Find a flaw

Find a flaw.

At 0:36:02:11, you can see one of the background characters clipping through a surface.

The good guy lost.

The whole Objectivism thing.

Why build the Omnidroid 10 when the Omnidroid 09 was good enough?

Boring. Mostly a FF ripoff. That Ayn Rand shit at the beginning that they just dropped outright.

This, it was quite honestly self important faggotry that I found insulting and I honestly do not want any developing mind to be influenced by that trash.

>If everyone is super no one will be
In any other instance that would be seen as a good thing or even pushed as the moral of a story, but in this instance it's spoken as some fucking evil ominous line. NO PLEASE DONT MAKE US LESS SPECIAL BY GIVING ALL HUMANITY POWERS AND BRINGING THEM TO A NEW GOLDEN AGE!

not enough anal piercings


It'll never be timeless.

did you not fucking pay attention? Once syndrome had "had his fun" playing hero,he would SELL his inventions. which would still alienate people because only the rich would be able to afford it.

Elastigirl isnt wrapping her massive thighs around my face several times

shadman pls

On a recent rewatch, I found the transition from Helen/Violet/Dash's first night on the island to morning really jarring. It cuts from Violet and Dash running out of the tunnel to them waking up the next morning. Did it really take Helen all night to search the base for Bob?

Helen and Violet's outfits didn't go far enough up their ass cracks.

Every member of the family got an extended solo scene except for Violet.
This includes Jack Jack, who got his own short.

No sequel yet

There wasn't enough Frozone.


I feel like they dropped part of the message and world building halfway through the movie. They all have to hide their powers and live in witness protection in case victims caught in the crossfire of past battles sue them, and while we see that Bob can't adjust to being a normal person and letting it all go, we don't really see the world change in the end. So what, one super villain attack is enough to convince everyone they need supers again? What happened when the supers went into exile, did the villains all decide "shit I don't want to get sued, I'm out"? Or is Bob now satisfied that he can fight crime in secret with his family and still somehow maintain his Clark Kenting to support his family when he couldn't before. Everything was so focused on good family moments and bonding by the end that there was no explanation about how the world changed, not even a news montage like in the beginning.

No Elastigirl shower scene

>only the rich would afford it

Yeeeeah, that's not what he said.
>When everyone is super... no one will be.
>When the one percent are super... the one percent will be.

Seriously, where were all the supervillains when the world's heroes were forced into hiding?

How am I supposed to believe that Bob would cheat on Elastigirl with some twig?

Not enough Violet

No you fucking idiot.
My entire gripe with the series was the fact that heroic abilities would be handed to everyone and that was bad because it would mean that the super people who are forced to be oh so normal and hide wouldn't be fucking special and wouldn't have to hide anymore.


He was going to sell his inventions to EVERYONE not just the really rich.
The fuck does he have to fear from the rich. Nigga IS rich as FUCK.

He wanted fame, power, and the outright adoration that he would have gained if he gave everyone the ability to fly and protect themselves from super powered assholes.

Hell his bit of arrogant masturbation would have helped humanity for centuries.


Have to let the generic 50 year olds with improbable elementary and junior high aged children feel REALLY good about themselves.
Oh and GURL POWAH SHE WOMAN bullshit because women can't have fucking personalities or be heroic without that garbage.

The underlying message is insulting, morally retarded, narcissistic trash.

Elastigirl is an old cunt. Litterally and figuratively.
The twig is young hotness and made him feel awesome.


>it's an "autist has a titfit" episode
evey single time there's a mildly interesting thread on this board for once lol

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I know Cred Forums has a hate boner for this movie since it basically what's stopping Pixar from doing original movies anymore but Monster University handled the same message better then The Incredible's.

While Syndrome was an asshole when you get down to it he really was more sympathetic then the movie made him out to be. He wanted to help his hero and make the world a better place but instead of learning that everyone that has their own skill he gets his heart broken and shat on.

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But user, there are no flaws!

your low test betaness is showing

>Beginning of the movie
>Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl sexual tension
>mfw I realize they consider their superhero identities to be completely different people
Is it some kinky game to them?

