She's perfect

She's perfect

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Who is this yogurt bogart

shame her comic is so shit

>mfw they made my cosplayfu canon
Didio is a God

M-my? Is that you?

man Id like to brightest day your darkest night

>Likes Charizard

No she isn't.

>Cred Forums in charge of reading comprehension

Jessica cruz


Well. I feel retarded.

She's not even the cutest GL in the book

That's cause you're a fucking retard


>he doesn't think a personal fire-breathing dragon is the raddest shit

Let me get this straight.

Guardians got pissed the rings were recruiting too many humans, and they keep recruiting sexier and sexier humans?

Those are a pain the ass to make, especially if he used almond flour!

Why did the zero suit have impractical high heels?

>she's perfect
For Simon's dick.

I miss her Power Ring design.


To get the most mileage out of her butt.

Consider the following: Jessica x Simon's Nephew

Dies anyone have those pages where he was shirtless except for a cooking apron?

Too haram for a blue board.

Wait. I thought that Lantern symbol on her eye was supposed to be a floating hologram.

Isn't Jade though.

too bad she's too afraid to meet you. The best you will get is to chat with her online

She could be better with the headband back.

No clue, at least Smash justified them by making them Rocket heels.

I want to fill her burrito with my frijoles.

That's only only the chest symbols when they're racing to danger. EVS introduced it at the beginning of Johns' run, it's like police sirens.

The one over her eye is like her Power Ring logo, basically a construct tattoo.

m* didn't know you came on here.
glad i have your lantern print.

It didn't have heels until smash

She has a nice body for a neet

She's also a survivalist, right? Gotta keep yourself /fit/ for Armageddon user.

>you will never spend armageddon with Jessica
>you will never be locked inside a bunker for days doing nothing but fucking and eating
>you will never repopulate the planet with her

No, she had retarded heels in Other M

how the fuck did she even get a ring
green arrow breaks his arm making a piddly ass arrow and i'm supposed to believe she can do literally anything at all with it?

>One of the first issues of GLS she's out shopping with her sister for towels because she sweats a lot in the suit

i;d like to imagine jessica looks like pic related irl

and this is my simon

You say this about every new brown girl.

And yet even this minority character can't bring me to care about Green Lanterns. Odd.

They're good brown girls, Brent

I get that misogyny is a buzzword but for Sakamoto I think it actually applies.

not cute enough

Sounds like a personal problem to me.

i dare u to find a brown qt more qt than rami malek. maybe carla quevedo can be improved on, but she is perfect for me t.b.h.

Naw, it's just cosmic stuff never really intrested me, and the bits that I've seen of this character haven't really made me want to read more about her. She's just kind of their attracting waifufags. What makes her a good character?

What's the explanation for the ski mask and gun lol

Whos the frog man?

>ski mask

he thinks it looks cool


his ring was faulty so he carries it as a backup weapon

>Ski Mask
When he first got the ring he was on the run from the Government, he stole a van that turned out to have a bomb in it, a slightly awkward situation.
When he first got the ring the GLC were kind of in disarray, nobody showed up to tell him how the ring worked. He ran out of charge and ended having to use a handgun to hold off some alien monsters. He then pointed out that since GLs seem to run out of charge all the damn time, it's stupid not to carry a side arm.


what's with that grandmother's face

>loves pokemon


Cindy Moon, minus the /k/ factor ?

yes but Jessica is good and not a maymay like Silk

Eh, opinions. You have your waifu and I have mine, this isn't worth arguing about.

>It's not worth arguing about
True, but want to anyways?

Sure, Asians are cuter than Latinos, see pic related

do me next, sweetheart

Wait, shit, I thought I was arguing for Silk.
My b.

She was cuter with the evil fear ring from another universe.

they really should have kept the headband

who will get to take her virginity, barry or simon?

Simon is pure and his waifu Bleez already claimed him

honestly i can see them leading up to a romance involving barry and jessica,its nice cuz then there is a new dynamic to the flash + GL friendship. but then again, i ship simon and jessica together, and i would love to see that

Or at least the jacket. Oh well, it could have been worse.

god what the fuck is that on her face

this is so bad, from the neck up at least

they should have kept her evil Power Ring

>i ship simon and jessica together
you are the worst person

that costume is good desu

Mr Robot

My Green Lantern can't be this cute.

I kind of liked the idea of a Lantern that couldn't make constructs.

What an ugly costume

that's her best costume you fagtard