Gotham Knight

When it first came out, I absolutely hated it. Now I've garnered an appreciation for it.

What are your thoughts on it, Cred Forums?

This and Animatrix are GOAT and we should get more anthologies like them.

Halo: Legends and Dead Space: Aftermath are also great examples

anime is garbage and so is this

My two favorite shorts were the one with Deadshot and the one with Croc and Scarecrow because I loved that it had a Mignola like style.

Fucking loved it then, and I do now
>Do I gotta story for you
>Bruces trip to India
>The magnetic harness story
Shit, it was ALL good

The Deadshot segment's animation was superb.
Only flaw with it design wise that I saw was the extended jaws was distracting at times.

>and we should get more anthologies like them.
This, desperately want Madhouse to do one for Thor & Wonder Woman.


My favorite was the one where you see some of Bruce's training.

why did you hate it?

My official Ranking

1st. Working Through Pain
2nd. In Darkness Dwells
3rd. Deadshot
4th. Field Test
5th. Have I got a Story for you
6th. Crossfire

I always felt Gotham Knight was underrated, especially now considering the crap that DC animation's been putting out lately. It had a really distinct style and top notch voice acting from Conroy before he seemingly stopped caring.


>1st. Working Through Pain
Patrician taste.

>before he seemingly stopped caring.

Does his acting improve in the Arkham games? Playing through Asylum right now and it's like he's just reading straight from the script, meanwhile Hamil is having the time of his life as Joker.

>Dead Space: Aftermath

is that the one with the truly awful CGI?

I loved all the dead space spinoff shit, including that one (pre DS3)

even the comics were pretty rockin

loved that one whose art reminded me of the hellspawn spinoff

I can't speak for the Arkham sequels because I haven't played them. I thought he was ok in Asylum, but I've just been having flashbacks to his performance in TKJ. Granted, some of the dialogue he had to act out was pretty horrid, he just sounded so passionless throughout.

>and we should get more anthologies like them.
>This, desperately want

I forget, but I think it was Green Lantern who had one of sorts.
Anyone recall for certain?

Emerald Knights.
It doesn't change animation styles though and it largely just OK.
It had an adaptation of Alan Moore's Mogo Doesn't Socialize.

Always liked it, saw again recently, still holds up, even though the pacing in some of the segments annoys me.

It looks nice, but there's like two memorable stories within the collection.