Syndrome's hair makes him less menacing. They should have made him bald or something....more scray

Idiot is blown out and is at a loss for words.
Instead of debating they fling faggotry.

Just another day on Cred Forums.

anti socialism= objectivsim

I think the movie was too damn dark.

Most of the world's superheroes were lured to an island and hunted like animals and killed by Syndrome. It's like Avengers Arena only if Arcade killed the actual avengers and x-men and everyone else before the fantastic four finally stopped him.

I quote
>When everyone is super no one will be

What money and fame was there in letting a few assholes get super powers?
He's already disgustingly rich and powerful. Why in the hell would he bow to any government for pocket change?
He wanted to give everyone super powers and he would have had a Syndrome brand flight belt and gravity shield in every sprawlmart on the planet.

No amount of ass is worth putting up with the mean old bitch attached to it.

I don't give a shit how tight the pussy that thick assed old bitch has. Hatefucking the absolute dog shit out of a woman who can take it balls deep and stay tight can only make me overlook her being a titanic bitch for only so long user.

You know the saying. "No matter how fine she is, somewhere some nigga is sick of her shit".
This saying has been translated too hundreds of cultures and subgroups across the planet since that picture was created nearly a decade ago.
Because it's rock solid truth that transcends all.

They didn't actually exist to be honest.

They only ran around destroying shit, causing major injuries and causing millions of dollars in property damage to stop robberies where less then 500 bucks was stolen.

>He wanted to give everyone super powers

No his plan was to play superhero and live out his fantasy while giving a big fuck you to Mr. Incredible. Only after he's bored with that would he sell his shit. Not to make people equal, but to ensure no one else could be a hero.

Elastigirl's voice acting.

>expecting anyone to take a character seriously when she sounds like Holly Hunter

I mean, maybe that was the point, to give Helen a comical side with her borderline lisp. but come on, she's already a human rubber band, how much sillier does she need to be?

The villain actually being a little bit right is just a mark in the movie's favor.

As far as what happened to the Super Villains after the Heroes were forced to retire I think a variety of things happened.
Mr. Incredible kinda went rogue and hero'd on the sly so he's probably not the only one who did this.
Government probably stopped being as lenient to super powered criminals and punished them severely, possibly even authorizing lethal force.
Some heroes probably ended up working for the government in an attempt to still help in the only way they know how.
Some villains were probably only in it for the thrill of battling their nemesis and retired as well.
Anyways, it's all just speculation but I'd like to think it's a little of all those things.

Not hero.
He wanted to make everyone special.

He would have made the world equal.
No supervillians, no children born with special powers and feeling abnormal, no need for superheros.
Just people with abilities and people who bought abilities going about their lives.

That was played up as this great evil by the show.

They hat do make him cartoonishly evil and near fundamental elemental religously EVIL to make how fundamentally good the drive of the villian was to sell the self-serving and fundamentally fucking stupid plot.

So, why didn't the government step in when superheros started dissapearing onto Syndromes's island?
Why didn't the plain clothes heroes start going after syndrome and his ebul plans?

On second thought....if syndrome was so enamored with becoming a superhero and would have gone to great lengths to do it..then why didn't he just capture the super villians of note put them on his island and sick his robots on them to see how they would react and how long it would take for them to die?
And test out his superhero technology on them?

It's kind of lame that he'd just sucker superheroes to come to the island to get beat up by robots.

He doesn't care about anyone else user. His whole rant proves it. He is just butthurt that Mr. Incredible rejected him all those year ago. He made a machine that no hero could defeat so that he could defeat it. He would have the spotlight and then when he's done with it he would ensure no one else could get the spotlight.

He proved Mr. Incredible was right to tell him to go home. His actions as a kid nearly got him killed, and nearly killed a train full of people. Also it allowed a dangerous villain to escape. Then when he was fighting the Omnidroid the moment things turned against him he ran.

