cartoons only white people enjoy

if you aren't white and don't enjoy it you have bad taste


I've met a fai amount of black, asian, and mexican people who like it. In particular mexicans.

ITT: Unfounded bullshit

You mean only americans enjoy?

Because as a Canadian I don't understand the appeal of KotH

Mexican American here, love the show, I can understand why non Americans don't get it

Nah, it's not that only white people like KotH, it's that they're the only ones who enjoy it for the wrong reasons.

I'm black and KotH is my favorite cartoon sitcom ever.

Wrong reasons?

A fucking leaf.

Do you think this show is white propaganda or something?


Is it because they shit all over you in the Canadian episode?


here. I'll just hope TC is bating.

I can't see why people who lives outside of Texas or who lives in a worse house than a suburb would like KOTH


No, it's just can't appeal to anyone else.
I'm not calling it racist obviously, but a black guy genuinely enjoying KOTH is like a white guy genuinely enjoying Legends of Chamberlain Heights

ITT: triggered white boy

I grew up in the burbs actually (of Fort Lauderdale, but yeah). I still think it's a great comedy about the everyday middle American life.

oops, this isn't gamefaqs

Canuck here, this show is one of my favs. The Canada episode sucked though, they wasted Colin Mochrie.

The only people who watch this are White Guilters who like to think they're better for supporting something with "diversity".

I'm Asian and I like both... What the hell does that make me?

We built the border on the wrong side

>Legends of Chamberlain
I don't think anyone enjoys that garbage.

I'm black as hell.

>liking legends of chamberlain heights
You are not a broke black kid who "drank da purp lean nigga"
You have no excuse to like Legends of Chamberlain Heights

What race is Greg?

I'm starting to think people on Cred Forums have never even met a black person before.


Drop dead you liberal common core faggot. There is nothing intelligent or "cultured" about you pretentious race addicted idiots.

Grew up and live in one of the richest places in the country.
Maybe you should get your pleb tastes looked at by a doctor.


Of course.

now that's what I called triggered

I can't speak for all black people but I think Legends is tryhard as fuck. KotH blows it out of the water in terms of relatability.

wtf I hate Steven Universe now

But how can you relate to it?

ITT: Niggers trying to be white.

By that logic noone who doesn't live in japan would be able to enjoy anime. Noone who doesn't live in america would be able to enjoy movies or television in general

spoiler alert; you're wrong

I grew up in the burbs too. Are people gonna imply that you have to 100% identify with fictional characters to appreciate their development and the plots they go through?

It's a show that consistently makes me laugh no matter how many times I watch it. I own the DVDs.

I'm a negro and I like every cartoon posted ITT

You mean all two of them?

Dumbass, KoTH is a show about a middle class conservative Texan family, that's why I think not everybody is going to think it's a good show, unless they can somewhat relate to the characters.

>Tfw I like this and I'm black

You're literally not arguing against my statement

There were three actually

Relatability is a horseshit. Have you thought about the possibility that it's just a funny well-written sitcom?

I literally did

I am hispanic and have been planning to binge-watch this for a while, is it going to offend me?

Saying you disagree with someone is not an argument, user.

>funny well-written sitcom


but I gave reasons behind my disagreements though

Not at all.

>Dumbass, KoTH is a show about a middle class conservative Texan family, that's why I think not everybody is going to think it's a good show, unless they can somewhat relate to the characters.
You don't have to relate to the characters to enjoy media you fucking mongo.
Goddamn worthless idiots don't even know how to enjoy fucking fiction, shit is ridiculous.

None of which argued against what I said.
I'll give you a quick recap
>literally how can someone enjoy a show that features themes that don't allign with their own life
>>how could anyone enjoy media in general if that's how it worked, user?
>you are dumb, this specific show [features themes that don't allign with everyone's own life]
>>you're not arguing against my statement
>yes I am

>its a Cred Forums tries to talk about a show but end up looking like retards episode


Wrong, this is a show no one enjoys.

>literally the first episode of KotH the characters talk about watching Seinfeld the night before

Half black guy here, my dad wouldn't let me watch KotH, Simpsons, or Family Guy as a kid ("because Bart is a bad influence, and I won't have you disrespecting me like how them white boys disrespect they father's" -my dad)

I ended up watching them all when I got older, but I only watch Boondocks and KotH now.

Your dad sounds like an ass.


He is.

Pan Pizza liked it.

That's strict parent/10.

