Simpsons season 28 premiere thread

Was this in bad taste?

Did they really do that?

Does Ned always leave empty seats around him in case the ghosts of his wives appear?

I actually think it was in bad taste (well, maybe not that far, but pretty dumb) to kill off Krabappel because the actress died. Don't replace her for sure, but they could've just easily kept her voiceless like I think they may have done in the past with Phil Hartman's characters in a few crowd shots. Like, not actually using her, but still keeping her around in the show as a tribute.

I say this mainly because it seems weird to go through all the effort to have Flanders marry her and then suddenly go OH WAIT, HIS NEW WIFE'S DEAD TOO. Don't remember the Hutz/McClure massacre.

So actually I don't think using Deadna as a joke is all that bad compared to the decision to kill her off (as opposed to keeping her alive but silent) in the first place. They made their bed, now lie in it, etc.

I think that entire concept "voice actress is dead, so we kill her character" is wrong.

They should've replaced the V.A for the teacher, she was the best thing that happen for the boys.

>they used one of their dead voice actors as a gag
>bad taste

Yup. Edna's dead now, apparently.

Honestly the joke just rubbed me the wrong way. I think joking about this sort of thing can be worth it if it's actually funny, but this just wasn't. Not only was it making a joke about a voice actor but it was such a shitty joke too.

Why are people spamming this? It's like the 4th thread Ive seen about it in two days

No one wants to sit near Ned because everyone he loves dies.

>everything I touch dies!

Maybe they were for Rod and Todd?

>Yup. Edna's dead now, apparently.
Her voice actress died and Simpsons usually retires characters when that happens with an unmentioned, offscreen death.

This joke was not good, but Edna dying in the first place was tasteful.

Maude, nah. Edna, fuck yeah. Fuck you "The Simpsons".

so is Ned insane or do ghosts exist in The Simpsons universe now?

This same episode had Milhouse's dad's arms chopped off.
The episodes aren't that different from treehouse of horror segments now.

>he gives this show views

Holy fuck I just read a synopsis of the episode where Ned/Edna get married (or, as it turns out, are revealed to be).

Why must they destroy everything beautiful. for fucks sake.

I know the voice actor died, and I know the Simpsons retires characters when this sort of shit happens. But look at Troy Mcclure, he was never killed off, just shown in the background. Killing off Edna was unnecessary.

Hell, imagine how much more tasteful this gag would've been if she was alive. Rod and Todd start singing, Ned looks at them happily. Suddenly, Maude's ghost appears, they hold hands, and watch their sons perform together. Then, Edna walks in from the right, alive, carrying a similar tray of food to the one Maude did when she died. Edna sits down and smiles at Ned. Ned looks at Maude's ghost one more time before it fades away, smiling. Then, Ned and Edna look on at the performance together, smiling.

Don't wanna be a pretentious fucko but to me that's how you pay tribute to a late actor. You show their character moving on and being happy.

>Simpsons season 28

Haha, good meme OP. Everyone knows it stopped at season 10.

>Killing off Edna was unnecessary.
It was perfectly necessary. The only alternative is to age up Bart and Lisa so Bart isn't in her class anymore.

They could have just replaced her with another teacher. I mean, shit, they're gonna do that anyway now, aren't they?

Then he must not love his children

Eh, I'd go as far as 12

I have on multiple occasions wondered how religious people who accept remarriage and believe in an afterlife deal with this, actually

There's probably an answer if I google it but meh

Edna has been dead for a while now. This isn't anything new.

Troy Mcclure wasn't killed off because he was almost exclusively shown through VCR tapes and TV, he was never a main supporting character like Edna. It was perfectly reasonable for him to simply stop appearing in the show. Edna was Bart's teacher and The Simpson's new neighbor, after she had gotten married to Ned. There's no other logical reason for her to just simply stop appearing in the show, especially when she was on the verge of becoming an even more prominent supporting character.