It wasn't making people equal that was evil. What made him evil was he was completely selfish and cared nothing for anyone else and was willing to kill anyone to achieve his goal.

It's crazy how people will ignore the entire movie because of a single throwaway filler line said by the villain and focus on that exclusively.

The police tried and failed I imagine.
One plain clothed hero did step in. Frozone. A lot of the popular supers were already killed and I imagine supers moved beyond the one city that was being attacked after they retired. Only reason the Incredible family made it was because they hijacked a fuckin' rocket.
Syndrome didn't just want to be a hero. He was a lunatic that wanted to prove he was better than all the heroes. He made an impressive robot by killing heroes and proving to himself he was their better.
Again, no idea about the villains. We didn't get to see a lot of them or what their powers were like. I imagine the heroes were more powerful and a greater challenge. Plus the whole, I need to prove I'm better than the heroes angle.

They said capes were a bad thin even though thats false

They were all put down for real by the military after the superheroes had their fun.

Didn't read that first line clearly. I think the heroes pretty much just merged with society and the government didn't keep tabs on them for the most part. The Gov. allowed heroes to go in peace for their service. Only reason Mr. Incredible had that one guy looking after him was cause they were old friends. He was even invited to Mr. Incredible's wedding.

And Mr.Incredible nearly killed a man and cost untold hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage in his pursuit of heroic thrills.

And like I said, his entire thing about making everyone super so no one else will be, and them playing it up as evil was the most unbelievably ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

The fact that he's evil has fuck all to do with how fundamentally altruistic that plan actually is. Hell he's no different from the rest of the assholish thrill seeking heroes.

perhaps syndrome is the one whos going to inspire the supervillains to rise up

ill be 30 by the time it gets a sequel and by then no one will even remember it so itll have the most lackluster sales of a movie that should have had 2 years tops before making a sequel to cash in on its success

No, that's just dumb. It honestly doesn't make any fucking sense.
If he wanted to prove that he was better then heroes then he himself would have beaten and killed those heroes not used them to build a robot.

And if he wanted to be the worlds greatest hero he would have killed mr.incredibles arch nemesis or some other major big bad on his island with his technology.

It just seems like ass pull evil to push the stupid message at the heart of the movie.

If I remember correctly, that guy is actually part of the superhero bureau and looks after former supers.
I mean, they are trying to keep supers under control and out of costume. They would need a government agency to do that.

Does Syndrome strike you as altruistic? You think him selling his inventions will bring in a golden age of equality? You think we can trust him to keep his word 40 years from then and not just say "Nah, fuck everyone." and destroy his inventions and die with a smile on his face?
The guy never grew up. He was a kid still crying about Mr. Incredible casting him aside like 20 years ago.

>Hell he's no different from the rest of the assholish thrill seeking heroes.

Except he is. Despite his glory seeking Mr. Incredible wants to help people. Mr. Incredible wanted to stop someone from killing himself. The only way to do that was to do a risky move and in the end injured the guy. Also while an insurance salesman he helped people work around the system to despite the fact that it was getting him in trouble.

Syndrome on the other hand ran the moment he lost control of the situation and even pushed people out of his way. There's nothing altruistic about him. He doesn't care if his inventions help people, just as long as they make sure there's no else that's "special" as he puts it.

In the end the family was willing to put their lives at risk to save other people where he is not. That's what makes them heroes and him a villain.

If anything he'd have inspired a bunch of normal humans to get super powers from technology.
If anything the incredibles and frozone fighting the giant robot would have inspired the supervillians to go out and fuck stuff up.
Look at the end of the fucking movie.

Richard Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency.
Even complete assholes can do good things user.
If syndrome had just put out a simple flight belt and shield combo to everyone on the planet and kept the most powerful shit locked up for himself, they would have seen amazing changes in their world.

Do you agree? Your entire argument hinges on the fact that he's a jerk. But if he did do what he said do you agree that people on their earth would have been better off though?

You must have missed the part where he dropped a death ball in the middle of a city just so he could pretend to play hero.

