Blackmails a criminal into becoming an accomplice in exchange for destroying evidence of his crime

>Blackmails a criminal into becoming an accomplice in exchange for destroying evidence of his crime
>Conducts numerous illegal searches without a warrant
>Causes widespread property damage and public endangerment in pursuit of a low level shoplifter
>Destroys a train car full of evidence, which would have been inadmissible due to her unsanctioned taking of it anyway, instead of reporting it for proper investigation
>Becomes deeply affiliated with one of the city's most notorious crime rings, going so far as to become godmother to the Don's grandchild
>Stands by and watches as said Don threatens to murder by dropping them into ice water
>Starts a goddamn race war

>All within her 1st Month on the force

Has any Cred Forums character been this horrible at their job?

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She's a loose cannon, but goddamn it, she gets results!

>>Blackmails a criminal into becoming an accomplice in exchange for destroying evidence of his crime
Every officer-informant relationship ever.
>>Destroys a train car full of evidence, which would have been inadmissible due to her unsanctioned taking of it anyway, instead of reporting it for proper investigation
Train car was public property, on public property. Seizure is justified if criminal activity is witnessed.
>>Becomes deeply affiliated with one of the city's most notorious crime rings, going so far as to become godmother to the Don's grandchild
Association is not a crime.

>Judy could actually have been arrested and charged for the following crimes: firstly, she did not report Mr. Big to the police even when it was safe for her to do so, thus making her guilty of selective enforcement; secondly, she was guilty of criminal negligence by forcing Nick into dangerous situations without weapons of self-defense several times, even when his presence was unnecessary; thirdly, she attempted murder by interrogating Duke Weaselton (along with Nick and Mr Big); and finally, she caused disturbance to public order (which is interpreted as terrorism) by hijacking a train and almost hitting an incoming train. The maximum penalty for these four crimes (not including the "Noble Cause Corruption" crime as an added penalty) is 5+14+20+20=59 years. She was also guilty of blackmailing Nick and withholding the evidence of his confidence scams.

Did the ends justify the means?

And she's a cutie patootie, too.

She's like Dirty Harry except somewhat less racist

>inplying clint eastwood isnt anything but a racist oldmannwhnid let fuck my wife

At least Judy feels bad about it.


Nigga did you even watch those movies. He literally never does anything racist. He has multiple partners of different races, and treats them all with the same dickishness, but definitely likes the Latino partner from 1 the most.

You know, in the future she's going to catch A LOT of criminals. Make plenty of arrests and probably be highly decorated.
Sure, most of those criminals will be competitors or people who don't play nice with Mr. Big, and he may have to turn in a few of his own low-level people to avoid suspicion, but she'll make lots of legitimate arrests none the less.
Maybe she might "lose" some evidence here or there against Mr. big.

Seriously? And you frequent this board?

She doesn't play by the law

You furries are hopeless cant wait for moana to wash out this furfag stink

>Association is not a crime.
It is if you actively witness criminal actions and don't report them.

>created to pick up trash
>just stacks it in large blocks
>saves some of the trash
>leaves the planet entirely

>only job is to catch a mouse
>can't even catch one mouse
>often wrecks his entire house in the process

>having no understanding of the trappings of film noir as a genre
>not understanding zootopia to be a solid, above-average noir film, albeit one with kiddie gloves tonally/topically and an unfortunately compulsory Billboard Top 40 tie-in attempt

Well, I guess this IS Cred Forums and not Cred Forums.

That's not association, you dumb bunny.

>he thinks his fat island niggers can fix furry infestation
If /trash/ didn't exist you'd have killed yourself from the sheer autistic rage you would have whipped yourself into

>fat island niggers
top kek

I think shes's more a cop on the edge with nothing to lose.

Oh, you will change your tune when the Rock's movie will give the Mouse another Billion and no one will give a shit anymore about the racist animals cartoon.

She doesn't have to be good at her job. She's a woman.

>an unfortunately compulsory Billboard Top 40 tie-in attempt

Just imagine it's one of those musical numbers that the studios forced into films during the 30s/40s.

Funnily enough, women get hired to be police because there are actually certain things they(in the capacity of being peace officers)do better than male officers.

Also quotas.

I will eat my belt if it makes 3/4 of what Zootopia did total. Asians are racist as fuck and hate brown people.

Is Moana just a poor attempt at copying Chris Sanders?

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call Zootopia when?

