If mutants started appearing in real life, would you support the Mutant Registration Act...

If mutants started appearing in real life, would you support the Mutant Registration Act? Would you go all Senator Kelly and get giant death robots built? Or would you look for another solution?

For the purpose of this question none of you have or will ever get mutant powers, but you may have some mutant friends.


Mutant Registration Act, maybe. But only if omega levels started to pop up. And I'd still want them to be treated with dignity. No lynch mobs, no giant death robots.

IRL they wouldn't come up with a Mutant Registration Act, at least not the one we've seen in the comics. There would be a shit ton of regulations thrown in and different exceptions. But I do think all mutants should be put on a watch list.

If mutants were real I don't think they'd be maligned. Hell, they'd be goddamn celebrities. It'd only suck if you're born a mutant in some third world shithole that believes witchcraft is actually a thing. Or a second world shithole where the government would abduct you and make you serve the motherland as a weapon. But in the West yeah you'd be on TV and would make millions of dollars.

This. It would be less "X-men" and more "The wicked + the divine".

>Mutant decides to hold up bank.

Yeah, no, they'd be despised.

Wild cards would happen

I'd fetishize the hell out it. From my loins a half breed race would be sprung.

>if people with the power to flatten cities and commit genocide at will started appearing would you support an attempt to control and secure them
Only retarded american libertarian types will say no.

I bet you thought Iron Man was right too

This guy gets it.

>would you support the Mutant Registration Act?

In the cases where there's a danger of their power harming others? Sure. If a man is capable of blowing himself up like another man coughs then it's only fair that people know that they're moving in next door to him. That's all it would entail, though. Their civil rights would be enforced exactly the same. For most it wouldn't even be a problem. Either they become a celebrity by using their powers to become tv-stars or by out-doing machines(exploding-man using his explosions to carry out demolitions or road-work or some shit), or they become infamous criminals that'll be put behind bars.

>get giant death robots built?

What am I, a cartoon villain incapable of recognising a sure-fire way of turning good people into freedom-fighters/terrorists besieging the state and antagonising non-mutant folk at every turn?

All it would take would be one mutant to kill someone with a fireball or some shit and everything would go completely to shit.

You'd have misinformation and hysteria everywhere, I honestly don't think our society would survive if we introduced mutants. Even if they're just mid-tier. Look at all the fuss about gun registration, now image there could be people out there with guns in their heads that can't be taken away.

I guess it all depends on how the world is made aware of their existence. If some wonder child shows off how amazing super powers are, that will set the tone and the bank robbers will just be the irresponsible ones. Like with the gun debate in the US. A kindergarten full of dead children wasn't enough to get gun lovers to stop loving their guns.

But yeah if the first people learn of mutants is via some horrible tragedy, then that's what will set the tone of debate. It'll take like a hundred wonder children to convince people otherwise.

Depends on the powers. I'd be afraid if I knew dudes existed who could level a city or read EVERY mind. Even if they turn out to be the nicest people in the galaxy, you're basically praying they don't decide to turn evil for funsies

Ordinary bank robbers are pretty idolised, pal. Bank robbers with quirky superpowers wouldn't be despised any more than the kind of go shooting people, less if anything.

There'd also be much less reason for them to ever get into the bank-robbing business, because they'd easily be able to make money off of their mutant-power.

The mutants in the third world shit holes would be treated like gods or kept as state heroes.
If they're power was actually useful for civilization we'd see small and growing empires formed around the skills of a mutant with say...the ability of forge.
Imagine a small african boy who stood in the pile of electrical refuse dumped there and created an anti gravity machine and then a small robot to help him find food.
What happens when he is found by people who will not exploit but still use him to create great things?
Nations would probably send in their mutants to destroy them and or steal the kid but you get what I'm saying.

Like I said here I suppose it all depends on what happens first. If Sandy Hook wasn't enough to shift the gun debate overwhelmingly in favor of the "take them away" crowd, then nothing would get people to give them up.

