Why the fuck is Cred Forums supporting an Inception ripoff?

Why the fuck is Cred Forums supporting an Inception ripoff?
They are making it obvious with those posters, damnit!
The movie also looks to be filled with jokes.

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Because console wars kiddies are one track minded.

I'm gonna laugh when this movie makes less than Suicide Squad but is still considered a "success."

Remember when that BvS trailer with Doomsday came out and it had the "is she with you?" line and then Cred Forums fucking lost it's shit because "GOD DAMN DC IS GONNA FUCKING MAKE IT A QUIP FEST TO MAKE IT LIKE THE MCU QUIP OF JUSTICE REE!"
I remember.

Hi Cred Forums



>tfw these arguments are even more autistic than console wars because you're not spending $400+ to watch a movie

That was like one of two quips in the whole movie, and it was actually fine in context.

Unlike Marvel.

It was already going to be a ripoff of Dr Strange comics, what different does it make it if rips off something else in the process as well?

>MCUck logic
get your head checked

Why do you think I'm a MCU fan? I'm just saying, it's not like you haven't already read a Strange origin before. Unless you're an idiot who thinks live action is superior to comics or something there's no real reason to think about the movie at all.

I can't understand that there were people that didn't get the joke.

I didn't get it and I'm an American who played sports as a kid.
Orange slices is not a thing.

>reading comprehension
>I dont have it
>replies anyway

That was an obvious false flag though.


Nice, pretty nice.

Except they literally reshot half of Doctor Strange to add more quips and RDJ

>half the movie

Come the fuck on.


I hope you enjoy your Batman featuring the Justice League movies

Oh I'm not supporting it. As a general rule, I don't support any movie whose publicity includes posters with a teal and orange color scheme.

It's almost as bad as "back of guy facing a really really really big thing" type of posters

Who wouldn't be looking forward to more kino?

People who enjoy comics.

>Marvel Studios movie
>fresh RT inevitable
>less BO numbers than critically panned SS
user, c'mon now...

>Why the fuck is Cred Forums supporting an Inception ripoff?

>Guys, apples are things you put in your mouth and orange are also things you put in your mouth!

>So apples are rip offs of oranges.

You're that dumbass that thinks Lord of the Ring's rips off Harry Potter too aren't you?

Marvel leaks.
If those are true then Thor 3 will be capekinographe.

"This movie looks to be filled with jokes. >:("

It's a soccer thing.

>mfw I love DC's comics AND movies.

Been reading DC for 16 years.

>Winter Soldier: 717 million
Suicide Squad: 731 million (without china)

really makes you think

>Inception was absolutely the first time the concept of bent or illusory imagery has ever been used in any medium

>Using a general visual concept is ripping it off

Well, I guess every movie that has ever featured a car chase is just ripping off Bullitt

Same here, family.

>city buildings folding in on themselves
>anything but a blatant, shameless Inception rip off

Look, I'll post in this thread, but this movie console war stuff has gotten really lazy.

>Marvel leaks
>no legitimate source

Fuck off

I know. People are really getting desperate to get their egos off. I guess it's just years of bitternes.

Solid point. I would argue, however, that the general public didn't really care much for Cap, as his first movie was seen as mediocre and his portrayal in Avengers was dogshit. SS has the benefit of featuring Harley Quinn, who is DC's new hot thing, and the Joker, who is often considered the most iconic and beloved villain in all of capeshit.

Counterpoint: SS was immediately critically ravaged and made a buttload of cash anyway, while Winter Soldier has like 80-90 percent from the word go.

Agreed. I don't understand the appeal of getting invested in X or Y company and fervently championing it as if it was a member of one's own family. It's like the modern corporate American version of religious zealotry (which is also incidentally alive and well in America). Does not one of these console wars types have anything better to invest in? I mean fuck, at least the religion shit makes sense because those people believe that the shit actually exists.

In all fairness, the first trailer for SS looked like dogshit in motion.

You got me there. Another well made point.

While I agree, most of the people I talked to (and apparently a fair number of youtubers, who most casuals seem to use as a yardstick for quality and interest) seemed to think the first trailer was great and it seemed to generate a fair amount of buzz. Add onto that all the Jared Leto crazy method shit that intrigues people, and I think it was a sure hit, even with negative reviews.

It was a half a minute scene in Inception, not the whole damn movie.

And to be fair Winter Soldier came off the back of one of the highest grossing and loved movies of the past decade while SS was coming out after the critical failure of BvS and was savaged by critics itself.

The average for Cape flicks is about 700mil these days. These Box Office fights are getting a bit to toxic for me. It's not like any of us have shares. My favorite comic movie of the past decade is Dredd and it was a complete flop

The movie actually looks good, but it does try too hard with the Hollywood factor and mom-look-I'm-clever jokes. You know Hollywood, it takes a gimmick and beats it to death for a period of time. Remember the Inception noise or robots with huge, spinning flames in their chest fad trailers had for almost a decade? Yeah. -_-


>"back of guy facing a really really really big thing"

When was the last time we got one of those?

