Why aren't badass weaponized vehicles more of a thing?

Why do they seem to have been an 80s meme?

Cars and vehicles that have hidden weapons, cool gadgets, or were able to suddenly transform into another mode of transport?

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Attempts at replicating the concept haven't been very successful.

I loved the shit out of this show.

Who's hype for the MASK comic coming out tomorrow?

i think it because the market for weaponized car toys has shrunk, which is a shame, i liek the blocky overly weaponized 80s aesthetic

>Who's hype for the MASK comic coming out tomorrow?

Matt Blakker has guaranteed a No Sale from me.

Might download it, but I won't support it on principle. Race Swapping for political correctness is always bullshit.

I would think the only reason the market would be small would be cause of pricing.

These days the kids who loved that stuff growing up can afford that now and would totally buy them for their own kids.

And beside all that, cartoons dont need to sell toys these days to be on tv.
White or black, I'm hyped.

It was apparently done so that he wouldn't just look like Duke. You do you, though.

This wouldn't be an issue if Stalker was the main character of GI Joe.

Or hell, if they made Hondo the field leader of MASK, seeing as how Trakker didn't even invent their gear anymore.
Too bad Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors is Mattel and not Hasbro, it would have been a cool addition to Revolution.

Car culture isn't as big a deal as it was in America from the 50s through the 80s. By the 90s, European and Japanese cars became equally commonplace and America's love affair with the auto industry pretty much ended.


US and UK car in mid 90
No body wants to buy
Because gas consumption and it's broken all the time.

You suck at haikus, dude.

Would be interesting, maybe, seeing what sort of MASK-style transformations could be done with recent and modern vehicles though.





didnt they niggify the protaganist?

I miss car combat videogames so much.

Toy wise they are relevant as ever
Just not see as a show point strangely

Hasbro keeps trying but every time it just doesn't stick.

>still not open world twisted metal online game

Hey, there was a PERFECT show to do a battlecars toyline just a few years ago and it got dropped hard.

Weaponizers were such a good idea.


Has the first issue come out yet or is the Revolution issue going to be the actual first issue?

I miss Inhumanoids more than M.A.S.K.