There's a huge difference between guns and mutants.

Guns are a tool that allow a normal person to kill another normal person. Or defend himself from a dangerous normal person. A mutant is an actual person with the ability to kill another normal person with the same ease and efficiency of a gun, maybe even more efficiently. Taking away guns is removing a source of power from EVERYBODY, banning mutants is more of a "human" rights issue, but it doesn't affect the entire population the same way a gun ban would.

>Mankind Ain’t free. The tree of life and genetics gotta be litterd with the blood of humans. Professor CHARLES xavier aka “Chuck X” is not my teachr. he is militant activist and probbaly evil as well :DD. ADAM and eve not ATOM and eve ok. praise trask.

I think mind-readers would actually be the decider with how people take in mutants. People can stomach knowing there's guys out there that can control fire. If he has a job as a firefighter they'll fucking love it. But a guy reading minds? He could have a full-time job catching serial killers and child molesters, and people would still be wary being around him, world-leaders would immediately start searching for ways to make sure foreign spies can't read the president's mind, and they'd still debate whether his "evidence" can be trusted.

Bring mind-CONTROL into the mix and it's just a hundred times worse. A dude controlling metal and tossing tanks around is nowhere near as scary to people or as dangerous to politics on a global scale.

>Nigger/Ginger/Gook Spock = OK
>Blond White Boy = MUTIE!

Anti-Mutant is Anti-White.

>I'd be afraid if I knew dudes existed who could level a city
How is that different from any chief executive of every nuclear power?

They won't do it accidentally driving home from work in a fit of road rage.

>Ordinary bank robbers are pretty idolised

Only in shitholes like america or mexico

>treating people with dignity
why is this so hard for comic writers?

wasn't storm worshipped as a goddess in her village?

Or Britain.

In the liberal corners of the country, they'd be celebrities
In the more conservative parts, they'll either also be celebrities or be hated.
Should there be some registration? Yeah.
We ask gun owners to have some registration with the municipal because they have the ability to do some serious harm more than those who are not armed.
Mutants are similar.

>more than those who are not armed.
I'm not anti-gun registration, but an non-registered person can do plenty of damage with a truck or a plane.

I'm for registration, but it would be a case by case basis. Kid has crab claws, no worries. Kid can mind control the president into buttfucking Russia because he watched too much Rocky IV, that's when I want someone to step in and potentially neutralize him. Preferably just the powers are taken out, but do what you gotta do to keep the world at large safe.

If the head of some country fires a nuke, they should expect to get nuked back in retaliation; this was deterrent enough for decades. What could you do to a mutie who could nuke cities at a distance?

>they should expect to get nuked back in retaliation
Which is why we missile defense and interception exists.
What can you do to a president that can nuke nations at a distance?

I'm pretty sure if mutants existed with that sort of power, they would be quietly "taken care of" by secret government hit squads. Sure, put on a nice front of taking care of crab kid, but if you have any sort of powerful government presence, you're going to erase the mindreaders.

It would get enough support to pass when one guy levels an entire city block to the ground. The big cities, like NYC and LA, would be able to afford a police force to keep muties in check. The towns that can't afford it would have to deal with potential gangs recruiting little Jamal who can control rocks.

The government will recruit who they can and remove anyone who won't play ball. People will die, protests will happen, and a potential arms race between countries occur if you can land a walking nuke.

I live in a state where I have to register my guns. It would be ridiculous if mutants didn't have some sort of registration or oversight.

Even ignoring that, if "Tax increase to fund sentinels" went to a vote against "Put all mutants in concentration camps" I'm willing to bet B would win.

How would you not benefit? you wouldn't need powers cause technology would b so advanced. only a xenophobic autistic wouldn't get down

I support the Mutant Registration Act. That shit is too dangerous. The majority of people, I believe, are good and wouldn't use their powers for evil, but its worth it to document all of them to keep track of the bad apples.