I'm thinking of undercover prostitutes and the fact that women are regarded, rightfully so is most cases, to be less of a threat which could work in other undercover work. What else is there?

>What's the matter, Nick? You don't have a lucky crackpipe?

Domestic disturbances. Studies have shown that female officers tend to be better at talking people down than male officers.

Richard breaks the universe if he gets a job

This works on a general basis of talking to people who may become violent. Men are taught from birth to "never hit a woman", and even those who break the law will have that ingrained into them.

If a male officer confronts them they're thinking "Can I take this guy?" "How can I get away?"
If a female officer confronts them they're thinking "Oh no! Mom's gonna freak!" "Sorry Mom, I didn't mean to"

People get really mad when I bring up she's a bought cop.

Wonder why.

You underestimate the power of proper marketing

She's not here for the right reasons!

Marketing can only do so much, the minute they see a shitskin and it's mostly over. Ever notice why Wasabi barely featured in any Big Hero 6 marketing in Asia?

But I thought japanese girls loved BBC...
Is all my porn a lie?!

There's a reason that porn companies pay their actors more to have sex with black people.

Silly, Japanese girls love tentacles and gajins. That's why Fred gets more of the ladies than the shota, the sushi and the dead hotter brother.

And they liked stitch, but not Lilo

Calming people the fuck down is a very important part of the job.

Also, they have a strong advantage when talking to rape victims.

You got half of that right. There's less chest pounding from male suspects trying to prove their manliness.

There's also a show off to impress the girls factor.

But there's more thinking that they can fight the cop and win.

One negative side effect is that female cops go to the gun in a lot of situations where male cops wouldn't. And that's even with women generally getting less physical beats than men.

Funny thing, blacks are barred from many whore houses in Eastern Asia because the perception is they end up either running off without paying and/or beating or killing girls.

I think she's a hooker with a heart of gold.

I wish we could be this racist in the west.

How's law school user?

>Dirty Harry
He hates everyone equally.

>yfw Hollywood will slowly completely phase out ethnics out of movies and replace them with Arian asians because the Chinese market decides

I don't know enough about animal law to dispute this.

But Japan loved that movie! Plus test audience cried at Moana's song, its gonna steamroll Zootopia at BO for sure.

>test audience
I wish the guy who came up with this practice died of a rectal hemorrhage the day prior. It's literally showing your movie to a bunch of imbeciles and altering it based on their opinion.

You're right, collar-topia sounded very interesting. Instead kids got yet another underdog story.

What we got instead was fun as well, you could tell that the original was a product of it's time that wouldn't do well in theaters today. I hate it a lot more when they either dumb down the plot because some retard couldn't follow it or tack on a happy ending because some hippy thought the original ending was a "downer".

>Destroys a train car full of evidence, which would have been inadmissible due to her unsanctioned taking of it anyway, instead of reporting it for proper investigation
To be perfectly fair, she had quit her job as a police officer at that point so she had no way of reporting it to a proper investigation anyways.

Downer? Predators were free. Allowed to do what they wanted - be themselves without Prey interfering.That's a happy ending.

>product of its time

Come again?

I wasn't talking about Zootopia. As for the original script, it was the sort of stuff not seen since the early 90s, I can't imagine modern kids liking it too much. Same as today's kids would probably not like Secret of NIMH or Fevel goes West over any of the never animated films.

Cop movies always have the cop being unlawful to get results, I ain't even mad. The only part where I feel uneasy is her being friends with a crime syndicate.

I gotta ask why would kids not like Secret of NIMH or Fevel goes West? Also wasn't the later more heavily criticized on release if memory serves me?

They have a dark atmosphere of urgency and danger. Kids can't handle this anymore, or at least judging from what's popular nowadays they can't.

Pfft, she would've been let off the hook out of gratitude for catching a bioterrorist.

Zootopia will fuck FEEL THE ETHNIC shitskin Moana in the box office, just like it fucked Finding Faggot Dory despite having a fraction of the marketing budget and promotional effort.

Moana must fail if Zootopia is to survive

I have this strong urge to see Punisher in Zootopia.

you gotta train them to like these things, just like moms teach their daughters to like barbie dolls.

I don't know. If anything that probably has more to do with the parents. I watched all sorts of things. Pretty bad films that were obviously banking on kids just watching what was put on television, Secret of NIMH, Disney, The American Tail(s), The Brave Little Toaster, etc.

>Dirty Harry
there's even a scene where they emphasize that he hates everyone equally and half the people they list in the scene are white nationalities

you again? what will that change?

zootopia had its time, Cred Forums had some fun, let the good things die.

