How do you reintroduce suberboy prime into dc and make him a interesting character?

How do you reintroduce suberboy prime into dc and make him a interesting character?

He isnt interesting

He was never interesting.

Well in-universe he was released from the source wall during that GL arc.

He should have been the one who caused Rebirth, not Manhattan. Maybe he'll be the final boss. It has been kind of Time Trapper-y and Johns made him the Time Trapper once.

he really shouldnt be a regular character, he's a big threat like antimonitor.

legion of three worlds was great.

He immediately dies and his death makes power girl's breasts even bigger

Kick ass, rant and rage.
That's all you need.

I think he has a lot of potential to be a interesting character(pic related) but dc really has a hard time finding writers who don't make him sound like a crybaby edgelord

He becomes a girl now...also she tries to be good but fails at every try, lots of people gets btfo hilarity ensues...

the crybaby edgelord is entirely the fun

see, THIS is how you redesign superman. he still has the trunks, but he also has cool bracers and pauldrons.

It's already been Leaked in a thread awhile back, OP.

The New 52 Superman will be Superboy Prime.

Yes, New 52 Superman was so terrible and edgy that he's being retconned as Superboy Prime (good work, Morrison/Johns/Pak).

Even if you don't want him to be evil the fun in him is that he knows they're fictional characters but he's still interacting with them. Secret Identity is literally only Clark on his world. It's not really the same thing at all.

That "leak" thread was disproven the very same night, but the fact that they called Red Dawn the first event without mentioning the real first event (JL vs SS) is even more evidence it was made up. Though you're probably the guy who made that thread shitposting your nonsense here and I'm just wasting my time replying.

JL vs SS is just a small event. Red Dawn is the BIG event.

I'm sorry you can't accept that the edgy Nu52 Superman was Superboy Prime all along (even though he makes perfect sense).

He's clearly Kal-L with new 52 Luthor being Alex Jr and Mr Oz being pre-Flashpoint Lex.

Stay pleb though.

Oh no Superman was a little mean to supremacists how edgy

I'd make him pose as a depowered Clark Kent trying to escape Manhattan's rampage.

Nope, Nu52 Superman is Superboy Prime. You'll believe when it is revealed.
Superman is suppose to inspire people, not bully people and take pleasure in their pain. There is always another way.

And that depowered Clark also happens to be a depowered Nu52 Superman.

Now post the next page from that comic.

Nah, New52 Superman is Mr Oz's test tube baby.

This will always be a great way to filter out retards who only look at out of context pages from people who actually read the comic.

your belly button lint prolly smells like rural decay.

I loved Supertroll, especially when he attacked DC editorial.

The only way to properly re-introduce the character is to have him literally hurtling through different non-canon universes, screaming at the top of his lungs, until he crashes into the canon one. I'd also have him getting manipulated by Mr. Mxyzptlk to fuck with continuity, and only Ambush Bug can save the day.

I like aspects of him being evil i.e having a kids mind, his weird sense of morality, and his rivaly with Conner, but most of the time they seem just make him a 1 dimensional villan

It's better when he's actually more of the main character. Like the Blackest Night tie-in did a good job at keeping him evil and funny but making you like him.

Kill thyself

I agree, Blackest Night turned him from meh antagonist to somewhat interesting. At least enough that I wanted to keep on reading about him.

>DC never had an event where a Superboy Prime account opened up
>Artists and writers never used it to anonymously vent at fanboys
>Morrison, Johns, et al never shitpost on Cred Forums as SPB

Missed opportunities abounded with SPB

He fights Manhattan and finally saves the world. Accepts his ultimate fate as he sacrifices himself as Manhattan and him destroy eachother.

>But that's not interesting!

Shuddup this is so we can have this thread never appear again.

>Superman is suppose to inspire people, not bully people and take pleasure in their pain

Lame. Superman punches things. He always has. Attempts to wussify him in the last two decades be damned.

