Is it hilarious autists repeatedly pestered the writers about where Slade is in TTG, and they responded with this

Is it hilarious autists repeatedly pestered the writers about where Slade is in TTG, and they responded with this

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>there are adult here, on this website, that not only watch this, but believe it to be good television

It is great, alot funnier then your bojack horseman shit, autist.

>Having this shit taste

No, just kinda sad that they're out of ideas, so they just prod autists here and there.

But bojack horseman is not trying to be just a comedy.

The first time it's funny but after the fifth time it's obvious they're using it as a crutch.

Half the show's jokes seem to be "We know we're not good, but we're self aware about it, so that makes us good."

Nigga even if they did slade you'd bitch about how they did him anyways. All you guys do is bitch about how stupid the show is and how great the original was or how it was a travesty this replaced young justice. All while this show continues to print money and poke fun at 20 somethings who have enough time to bitch about children shows.

>Nigga even if they did slade you'd bitch about how they did him anyways.

It's still not funny when it tries to be.

Sometimes it feels like they have clever writers who know when to poke fun, other times they have episodes like this that seem written by angry kids who got poked fun of one too many times.

"Get Serious" is how you poke fun. This just seems sad.

Getting old is crazy. You start seeing people idolize shit that people fucking hated while it was airing. I never thought Teen Titans was some amazing series and the general consensus on the internet was it was trying to hard in too many different directions. It had it's fans of course but most people on Cred Forums treated those fans much like we treat MLP fans today. Fast forward 10 years and people talk about it like it was the groundbreaking second coming of Christ and this new show is satan wearing it's skin. Ben 10 is much the same. Nobody gave a shit about it outside of the porn until people got old enough to have grown up with it. 10 years from now we'll all be talking about how funny and subversive TTG was and how either whatever followed was horrible or what a shame it is that nobody is utilizing the property. Hell people will probably reminisce fondly about this very episode.

I'm not about to trawl through old BBS archives, but I guaran-fucking-tee you that when Space Ghost Coast 2 Coast began, there were tons of nasty comments from buttburt Baby Boomers who grew up with the original cartoon going "HEY, THIS IS SHITTING ALL OVER MUH CHILDHOOD".

There is truly nothing new under the sun.

>It had it's fans of course but most people on Cred Forums treated those fans much like we treat MLP fans today
I was here and you're pulling this out of your ass

Not unless you subscribe to the idea that there really is a hivemind, and everyone who shits on things in threads are actually the same people.

There are people who don't mind TTG's less than serious takes on most things.

It's a bit of an exaggeration I'll admit but you were more likely to get people talking shit about the show than praising it. The point is nobody thought the original show was all that impressive and now it's a sacred cow not to be defiled. It's just funny to me.

Someone needs to find that. I bet it'd be hilarious.

I love the American Milky Holmes -_-7

I dunno about Cred Forums, cuz I wasn't here until 2007, but on Television Without Pity and other forums I visited, it seemed like most active fans of action-adventure cartoons were discussing JLU instead at the time. Teen Titans was very much seen as being "for the younger kids" because of its use of slapstick and anime-ish sensibilities. Let's be real, if you were over the age of 30 or even 20 by 2002, you had no time or candy for the eccentricities of anime we've come to take for granted. Kids who grew up with DBZ or Pokemon were acclimated to those tropes, but to everyone even slightly older, it was all "that fucking weeaboo bullshit". Everything from the theme song to the occasional shifts to super-deformed style was met with groans. I'm not saying these people's subjective opinions were right or wrong, but it's OBJECTIVELY true that there's been a sea change in how the show is viewed as its viewership/fanbase has grown into 20somethings themselves.

Not the point retard
They could have ignored the autists just as easily. But instead they pulled some huge childish longwinded 'fuck you' to a very small select number of people that's not even very funny on it's own merits
But that's not new to TTG

Sadly I no longer have it, but I once saw a BBS screencap of someone in 1992 bitching about promo artwork for Batman The Animated Series. "It just looks so Japanese, not at all like the more realistic characters we're used to seeing in action cartoons!" was the basic gist of it.


Not the point artard.
You could have ignored the show just as easily. But instead you pulled some huge childish longwinded yaddayadda

He's a newfag, he meant American Galaxy Angels, i.e. "lol randumb" comedy shows from an ostensibly serious franchise.

So you resort to copycat posting because don't actually have a counterargument

I'm laughing at you, you deserved to be laughed at.

To what?
"it sucks?"

Yep. It sucks. The entire show is just the most unfunny shit on cartoon network and the writers are vindictive twats. and I'd like to know why you think otherwise

I never saw more than a few eps of Teen Titans, it's was rightfully hated as embarrassing weeb trash.
Kids who were too stupid/young to realize it should be hated on principle alone grew up with it and love it as we all love our childhood shows.

TTG is better.

>unfunny shit on cartoon network and the writers are vindictive twats
enjoy yer extremely wrong and stupid opinions, good sir

If you can't think in the abstract enough to consider why people would have different opinions than you, then you don't deserve discourse.