Then would you also support fingerprinting and DNA profiling everyone at birth just in case they commit a crime later?

I support Mutant Registration, but your argument isn't very good.

We already do that shit with regular humans, so yeah, we'd probably end up doing it for superpowered ones, too.

If mutants became real then we have to start living by comic book rules and that means despite any well meaning safety minded ideas behind registration it will actually be a plot to put them all in camps, kill them, harvest them, brainwash them into super soldiers, etc etc

>Entire nation is filled with guns
>you think people will be freaked out by a few "powers"
>MFW all the muties move to red states and the blue states have nothing to defend themselves with.

I do agree that the worse examples of Mutant descrimination seen in the Marvel comics would often be limited to third world countries, but there would be *some* descrimination, especially towards Mutants with naturally destructive abilities. They would be the main focus of most derision, the "useful" ones would easily gain celebrity status.

Yes because unlike normal racism where mentally and biologically there is literally no difference from anyone else, being afraid of someone that has the ability to shoot giant super lazer's and destroy an entire suburb is a damn reasonable response.

>Then would you also support fingerprinting and DNA profiling everyone at birth just in case they commit a crime later?
On the surface, it kinda makes sense but the "muh freedoms" part of me recoils. Unless that place was already a Utopia with lots of transparency, taking everyone's fingerprints and DNA from birth would be too easy to go Orwellian.
I think we only need to take the measures to fight crime that are necessary, and scaled to the amount of crime that exists.

The problem is for every CYke we get 3 or 5 Beaks, Anoles and Glob hermans.

That depends on the culture, no everyplace in Africa will treat them well, for example, albinos kids in africa are killed for witchcraft.

>mutant stops terrorist attack
You sure? If we never start oppressing them they'll never obtain radicals like Magneto.

I'm a little suprised there isn't some mutant equivalent of the NRA.

There is: The Brotherhood of Mutants

That's way too optimistic, man. You're basically saying that mutant oppression is the only possible cause for them to not be paragons of virtue. As opposed to any other form of oppression, poverty, bad upbringing, or just plain old being a douche. Mutant racism will start when some of them are going to be dicks to society for whatever reason, and then it'll spiral downwards.

Chareton heston never went around breaking into jails, and releasing the criminals who were in on gun charges.

That's closer to black panther territory.

Your civics teacher is a disgrace to the profession.

>not recruit

>If mutants started appearing in real life, would you support the Mutant Registration Act

Yes. In a fucking heartbeat.

>recruiting a kid that can mind control you

Good luck with that.

>>mutant stops terrorist attack

Mutant causes terrorist attack. What now?

I'm not talking general badness, there will always be bad mutants. I'm saying that if we never treat them so awful mutant supremacist groups won't gain so much traction as they would have otherwise. Besides, with the amount of superheroes around in addition to mutants you'd think anyone trying to start shit would be more than easily thwarted.

It will become necessary to bomb Genosha in order to save it.

>with the amount of superheroes around

We're talking about our world, dumbass

Are these mutants shooting porcupine needles of of their faces, shooting fire out of their penises or killing everyone in a 5 mile radius from radiation just by existing?

You don't know. You hear reports of mutants on the news and there's hearsay about porcupine people but not much else is known.

I imagine OP meant for it to be the range of mutants we see in the comics

Would you care if this gentleman was oppressed?

Nah, live and let live. As long as we don't discriminate, none of them will use their powers for evil, I figure.

.........Unless hypothetically one of them is a Holocaust survivor. Is one of them a Holocaust survivor?

A rather have a stand then being a mutant

Nobody is talking about being a mutant or stands you autistic retard.

What if you had a stand and you were a mutant

It would be awkward.

go be mad somewhere else... or else.... you can stay here and get madder, nerd.



Hm, well played.

Wouldn't wings on a human have to be much bigger in order to fly

>bring me the delegates Donald

No for all, supporting such a measure means increasing state power which is wrong.

