How does he fly?

How does he fly?

Is it just magic?

Dean Cain has to purchase a plane ticket just like everyone else, user.

He lifts himself off the ground with super strength.

bioaura, stop asking dumb questions and read comics man

Oh come now, don't give such a mundane answer.

He probably knows a few Hollywood people that own their own planes. He might just ask for a ride occasionally.

so how does that work? is it just magic?

No. It's a super power.

so magic

No. Counter spells don't work on super powers.

I think the in universe answer is he generate some kind of anti-gravity field, its also what lets him catch an airplane without it breaking apart. Needs confirmation from a real Supes nerd though I have no idea if this is true.

I've actually been wondering and its on topic, did he start with big jumps like how the hulk gets around or could he just fly from the very start?

He didn't fly initially, he jumped

He's so strong, he can move the entire universe around him, while he stays perfectly still.

....he could leap 1/8th of a mile..

No fly, jump good.

it's generated by stored energy from his solar cells, it's not really magic as defined by the DCU unless you count all life functions as magic or something

yeah that's the aura, pretty much no reason OP shouldn't understand if you're semi-normie and you get it

not magic. just simple Newtonian physics. he stays in the same place. the universe moves around him.

duh, it's because of the cape

In terms of publication history, Golden Age Supes jumped good like everybody else said.

I'm not entirely sure, but flight was in his power sets either from the get-go or he learned how to do it very early on in either post-crisis or Nu52 timelines. In both cases, however, flight was always something he was capable of doing, regardless if he had to train his body how to do it or if it was instinctual.

Is it wrong that I kind of want this to actually be the case?

magnetic control .

Most Kryptonians have a very mild form of telekinesis, that allows them to move themselves via a combination of their own personal bio-aura and mental will alone.

He didn't truly have the ability to fly until the early-to-mid-40s, when it was written into the comics due to the popularity of the Fleischer cartoons. Couldn't tell you the exact issue though. All I know is that it was glossed over as an evolution of his leaping.

his solar-charged body interacts with earth's magnetic field. That's why in space he needs rocket boots.
basically all of superman's powers are related to electromagnetic radiation, or are enhancements of natural bodily functions.