It's Disney, so he wouldn't be able to kill anyone.

He'd shadow them for a while, digging up incriminating evidence, and then kidnap them, shave them, and leave them somewhere public with a shrine of damning evidence built around them. Even if they don't go to prison, everyone would know what they did and shame them.

He would be The Shearer.

You forgot the best one:

>abandoned her post without contacting HQ to see if there were any officers nearby already responding to the call, then inciting a chase that nearly caused quite a bit of property damage and threatened the lives of several civilians

You can really tell a lot about a person depending on whether or not they agree with Bogo chewing her out for her reckless behavior.

He's just a tiny trash compactor, not an incinerator. He's gotta put the blocks somewhere.

>without contacting HQ to see if there were any officers nearby

dude.. this shit was in the trailer, she did the chase by the book, what she did wrong was entering the little rodentia,.

how is this a brain teaser? you just rotate 4 circles.

He's racist against humanity.

>5th october

b-but.. why? two same books released at basically same day.

>she did the chase by the book

She absolutely did not. She abandoned her post without even asking what was stolen, she didn't announce that she was police to Weaselton ("stop in the name of the law" is not recognized as an appropriate warning for criminals during a chase as it doesn't identify the pursuer as a law enforcement official and the individual chased can easily use the argument of "I didn't know it was the police chasing me", hence why Judy should have said "ZPD, hold it right there!" or something like that), she completely ignored her fellow officers to inform them of what was happening both before AND after they physically responded (which, as I mentioned earlier, she herself didn't know), and (and I admit this is petty, but still) she threw her existing uniform aside, which given she probably didn't buy herself is a waste of city assets.

Little Rodentia is, obviously, her biggest fault, but from the get go it was obvious she wasn't doing anything by the book so much as emotionally reacting to the situation, which is a TERRIBLE thing for cops in any situation to do.

Dorry didn't do great because it was a sequel literally no one asked for, but watch this shit get the Oscar like every other year. And Moana looks weak so far, she doesn't even have the cute factor like Elsa and Rapunzel.

It's a brain teaser specifically for American children.

Technically Big didn't buy her though

Just like a real cop, what's the problem OP? Seems like a pretty accurate portrayal to me.

>Dorry didn't do great
Financially it did better than the first one

frozen only did great because fo the snowstorms in usa and that fucking song

dory did great bewcause kids saw that blue fish everywhere (merchandise) so parents HAD to take them to the movies.

Like cleaning the station?

>crime syndicate.
Name one thing wrong Mr Big did.

>taking kids to the movie
That's like taking a boulder for a run. Who does this shit? I can understand Cred Forumsmrades who need to see it early so they can meme and discuss it, but why do normies care about their little goblins seeing it in theaters instead of buying the DVD later?

...because they're kid movies?

He literally tried to kill Nick and Judy.

Harry's not racist. Harry hates everybody.

For trespassing on his property. A man has a right to defend his home.

Technically they were intruders on his property. Depending on the law he might be justified.

Yea, but does that mean he hates blacks too? Then it's racist

is only racist if you arbitrary hate an especific ethnic group in comparison to others, if you hate everything in general thats not racism, that is sociopathy.

Yes, but why go trough the trouble and expense of taking children to a theater?

Cred Forums is a bubbling cesspool of shitposting and any actual film knowledge there is as hard to pick out as a diamond in a pile of glass shards.

parents do it to annoy fellow movie-goers

okay, but where's Bogo?

Considering the size of all the other officers, I will forever wonder what would real police do about Rodentia.

they have their own police.

The nameless hamster businessman and a character I'm not entirely convinced was ever in the movie get figurines, but not Bogo?

why can't anything else get it right?

In defense of Ted, he's a teddy bear. His ears could be on his ass if thats where they were sewn.

i'll keep looking, but the fact i found Flash means the second wave is at the door.

it's still crap, but whatever, Moana has Hasbro.

It makes it easier to tell what's happening at a glance, and makes it more relatable I guess, even if it makes no sense.


>The Shearer.
>not The Punishear
One job.

You mean Bunnisher?

what do you mean that's how the police operate...

>No Gantu and 625
Man Gantu got it as bad as it could get short of being lilo-d in this show.
I don't think he had a personality by the end.

It's garbage

Supposing she had authority to override due process.

why didn't they get Hasbro or jakks pacific to make Zootopia?