>It's a soccer thing.

So it's out of place

This movie will make at least double, if not triple of
Suicide Squad I bet (domestic). Go home, DC.

>Box Office fights are toxic

Hell yes, brother. I'm so tired of this shit. I really wonder how this got started on /co. Was it imported from /tv, perhaps? Is it a result of the assinine 24hr online news cycle that has to set up movies as if they are covering a boxing match, so that we can have winners and losers?

This movie looks really expensive. They aren't going to lie like they did with GOTG and say the budget was only 170mil are they?

>Fine in context
>Bruce saw the Lexcorp archived footage showing WW and forwarded it to her
>Asks if she's with Superman for the most forced quip in the entire film anyway


It's not just Cred Forums but they make up a big part of it. I just hate people who lay obvious b8 like this asshole.

I think Doctor Strange will be the best cape flick this year but the chances of it making double what SS did are low

Big actors and constant Inception style special effects. Yeah.

I rarely go to movies, but will beseeing it in IMAX 3D becuz I'm a magus. :3

Is this what passes for bait these days?

These threads are getting really pathetic.

Remember Constantine with Keanu Reeves? That was a cool movie.

The first Dr. Strange poster.

How did CW cost so much with such inferior effects? I'm betting 50mil of that budget went straight to RDJ

>100+ year old being

>wonders if she's an alien like Supes


Hey, we are all comic fans here. Movies are great! I wished we had this shit growing up, and where is the harm in ruffling the feathers of a fellow rival, huh? Trash talk is fun, and we get it, too.

Hollywood with budgets is like Washington D.C.: it just gets out of hand.

Not even bait, tongue in cheek smack talk.

>Alien like Supes
>Supes is supposed to know every extraterrestrial being because he himself is one.

Okay, isn't batman supposed to be the world's greatest detective? I don't think assumptions like that are what gave him that title.

I'm pretty sure Strange will have a lot more competition than SS did. The lack of competition is why Suicide Squad is still making millions at the weekend 2 months after release.

Marvel drones are great at mental gymnastics, so they'll find a way to explain it away

I'm hyped but trying to keep expectations low to avoid potential disappointment. The more they talk about Ditko and doing real interdimensional shit, the more I get a little turned on though.

>I play dumb on the Internet

7/10 i'm actually kind of angry

Nice, I heard it dropped off after opening. Also, competition is a factor. Who knows, but my gut was telling me in the long run it will be double. I might be a little bias, too. :P

Funny with how DCfags rave about Snyder's 2deep4me capekino I'd figure they'd be the ones to try to find an explanation in anything.

Troll or tourist.

Either way, pls leave and never come back.

>Films to be released in November 2016
>Fantastic Beasts
>Arrival (Something about aliens)
>Dr. Strange


>Doctor Strangeis taking a trip toHarmontown. Principal photography already wrapped monthsago on the latest Marvel Studios movie starringBenedict Cumberbatchas the Sorcerer Supreme. However,Communitycreator and writerDan Harmonhas been hired to pen script pages to be used for reshoots.

See what I mean?

>Communitycreator and writerDan Harmonhas been hired to pen script pages to be used for reshoots.

>Marvel keeps sabotaging themselves
I'm okay with this.

>Winter Soldier came off the back of one of the highest grossing and loved movies of the past decade

No it came after Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 which both sucked

Every movie has reshoots? But I already knowent has this is going to go.

I have no doubt that everyone gets trash talk, but I think that what might be a little fun to some gets waaay too real for some on this board. There's banter and then there's autistic raving.

Tourist, and honestly I'm really appreciating the crowd here by bringing me back to my cartoon roots along with seemingly lots of intelligent, sardonic wit. So, thank and fuck you. It's refreshing.

You first, asshole

Yeah, no. Not autistic.

I think it may have been /frz/ who started box office shitposting here in general. I don't really remember it before then. Maybe Cred Forums brought it for comic adaptions though.

Yeah man everybody hated Iron Man 3. It's why it made over a billion fucking dollars

Dan Harmon has been working with them since TWS.

>Sabotaging themselves

How so? They had the Russos, who cut their teeth making Arrested Development and Community episodes, direct what is arguably their two best movies.

>I heard it dropped off after opening.

Not really much more than anything. The drop offs are always huge because everybody wants to see it opening week. I think CW had something like a 60% drop

I'm not saying you personally. But you have to admit there is a lot of that going around on this board.

And it shows. Need that Whedon replacement.
>remember that REALLY OLD movie?

