The great debate

The great debate

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drake and josh is my favorite comic

Drake & Josh hands down. Keenan & Kel have no Megan equivalent.

is the question up for debate why this thread is here?

You know what's not up for debate?
Who loves orange soda?

In terms of careers? KK

Kenan and Josh aka the fat underdogs that ended up better.

the inappropriate attraction of Kenan sisters for kel was by far better than "evil child white things that a child couldn't get", plus Kenan father was 10/10, and of course chris

Keenan & Kal and its not even close.


the one with the best side characters

>comics & cartoons

Megan was the worst part about Drake and Josh

Josh had every right to fucking slap Megan. She literally got Josh's football team food poisoning ON PURPOSE

That always made me uncomfortable, Megan doing whatever she wants with no punishment or karma.

I can understand why Megan is a cunt to Drake since Drake is a douche but Josh was the nicest guy ever. Josh should have fucking mauled that bitch.


Zack and Cody

Because they shitpost here?

They are us

The're just normies that shitpost in Cred Forums and here sometimes about comics

Both were for faggots

Well it's the thought that counts.

>Cred Forums
More like Cred Forums

It's close, but I say Kenan and Kel.
I admit that Drake and Josh has the better side characters, though.

Drake and Josh were right for TV. not gonna' say why.

K&K easily

What's the better phrase?

>Orange soda


>It's spherical

>The Keenan & Kel episode where Kel actually brings all the weird shit to Keenan

Not Cred Forums but Drake and Josh is superior

K&K was great but theres something about those boobs that give them an edge

Remember that episode where Drake and Josh were trapped in a treehouse and Megan refused to help?

Remember the time they were in a fucking helicopter with an unconscious pilot and Megan refused to help?

Okay tier:

Underage tier:
Drake & Josh

>tfw you put the screw in the tuna

1. K&K obviously
2. D&J are white knockoffs
3. this doesn't belong in Cred Forums.

Those early episodes of Drake and Josh where they're in high school (as in literally IN the high school) were weird and strangely unfunny

Drew and Jerry

Because they started off trying to be a regular sitcom and then let things go completely off rails

>Kenan and Kel movie, two heads are better than none

The only right answer

I live like 15 minutes from a town named Rockville so that movie terrified me.

>I assure you, it's...meat

>puberty hit her so hard during filming that she had to bind her chest to hide her D-cups

Kenan & Kel crazy was always overrated

The actors always did better in SNL or solo segments on Nick

If you want a comic black duo, watch Will and Carlton shenanigans

D&J without a doubt

>That one episode they run over Oprah
>That one episode they homage I Love Lucy in a sushi packaging factory
>That one episode they homage Ninja movies by playing Ping Pong
>That one episode they hook their multiverse equivalents up

Worked wonders for Jeanette, for Miranda it only got creeper

Girl got her Joker-esque smile getting even bigger and bigger.

Poor girl even tried a "cute teenage singer" career. She should listened to Jack Black advice...

Honestly, as much as I'd rather discuss this with Cred Forums, this is more of a Cred Forums thing. I'm guessing you forgot which board you were on.

What advice?


Let all the boys fuck you before you get ugly.

In "School of Rock" Jack character says to Miranda she should never sing, after a failed attempt to impress him. Saying she should be just a groupie in order to "help" bands.

School of Rock was 13 years ago

Can you really orgasm from a massage like that?

Yes you can. Paraplegic people can orgasm from face massages

Not even joking, look it up.

Is that real?

Is that even a question?


But what is real?


Drew and Jacob

Dick and Jason

Drink and Juice


Damn, just thinking about it now after call these years makes me mad.

Schneider is such a freak

Remember when she got that big screen TV for doing jack shit? forced Drake and Josh to do chores for a month? Made Josh give up this gamesphere? Sabotaged their genuine excitement for a salsa contest, crushing their dreams, getting them in legitimate legal trouble, and permanently scaring dozens of people's mouths, and then blaming it on Drake and Josh?

I fucking hate Drake and Josh for this bullshit. It's like 5/6 of all episodes are just megan ruining their lives somehow.

Oprah shit was dope though. And the episode where they had to stay away from their favorite thing is also a classic, because Drake and Megan get to have that "we're smarter / better liars than these goobers" at the end.

>the episode where all the side characters got stuck in their house during a storm
Still one of my faveorites

Only non 90's bitch kids like Drake and Josh over Kenan and Kel.

I remember this shit so fondly, but does it really hold up?


Mindy was so fucking hot, Josh was living the dream

>mfw dan broke her to the point of her uploading a video of herself having a breakdown
Still no idea if Cred Forums was legit about miranda becoming a college slut