Why is every cartoon Kevin an asshole?

Why is every cartoon Kevin an asshole?
>Ed edd n eddy
>Steven Universe
>Ben 10

Is there a psychological reason behind it?

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Only one reason.

how many Kevins do you know? How many are your friends?

0/1 for me

Was Kevin from Ed Edd n Eddy really an asshole? i mean thr guys destroy his house, constantly try to steal from him, i think he was ok with Ed and Double D he just hated Eddy


So is Kevin the cartoon world's version of Mark and Tyler in terms of Always Chaotic Evil names?

It's just an antagonistic name. Just like how Joe is a schmo name. Names can react differently to our brains based on the way they sound, we know it exists but we still don't know why it exists.

>Is there a psychological reason behind it?



Kevins are assholes.

>You don't know anybody named Kevin but you have a friend named Kevin

What the bling are you people blonging about?

Yeah, he had his moments of genuine asshole-ishness.

You sound like a dork

Other names to hate on:
Doug, Keith, Ted, Cliff, Adolph

I actually knew a kid named Kevin back in the day.

He mule kicked me in the knee, and I couldn't walk for a few days.


The Eds were constantly scamming people out of their money and kevin was a asshole to them because they were the villains of the story, he enjoyed it sometimes, it is true, but the eds still deserved it. Kevin was ok to the rest of the kids, and he even considered givin free jaw breakers to the eds once,but again, they jus tried to steal him.


No dude out of all the kevins he knows (1) none of them are his friend (0) hence: 0/1

I knew two Kevins in elementary. One had mental issues and the other got arrested for bringing weapons to school then grew up to be a rapist so I've always just assumed that you're destined to be shitty if you're a Kevin.

I don't get it, what did SU Kevin do that was so terrible? He literally just asked a girl to dance.

Kevin and Gideon

Only one, kid on the school bus when I was around 12-13, he was very easily annoyed and had a weird way of speaking like if he had some strange accent, me and a friend liked to tease him because he would start screeching while raging at us, he was also kind of an ass tho.

The most common name for assholes here are Arthur, Victor, Henrrique and Bernardo

Ca you guess where I live?

Being an annoying faggot to Stevonnie and a prick to everyone else

To be fair people were just mad they could not beat him in a completely fair car race

And asking someone to dance with you isn't being a prick at all

Hell did he ever give anyone who weren't Ed, Edd, or Eddy shit?

No, people were mad because he was a smug ass about it and he treated everyone as if they were somehow inferior. If you don't think that's being a prick then idk what is wrong with you.

And I said he was an annoying faggot to Stevonnie, the first time they met, second time he was just being a prick to get back at them.

I mean, it's most likely because of its PG version of trying to 'force' the kids into a sexual thing, thogh it was just dancing.



Pic related, Kevin Robinson

It was more that he was being aggressive about it even though they said no.

I knew a Kevin once.

He was a fag.

>implying kevin was an asshole
He was just trying to defend the cul-de-sac from the edboys shenanigans. Actually, wasn't he friends with Edd at some point?

I knew a Kevin in middle school. He was an extremely quite guy who rarely talked but he was automatically deemed cool in my class just by the sort of presence he gave of. He rarely ever spoke but all the girls had a crush on him and then his reputation later evolved to become an in joke of student of Kevin being a quasi God like figure, ala old early 2000's Chuck Norris joke.

I used to hang around with him and when I actually get to know him he's a really nice guy but not what you'd imagine a stereotypical "cool kid" he was kinda nerdy. He was also the guy that introduced me to vidya. He basically looked and acted like Brian from Camp Weedontwantcha except thinner.

I miss Kevin.

He was a jerk to johnny and jimmy too if I remember right.

> johnny and jimmy
I'll give ya Jimmy.
Johnny is odd situation that he's supposed to be that really weird annoying kid who would've probably been the outcast if the Ed's didn't exist.

That said there were still plenty of times the rest of the kids, including Kevin, enjoyed Johnny's antics.


The only Kevin I knew was an complete dickwad. We went to high school together. Learned he recently got addicted to hard drugs and is now a complete shitbag. I gave him $5 once.

>hating on Adolph

But he's mein freund.