And their movies look like tv shows.

Huge Marvel fan. The trailers for both X-Men: DoFP and Thor 2: DW made me cry. Then the movies made me cry in a totally different way...

You can thank the masses for that one.

Is it me or do other people think Singer sucks as an overall director? He does gimmicks well, but his cohesion sucks being unbalanced IMHO.

Fuck off with your weak ass bait.

>Thor 2: DW

That always looked like shit. And DoFP was a great film, the fuck are you talking about?

X-Men 1 and 2 were only good because of Hayter.

Every movie drops after opening. Civil War dropped almost as much as SS.

The reason that the number of viewers seeing a comic book movies drops from the first week to the second should be obvious- most comic book fans go to see it on the opening weekend. This is also why these movies have huge openings.

It's definitely strong on Cred Forums right now. I find it fascinating that a board who members are all about "kino" and "cinema" and disdain for popcorn movies, spend so much time arguing about the profits of exactly what they claim to despise.

>what is DOFP

>DofP a great film
It had two good scenes, everything was completely forgetful user...

Ok, you got me there. It's overrated still.

And First Class.

And The Wolverine.

The Last Stand and Oranges: Tangerine are the only real shit ones in the series. Even Apocalypse is more wildly uneven then outright bad.

>everything was completely forgetful


Their Trailers pacing, and plot looked perfectly balanced.

Man, I cherished the fuck out of the X-Men cartoon DoFP. The movie trailer seriously touched me, but it was like he made a sloppy pizza when it came to the whole movie. I think he does parts well, but his overall vision is lacking or gets side tracked in its execution.

I liked Apoc.

>look like tv shows

That's another common thing to sling around both /tv and this board that I disagree with. I would argue that they look no better or no worse than any other action movie out there today. Are they as visually striking as Snyder's movies? No. But that doesn't mean they are poorly shot. I have yet to see any convincing argument other than random, out of context screen shots with no elaboration on what makes them "bad".

>It had two good scenes, everything was completely forgetful user...
user, that's not how you spell Apocalypse.
First Class was Vaughn's movie.
And The Wolverine was crap.

That's not what I meant, I meant largely.

First Class was overall enjoyable, I admit.

Apoc had only one good scene, and it was pretty much the same as one of the two from DoFP.

I liked it while fully admitting it's a mess of a movie. It feels like the season finale to an X-Men TV show more then an actual film. It's a handful of excellent moments strung together by almost no plot, there's so little narrative the film wastes like 15 minutes on a Weapon X sequence that means literally nothing to the main story.

>And The Wolverine was crap.

baka desu senpai

>not the nuke sequence
>not magneto destroying Auschwitz
>not Jean becoming the Phoenix

I'm still pissed Apocalypse's voice was nasally.

I get him being a scrawny kid at first (like in X-Men: Evo), but GOD DAMN they should have found the biggest black man with a Michael Clarke Duncan voice they could find to play the final product.

>very thoughtless blocking, almost no interesting framing

>shit color palettes
They look gross, my man.

Avengers 1
Thor 1 and 2

All look look bland as hell.

>not Jean becoming the Phoenix
Looked like a PS2 game.

They should've at least gotten a theater actor. Apocalypse was missing the deep voice, but more than that he needed that loud, theatrical delivery. Isaac's not a bad actor but he's not the kind of guy you get to play this larger than life character. Even he seemed to realize he wasn't right for it- he kept trying to make up for his lack of bass by trying to put on this Marlon Brando-like whisper that kind of works at times, but then he tries shouting and it falls apart.

stale meme

To be fair it's going to be hard for anyone to really act under 40 pounds of latex.

Still a striking image.

>How good a movie is is more important than how much money it makes
>DCfags consider this mental gymnastics

I guess maybe from the perspective of a DCfag that's some really fancy braining.



I appreciate you actually elaborating. I would agree on some of these but not most. IM2 was shot by pretty much the same director and crew, so I don't see how that film would look inferior to the first (it was overall though). CW and WS were somewhat too desaturated for my taste, but then again MoS and BvS were also hella desaturated, so i didn't care for the color palette of any of them. But that's what they were going for to achieve that "gritty" "realistic" look. I would be interested in some more specific examples of poor blocking/framing, if you don't mind. I'm curious to learn more about your take on them.

>Singer sucks as a director?

I haven't seen one good movie from him since Usual Suspects.

I'm going to download a bunch of yify rips just to explain my opinions.
Claim victory or whatever.

>orange and blue

You haven't seen X-Men, X2, or DOFP?

Get on that son.

>inception rip off

This keks me every time. Just thinking of all the normies who believe Nolan invented psychadelia and surrealism. Probably the same Chads who vote TDK a top ten movie on IMDB. Nolan truly is the idiot's auteur. Bravo.

