We want the weeb audience

>we want the weeb audience

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>"This slice of life series should stop making jokes because I'm triggered by the mere implication of anything related to anime."

basically every other cartoon these days.

>we want the digital clock audience


Uh, no, Miki-chan is poorly drawn.

Winnie the Pooh and his waifu.

>show is pro NEETdom
and here i thought Regular Show glorifying slacker life was a bad influence

the other day my Prof. straight up told me in my face that anime and manga styles is unprofessional in this industry.
>sees this
what even is?

This. Anime and cartoons are finally colliding.

it was probably like 10 years ago
like no one wanted to make anime rip offs
but today the industry is run by weebs

i feared this day would come


What kind of sperg are you, OP?

I blame KoTH.

Is he a Britfag? Maybe he should 't watch BBCnews.

it was from last week

I thought Panda was the neet. Why does Grizz have this?

he was american-british


it's not like they're not wrong tho

But how is it question? Anime is great escapism for autists like me


It was recently with Steven and Bears that I see how Miyasaki and 80-90s anime has integrated totally fine in modern cartoons. There was Avatar before, but as great as it is, it's still called anime by casuals because of that style. That's not happening anymore wit CN shows.


The faces remind me of Plague of Gripes.

yeesh, this is funky looking


They both show laziness in a negative light, though.

He's right it is unprofessional. Sadly fucking retards are taking over and shitting up the place. God bless him for trying to raise up a batch of artists who fix this mess.

What modern western cartoons have no anime influence or references?

Shit, I have to watch this now. What episode?

The animation industry, or art in general?

Do you mean whole anime and manga style or when west tries to imitade anime and manga style?

If too many artists imitate and copy from the same inspirations, it gradually becomes a clusterfuck of imitations too similar. Besides, let's imagine that every single western artist/companies are weebs and creates eastern inspired art/entertainment. The entire country ends losing it's own artistic individuality and becomes nothing more then ripping off the Japanese. Also normal people would rather buy normal comics or cartoons from a marketing standpoint, so theirs that too.


>Also normal people would rather buy normal comics or cartoons from a marketing standpoint, so theirs that too.

You mean, like, My little colored horse comics?.

He says that because he has to deal with weeb spergs every semester

>normal people
>You mean, like, My little colored horse comics?.

right now kapow

>random violet hair schoolgirl

what a shitter

He should have said Star Wars.

I want an Andrew Hussie body pillow and to marry it.

what does that make me?

He should have said Saga.

Your prof is straight-up butthurt.

I thought Panda is the weeb though.

user, animation is filled with nothing but imitations and always has been.

>normal people would rather buy normal comics
[citation needed]
>or cartoons
[citation needed]
>from a marketing standpoint
[citation needed]

Wasn't all of these things STILL for kids though? Like video games?

Friendly advice. Professors are still people. They have their own insecurities and agendas, as do art schools themselves. They exist to make money, they're going to be the biggest cheerleaders for themselves.

You're not there to argue with your professor about this stuff, you're there to learn the techniques he has to teach. Grin and bear it.

Yeah, he likes Asian culture because pandas are Asian, and is obsessed with but hopeless at getting a girlfriend because he's an at risk species.

It didn't connect with me until now that Panda is a KV partly because... he's a Panda.

never argued with him, simply just asked his opinion on the topic

>Google bear attacks

Wow Bears really like to fuck up people for good, they sure love to destroy the faces.

Around Bears never relax, dont hear this show lies!

Or Blacks on boys.

Humanshit, professors are God's and you better feel honored for him to even allow you in their presence!

Now showing the most weeb thing in the series.

He stole it from panda.

>What episode?


You realize WBB is made by AZN, rite?

I don't know. I always found Supernatural fans to be the most autistic and entitled of the lot... followed by Robin Wins lol and The Bazinga Show fans. You know what? Change that around. The Bazinga Show fans are the friggin' worst. They don't even know what they're talking about half the time. They just quote it. Damn.

please expand it sounds like it'd make a great post

>Bears really like to fuck up people for good

They're massive superpredators. What did you think they did, engage you in a slap fight?

Actually, they DO, kind of. It's just that their slap is hard enough to open a rotted tree trunk and is full of razors.

Literally me.

What about the sunbear? it is a little manlet bear and is FUKKEN GONE

also that tongue!

WBB is good! GOOD!!

would have been ok to good, if not for those faces.


but anime and manga have their own individual styles

i mean just because the people who made it look the same doesnt mean it does too

>Help me Miki Chan.

beyond redemption

I wanna fug those bad boys.

You don't have to be non-Asian to be a weeaboo.

other than the weird faces, i kind of liked it

yeah but they usually win in the end anyways and don't better themselves
and are never awarded for not being lazy
hell sometimes not being lazy is the source of the problem of the episode

... aren't those pillows sextoys?

>tripfag being retarded
business as usual