How does Superman cut his hair?

I understand he uses his laser vision to trim his facial hair, but how does he cut his hair?

He goes to SuperCuts


Why can't he do the same thing?


Because trimming hair to a specific length is different than fucking burning it all off you numbnut.


You're an asshole i love you.

You guys are fucking idiots. His hair isn't made of anything special, he can cut it like anyone else.

Don't despair Primcess D., your hair's glorious enough as it is.

>can withstand bullets and bombs
>not made of anything special.

That's wrong. His hair is super as well. Everything on him is indestructible. It's been shown many times he needs to use his heat vision to shave.

He doesn't really burn it off though, he literally shaves his facial hair off with it a fine laser. He could do the same on his head hair, it wouldn't really requires a different type of beam.

You're thinking of the whole thing wrong.

Kryptonite shears.

shaving facial hair is completely different to shaving hair-hair you pre-teen.

You can just slice all that shit off, but for hair-hair you need precision, if it was a laser he'd need to somehow laser his hair in layers without blowing off everything behind those hairs, AKA if he lasered his bangs he'd laser everything behind them too, unevenly.


>if he lasered his bangs he'd laser everything behind them too, unevenly.

No he wouldn't, he has precise control

>Everything on him is indestructible.
Not true. He bleeds and gets cuts and shit all the time.

You cant curve lasers, numbnuts.

Kryptonite-edged razor

we're talking about doing this with a mirror, you do get the curve effect if he changes the angle as he does it

Just tears it to the appropriate length with his hands.





I imagine he places a mirror in front of him, then one behind his head, and angles it just right so that it trims.

Or maybe he has some kind of magic razor from the gods.

>His hair isn't made of anything special
I think it's All-Star where there's a museum display of one of his hairs holding up a large weight.

I thought it's Superman 4.


It is Superman IV.

But at the same time Gene Hackman manages to just cut it with a pair of scissors.

Metal as fuck.

A mirror would only melt. They don't reflect 100% of light, you know.

No, he uses bolt cutters.

>tfw have wavy black hair like Superman and Wonder Woman
>tfw everyone wants straight hair now

Should have been born 30 years ago.

You're right, my bad.

It's not necessarily indestructible, just a lot herder to destroy than human hair. Superman could withstand his own heat vision, but his hair is easily burned away by it.