>Marvel female heroes in current popularity

>>Marvel female heroes in current popularity
>>They are all super friendly with one another.
>>No Wolverines, Moon Knights, or any type of variation on the female heroes.
>>They are just all chummy and look up to one another.
>>Even the fucking X-23 Wolverine gets chummy with Squirrel Girl.
>>The fact that not a single female hero finds Squirrel Girl annoying.

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Modern Marvel is bad

In other news, grass is green, space has no breathable oxygen, and you drown in water

>super heroes getting along

I actually prefer this to finding every excuse to have Civil War after Civil War.

>Trump is a racist MODOK but all black heroes are magically friends with each other

>The fact that not a single female hero finds Squirrel Girl annoying.

White Tiger

>They are just all chummy and look up to one another.

God forbid.

I'm not asking for hero vs. hero, but at least have some characters get under others skins.
Not popular.

>Trump is MODOK
>He's also Red Skull
>and a random cobra guy

Is like the villain equivalent of Gwen

>Trying to have an adult conversation about relevant social issues on Cred Forumsmblr

You should know that janitor-chan hates anything that might possibly be construed as anti-women or anti-Jewish.

Popular enough to be in multiple Avengers comics as well as a cartoon.

literally fighting each other in a civil war right now

user, there is no use providing the OP with anything that would contradict his point of view, he pretty much has his ears plugged and eyes closed and just wants to shit post. If he cared to actually look into this he'd know that Spider-Gwen is a massive cunt to Silk any time they are around one another.

They're not, there's a whole long list of Marvel superheroines who hate and despise one another.
I swear DC must pay these trolls for them to shill one-sided so fucking hard.


Silk is pure

The OP is basing this off the A-Force comic which is a team comprised of female heroes.

What about Emma Frost?

You see her anywhere of late?

Even fucking Black Cat is evil now so they can't have a problematic heroine.

Well, why the hell would that team form in the first place if they couldn't function as a group?
There's no unifying factor in A-Force, they weren't all in the same cosmic-ray-bombarded space-shuttle, they aren't all feared and hated for being scary and dangerous muties, they aren't the last line of superheroes to avenge wrongs when all others fail, they chose to be a team with one another.
You may as well ask why someone doesn't hate their friends.

>I'm not asking for hero vs. hero, but at least have some characters get under others skins.

It's an issue of extremes. To far in one direction is bad but so isn't the opposite.

Take Wolverine and Cyclop's old relationship before all that Schism shit. They butted heads but had each others back

Not only is she still around, she now has identical copies of herself.

>You may as well ask why someone doesn't hate their friends.

That doesn't mean I agree with them all the time. If you can't argue with your friends then they're not real ones.

I think about that one article about the lady who thought an all-female workplace would be utopia, and discovered she was very very wrong.

It'd be interesting if there was a superhero equivalent, where one heroine would throw all others under a bus to be the setting's Main Lady.

the whole thing just comes off as incredibly insincere

Not all of them.

>Buh DC

When did the Marvelfags on this board develop such a victim complex?

That reminds me of a european version of survivor when the teams were split up between men and women and given an island each. The men quickly fell into roles and developed a sort of society. The women sunbathed for the first few days until their rations ran out and realized things had gone to complete shit

Have you even read A-Force? Because I don't see how you could and miss all the arguing between she-hulk and medusa, or dazzler bitching out medusa, or all the current stuff with nico and carol. They work it out and are still friends and teammates, but to act like they're all 100% OK with each other is just being disingenuous.

>all-female workplace


Daily Mail link, but written by the woman in question. It's also possible she was just a terrible manager, because if you're funding the joint and can't fire a bitch, that's probably what you are.

Isn't Gwenpool a villain in that series?

Well, she doesn't think so.


There's your problem!


What about Medusa

USA Survivor is 50/50 split on men and women winning battle of the sexes seasons.

sidenote, one of the women having had played basically a perfect game

Well good for her.

Im pretty sure squirrel girls book is in the same level of only kind of canon as harley quinn.
Maybe you will get what you want in u.s.avengers (god i hope it's good)