You already register to fly a plane or drive a car, retard.

You don't have to

In other words, registering won't do jack shit

Something something hollow mutant bones

probably working with Xavier for a common good.


This. It really says something when most threats for average mutant marvel writers can come up with are gangs of grotesque hillbillies and schizophrenic religious sects.

I'm pretty sure the thing that triggers Magneto more than ethics conversations with The Red Skull will have an effect of some kind.

The whole point of the opposition to mutants is that there's a human intolerance for the abnormal.
In other words the enemies of what mutants represent are enemies of the imaginative and original.
They're going to keep attacking with the same old "normal" means that they always have.
Otherwise, what would be the point?

I'd round up all those filthy muties and FUCK THEM ALL TO DEATH

What does the Mutant Registration Act entail? Will all mutants wear shackles that suppress the X-gene? Or is it mundane like not being allowed to ride an airplane or something?

Giant death robots should be used only to capture evil mutants that not even the military can stop.

My Hero Academia.

>Mutant Registration Act
>giant death robots or some other solution
i'm sure the giant death robots are more expensive than necessary. maybe drones, or something. something would be needing for if they use their powers to do evil, etc.

No, such legislation would inevitably lead to camps (with obligatory showers and ovens), for those who can blow up a city block, *and* those whose only power is changing the color of construction paper, and everyone in-between...

>making walking nukes have to state to the gov.t that they are, in fact, walking nukes would lead to death camps
>not even internment camps but muhdethcamps

One thing that I found maximum stupid about the orginal SHRA and civil war was that they EXCLUDED the mutants.

99.9% of humankind have powers in that. It's very different from just 10% or so having powers in the case of mutants.

It's mutants actually existed of course its likely there would be massive amounts of regulations put onto them. Plenty of people would be afraid not only because they would be so much beyond normal humans but because they would be unpredictable as fuck. Beyond those who would make questionable use of their ( of which there would be plenty) there would be a ton that wouldn't be able to fully control their powers leading to even more problems.

Don't be fucking idiots. It's obviously a recipe for disaster. Imagine the harshness of penalties for even using powers on normal humans that would need to be put into place. When you get into shit like mind influencing mutations then it gets even worse.

Monitoring device implants and an organization whose sole purpose to to hunt down mutants that step out of line or are deemed too big a risk. A huge registration base would be a requirement in a situation like that. I'm guessing something to that effect at least.

There's a version that's EXACTLY the fucking same as the super hero registration act.

Of course the government being what it is, immediately abuses the fuck out of the act.

>If mutants started appearing in real life, would you support the Mutant Registration Act? Would you go all Senator Kelly and get giant death robots built?
No. The entire point of X-Men, and especially it being an expy/heavily influenced by Civil Rights, etc. was specifically to show exactly why actual (not SJW das raciis shit) racist/ discriminatory shit was wrong and a bad idea. If it didn't work in the real world and by extension comics, why would it in this scenario when it's already based on an example of why it's a terrible idea?

Much like I believe in the castration of convicted pedophiles, if an Omega level mutant uses his or her power to hurt or kill someone, they should be lobotomized. Harsh, but we wouldn't hand a nuke to a random stranger if they demonstrated they'd use it and there was no other way to stop them. Survival of the human race is paramount.

In the interest of prevention, all children should be screened for the X-gene and logged so appropriate preventative measures can be taken during puberty to contend with the manifestation of whatever abilities they may have. No other action will be taken unless they pose a threat to security at which point mandatory cure injections will be required as would registration to a database not unlike the sex offender registry.

Assuming the genie was already out, a UN sanctioned task force would be assembled composed of well compensated mutants with special abilities designed to counter other mutants to help federal governments suppress the violent amongst the mutant populace. Pre-cogs would be used to predict mutant crimes and dispatch a mutant strike force composed of mutants who could steal or suppress the abilities of other mutants. All mutants would be treated with dignity and respect the same one would handle a loaded gun - it won't kill you, but it could so be smart.