Not him, but:
X-Men was decent but hasn't aged well
X2 is an aimless mess and I've never understood the love for it
DOFP was alright but not really solid


I'm not interested in claiming "victory", bro. No need to to grab rips and get clinical, just looking for a specific example and explanation. No one is going to "win" anything here, I'm just trying to understand.

>hasn't aged well
This is almost always a nothing statement.
Opinion discarded.

Yeah, no. Go to bed.

Okay gimme a sec.

Wow, you showed me.

>ignoring th identical color pallete of the inception ans strange scenes

Marlel cuck on suicide watch.

>Downloading YIFI

Look at the shadows, kek.


Just in this video we see 2 things.

We see that none of the structure of the airport is ever used to create a visually intesreting shot.
It's all medium shots or close ups, and when they do pull back, it looks flat and lifeless.

2. It barely looks color graded. It looks like raw footage from a dslr. There is nothing cinematic about it.
And with Spider Man and the airport itself being 100 percnet CG, there is hardly ever any depth to the image.
It has that video gamey flatness.

Even the ending fight, while set in a cool location, does nothing interesting with lighting or framing beyond looking professional.

I'm honestly curious about the reception this movie will get. I don't really see people talking about it other than Cred Forums and even then I can count on one hand the amount of posts I've seen here about it.


Now we're getting somewhere! See, these are valid points. Now, is there anything from a marvel flick, especially civil war, that you do think is well shot? Or could you contrast this with a good shot from other capeshit?

Take note, this is how an actual argument is made. Specific examples, elaboration, etc. This allows an actual discussion instead of shit flinging and company wars. God bless, you user.

I think IM1 looks great.
More energy in the camera, and more saturated colors.
The CG looks better than the newer movies as well.

I though Apocalypse was beautiful.

fug forgot pic

Thank you m8.

>looks to be filled with jokes
I only saw one over the course of two trailers, but why is this a bad thing?

Here's an example also.

Ignore what the webm is about (armor), which was some guy trying to troll.
I didn't create this.
Focus on the colors and framing.

It does show the difference in style between IM1 and IM3.

You're just retarded. I'm an American who doesn't play sports and even I know this is a thing. I know football players soccer players and even basketball players who did this.

To add to this, while it probably started much earlier as user mentioned here it definitely became more noticeable in Avengers 1 and onward.

I kinda suspect that might've been because Whedon set something of a precedent that the rest of the movies followed in suit. While Whedon isn't necessarily a *bad* director, his strength is mostly in dialogue and he isn't much of a visual thinker and his cinematography's always been a little bland for the most part as a result. A good chunk of Avengers 1 consisted mainly of mid-shots and over the shoulder shots that are staged with the main focus in the direct center of the frame, with the occasional interesting shot like the 360 team shot or the 180 staff shot thrown in.

The rest of the movies have more-or-less followed the same pattern ever since.

TIH and Iron Man looked more cinematic.

>all those wide shots of that shithole favela thing Banner was living in

You forgot First Avenger.

As long as this movie doesn't flop like SS then I'll be happy

I did indeed. Johnston is a pretty good director.

I was disappointed in Lockheart though with Thor.

I hope that Dr. Strange changes this somewhat. From what have i seen, the cinematography looks decent if not good.

It does like a bit more nicely staged.

TIH was helped by the fact that Leterrier is a pretty damn solid action director. So while a lot of the conversations and dramatic moments are pretty flat, he really wakes up for the setpiece sequences.

Derrickson has a lot of issues as a filmmaker, but he's never made an ugly film in his life.

>The rest of the movies have more-or-less followed the same pattern ever since.

I think Iron Man 3 showed a lot more visual creativity in the action then the average MCU film, whatever issues you have with the script aside.

The Iron Legion battle is probably my favourite of the big MCU monster mash finales.

Paprika was better than Inception.

not to mention 2 A list stars

Does someone actually give a fuck about cuckold strange? The premise of the character is basically that some 8 year old tried to invent his own superhero so its a cool badass wizard guy with an even more homo version of supermans costume

Suicide Squad didn't flop though.

Even if I'm a MCU slut, the movies really do look like tv shows. And it sometimes feels on purpose since Marvel keeps hiring TV people and structures the MCU like a long, multiple hours long TV series.

which is why it needed 20 threads a week since release defending itself?

the guy knows magic so he could technically beat superman with a level 1 spell

It's just bait threads of people looking for (you)s.

Avengers looks like a TV show, definitely. Whedon is no good with visuals. But none of the Iron Man movies look like TV, none of the Cap movies, neither of the Thor movies, Ant-man didn't, and GotG definitely didn't. You're full of shit, bro.

It'll do fine but I don't think it will be a giant blockbuster, like 400-600m worldwide.

>But none of the Iron Man movies look like TV