were true, DC would rule TV supreme

>hes a boob guy

Ayyy this dudes clark looks alright. Color me impressed.

>havin girls be small and weak
>having men be large and strong

Feminists are gonna freak!

Worse, that black guy is Jim "don't call me Jimmy" Olsen.

Welp, I know what I'm fapping to now.

Will they Super-fuck?

"Don't call me Jimmy" was an old meme though. Everyone would still call him Jimmy so it was funny. Still, it'll be nice to see Superman still calling him Jimmy.

Can't excuse the race swap though.

You already got a Batman show from CW. It's called Arrow. You really want another one?

>giving a fuck bout race swaps

Oh so I guess they should make Cyborg white in the Justice League movie? What about White Luke Cage on Netflix? I mean, who gives a shit about race swaps! Why not change Black Panther to be the misadventures of the only white man in Wakanda!

What did he REALLY mean by this?

Petty post by a petty person

But race is an important part of a character.

Plus, there's no reason to do it. You have to give a good reason for why you're changing a character.

>But race is an important part of a character.
One could argue that in terms of white characters created any time before the 70s, before minority characters weren't profit suicide, that race is less important when retooled for modern retelling for those stories because white was the default.

With exceptions, of course. Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Batman, Iron Fist, etc. People with family histories that date them or wouldn't make sense to be a disenfranchised minority at the point of their origin.

His big round ass is cute too.

But it also changes experiences and perspectives. If you think everyone is the same and sees everything the same way then you're sadly mistaken.

This is the same reason why it's more difficult for a person of one race to write a story about a person of another race.

Sure, because we don't have a shitton of white superheroes and only a few of black ones. Sure, Im all for NEW, well written minor characters. But movie execs are not because holywood and tv is money safe recycle fest and no one will take any risks with new characters, not to mention new minor chaeacters. So if race swaping is how we get more black people in my superhero shit then fuck it, go for it.

I'd lose my shit for life.

looks good desu. I gave up last season but will give it another shot

Yeah but is shit though.

You're part of the fucking problem.

At this point, fine, sure.
I've seen that argument so many times I wish T'Challa was white so you would just shut up.

Shiny boobs.

>it's a everyone and your mom wants to fuck Superman episode
Yeah, mang