"When everyone is super, no one will be." is inherently flawed because it's not the powers that make you a hero. That's what Syndrome didn't understand.

Yeah, he did save that guy. He and his other friends are also the cause of untold millions of damage and injuries. Not even to stop the other special assholes.
Just for petty shit that the threat from a gun or a foot in their ass could stop.

Him being a petty asshole isn't the point, although I spoke about it before. The point is that his basic plan was to give everyone powers for a low cost so that there would be no more special people and everyone would have powers.

That is by it's very nature altruistic.
That he's a selfish asshole, that he's supposedly doing it for the wrong reason, that he's cartoonishly ridiculously, bad story created to push a certain form of propoganda level bad doesn't change the fact that if he actually did it, people would all be better off.

You're thinking like a sane and logical man. Syndrome was not because those were clearly his motives and he did very horrible and twisted things to try to achieve them.
You're right that the gov guy is part of a Superhero Relocation Program. I have no idea if that is voluntary or not. Some supers probably opted to disappear on their own.

The problem is that syndrome was a super.
The problem is that mr.incredible called syndrome a nut when he said he wanted everyone to be super.
The problem is that with only a handful of changes to the script he would be considered a noble hero and mr incredible a selfish asshole who's fighting to maintain an order where his power and position in society makes him special.

Changing the story changes the outcome. No shit.

Only on Cred Forums would you have people defending special snowflakes.

Bob lays it on thick in his argument with Helen. Everyone wants to be coddled and made to feel special, but that's not the reality. People don't want to recognize when someone is better than others because that might lead to hurt fee fees.

Super powers are a fucking metaphor. Widely available technology is a means to give everyone power and encourages people to not develop real skills.

Gee, that scenario sounds familiar, doesn't it? Oh yeah, reality.

>B-but muh literal interpretation
Plebs 101

>. The point is that his basic plan was to give everyone powers for a low cost

That's not the point of his plan at all user. If that's what mattered he could have done that easily with on one batting an eye lash, but that's not what he did. Instead of that he created a giant robot that killed dozen of people that he could pretend to fight.

He unleashed that on the city and it probably killed dozens more people.

You focused on one tiny little bit of what he said and assume the movie is saying he's bad because he wants to give shit out to people. It's not. All that matters to him is that he gets to be a hero and no one else.

Just became he may do something in the future that could potentially help people doesn't mean he isn't an evil shit.

Yeah, just a few changes to the script. Like him not killing like 20 super heroes. Him not dropping a huge robot in the city that probably killed more people. Kidnapping a baby, assaulting a super family. Selling weapons to countries illegally. Killing government officials.
He was a stand up guy.

>Mr. Incredible didn't give Mirage the D
>Elastigirl didn't get jelly and sob in tears
>Mr. Incredible didn't console Elastigirl and proceed to have freaky 3some with Mirage

Look at them eyes. She's begging for it

Do you fucking hear what you're saying you fucking idiot?

This isn't like being good at math or being good at sports.

This is the ability to fucking fly this is super human strength and invulnerability and super speed and whatever else.
This is a show about special snowflakes fagging on because they aren't celebrated for being special.
It's ridiculous drivel.


Where are the super special police force created to deal with things?
Why did bob become an insurance adjuster instead of just being open with his fucking powers and find a job where he makes money with his super strength and saves people too?

Exactly. It's exceptionalist trash for losers who desperately want people to see how special they are.


>Where are the super special police force created to deal with things?

The Government has an agency to deal with superheroes. The guy in the car debriefing the family was a part of it.

>Why did bob become an insurance adjuster instead of just being open with his fucking powers and find a job where he makes money with his super strength and saves people too?

The government probably set that up for him. They mention how they had to be relocated more than once because Mr. Incredible had used his powers for some reason or another.

Does not matter.
If he had followed through with his plan humanity would be a lot better off.
Do you agree?
Yes or No?

Kill supervillians instead
Still drop the robot in the middle of the city but it goes out of control and he and the incredibiles and frozone have to stop it
Sell tech to companies that has helped people
Kidnapping the baby was pointless an was mostly just there to show how powerful the (improbable)baby of two people pushing 55+ was.

