He's perfect



omfg Sinestro you can't just make threads every time you get horny


Best pedophile superhero in comics.

Shut up Johns

why is he so cute

He's a pretty good super-villain I'll give you that. Managed to infiltrate the Justice League, pull off his universe destroying plan and then infiltrate it again.

I think I'm straight but I just want to pinch Hal all over.

this thread isn't about batman


Why did Batman get mad?

literally zero reason.
he just thinks hal is an overpowered idiot

Batman is always mad. He's the single saltiest faggot in the DCU.


nah... batman is cool.

It's only when miller writes him as an edgelord that i don't like him

Because he was written by Frank Miller.

Miller is ok.
He should have written more daredevil and less batman

Born again is almost as good as TDKR

Writers always forget, or ignore, that Hal can and has, turned his energy inwards, and can use it to reinforce his internal organs. He could have made his throat harder than steel there, and broke Robin's fingers, and all Robin would have to show for it, would be some small bruises on Hal's skin.

Kind of sad that the absolute best art Jim Lee will ever do was wasted on something as shitty as ASBaR that will never even be finished.

Then again, this way he got to draw some absolutely insane scenes like this one.

He's like Alan Moore.
His good stuff was and still is great.
But it's been a long time and too many bad stories since any of them.

because hal is an overpowered idiot

and that's why we love him

nah... hal wasn't chosen to be a space cop because he was an idiot. Sure, he may act like one but come on, give him some credit

im not saying he's completely retarded, but he's not a super genius like the rest of the league is presented

he's just an average dude. he doesn't believe in reigning in his emotions or planning ahead. he fucks up constantly but keeps on trying. he's relatable. he's the best boy.

>best boy

please, no pedophiliac subtext

He murdered the Green Lantern core and rewrote reality because he was having a hissy fit.

He's a goddamn super villain.

he was possessed. try again.

he did nothing wrong

literally hitler

90's comics were a mistake

He didn't have the ring and also it's an elseworld where Batman seemingly instills Robin with Stockholm syndrome

Are you going to try to stop him, user? Are you?

>ywn touch Hal's butt
Why even live?

A tragedy.

You mean in literally one story?
In Year One he's vaguely crazy but mainly trying to help his city
In TDKR/DK2 he's completely insane but really not very edgy
Only in ASBR did Miller write him edgy. And it's a parody

yes, i meant exactly that

i love year one and TDKR, user. I love miller in general and i hate the way SJWs hate everything he did

Why would you say something horribly depressing like that?!