ITT post titles that you hate read

ITT post titles that you hate read.

Congratulations on feeding the practices that have ruined Marvel.

>Implying I paid to read it

I fucking loved Spencer's Avengers World & Secret Avengers so it's god dammed heart breaking.


You're still promoting it.

One thing I will say for it, he's being much more fair to USAgent than I was expecting.

Now if only it wasn't a huge waste of good characters and art.

They made Batman TV episodes that are better written than the feces they smear on the pages these days over at DC.

pretty sure "Hopeless" is his pseudonym.

Right now All-New X-Men

>Iceman walks into a gay bar...
I truth this series is not 100% terribad like everyone think it is, but that last issue it's just plain reatarded.

Currently all of marvel...except the x-men, cause fuck those mutie freaks.

Do people actually "hate read"? Don't they understand that if you buy titles you hate it just tells Marvel to make more of that because it's selling?

>They made Batman TV episodes that are better written

Which Batman TV show do you mean? If you mean the 60s one, that was awesome.

I hate read but it doesn't mean I bought what I hate read. I do spend for the titles I enjoy and support.

You don't have to buy something to read it. Almost all shitty titles have a storytime or are available to pirate somewhere.

You can't truly "hate" something until you've read it.

t. Inhuman

Earth 2

Civil War II and Batman

>implying any of X-books is worth reading

Superior Spider-Man. I hated it so much I purchased all three OHCs

Why do they keep making Carol look like a total bulldyke?

people like you are why the comic book industry is the way it is

>implying I pay for the things I hateread

I'm sure laughing at this in storytimes is definitely what is destroying the industry.

Most of what Dennis Hopeless has written, primarily Arena and Undercover.

I only read it through storytimes. There's no way in hell I would pay money for that shit.

I wanted to buy Mockingbird #3 jsut so I could be sure no-one was leading me on a ruse-cruise with that abomination. Couldn't find it anywhere. Is it digital only?

What if somehow, you pirates are supporting it by seeding it?