Why cant they make good fantasy animated movies anymore?

Why cant they make good fantasy animated movies anymore?

The jews took over the animation industry (along with every other entertainment industry).
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It's objectively true, though. There are a fuckton of jews in the entertainment industry.

I'd take any fantasy animation. I can't think of anything that's come out in 15 years.

If anything there were more in the 80s, and even then they made it good. Problem is the chinese market and foriegn investors caring more about "profit" then to make something with depth in it. Im just sick of seeing shit like pic related getting made. Its a litteraly rape of my childhood.

Quality and profitability exist in a state of competition. The more something appeals to everyone, the less of a statement it can be. Overt statements of some truth alienate people who don't believe in that truth. The truths most people believe in are simple, to the point of vagueness, and pleasant. Quality movements are definite statements. And they are subtle ones, often full of unpleasentness. Also fantasy, inherently carries with it strangeness. People want the familiar. A great fantasy will be very strange.

I always thought this was pretty weak. Gorgeous but bland. I'd lobe to see a genuinely solid fantasy animation film.

The second half was kinda weak. But its a masterpieice by todays standards. The only good animated films i see are some of disneys and laikas, and every other year disney has to have a shitty princess film, and laika releases a film every three years.

Because that might make someone happy.

Because that was animated by the Japanese studio topcraft.
They are the same company that worked on the hobbit/return of the king animated movies years prior and went on to become the notoriously beloved Studio Ghibli.

Like this guy said, they don't even seem to try any more. The closest I can think of for current movies is How to Train Your Dragon. A problem with animation over the last 10 years is that they are basically all comedies. The dark elements and legitimately frightening villians of the 80's and 90's are gone. Without that you can't have a good fantasy movie.

Then a better question is why isnt ghibli making more good movies instead of boring shit about airplanes?


>implying there aren't still good fantasy films coming out

Ghibli is dead, user.

>no good fantasy animated movies come out today
Citation needed.

Here's another.


I think this one's relatively recent.

We are just about to get Moana and later Gigantic from Disney, and I think they have promise to be as good as Tangled.

How many really great fantasy films comparable to The Last Unicorn did we even get in the 80s, though? I think it just seems like we don't get as many gems now because of the vast amount of shit films every single year we have to put up with, but back then there were a lot less animated films coming out to begin with, so it's not like they were swimming in great ones either.

because most ppl prefer live action and CGI makes them all "animated" but just with human actors on green screen

Because this is the era of WACKY CG COMEDIES!

There's still anime. But anything with a western or medieval tinge that's also watchable is still pretty sparse.

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Then why cant ghibli make anything good again?

>I'd take any fantasy animation.
There's been as much in the last 15 years as in any other time period, HTTYD, this and the studio's other film, Kubo and the Two Strings, ect.

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Ghibli was essentially reliant on Miyazaki, and he retired from features. I don't think it's been officially confirmed that they've stopped making movies, but they've been quiet for over two years now.

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