Hey guys

Hey guys

I dont like the pleather titties these costumes are getting.

Pleather is the speedforce's only weakness. If their costumes didn't have that padding, the speedforce would stop their hearts.

I'm not a fan of the weird gradient shit going on. Solid colors work much better.

The S2 finale was right.
Shipp looks fantastic in the helmet.

Even though I saw from a mile away that the real Jay was going to be the one in the mask and look like Henry I was still happy.

The Hunter Jay costume was still better. That tiny ass lightning bolt breaks my heart.

Kinda bummed they didn't give him the giant lighting bolt on the shirt, but this still looks pretty good.

I approve of this. Looks like we're getting a real Jay.

I love the convoluted bullshit they pulled to retcon Shipp into Jay. Feels like a lot of the early 2000's retcons people like Johns himself did to undo retarded stuff done to good characters, like the Hawks and the various Fates and Power Girl and especially Black Adam.

I still don't get why they even used the name Zoom and Hunter Zolomon. Was it supposed to be like a red herring? Comics Zoom is completely different and could have been really cool.

sup Flash, hello Flash

So us Jay coming back for season three or nah?

No they changed who zoom was mid season for reasons. I think it was supposed to have been E2 Barry but they ended up not liking that or something

Solid colours make costumes look cheap as fuck.

How doe that Mercury helmet stay on his head when he runs fast? Seriously, I was always afraid to ask.


I ain't gotta explain shit.

I thought from the thumbnail that the guy on the right was Scooby

Im pretty sure it wasnt tho.

Schedule made me laugh

It was going to be E2 Barry at one point, how far into the process they changed their minds I'm not sure, it might have even been at script stage.

Grant Gustin trying to be that evil sounds very cute though.

I'm sure you know better than professional costume designers. I'm sure they never even considered making it "red like the comics."

I wish Gustin would lift.

Don't care, would rather have Henry back. or 1990s Flash.

The entire season was clearly ripped from the "Future Flash" arc of the New 52 comic. Try reading it.

It's pretty obvious they ended up changing it up because having Barry fight Barry as the big finale wouldn't have been all that crazy. If they just follow the same arc all the way through, it would be boring as well. At a certain point, they decided to shift the main focus to Earth 2 because that's a much more interesting way to take the show, and recognized they'd need to use Jay Garrick as soon as possible. Eventually the scrapped the idea of Future/Earth-2 Barry, and then they came up with the twists with the new Zoom and all that.

Just Kabuto my shit up sempai

>Flashpoint lasts literally ONE EPISODE

But i perfer the E2!Barry we got. He was cute.
Proof because E2 came up to quickly and from what ive seen They dont script a whole season all at once.


That looks like it fits Shipp way better. Thank god

>yfw Flash family shot of Barry, Wally and Jay
>yfw Barry, Wally and Jay all running together to undo Flashpoint
I hope Wally doesn't take too long to get his powers in our universe

Do you think they'll make any references to Rebirth when Barry resets everything?

>Flashpoint ends up Nu52ing the Flash
Universe but this time BlackWally gets lost in time and we get GingerWally

>Still fucking maroon
Ha, saw that coming. No way he was actually going to be a brighter red like people kept saying

Fuck my ass.
Is this series actually good?
Should I watch it?

>Is this series actually good?
Wells and Det West make it entertaining. Everyone else is varying to degrees of meh to ok. Barry's poor decisions will make your head hurt some times. The shows writing is mid-level at the best of times. Sometimes it makes Smallville look well written.
>Should I watch it?
Marathoning through helps. The backhalf of season 1 is enjoyable. Season 2 is kinda mixed.

>Date w/Jeff!

k thx.
now just gotta look for a stream somewhere.

Be patient, they teased him, we'll get him.

Why? So Henry can give the same speech he always gives or so JWS can wear a costume he feels embarrassed in?

I like the yellow bug man

They're cars, not bugs

Nice try, I know the show is going downhill. This is the kind of thing we should have gotten last season

Some of the effects will last throughout the season.

why haven't they updated barry's suit yet? just making it brighter and more colorful like jay's would be good

>emblem camera
>suit heater vs Cold
>tachyon device
They have, the upgrades just didn't last.

Plus I like the suit as-is. The dull red is harder to see at night and makes the white of his emblem "pop" much better.

They are lying out of their asses dude

>Heater vs Cold
Hey that would be pretty useful........if Cold was worth a damn on this show

It's not the character's fault that he's played by a single guy who was contracted for 3 freakin shows at once. SOMETHING's gotta give, user.