SBP needs to just show up for something. One of the next events or something. No warning, it's just immediately Prime Time. That's what I love about him. He seems like the ultimate "OH FUCK" moment as a character.

Is there an essential Superboy prime reading list?

>Marvel will never allow crossovers with DC again
>he will never have a teamup mini with Gwenpool
>they'll never fall in love, fuck, start to question which one of them is more real, start to plot to kill each other to make sure they're the real one, and then realize that doesn't really matter because they're both at the whims of the writers and it's just a silly cross company mini that will never be referenced again

truly why even live

Has any of the Watchmen stuff even progressed in Rebirth?

I would not. he is dead his story is over.

Fuck man, that'd be a perfect team up. Although I like him too much as an antagonist:
>Gwen thinks that he's in it for the antics
>Doesn't realize he's trying to change continuity to adhere to his fandom headcanons.

An Cred Forums-related crossover would have him dealing with A-Ko.

Given that there's so little out there, you're better off just reading his appearances. If you read his COIE origin story, where Pre-Crisis Kal-El is about to sign off, you can see a lot of groundwork for what he eventually would become. Infinite Crisis still handled the change awkwardly at best though.

I would say probably skip Countdown and the Teen Titans arc pre-Flashpoint but otherwise you're probably ok just reading every appearance.

Not really. Mr Oz kidnapped Tim and probably some others but no real guarantee he's even Watchmen related at this point.

Actually the leak said SB Prime was "Clark Kent" currently running around, putting the genie back in the bottle that was outing Superman's secret identity.

Prime found out that Manhattan is fucking with everyone's lives and is hiding in plain sight, hoping he doesn't get exploded into red gore. He's supposed to form an alliance with Lex to fuck with Superdad, who has to sit quiet and let Prime steal his life as Clark Kent from him

You don't and you can't.

DC Comics Presents #87
Crisis On Infinite Earths #10-12
Infinite Crisis
Infinite Crisis Secret Files
Teen Titans #32
Sinestro Corps War
Countdown to Final Crisis
Legion of Three Worlds
Adventure Comics #4-5
Teen Titans #98-100

Countdown is required reading for Captain Atom and Mxyptlk giving Prime a huge fucking smackdown both literally in Atom's case and verbally in Mxyptlk's case

That actually would be cool. And go a bit of a way to redeem Prime, if you omit the Luthor bits.

Would make for one hell of a holy shit moment in terms of Manhattan showing up like he's a Lovecraft Cosmic horror, immediately one hit defeating all of the DC heroes, only for Prime to reveal himself as the fake Clark Kent and get his heroic moment of glory taking down Doctor Manhattan and punching him into submission....

Geoff has said that the fight against Manhattan won't be a fist fight though sadly......

In terms of foreshadowing and shit (as seen with them outright using the "Titan Hunt" name for one of the pre-Rebirth mini-series), I can see them going back to the original Titan Hunt from the Titans comic for how they beat Manhattan: basically Ollie/Dinah, Wally/Linda, Mera/Aquamna, Lois/Clark etc are going use the Care Bear Stare of Love to consume Manhattan with energy produced by the power of love and in the process strip him of his powers and restore his basic human form/humanity

Prime doesn't have to physically punch him, I'm talking metaphysical punches, like when he broke the universe, or 4D Superman vs Mandrakk.

have him save the current universe from Dr. Manhatten

Make him complain about current SJW trends in comics.

You say that between now and his ;ast appearence, he went to another multiverse and was trained there by it's inhabitants. There he came to love them and regret his horrible actions, specially the murder of Superman from Earth-2.

