Betty or Veronica?

Betty or Veronica?


Which Bettty are we talking?

Helpful Sad Betty or Crazy Stalker Betty?


Well, before the breast cancer, anyway.

In this economic client? Veronica all the way because I'm not maladjusted.




Sabrina is a screwup.

Sharknado? Gets her arms bit off.
Predator? Spine ripped out.
Hot Dog is dead? Whoops, zombie apocalypse!



Her husband is a dick as well.

JJ or Archina?

Definitely Veronica.

I remember watching this and wanting her to grow even taller

>You will never be Veronica's tiny play thing.

Feels bad.

veronica. i can't imagine why anyone would go for bland betty.


Adam Hughes' Betty > Betty = Veronica


Remember that alternate time line where Betty and Veronica were switched?

Shit, that's just a shonen anime at that point.


Why doesn't lady jughead have large jugs?

Shut up, Boco. Cheryl is too much of an insufferable bitch to be worth it.

There some nice rule34 Archie with Betty and Veronica.

There's something oddly appealing about the AWM Veronica that sets her apart from other portrayals. She really doesn't seem malicious, just spoiled, and being rich really isn't that big a part of her being that way.

When she learns her lesson, she truly seems penitent and willing to change. She may revert back in the next episode, but her vices (greed, jealousy, etc.) seem almost painted onto her personality rather than integral parts. I suppose that's due to the target audience.