Did he let you play vidya? My parents severely limited my vidya time to like an hour during weekends. My friends wondered why I never really beat any of my games.

On-topic: KOTH is a comfy-ass show. You don't have to agree with Hank Hill's opinions to empathize with him, the show is built so that you can understand him and laugh with/at him simultaneously.
Case in point: the episode where he shakes George W. Bush's hand was fucking funny as hell, not because it poked fun of specifically Republican ideals, but because it sketched out Hank's own insecurities in a humorous way.

My wife is from Europe, yeah, theres plenty of references to "typical" American behavior which of course she has no idea.

Non-white and I love this show, despite having the worst, most hated character in the history of ever

Yeah, but my sister got her GBA stolen at school (even though our parents wouldn't let us take them out of the house), and since she was a model student, I was forced to share my GBA with her until we got DSLites.

As for on (sorta) topic, I've still never had a burger grilled with propane, so I don't know why Hank hypes it so much.

Are propane grills a white people thing?


nailed it

The Jetsons.

there are no black people in it.

Yeah I grew up in Texas and for me that's why this show hits so many little points for me. I don't get people who ain't from aroind here getting the show, but shit if it isn't nice to move and still have people like it for slightly different reasons.

I thought white people hated King of the Hill

I think it's just a Hank Hill thing.

So charcoal is superior then?

Mexicans aren't white you fucking moron

>Are propane grills a white people thing?
Not that I know of? Far as I know it's just hank being passionate about propane

It's a safe bet that propane grills are more expensive than your typical ''literally just a bowl that holds coal and has a mesh on top'', so there's that I guess. Don't know whether propane is cheaper than coal in use though, if it is, it could be an ''if you use it often enough it's cheap again'' thing

We really only BBQ like 3 times a year max so I wouldn't know

>Implying hell is full of black people specifically
Fucking racist

That's because real niggas watched the Flintstones. My parents know every single scene from it.

Propane allows for finer heat control and is easier to use. Charcoal imparts a different flavor.

Propane in my area will cost you about $50 for a new tank and $20 to swap out an empty tank. Charcoal will run you about a dollar a pound for name brand. Cooking times, frequency of use, what you're cooking, temperature, and storage conditions will all impact the total cost of use.

The Simpsons should have been the first fucking thing posted.

Seriously, it's like Cred Forums's version of Seinfeld. White people LOVE it, everyone else just doesn't even watch it at all or even really have it on their radar.

Yeah, never really watched Simpsons much. but KoTH was my jam. It's probably because there's an assumption that Blacks would watch more stupid shit, like Family guy, or the Cleaveland show.

I think OP is trying to hold black people to a stereotype. Like he is implyingthat black people could only relate to "muh dick nigga" or some other racist shit.

Is OP a Jew trying to put the black man down? Come back next time for another exciting episode of "Cred Forums in other threads"

I'm half-black and my brother and I fucking love KotH.

>only white people like the simpsons

You could say the same thing about blacks and Asians.

Race is only a relevant concept because it's extremely convenient.

>white people, everyone else
You're saying that as though it's not still the majority of your population

>brown people are incapable of enjoying Seinfeld or the Simpsons

Wanna know how I know you've never had a real interaction with any of us before?

I think the point that user was (angrily and confusedly) trying to make is that mexicans are (as well as I can recall) for the largest part are either fully white europeans, or part-european part-native, with only a very small percentage being fully native

Seinfeld used to come on after WWE, so I actually used to watch Seinfeld quite a lot.

Favorite episode would probably be the Soup Nazi episode.

most people in mexico are mixed

white and indigenous make up like 10-15% each

I'm a Hispanic Texan and I love KotH. It's pretty relatable sometimes.

Bullshit. The only huge fan of Boondocks I've ever met was a black man who was finishing his DVD collection buying the last season at the movie store I worked in. He spent ten minutes talking to me about how great it was.

Why does race have to be so complicated with mexicans?

>tfw doing those surveys and you have to check 'White w/ Hispanic background'

I don't get it tbqh

Im Hispanic and I love KotH

I find Peggy attractive in terms of personality.

>Why does race have to be so complicated with mexicans?
because they're not white enough

I've never met a basketball american who actually liked Fresh Prince

So are ya Chinese or Japanese?

No, blacks love this kind of show.
There is no diversity in the show. The black characters are in like one episode.

Hispanic is not mutually exclusive to white, black, or asian because hispanic is not a fucking race


You mestizos need to stop making it a fucking race. Fuck off Mestizo. Quit ruining the spanish man's reputation

>it's a Cred Forums is actually Cred Forums episode

I like it because I'm a pervert.