The inhabitants of this other multiverse realize that something is wrong with the DCU and fear that if this multiverse is destroyed, whatever it is that is destroying it will come for them later, so they send Prime and a small team of their best warriors to "save the DCU", of course, the way they end up saving it is by killing heroes and villains since the real problem with the DCu isn't even Mahanttan but that the Source, which is fed by emotional energy is running out (basically a metaphor for how readers are getting tired of DC comics, so the heroes themselves realize they have to do gimmicky "events" and "deaths" to keep them interested).


damn that's good

This would be one of the few believable ways that the DC univere could beat manhattan, gotta remember that superboy prime is based on silver-age superman and that was beyond any kind of powerlvel bullshit

Personally, I like the character, he's great for big stories and kicking DC's own ass, but he's no "villain of the week" material and so far, they have been doing a good work with him (besides crisis on infinity earths, blackest night and final crisis, he hasn't done shit)

This is probably better then what dc would actually do

That's pretty on point


Last time Prime was seen in DCU he was being used as a jobber for the Teen Titans finale (right before Flashpoint happened)

In the story Prime is put onto the Source Wall and left there for all eternity.
Now it would be very easy to say the source wall just wasn't effected by Flashpoint and he kept existing.
IF YOU DO THAT, then Prime would have existed in n52 Source Wall when Black Hand brought them all back to life during that part where they fought New Genesis.

If so Prime is somewhere out in space ready to be used.

>"So why are you black?"
>"OMG Superboy prime, you can't just ask someone why they are black"

Why would prime need an alliance with Lex? He could easily BTFO Superdad and the JL on his own.

>Doctor Manhattan comes in dick waving
>heroes get rekt
>just when Doc's about to land the final hit after toying with the suckers some more theres a loud rumble
>Primes comes in crashing everything
>"dafuck this legacies"
>"dafuck with this timeline"
>"dafuck this pairings"
>procedes to push Manhattan shit in and gives the heroes a breather
its doesent sounds hard, since the Manhattan reveal the DC universe has an actual "a wizard did it" kind of valid explanations for weird shit

If Prime can punch apart reality, can he punch apart Manhattan

well, if the plot demands it

He is Nuperman resurrected. He blames humans for the death of Lois Lane.

>he still has the trunks, but he also has cool bracers and pauldrons.

You guys have the taste of a garish drag queen. No one wants to fuck them either.

>Leaked in a thread awhile back, OP.

Just cause you post a theory and put the word "leak" in there won't make it magically true.

>I'm sorry you can't accept that the edgy Nu52 Superman was Superboy Prime all along (even though he makes perfect sense).

It makes no sense. If they did it, it would be just another stop on the character assassination train they've been on for e few months now.

Completely unnecessary though. If Superbro comes back and sees how everyone immediately forgot him and replaced him, he can be mad as fuck all on his own without being a prime.

They'd fucking deserve it too.

If they bring him back, they should power his ass down, and just give over the evil shit. He wasn't always a bad guy. If everything else in the universe can change, why not a simple reversion to hero status?

Definitely powered way down though. Like to half a regular superman level.






Prime would be the first guy in line complaining about the Nu52 reboot, not the cause of it (unless he was trying to make things less 90's, more Gold and Silver Age-y and screwed up and did the fucking opposite).

The very premise that made him a villain in Infinite Crisis would make him a hero today because the audience would largely agree with him now.

He laughed off Flashpoint and Rebirth and is back to kill Jon Kent so he can't be Superboy

>crybaby edgelord
This is the entire point

He wouldn't have his Golden age Superman level of strength though.
The only reason he wasn't affected by the merging of of all Earths prior to Crisis on Infinite Earths was because he was in a pocket dimension that didn't get affected by changes to the DC Universe.

There's a shit ton of whining faggots who don't read comics so it should be pretty easy to invoke him with meta commentary again.


Anyone else Cred Forums had an ignore option? I mean it wouldn't be perfect, because everyone's anonymous, and getting around it would be elementary, but I sure would like to block these little rage nerds whenever they pop up.

They can be mad all they want, I just don't want to see it.

>he's a big threat like antimonitor.

The anti-monitor isnt a big threat. Didnt you read Darkseid war?

>unless he was trying to make things less 90's, more Gold and Silver Age-y and screwed up and did the fucking opposite

Yeah that's what I was thinking