Your interpretation was stupid.

The actual idea they were pushing escaped you because you were so enamored with the pretty flashing lights and 3D characters.

>The Government has an agency to deal with superheroes. The guy in the car debriefing the family was a part of it.

A government force staffed by supers who go out and deal with super problems. Or help supers get integrated into normal society so that supers aren't special but are just average people with abilities.

>The government probably set that up for him. They mention how they had to be relocated more than once because Mr. Incredible had used his powers for some reason or another.

Could have just nipped all of that bullshit in the bud if they just fucking made his powers public and put him in a suit and made him into a public hero and not some lone cunt running around destroying shit left and right.

But that's missing the whole point. Without the heroes of the story Syndrome's plan would have failed terribly at the crucial moment. When Syndrome makes his big reveal to the world by stopping the giant robot, he fails. Without the Incredibles, who knows how much damage would have been caused. Maybe Syndrome ultimately could have helped humanity, maybe. But the facts in the movie are that he killed many people for his own gain, introduced a powerful weapon he lost control over, and is a massive jerk.

Many villains have good motives for their villainy; doesn't make them not a villain. Are you new to superhero stories?

By the time the sequel comes out, I'll be able to tell my kid that I saw this movie when I was a kid around her age

How hide the fact Omnidroids killed a lot of heroes?
How Mr Incredible dont know?

>A government force staffed by supers who go out and deal with super problems.
The agent seemed like an average guy with no power. So I imagine it's just normal people to keep tabs on and watch super people.

>Could have just nipped all of that bullshit in the bud if they just fucking made his powers public and put him in a suit and made him into a public hero and not some lone cunt running around destroying shit left and right.

Blame the government. They decided that super heroes need to go and stay go.

>mass murderer
>sends robots to attack cities and probably kill people
>all because of petty revenge
>could have legit saved the whole fucking world for all time with his inventions and ushered in a new golden age of peace and prosperity if he wanted to
This meme is shit and I hate it. I hate you.

>Your interpretation was stupid.
It is the clearest interpretation.

The film is about how exceptional people are put down by their peers or superiors, and how society wants to pigeonhole people into feeling like everyone is the same. It's not about patting yourself on the back, in fact it's a pretty tough pill to swallow for the average man. Advancing technology numbs our feelings of inadequacy.

You can keep telling yourself that I was only engaged by the movie's visuals, but I think you see that message too, and that's what pisses you off. You're free to disagree with what the movie is trying to say, but the to deny that it's saying such a thing at all would make you a big dumby.

You're missing my point.
The story is objectivist trash that ironically casts two Randian heros as the hero and villian.
The vilian is the villian because he does evil things to do essentially altruistically things.

Everything that guy/gal makes is always some form of awful gay or futa stuff.

>people put up with this garbage

Shadman? He sometimes draws something good. At least, for me. He does have a bizarre fixation on smelly looking brown ass holes, though, which is fucking gross.

I watched this a couple of days ago. Holy fuck this movie is real Kino. Like, not meme kino. This was a really solid movie.

still objectively the best pixar film imo

I went on a superhero binge after watching this and Boku No Hero Academia again

>The film is about how exceptional people are put down by their peers or superiors,

Where does it fucking do that?
Where do their peers, who were actually only other heroes, put them down or pidgeon hole them?
That does not happen ever at any point in this entire goddamned movie.

The basic idea behind this movie is that people with super powers should be worshipped as celebrities and allowed to do what the fuck they want without consequence.
And if they can't put on their super suits and play around they take their fucking ball and go home. They even knock over a vase on the way out.
And anyone who wants everyone else to have special abilities like them are intrinsically or should be seen as evil because only special people should be special...because.

That is the fucking actual interpretation.
That is it.

This is exceptionalist trash meant to coddle the egos of assholes who think they should be celebrated for whatever stupid bullshit they think makes them special. Not for doing anything of real note for society, just for dicking around.

