Anyone wanna discuss home layouts in cartoons?

Anyone wanna discuss home layouts in cartoons?

Sure, I love layouts. I actually have all my friends' apartments and houses mapped out.

>Well, I guess you can stay in our rumpus room. Sometimes we have one, sometimes we don't. Our house is crazy like that!

I should clarify I don't plan on killing or kidnapping them, it's just something fun to do.

Forgot pic

Funny how the Simpsons house layout is one of the few mostly consistent things about the show.

Do they already have an estbalished blueprint?
Simpsons and American Dad didn't seem to quite have one that fast

I'm trying to find the frame of when the living room in American Dad had really fancy drapes, but I can't.

I'm almost positive there is almost no consistency which side of the house (street-side or backyard-side) Bart's and Lisa's rooms are

Those two adjacent rooms with the couches are so weird to me for some reason.

Before I saw images like this I guess I'd just always assumed both were the same room.

Usually. They change it up sometimes for the purpose of a joke.

Yeah, the layout was posted on the he Tumblr either really early on or before as promotional material.

i got the simpson house lego set, slightly surreal experience since i instinctively know where a bunch of stuff is. great colors too.

That's why I said MOSTLY consistent.

I've actually memorized the layout of the Simpsons home

That's neat.
If I ever made a cartoon, I think I'd nail the blueprint first. Seeing these other cartoons have that one episode where it's wrong is so weird.

The bar is the garage. And it was only a bar for one episode.

Outside of the bedrooms specificity, it's a pretty easy house to remember.

How many episodes did the downstairs bathroom actually show up?

And I just remembered that most of the time, the door to the basement is directly next to, and sometimes IN, the kitchen...

I also had no idea they had a side door. Like at all. I've seen this image a ton of times and never once noticed that until just now.

I'm calling bull on that one. That has never been a thing.

Damn, Simpson's house is enormous. Homer actually has a very good salary.

Even janitors in nuclear facilities earn like 45,0000 starting. Lots of people get spooked by it or can't pass clearance checks.

Yes, sometimes I forget that Homer is a nuclear technician.

Homer and Marge's room sometimes teleports next to Bart or Lisa's room as well.

Nucular. It's pronounced nucular.

Did that rumpus room even appear after the first couple of seasons?

>Bart and Lisa's beds are up against the same wall

I don't know why this never registered.


it only appeared in the first seasons
Only like once in laters seasons