You're probably taking a sillygag show too seriously, but then, you're in the right place to it, I suppose.

>no u
or you know maybe the sillygag show just plain isn't funny

Right, because unfunny shows typically run this many seasons. Kids like it, even if you're staunchly against it famalam.

I can only assume yer baiting.
You can't truly be that sad and pathetic.

Even Hitler loves TTG.

It is hilarious autists repeatedly make threads for TTGo to only talk about the people who hate it.

Drama and clashing opinions is pretty much all you can hope to find on Cred Forums, especially on a gag-a-week show. What else is left, shipping?

Thats implying both sides are just as awful. Neither can shut up, chances are within the next few days there will be another hate thread or two. Most of these are troll threads anyway because it is clear someone wants to get people riled up and watch them fight.

You're not saying anything of note or value. Just that people of certain age groups connect with things better than others. I'm someone who likes TT a lot and enjoys the jokes that TTG makes. I think people take TTG too seriously.

This. Absolutely this.

I can't say I've seen a post I've agreed with more than this.

What is the joke here? I don't get it.

Is the joke that Teen Titans used to be a show?

The show should not exist in the first place.

People loved Perlman Deathstroke (understatement).

But that character never appeared in Go! for no explainable reason other than it would be too difficult to cast such a dark character in a silly show like it.

Fans kept asking anyway for him to appear. So the writers responded by mocking said fans by having his ass kicked off-screen and the Titans gloat about how great it all was.

Funny as hell, no?

Sometimes, instead of taking joy in hating something, I take joy in liking something.
And you know what?
While sometimes you really just feel in the mood to hate on something, generally I find myself happier when I'm doing the latter instead of the former.

Not saying anyone here is right or wrong, but you should try it sometime, it's pretty nice.

>Listen to an interview with people who work on the show and they basically admit that they are salty people call it shit

>I could say I enjoy the show and leave it at that
>but instead, I'm going to autistically attack another show for no good reason

Consider what life choices you've made which led up to this point, turn off your computer, and then proceed to smack yourself in the face for this.

>pic related
At this point, is 100% right, as much as I liked TT and don't hate TTGo but fucking tired that "professionals" are glorifying a generation of kids to find enjoyment in mocking pass fans of a series, it's come clear to me that mods should just ban all TT related threads on sight. Kinda like FoP at one point, it's become a cesspool of nuDickSuckers and oldDickFuckers.

Grown adults enjoying cartoons on Cred Forums, the horror!


Personally, I would say the fans at this point are worse than the anti-fans. At least the anti-fans have mellowed out after realizing that they could've convert their fans into hating the show.

The biggest problem I have with the fans are that many of them only seem to life the show specifically to spite anger and rage into others which is truly pathetic. My points are proven by the fact that actual discussion threads for the show sometimes don't even get 10 replies while threads complaining about anti-fans often reach in the hundreds of posts still. If you really like the series, then just watch it and we won't bother. However, if you continue to make bait threads like these prepare for retaliation.

Nigga you take that back. Milky Holmes doesn't deserve such an comparison

They should market this show as a test for autism.

Wire some neckbeard with a blood pressure hose and those eye-propping goggles they use to make the protagonist of a clockwork orange look at stuff and just measure his trigger level

Call the FDA!

>However, if you continue to make bait threads like these prepare for retaliation.
You could've made that sound less dorky.

>Caring about a spinoff that much
Why not have people who liked the 2003 cartoon read the comics and have TTG be a dumping ground making fun of DC's property?

Like making fun of Man of Steel's excessive violence with them destroying the entire city just to kill a fly would be a good start.

>Comparing a children's comedy to an adult dramedy.
I don't hate Teen Titans Go, but that's just fucking retarded.

It's a TV show you like it or you don't. It existance doesn't hurt you.

yet here you are, getting triggered by people who don't like it

TTG whiteknights are such hypocrites

Back to /trash/ you go

Didn't they also say they didn't watch the original?

Anyway it's pretty pathetic that their entire gimmick is "LEL ALL CARTOONS SHOULD BE COMEDIES ITS JUST A JOKR BRO."

We live in a period where everything has to be either ironically detached comedy or tumblr pandering feelings shit. The very notion of stories about things has been completely erased.

Well I like Teen Titans Go!

I love the fact that TTG exist because it proves how shit some fan bases can be.

You had a show that had 5(6?) seasons with episodes
Ranging from mediocre to pretty decent at best. That's quite a lot when you get down to it.

Now this new series that's obviously a spin off and not a continuation of the original pops up and you're mad about it?

Nigga you got a lot of content for a show at the end of the was pretty average, but you still enjoyed it.

Shit I would hate to see what would happen to the symbiotic Titan fans if STG was a thing.

Just the good ones, not the shitty serious ones.

There are many things out there that prove how shit fanbases can be, user.

Why not, not like TT was some masterpiece, it's just another capeshit cartoon, they will make them forever.