I guess I just don't understand where you are coming from here. I don't see Syndrome as altruistic in the slightest. Everything he does from beginning to end is selfish.

He doesn't have to be altruistic or heroic to do something that is altruistic.
That what he does is for a selfish reason does not change how much good it will do.

You seem really mad. Why?

All the heroes were put into a Witness protection-esque program.

Its lucky he still kept ties with frozone, cause we see he had no ties with anybody else.

Find a flaw?


I don't think selling weapons will do much good.

But he doesn't actually do anything good or help other people in any way, if I remember correctly? He says it's part of his plan... would you trust Syndrome?

But where is the good in hyper exasperating the class divide in society for your own personal wealth?

also, altruistic literally means unselfish. Syndrome is literally selfish.

The kids didn't have much of a personality.

and did it better then both

Selling shield and the ability to fly to random people?
That wouldn't do good?

What he does will still be basically an altruistic act. It will help people it will help their world.

We all know his entire damned plan.
And part of it was giving everyone super powers.

There is no class divide because the heros and empowered are a subclass that exists outside of society.
Giving everyone the exact same powerset would encurage more super beings to be open with their powers.
And changing the policy from telling the supers to get the fuck out of fuck town to registering and telling them that they can and should be more open with their powers. It would have changed everything.

>>shilling an oscar-winning film

what's the point?

are you trolling?


All the other heroes are incredibly disposable.

came here to post this

It's that old trope that if there aren't heroes, there won't be villains.

That doesn't explain why villains suddenly start to crop up again when supers become active. After Syndrome is defeated and supers are known to the public again, pretty much right away the Underminer attacks the surface. With the return of heroes comes the return of villains, just as the departure of heroes comes the departure of villains.

>could have done all of that
>basically bitch slapped out of a building and chastised by his idol

>incredibles thread
>expect violet lewds
>instead I find a polite discussion about the movie

wtf happened to this board

That face is just so perfect. He's completely resigned to know that his fantasy is temporary and can already be jaded.

>So, why didn't the government step in when superheros started dissapearing onto Syndromes's island?
The heroes went to Syndrome's island to relive their hero fantasies. They wouldn't tell the gov where they were going.

see tahts all yuo get senpai

violet is hardly best girl... she was too much of an emo. Even towards the end she hardly smiled

>wtf happened to this board

too many newfags reeeeeee

the movie was too objectivist for my taste.... too many unfortunate implications (especially visible if you do not happen to live in a first-world country)

>he does evil things to do essentially altruistically things.
No no no. He does evil things to do selfish things. Then later, he will do altruistically destructive shit. His ends don't justify the means, the altruism you see isn't the ends he cares about. It's like saying "Lex Luthor ripped Metropolis out of the bay and dropped it on Superman, but hey, he donated to charity the next day so it's worth it." Just because he would SOMEDAY sell superpowers doesn't make Syndrome not a fucking horrible person. Bob at least wanted to help people actively. He gets dragged in to the super scene to relive the glory days because they sell him on it being for the greater good, but it enables him to be better to his family regardless (which was kind of what pushed him to do it, having lost his job). And right, why did he lose his job? Because he attacked his boss for jeopardizing someone's safety and livelihood when they could have done something. Even when he's occasionally selfish, Bob is still always ultimately for helping others.
>hm, might be late for my own wedding...nah, gotta help a kitten down from a tree

Frankly the movie prologue was the best part.... It showed just how fucked up things can get when supers fight in an urban environment.

Even though we can all agree that Bob is extremely competent, even he cannot prevent life and property damage. Keep in mind that supervillains only exist as foil to the supers. Both are mutually dependent on each other.
(Want an example? When superheroes were outlawed, why did the supervillains disappear simultaneously?)

So it is only logical that we need to prevent vigilantism from taking over. Heck, Cred Forums tries internet vigilantism and we don't have a very nice rep for that

The key word is SELL idiot. if he gave, then maybe you'd have an argument. SELLING implies you require capital to purchase said superpowers. That means rich people get them, poor people dont.

Ergo, class divide.

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