There was a Kevin in my grade. He was an interesting guy. Really liked pirates. I still have the newspaper hat he made me when I was his first mate. Sometimes I'd see him skipping classes when he zipped by classrooms on his scooter in the halls.

ya you niggas forgot chad.

And that bitch who ruined my dress for prom!

On this note, is it just me or is


always some sort of retard? Cant think of any cartoon names off the top of my head by I know multiple Tylers irl and they all fit the same bill.

Ted is more of a straight man name

Ted Mosby (How I Met Your Mother)
Ted Crisp (Better off Ted)
Ted Striker (Airplane!)
Ted Logan (Bill & Ted's...)
Ted Buckland (Scrubs)

I partially knew a Kevin once. He was one of my sister's boyfriends when she was in high school. They ran away together and managed to not get caught for a few days until being found trying to board a train somewhere. They eventually broke up and she has had a restraining order on him since.

This hurts my feelings desu

>Wtf, I hate kevins now

Wow. Never noticed that before. I mean, I watched all these cartoons too. Now I feel stupid.

My barber's name is Kevin, he's cool.

>and she has had a restraining order on him since.
You have me curios.
How exactly did this relationship go from "We're so madly in love lets run away together" to "Get as far away from me as possible or I'm calling the cops".

I've only known one Kevin who wasn't a douche, and his name was spelled Kevyn so I don't think it counts.

Did you even watch that series? he was an asshole/smartass, only that he was also too shy to go full out.

My name is Tyler and I can vouch that I am, in fact, chaotic evil

>first kevin
>an asshole
He asked someone to dance.

Come on user don't leaves us hanging like that, this legit sounds like a more interesting story than discussing about why kevin is a prick.

i have a friend called kevin and he's a total asshole, this makes these kind of episodes so much funnier for me.


Every Kevin I've ever known IRL has been alright, I guess. I have a family member now whose name is Kevin and he's pretty chill. I genuinely can't think of a "Kevin" who I fucking hated.

Every Tyler I can think of wasn't very smart. It's weird.

I've never even met a Kevin before iirc

Silly user, everyone knows kevins aren't assholes, they're cunts


Kevin Stoley seems like a sweet kid...

I've never met a single good Kevin. I shared a locker next to a Kevin, and never said a word all four years.
Another Kevin broke my foot.

The only people worse than Kevins are Keiths

Bandit Keiths?

He fricked it up though. It should be 1/0.

Not kidding, this is how I feel right now

Guess why

Fuck outta here, Kevin.


So did almost everyone else on the show.

He picked on Johnny and Jimmy on a few occasions. He didn't tussle with Rolf very often because they were like bros, but it did happen once or twice.

>tfw the only Kevin I knew was a gay emo furry who was in the military and threatened to kill himself multiple times

Thinking back on it, it creeps me out constantly. I felt like Mr. Mackey in the latest South Park. I hated how he constantly cried about how nobody understood his fetishes and how he'd carve my username on his skin as he died.

In hindsight, I hate his guts for pulling that.

I've only known a couple of Kevins. One was kind of smug but tolerable, the other was prone to hairtrigger mood swings and violent outbursts. Fairly consistent with this observation.

Childhood is idolizing the Eds and hating Kevin. Adulthood is realizing Kevin was right all along.

A lot of dork apologists here have claimed that the Eds' were running legitimate businesses and didn't deserve to have their money taken back in the end.

True, some of their services were legitimate, but remember that they also ran a lot of stuff that lived up to the title of being "scams". For example, there was the faulty bike that Kevin rode which ended in him skinning his back, as well as the monkey theme park with lots of dangerous, poorly-built equipment.

I knew a Kevin. He was pretty white trash. He broke into some local scouting cottage and stole a taxidermy bird and an axe once. He also stole (really shitty) bikes and tried to sell them to a bike shop, one of them was my sister's.


Same reason every irl Matt/Matthew is an asshole

Pure coincidence

Such as the entirety of "Your Ed Here", Kevin was a rancid cunt in that episode.

I've known several Kevins who have been great guys, but it doesn't change that Kevin is a douchey name. Like Trevor or Tyler or Cody or Josh.

Thank you, I was hoping someone would post this.

any guy who's name ends in a -vin type sound is a fucking dickhead, it's like a rule. Gavin is the worst, then Kevin

melvin? calvin?