I didn't use the word race, neither did anyone in the thread before me. Stay triggered, fag.

Mr Banks, your opening statement

I'm reading this in Alex Jones' shouting voice.

Sorry to break it to you, the opinion of Spaniards is way worse than new world Latino's.

I'm Australian and I knew a Swedish turbonerd who said KotH and the Boondocks were his favorite cartoons ever. Your culture is not alien to fucking anybody on this planet. KotH has universal appeal for parents and the Boondocks will appeal to almost anyone who likes hip hop or martial arts movies.

This. KotH rarely ever feels preachy or condescending. That's why Idiocracy sucked. No subtlety.

I think there is a broader point that a lot of good shows are can make people enjoy it without it being a situation that they directly relate to.

I don't even know what it would be called if someone could only relate to things that explicitly match their own life.

Are Slavic peasants whites? Asking for a friend.

>ITT: Brown people think their opinions matter

The only white people are Basques.

I know a guy with Lakota ancestry that likes KotH

They're Asian.

Keep in mind that racial catagories are not the same in other countries as in the USA. In Mexico, there are whites, blacks, indigenous, etc. My family comes from Puerto Rico, where my racial catagory would be Trigueno, something based on color not ethnicity. For some reason, the Latino or Hispanic category has been artificially created from the descendants and immigrants from different nationalities in the Western Hemisphere and is treated as a racial group. In reality, those nationalities that make up the "racial" group of latinos are themselves members of other racial groups in their motherlands. I'm rather high, is this coherent?

Tldr: latinos arent a race, but for some reason we've shoved that square peg in a racial circle hole.

>Implying anyone's opinions on this site matter

You're making a lot of assumptions in your comment.

>trying to start race shit
Fuck off back to twitter

I've noticed that Tumblr doesn't have a very big King of the Hill fanbase. Do the genderspecials there ignore the show since it portrays a white, middle-class southern family?


And we know that but at the same time it affords you guys a lot of political power to fit into that hole, so to speak, so I don't see it going away any time soon. "the Latino vote." is something to be courted, split that up into a million different groups and the politicians stop giving a fuck.

Opening statement.

Latino here. I love KotH

Not enough shipbait.

>I don't even know what it would be called if someone could only relate to things that explicitly match their own life.


Man, did this thread backfire big time.

Truth is we're morphing into a creole group. I have a feeling things are going to get more complex as "latinos" assimilate into American culture. Some of us are too dark to melt into whites like the italians and irish did. We'll probably have a new govt recognized racial group eventually, or the govt will simply stop acknowledging racial groups.

Race is largely a case of group identity. In America it takes certain forms, and Race is a larger one. Latinos definitely seem to have a distinct group identity, being largely from non-English, and Catholic backgrounds. With Latin American Catholicism often seen as being even different from Irish and Italian Catholicism by many people.

My hope is that the government just stops asking though.

>My hope is that the government just stops asking though.

That's got to be inevitable. Either a practical racial equality is achieved and the reason to keep track disapears, or it's removed in some attempt at color blindness. I have a feeling the latter wouldn't last since when it was tried in Brazil it just masked racial issues that simply continued in their society.

Are you retarded?

Broke kids can't afford to lean. Stop talking about shit you don't know about.

>Legends of Chamberlain Heights
This is terrible.

>I can't speak for all black people but I think Legends is tryhard as fuck.
I can speak as a white person from the ghetto, it's tryhard as fuck. I mean it's basically nothing but cliche bullshit.

I'm all black and I've loved this show since I was 8. Though I didn't really get most of the jokes until later on.

Too many nigger issues and not enough uncle Ruckus going on tirades

I have never met anyone who didn't like either of this. Well except a white landwhale of a girl.


I've met plenty of racial minorities who loved the shit out of KotH. I used to watch it regularly myself and although I think it's a tad overrated, I do enjoy it a lot. I'm actually not sure if I don't know anyone who doesn't enjoy it at least a little bit.

If anything, it's the complete opposite, though even then, lots of people love the Boondocks too.

> I'm not racist, I'm just referencing a cartoon

Nigger that is the dumbest thin I heard since yo momma failed that blood test.

You wut?


lol k


nigger, I'm swedish and I love KoTH.

>Another thread made by some butthurt minority who tryhard to make a forced stéréotype about white people AKA normal people and can't handle his position of being an alive meme.