Why is the MCU barely setting up Thanos?

By the time he gets there he'll likely just be an extended boss fight.

>a giant plum

Because cucks like to watch rather than actually doing the fucking

They changed infinity war part one and two so that they are their own movies now instead of being two parts so I imagine that he will spend the first movie coming into prominence and establishing himself as a threat

There's still Guardians 2 and Ragnarok which have already been tied to him, not to mention Captain Marvel which will more than likely involve him somehow.

what set up do you need for a quip?

How are they going to make this interesting? Literally the point of the movies is the superheroes and how fun they are. The superheroes die immediately in the comic, like "omg look how powerful he is", they're barely a plot point. The rest of the book is just him bullying cosmic dudes no moviegoer has ever heard of.

Will be post credits destruction and ass kicking where he gains the gems and it will be played on every fucking youtube channel period.

what's to set up?
big powerful guy who wants power
there's nothing to him

I'd rather have films that are self contained that films that solely exist to advertise a future film. Besides, Infinity Wars is 2 movies. They'll have enough time to flesh him out.

Fuck Thanos.

Masters of Evil when?

If they over hype a villain, they are bound to screw it up. I'm still wondering how the Avengers can even scratch him with the gauntlet.

What more exactly do you want them to do? The only people who can even set up Thanos are the Guardians and Thor, both of which are set to do. Maybe you'll get Strange to see something if you're lucky

>Why is the MCU barely setting up Thanos?
>By the time he gets there he'll likely just be an extended boss fight.
Those statements seem to contradict each other. If they barely set him up, that means the film can flesh him out. If they show too much of him before the film, then he would be an extended boss fight because the development is out of the way.

No one will give a fuck by then.
They needed those post credits HOLY SHIT moments in the last few marvel films to help set him up.

What makes you think that the movie's story will be identical to the comic book? None of the movies so far have been.

Wouldn't it be disappointing to see Thanos over and over for the teasers? If I recall, nobody liked AoU's teaser.

I really don't see how they can make this work.
Infinity War needs to be mostly in his perspective, but we all know that isn't going to happen.

They made a serious mistake by introducing him in Avengers 1

If they don't play out his obsession with getting Death's attention I'll be pissed.
That's literally his only interesting aspect.

Not sure of other people's reaction to the AoU post-credit, but I despised it.

never where they kill over half their villains
As it stands Thanos, Loki, Zemo and Abom are the only 4 living villains in the MCU.

Even during preview showings, people said they despised AoU's teaser.

>I'm still wondering how the Avengers can even scratch him with the gauntlet.
I heard there's a book all about that.

You know they won't do that ending. I mean, Nebula barely is a blip in the MCU.

Also the fact that Guardians of the Galaxy barely did anything with him, and neither will the sequel.
I'm glad that GotG is its own separate thing and Gunn has some free reign but it makes it so Thanos ain't shit. Supposed to be some big threat in GotG but Ronan punks him out like a bitch and is defeated by the Guardians.

Because it didn't relate directly to the plot in any way. If it was just Thanos siting in a chair/throne, watching a monitor showing the fallout of AoU's events on earth and have him say something to the effect of "Fools. They rush head-on into Armageddon." then have him turn and look at the empty gauntlet "Perhaps I should provide them with a most glorious doomsday!" and just have him grin and fade to black.
It makes way more sense helps the audience understand that Thanos is taking more interest in earth and isn't just some throw away that could be outright ignored.

>he'll likely just be an extended boss fight.
This. It's my biggest worry in how they're handling him so far. You can't do Thanos right without making him into a main character in his own right and you just know that they don't have the balls to do that.

That teaser would have made more sense in GOTG. Really, it had no place in AOU.

you know how Marvel does their villains. they'll just be there to wreck some havoc, put the heroes down to the ground, before getting rekt via teamwork at the end. only CW broke this formula since Zelmut just gave up thinking he won.

Thanos is more straightforward and he'll be just like the rest. can see him being kinda like Malekith in Thro 2, but on a bigger scale.

CW broke the formula because its main proper antagonist isn't even Zemo but rather a really sympathetic Iron Man.

More importantly why did they decide to make him look like he has down syndrome? How did this get approved? His chin is way too big, you can't take him seriously. Am I the only one noticing this? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

MCU is not great at setting up villains, the few that are decent either end up turned into comic relief or get killed/disappear of their movies.

Because that's every MCU villain.

>What makes you think that the movie's story will be identical to the comic book? None of the movies so far have been.

This. Most of the time they aren't even similar.

That would have been a lot better.



In certain cases that has very much been for the best (civil war)
But sadly when it should have been like the comics it was not (ultron)

Is the comic auctualy any good?


>"I'll do it myself!"

The next after-credits stinger is just going to be Thanos sitting in space-traffic, swearing that "he'll get there any moment".

>Thanos v Khaleesi: Dawn of Procrastination

Infinity Gauntlet is cool but it requires more superheroes to exist then what is in the MCU. Like literally 100s.

I really love how jazzed Josh Brolin is about being Thanos. He's so genuinely happy to take on this character.
I'm hoping they treat it as an allegory. He's a cosmic scale serial killer who likes to see things suffer and die. Followed by a later reveal that Mistress Death is a real entity.
I also hope that the Chitauri get brought up again and that Thanos made them. Like he enslaved an entire race and made them zombie cyborgs.

he looks bored out of his fucking mind like he needs a planetary war just to get some kind of emotion out of him

Justin Hammer, Mandarin, and Klaw are still around. And it's ambiguos to whether Red Skull survived or not.

Maybe thats why the movies are so popular no status quo.

I wish they made him a bit more bulkier. The guy should LOOK LIKE he could go toe to toe with the Hulk, at least.

Have you seen how much chin Josh Brolin has?

They're setting him up better than ultron

>I hate fun.

And Batroc.

Batroc is a hero!

Chaos Magic.

There's zero setup (Ultron) and then there's too much setup (Thanos). It's been years since he was introduced, and he's done fuckall

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CAP: "We won't give in to yo-"

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STARK: "I could make you a nice hover chair with cushions and a PS4 built in."

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He's a big guy

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Except Gunn explicitly stated that there is no Thanos in GOTG2. Try again.