Deadly Class comes back tomorrow. here's a preview

Deadly Class comes back tomorrow. here's a preview

new students, new story






end of preview

>worst girl is now the protag
Pretty gay T B H F A M

I never liked Marcus but it seems pointless to make the whole first series a waste by killing him.

if this is anything like fear agent, the other series where remender killed his mc, he's not actually dead and he'll comeback in the arc after this one

>cute goth girl is now faking normie

Oh I never read that, I still don't know why I'm reading this, I don't find anyone like able but I can't stop myself from finding out what happens next.

i don't think a character has to be likable to enjoy a series

Guess so, kinda like Family Guy.

Best image series

Shit, you're right. Even when named, I didn't get it.

I'm sort of interested at where they'll take Saya, and some of the new kids are okay . . .

But I'm still a bit on edge with this.

Though I am fully on board with the slow disintegration of the top kids in class. Because fuck them.

So I am invested in their demise at least.

wait, marcus is dead? and more the cunt we spent the entire time hating is the mc. is black betrayer dead at least?

fuck, i can't believe how hard i'm dropping this. never before has something killed interest like this.

nice guys like marcus couldn't survive in this school

>is black betrayer dead at least?

He almost redeemed himself, only to be shot by the Russian IIRC. He dead.

I really hope Marcus is not dead. Not because I like him, but because he accomplished nothing and did not really have a story. Stuff just happened to him until the end, and that's it? I don't wanna accept that; this is not real life, things should be written with purpose.

NO! This is horrible! Petra was the character I was the most interested in seeing again but...not like this. It's like everything I liked about her is gone.

To be fair I understand why they're focusing on Saya. She's the only one we don't actually know that much about. It looks like this arc is going to delve into her backstory.

someone storytime 17-21 for this dude

I have a feeling Marcus isn't dead. I think Saya might have him holed up some where recovering as part of a ploy against the Headmaster, some kind of gambit she's developing. Convince everyone Marcus is dead and that takes him off the table for expected plans.

It'll throw the others for a loop and give Saya a hidden trump card.

I could be wrong but call it a hunch. Something about the expression Saya had when she stabbed him makes me think there's more going on than is obvious.

I definitely think you're right, if for not other reason than as said, because he never really accomplished anything. I can't see Remender just terminating his story line like that.
Now that a new arc is starting, maybe I should catch up. I was enjoying it, fell behind right after they started going after the animal fucker guy, then kinda stopped. It was around that time that every page I saw posted about it seemed to have changed from cool highschool assassin stories to "Marcus shits himself explosively, Marcus imagines having a family that all have herpes" and it was kind of confusing.

I'm over this book after the last issue

And I still won't give a fuck about her once they delve into her tragic back story, she killed the best character in this fucking book. Remender is a shite writer.

Same here famalam. I stopped caring about all his Image books tbqh. Black Science is meh tier, Low turned into a shit tier soap opera, and Tokyo Ghost was only good cause of Sean Murphy ad libing with the art. Seven to Eternity is also another nihilistic drag like every other one of his Image books. Last issue of Deadly Class was the last straw for me for Remender as a writer.