Guns love you back; children don't. Guns won't put you in a Home and forget about you.

With enough time that would change. Although even then the example is flawed because it even talks about the wars that were fought during the early period of quirks and how much it set civilization back. Not only that but there is a registration for all people with powers.

>If mutants started appearing in real life, would you support the Mutant Registration Act?

As a human, Hell. Fucking. Yes.
What has the mutants ever done, even in Marvel Universe? All they do is infighting and generates colossal collateral damages. Then every decade or so there will be time travel fuckery and bring existential threat to the whole planet. When was the last time Storm patrol the night and saved some random civilian? No it has to be internal conflict among mutants all day everyday.

But then again if I was born a mutant, I'll sympathize with Magneto. The mutants are literally Darwinian version of homo literally superior. Last time I look, most of the good Xmen are not vegans. Why do they think homo sapiens can have dominion over other species in the planet, but homo superior can't have dominion over homo sapiens?

I spy with my X-Ray Eyes, a flatscan.

So, "Yes", then?

>if people with the power to flatten cities and commit genocide at will started appearing would you support an attempt to control and secure them
At that point, I don't think we would have a choice in the matter.

At that point it would probably be full scale war

I feel that registration should only be forced on powerful mutants. Someone like, say, Beak shouldn't get troubled, but the upper-tiers like Kitty Pryde or Emma Frost should.

It's just a matter of common sense in terms of law enforcement and such. If it's my job to arrest someone, or to keep them in prison until their trial, I should be able to know whether or not they can phase through handcuffs or telepathically force me to eat my own gun. Or, on a lighter note, if I'm working in the ER and I get a patient who's been knocked unconscious, it's important for my safety and the safety of the other patients to know whether opening their eyes will open a portal to the punch dimension

never , they are equal part citizen and I want them in my army.
don't alienate them we need them.

I mean even x-men were like, "Well they've got a poooiinnnttt." with the MRA until it got tied into Sentinel craziness.

If I had powers, I would just not care either way. If it went total dictator state, then I'd just fuck off into the wilderness or some shit. I'm sure my mutation would help me survive.

But if I was just a citizen? I'd support registration, and I'd stay pro-humanity throughout whatever outcome.

I knew he was no fucking good

How do you get to an omega level mutant? How do you even stop someone of that power? The only kinds of people that would get stopped would be those that used it accidentally, and are remorseful. The ones that use it and realize the power they have and go on a rampage would be so difficult to stop.

It all depends on how common mutants are.
If it's an incredibly rare, "only 50 cases exist in the US" sort of deal, then yeah the normal looking ones become celebrities, and the ugly ones become scientific wonders.
If they're a bit more common, where there are enough for small communities to form, that's when people are going to start fearing them. The only real change I could see happening is that the government would probably focus a ton on trying to convince young mutants to join the military.

>all this theorizing on killing or not or celebrity status
>no experimenting on them

Given history we'd experiment. Find out how to use mind control or reading. How to weaponise it, how to defend against it. How to genetically make your own designer mutant baby. Or not. Within a generation or two either perfect mutant babies with only the desirable mutant traits and none of the dangerous/ugly ones exist at as commonly as vacinated kids today or we are eradicating mutants like chicken pox and mutant like powers are available through technology we were able to create from studying a before getting rid of them.

To be honest, yes. I think mutants are poor allegory to real life racism because mutants are potentially a legitimate threat to society.

I think I'd want to keep tabs on a women who can destroy entire planets if left uncheck or a guy who take down entire police squads with his mind.

We'd just abort mutant babies like a civilized society.


>implying there aren't parents who could use the opportunity to get out of their poor miserable lives by exploiting their superchild

So you're the kind of person who would advocate genocide.

Now you know that about yourself.
That fact is never going away.
Have fun with that.

Well one thing's for sure... I would have aborted you, user.