Manjula got recast, Lunchlady Dora got recast, Edna and the Phil Hartman characters did not get recast.

I think havn't a ranking system for who deserves to be retired and who gets recast depending on how important the voice actor was is in poorer taste than that quick scene in the premier.

Lunch Lady Dora is different from Lunch Lady Doris

Same character, they renamed her in honor of the voice actress.

If it means anything, i just dont care, It's a cartoon and not trying to make a statement

This is a really odd thing to find distasteful. Though they killed off Maude just because the voice actress was moving away. I dunno.

This was a funny moment you prude.

I know Maude showed up first because they were watching their kids, but the joke would have been funnier if he had been holding ghost Edna's hand first, then Maude showed up and looked pissed at him.

Reading this sentence reminded me that they killed off Fat Tony.

Oh shit, sorry, I gave the wrong impression here.

I don't think killing her off was distasteful, just this one gag. I was just brainstorming a way it could've been better, which included her not dying.

I will say though, I thought the whole 'daydream tango' thing from an earlier episode was much better, if a little sad at the end.

Fuck that episode more than anything.
Fat Tony was one of the best characters and I was unlucky enough to watch this episode at a friend's house.

>have Homer become friends with Fat Tony
>kill him off
>have Homer see it as a big deal
>have his fit brother come in called Fit Tony
>have him slowly get fat as the job is taxing or some BS
>turn him into Fat Tony

Fucking hell, just have the balls to kill off a character, not make sure someone who missed that episode not know what's going on when they can just google what the fuck happened.
Have a fucking backbone, you cunts, fuck.

Yeah, I'm mad.

>The only alternative is to

>Quite classroom as kids are taking a test
>Edna is scratching a lottery ticket
>suddenly her eyes light up and without a word she starts dancing down the halls into her car and speeds off

I could have sworn they said they weren't going to kill her off.

If every cartoon killed off the characters voiced by a specific person, then there would be no female characters in South Park.

They said that no future writer could break them up.
Her VA dying is a different story.

honestly they should have just written off Flanders as well, like just have him and Edna move out of Springfield for some reason

There was a suicide joke earlier, and a dog got blown to pieces.

I don't give a shit.

how did Edna die? And when did she marry flanders? Did they throw up that plot just to make a joke about both of Flander's wives dying after the fact?

She married him in season 23. They never said how she died out of respect, just that she did.

That wasn't in the premiere, OP

I just saw the episode. The last two skits felt like the show begging for the audience to laugh, top kek

Not as bad of taste as Ned's giant penis.

ms krabappel is dead? Ddidn't know that. Though i haven't watched the Simpsons in ages

Welcome to the thread.

As others said they weren't going to kill her they did it because her voice actress died and so the character "died" offscreen. Some people think this was in poor taste because it involves an actual person rather than a character dying.

But god's not dead.

You guys really think a VA who worked on a show for decades and had their death used for gag would give a damn?

This is like a really lame version of that one joke in Beerfest.

dead people dont feel
trust me, i kno

>A dog got blown to pieces
Aqua Teen much?

I haven't really been watching The Simpsons for a long time, but killing off a character when someone dies never felt right to me. Like...would the actor have wanted the character to die if they did?

There is actually a segment in the New Testament that covers that, more or less. Though it approaches it from a different angle because it was a question asked by a Jewish sect to clarify Jewish scripture.

>23That same day the Sadducees, who say there is no resurrection, came to him with a question. 24“Teacher,” they said, “Moses told us that if a man dies without having children, his brother must marry the widow and raise up offspring for him. 25Now there were seven brothers among us. The first one married and died, and since he had no children, he left his wife to his brother. 26The same thing happened to the second and third brother, right on down to the seventh. 27Finally, the woman died. 28Now then, at the resurrection, whose wife will she be of the seven, since all of them were married to her?”

>29Jesus replied, “You are in error because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God. 30At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven.

meant this to answer this