Gavin Belson?

>11th grade
>sister is getting fucked by a kid named Kevin.
>find out he is with 4 other girls in our school.
>convinces my sister to stay with him, all the while still with the other girls.
I've never known as Kevin who wasn't a cuck.

To Eddy. He was actually an alright dude with Edd. Then Eddy turns around and fucks over Edd.

I think you mixed it up. Your sister was the cuck.

Can't forget Flash.

I'm pretty sure SU Kevin never had the facial expression shown in OP, or am I just forgetting things?

It's just Tumblr bring tumblr.
Everything is rape, and so you must paint everything to seem like rape.

>my name will never be used in a cartoon because it's both the whitest and blackest name ever


Holy shit, I actually can not think of a single animated Kevin who wasn't a complete fucking asshole.

This is worrisome.

I know one Kevin, hes a cool guy. Studied game design, likes smash Bros. He aight.

>Made a friend named Kevin once as a kid
>He asked me if I ever played earthquake
No Kevin how do you play earthquake?
>Kevin opened my closet ad threw everything on the top shelves to the ground
>I never saw Kevin again

Art imitates life.

Yep and Nash ate that shit up like if there was no tomorrow

I've only known one Kevin, and he was nice.
Stupid as a rock, but nice.


In France, any kid with an Anglo-sounding name has a huge chance of being an asshole. It indicates his parents are probably trash who watch too much TV.
Example: a 14 year old named Dylan (most likely because his mom liked Luke Perry) got arrested last weak for making a fake hostage call to the police.

He gave everyone shit except Nash because he wanted to dick her and the kranker sisters because they were much tire
He gave Rolf shit even tho Rolf was the coolest looking back but Rolf stood up to him

>got arrested last weak for making a fake hostage call to the police.
Why would anyone do this?

I only rember one jevin from my middle school, he looked abd acted like a fucking school shooter

Edgy 14 year old French kid with (probably) absent parents wanted people to talk about him.
Reminder that France has 700 people who have joined ISIS, the edge is strong in those kids.

Shit. I didn't notice that obvious '14 year old'.
That explains it.

But seriously though. 700 out of 66 million (according to Google) is not really a lot.

It's more than any other western country, although the media here tend to ommit "western" when dishing out that factoid.

I mean, if I lived in France I would also want to bomb the shit out of it. So I can hardly blame them

I knew and got along with a dude name Kevin

He does matchmove now

My best friend is named Kevin.

He can be kind of an asshole.

Well yeah, despite our image lots of French people hate their country.
And it's not because of the landscapes.

Dancing is a consistent metaphor for romantic relationships in SU so it's very easy to draw the line between Kevin being rapey. I wrote a paper on it for college like an autist.

What are god tier bro for life names?

It's 700 too many.

This post is kind of racist

My best friend is named Kevin. He's a shut-in, but we're buddies. And I'm like 90% certain he isn't an asshole.

I knew a Kevin. We don't talk anymore, but he was a pretty cool fdude.

Yeah, he did. He frequently picked on Johnny and Jimmy, and Sarah too at points. He even made fun of Rolf sometimes but that was more along the lines of friendly banter that Rolf didn't quite grasp.

My best friend when I was a little kid was named Kevin.
Then again he did nearly drown me that one time...

He was the one who physically abused her so it's sort of hard for me to not blame everything on him.

He also ripped off Greg and tried to emotionally manipulate Stevonnie to win a race.
He isn't a monster but he is a prick.

that's not 100% user-kun

What about Gary

Tylers tend to be too average.

Worst (most common) name of all time: Randall. There is no way to make it sound good.

Are you a fellow Will?

Come to think of it,i can't think of a single Kevin i knew who wasn't a asshole.

Was there ever a cartoon based on Home Alone?

My old boss was named Kevin. He was a cool guy.

>In France, any kid with an Anglo-sounding name has a huge chance of being an asshole. It indicates his parents are probably trash who watch too much TV.

I think this is pretty much everywhere outside of the Anglo countries.
In Mexico if you are called Kelvin or Brayan (note how they are spelled) chances are you sell phones on the streets, steal them or both. Is such a meme that if you don't fit the stereotype you'd still be bullied for it.

No, adulthood is acknowledging how and when each respective character was being an asshole.

