Pocket Dragon Adventures

I thought I knew my 90s cartoons, but I stumbled across this today by virtue of the new animated series they're making. Wikipedia says it aired in the United States. Did it? Did anybody watch this back in the day?


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Nothing, huh?

Wow, I thought I was the only one who knew about this show. I used to watch it all the time as a kid. It's pretty cute.

>Pocket Dragons thread right as I'm about to sleep
Keep this shit alive, friends! This show was great.

> by virtue of the new animated series they're making

The opening is amazing



>Attack of the 50ft Binky

I have not seen any episode, or even heard of this show until this fetish episode...is that the reason you posted OP?

Never have I thought I would have a legitimate reason to post it:

>the new animated series

>52 x 11' 16:9 HD available globally in Spring 2018

Scribbles was kinda hot.

>from the same producer as before

go to bed klondike

Some Scribbles episodes, for those inclined.





I remember it vividly but I'm in England, so

The show had a lot of episodes for something so seemingly obscure. The archive only had it be mentioned on Cred Forums a handful of times over the years.

Here's a YouTube playlist with the episodes.


Been looking through a number of episodes. Not sure if any of her inventions ever work right.

Not sure what I really expected with this thread. Really not much interest in it. It aired in syndication in the US, so I don't believe it aired nationally.

it looks boring as shit

The same could be said for many shows posted on Cred Forums. People will always disagree.

A wizard's beard comes to life in this one. Kind of a strange premise.


I don't really care for the colors. It's cute, though.

I think the brightness is just too high in these recordings. There are other images online with more natural colors.

I remember watching this when Pokemon was first being alluded to in gaming magazines and they were still referring to it as 'Pocket Monsters'.

I thought that's what this show was before pokemon was actually released overseas.

I was a fucking stupid kid.

I completely forgot this existed but yeah, I vaguely remember it.

Last bump for curiosity's sake.

I remember the cartoon and the series of collectable statues. Still got one of them, gave the rest to a friend who isn't in my life any more.

Holy shit, I loved to watch it, so long ago.

I remember the episode, where they were about to be invaded by Mongolian raiders and it turned out that they gave up that live and became deliverymen. Kekked.