Why people liked Zemo again? His motivation was the same as Magneto's but against superheroes. Also...

Why people liked Zemo again? His motivation was the same as Magneto's but against superheroes. Also, his plan is convoluted as fuck (nowhere like the Heath Joker's tho).

I didn't like zemo. I feel like he had very little character of his own, and only exists as an excuse so the writers could have more freedom with the plot

>Lure Cap and Iron Man to a place and show them something that would make them fight or at least trust each other less
That's not complicated. It may seem that way because of the Winter Soldiers red herring.
Your other complaints hold water though.
>Ledgers Joker had a complicated plan
Blow up two boats?

Who said they liked Zemo? I've never seen a thread defending him or applauding either.

I counted the replies of this thread and there is one missing.

>I've never seen a thread defending him or applauding either
Either you missed the Civil War/Cap threads or you weren't in this board for five months

The beauty of Zemo's plan is he didn't have to set this shit up. The Accords were going to happen anyway, it's one of those situations where the government wanted to rein in heroes, get them under control, and were just waiting for the proper excuse which was inevitable. Zemo merely took advantage of it. The riskiest thing he did was sneak in for a private chat with Bucky. He didn't have to set up shit like the airport fight. The heroes did all that on their own. He didn't even set up Tony finding out where they wanted to go, frankly it worked out nicely that Tony showed up when he did.

>Blow up two boats?
Ridiculous levels of shit. His planning involved shit like knowing exactly where to maneuver a traitorous bankrobber just in time and in the exact spot for a schoolbus to bust through the wall and hit him. Then he just drives off in that bus and traffic even lets him have right of way! Hell, traffic just flows instead of everyone rushing to find out what happened with that bus sticking through a building and trying to help/call emergency services. Or rigging an entire hospital to explode with multiple charges all over the place and somehow nobody noticed the entire hospital was rigged to go. Hospitals never close, they treat patients 24/7. And sure getting explosives into those boats, especially the one with the prisoners which should have been thoroughly checked just to make sure there was nothing the prisoners could use against their guards.

What was T'Challa's purpose of being there story-wise? He's just there...

Yeah his plan works from a storytelling perspective.

>Gets away with a bank robbery
In Gotham. The guy being hit by a bus was a sight gag.
Joker can get bombs into buildings. Because if Joker can't hide bombs in buildings he literally has no plans ever.

What was Spidey's purpose of being there story-wise? He's just there...

This is what i understood:
Plan A:
1.Go to Karpov's house and get info about 1991.
2.Leak the information and create distrust among the team.
Plan B:
1. If Plan A first step doesn't work, ask Bucky.
2. Since no one knows where he is, further the search by framing him for an attack.
3. Impersonate Bucky's psychiatrist and get info using the trigger words while framing him for another attack in order to break the team more.
Plan C:
1. Since Rogers catched you when trying to frame Bucky, rush the whole plot and use the Winter Soldiers as red herrings.
2. If they come, show the tape to Tony and break them completely.
3. If they don't, leak it.

Literally no point story-wise. Sony wanted money. At least they always planned to have Black Panther in CW.

He was going to show the neutral side of the conflict after negotiations with Sony fell.
In the actual movie, he takes that side at the end.

>Also, his plan is convoluted as fuck (nowhere like the Heath Joker's tho)

Step 1. Find incriminating evidence against Avengers
Step 2. Show that dirt to the Avengers.
Step 3. Watch them tear themselves apart.
Step 4. Suicide.

That's convoluted to Cred Forums

Was that the only file he could find that compromised the team?

ill never understand why people love CW spidey
nobody ever questions his purpose or characterization which was all just dumb

He knew of no other that we saw.
He likely heard allusions from contacts to old USSR spooks.

Ignoring shit like why it was even caught on camera how could anyone think it credible when Zemo had just fooled the fucking security council with a rubber mask and a wig

>His motivation was the same as Magneto's

You know literally nothing about Magneto.

they crashed right outside of some compound that had security cameras watching the entrance

it isnt just the details of his motivatin, it how he acted it, you genuinely feel he had lost it all and is driven by anger, yes his plan was hokey and his backstory cliche, but daniel bruhl plays him so well that you focus on his pain and irrational, yet understandable, hate

Really? Really?
He looked like he was holding in a fart the entire movie

>He looked like he was holding in a fart the entire movie

Yeah, a fart he was saving just for the Avengers.

Why not? Black Widow fooled shield security with a rubber mask and a wig.

>rubber mask and wig

It was some sort of bullshit Mission Impossible techno-mask made out of vague technology.

>bullshit Mission Impossible techno-mask made out of vague technology

>not liking super science tech

Are you gay?


Well thanks for that! Lol fuck

ITT: I wasn't spoon fed the entirety of the plot as it was happening and can't stand happenstance and opportunity being a part of a villain's ploy.

So your explanation is basically ''He did it because he's Joker''. Fuck off.

What the fuck are you talking about

Look at his image, dumbass.

>Why people liked Zemo again?

Because he won. He beat the good guys. That's more than any of the other bad guys did.

The image makes no sense
It's that supposed to be funny?

>The image makes no sense
Then you utterly fail at any and all reading comprehension and all forms of cognitive thinking.

You are a literal dumbass.

Because he is cute. :3

Literally this.

No need to get touchy there senpai

Wait what? No, I'm just saying that it was more then some latex mask, I'm not saying it's a bad thing.

he couldnt even kill himself properly

he was a shit villain

>His motivation was the same as Magneto's but against superheroes


Op clearly has no idea who Magneto is or what Magneto's motivations are.