Or maybe that's maturity. Being an adult doesn't mean much in itself.

Every Kevin I've ever known irl has been fat and borderline autistic.

No such thing as a good Kevin. Anyone saying otherwise is just a Kevin doing damage control.

Why is every cartoon Chad an asshole?

Hahaha..... nope

What if you're Vin fucking Diesel?

>ends in a -vin

Vin is a monosyllabic name

In my country, Kevin is a very trashy name and can be a handicap

i knew only 1, and i got him put in juvie

Even Cabin in the Woods hates Kevins

Mark? Seems like benevolent side characters are always named Mark. Like Mr. Satan, or that alien guy from Fairly Odd Parents (yes I know he started as a villain)

What are some things you notice about Juans?

I only remember one Kevin in my life. We didn't interact, but I do remember hearing he ended up costing his family a lot of money through unwise decisions

It's a Universal law that all Kevins are assholes.

That's right Kevin. I'm fucking talking to you.

what about jeremy's?


Daria's Kevin was a great guy. Stupid as hell, but genuinely nice to everybody.

I knew one who was on the robotics team in high school. He also had a high pitched voice. I only ever said a few words to him, but he was ok.

Yeah but still he wasn't the cuck unless you mean it in the sense where it's a random word that means asshole.

He also had Greg wash his car then run out before paying.

You could say "well Greg's rich", but Kevin didn't know that.

Best Kevin right here.

A little nuts, maybe, but overall alright. Got my vote.

Hadn't considered them, both sound more like dork names than dickhead names to me but for now I'm going to say insufficient data. Maybe I need to make an addendum for names where the -vin is preceded by an l

>In France, any kid with an Anglo-sounding name has a huge chance of being an asshole

I hadn't considered this before but yeah that makes a lot of sense now that I've heard it, I think that would probably be the case in most non-Anglo countries

Juans get noticed a lot in other countries but are boring in mexico, spain juans are weirdos

K-Kevin here.

Stop bullying pls

>having fun with this thread
>but then i remember one of my best HS friends who killed himself was called kevin
I miss you bruh

Kevinismus (it's a thing in Germany)

Kevin from EEnE remind me that kind of suburban cracker from shitty nigger comedy movies wanting to be cool but infortunately make an awkward rap completly bad.

I think Larses have it worse. Off the top of my head I can think of the asshole brother in Rocket Power and Lars from SU, both terrible.

Fuck you Kevin you son of a bitch. You know what you did you skunk cunt piece of pig shit.

You know what? This is the last straw.
Swiggity swooty I'm coming for that booty.

I don't remember him much. Apparently the restraining order came after he assaulted her when she was trying to leave his home. Other than that I remember he stole my bike lock and then later my bike got stolen, then he stole our xbox, but that's all that I remember.

I like how the jock and his bimbo weren't malevolent in that show. I'd be friends with them.


Why do we need Kevin to talk about Kevin?

I knew a Kevin that got cucked by his whore friend

My recently deceased dad's name was Kevin, and there's a family tradition to name children after deceased family members, but fuck if I'm going to do that.

I loved my dad, but Kevin is a shitty name for shitty people.

You're being quoted by one right now

Kevin reporting in. Fuck you guys!

Okay. Fine.

The only trash can on my dorm floor is inside the bathroom, and we were told not to use it to throw away our food and personal trash. I don't want to walk all the way out to the dumpster, so I throw my food in the bathroom trash can anyway.

How can you sleep at night? You monster!

1; 1.

The show unfortunately changed over time.
In the beginning Kevin was a more a dick and the Edds were generally better. But as the show progressed Eddy evolved into antagonist and the episodes became completely formulaic. I think they realized how fucked up the direction they were going in was and used the movie to fix it.

Because certain names are associated with certain types....as certain types do in face have naming trends. Different people from different social groups and classes and different time periods have names in their respective social groups that become popular/trendy baby names...thus often, you see the same names often with the same or similar types of people

I don't really know what "kevin" in particular implies but it's not exactly an extremely upper class name nor is it something like Joe or Bob......It's just kind of "chad" terriroty I guess where it was probably popular among more well to do people at some point who would go on to raise spoiled douchey kids

Just joining this thread, have yet to read anything. I just wanna say that I developed this theory back in high school that all Kevin's are douchebags. We tested it on every freshmen that we met throughout the years, watching them emerge from their nervous and hormonal cocoons into full-blown egotistical and narcissistic douchebags.

They mostly end up as partyboys trying to get laid and drugs, got a few felons outta them, and we had one who was /fit/ incarnate. No jocks surprisingly, although the jocks at my school were very friendly.

Can confirm, every one with my name tends to be unremarkable or dumb as shit including myself

I have never met a Kevin I didn't fucking loathe in some shape way or form.

The name Kevin is like the mark of a top tier douchebag

Lars is a Scandinavian name that's really uncommon in English-speaking countries.

This is a strange thread

Kevins are shit persons in general.





Keith Moon and Keith David are cool.


Randall Cunningham

Typical Kevin

Dude, that bird was an asshole that constantly put them in danger

Only legit reason to call Kevin a asshole

Al the other ones are completely fine

tfw got cucked by a Kevin recently

I've got an uncle Keith who's a huge nerd and is also a minister/Latin teacher.
He's pretty cool, he's mentioned LOTR as well as Star Wars in his sermons.



>tfw your name is so uncommon in the civilized world that will never will be used in a notable international work.

Feels good, yet feels bad man.

Theres not a single Alvaro in comics, cartoons or vidyas.

That's a kickass name and you better believe that I'm going to use it in a comic I make

I'm not as kickass as you think, user. Feel free to use it, it means "Fortress" or "Bastion". And Im a pretty big guy.

For you?

2, one was a friend and he was hilarious, neither were assholes

The name Jack is a big tossup.

You're either dealing with a super cool dude or a massive prick. No in-between.

I knew two Kevins

One fits the douche description perfectly. Always looked like he never showered. Never found out what happened to him but I doubt it was any good.

Other Kevin apparently used to be a douche before I met him, but has since realized it and made steps to better himself.

that's not an orange wtf

I remember one Kevin from elementary school. He was handsome and popular with the girls. Only later did I realize it was because he was a flaming homosexual.

>orphan thug
>power hungry sociopath
>wanted to rob and kill just for fun
>went on a crime spree just to get Ben's attention

>they hamfisted him a redemption

Is Kevin 11 the western equivalent of Sasuke?

Considering he looks like Sasuke, I'd say so.

Seriously, have him wear a pussy deflector and you couldn't tell the two apart.

He was a dick, but he wasn't always in the wrong.
He's spiteful, but not typically malicious, and honestly Eddy was often worse.

>who would've probably been the outcast if the Ed's didn't exist.
Funnily enough, that's exactly what happens once the Eds become popular at the end of the movie.

the kevin i knew was a black kid who stole from me and threatened to stab me if i told anyone. my parents would essentially "force" him to be my friend by inviting him over randomly and leaving. they never believed the things i said. i was aged 4-10. funny enough im not racist and nowadays he's rolling in rough because he ran a pyramid scheme.

Ya being named Kevin is like Murphy's law. God forbid if you have both as a name.

I know a Kevin in my life, he growup to be a cu ck.

>Dorkfags are this butthurt

>Crisis on Infinite Kevins, coming this summer.

>his name is Cody
>he's an uptight douchebag and a psuedo-intellectual

>tfw Nintendo threads gotten super shitty due to this lowcow cunt

Kevin Murphy is a funny guy though, probably my favorite MST3K cast member back in the day after Trace

In elemetary school, fifth grade. I knew a Kevin yet I wouldn't say we were friends. Acquaintancnes. I'd say he was a comic relief type of guy, can't remember if he did or say anything that can be consider asshole behaviour as it weren't meant out of malice, the pranks he pulled and all. He wanted attention and tried to stand out.

>He's possibly underage, uses the "No true Scotsman" fallacy by calling people "Pretendos", is balding, hates fake leakers yet he has created fake leaks to hype up Federation Force, makes low quality Youtube videos that close up on his ugly mouth, wrote Naruto fanfiction when he was younger, became reviled in all but one website he discussed on, and mere existence and infamy spawned witch hunt fags that only makes discussion worse.
Does Cred Forums have anyone just as bad?

he has Asperger and incredibly low self-esteem
not an asshole unless provoked