TTG hate is like autists getting mad at Spider-Ham, it must be a meme at this point.

When are they all going to have sex with each other?

Oh, there is a legit reason to hate the show, on model porn.

God i love this Show so much. The writers obviously don't give a fuck about the old nerd fans and thats the best part of it

Is TTG worth it?
I like TT and I do not have diagnosed assburgers just too much free time.

That's just a myth though!

I'm pretty sure I've seen this same post in other TTG threads in the past

TTG has a lot of mean-spirited slapstick, meta jokes and background references to other DC material. The character personalities have been simplified/Flanderised for comedy purposes.

I enjoy it, I especially like the references and the Oh Shit moments like when Robin just straight-up breaks Kid Flash's leg with his bo staff to win a race.

Eh, was trying to think of an idea for what I wanted to say in a rush. Not everything I type is perfect.

Its a 11 minute gag show, it's funny, sometimes hilariously so, sometimes misses.


I'll pirate it

>bouncing horse butt

They really know the pone crowd.

This is Cred Forums

Why would we not make fun of autistic retards (You)?

My favourite episodes are probably the ones where they go full-on crazy with alternative settings and characters and Raven-centric episodes but that's just me being a fanboy. The ones where they try to be educative can be fun (and actually with a fun fact or two thrown in), the episodes where they make references to the audience were only funny at the start and the worst episodes are the ones about Robin's psychological issues.

I never liked the original Animu Titans. TTGO is crap too but, at least every once in a while it has a gag that kills me.

The only goo thing that came out of Animu Titans was Zone parodies.

The writers and creators of this show are immature children. Beware the Batman was getting shat on by YJfags, GL:TASfags, and Batfags, yet they just took it in stride and did their show instead of trying to mock neckbeards.

animu teen titans were great, fuck you

It wasn't.
Not the worst, but a solid meh.

I liked TT, but I can't even say it was on the same exact level of, say, Avatar: TLA, by comparison. It was decent, in a era of action and a bit of comedy, instead of just shit comedy; Amerifat Approved. Even the 40s had a better era of comedy, and Merica can't even get a fraction of that quality, so I wished they go back to action, something they can actually do today.

>all these autists crying about how their show got ruined even though tt was a snooze fest anyways

Dubs confirm the truth.

Have you ever thinked that somebody could hate both the anti-fans and still not be a fan of the show. Yes, such an opinion exists.

I was with it at first but they kept pushing the joke, they really should have just stopped it after the "Three episodes and a movie later!" card. I find it amusing just how much contempt this show has for the fanbase but comedic timing and a punchy punchline is everything.

>because unfunny shows typically run this many seasons

They actually do, you moron. Johnny Test lasted almost a decade. Mega Babies got 4 seasons for fucks sake. It's about being cheap and easy to make, not whether kids like it.

Too bad it has other things to stand on unlikre your autistic drivel

Both are shit tho

That...actually sums up this show really well. It's assholes acting like assholes for no reason while hiding under the "it's a kids show!" excuse.

If you're triggered by mean spiritedness/Robin getting the short end of the stick, don't watch it

That is really fucked up and not funny at all

>It's a cheap low budget bad show is cheap, bad and low budget and dc weebs keep complaining episode
If korra fans found this show instead the shitposting would never end

I'm also a post by the same person pretending to be lots of angry people taking the bait

Now, I never watched TT. Why are the writers of the new show acting like such babies over losers on the internet? The people that don't get these comebacks aren't gonna laugh, and most of the people that do are gonna hate it. They should probably get thicker skins, and you guys should stop caring.

>>people tell me this show is different than Nu PPG
literally the same shit except PPG writers don't wast every other episode shitting the bed over people calling them garbage, surprisingly

Reminder that TTG wouldn't be getting this much shit if the original DIDN'T END ON A CLIFFHANGER.

I don't like Teen Titans Go, I think it's meh.

But I don't think the original Teen Titans is very good either, the first and second seasons were pretty decent, but I lost interest in it after that

PPG 2016 and TTG are basically the same except PPG is slightly worse

Nu ppg has the worst art style I have ever seen, it's amazing that they hired people who can't even draw a fucking powerful girl to make it
And everything background, characters, villains look stolen out of Clarence and completely out of place
Say what you want about teen Titans go at least they can fucking animate an episode and make it look like something on tv not deviant art

TTG can be hit or miss, varying from person to person. NuPPG is all miss. The only laughs you can get from it is the atrocious animation and errors in it.

Watched this in a hotel room and found it absolutely hilarious, it might be because I was tired or just how straight-up retarded the show is.

I'm pretty sure I just enjoy seeing Robin being a schizo motherfucker, though.

>All while this show continues to print money

It's not hard to do that when its the only thing the channel has

TTG uses cheap flash animation which is hard to fuck up, PPG uses traditional or whatever it's called despite the fact that flash would actually work considering the thick lines the old one had and the one time where it would work they don't use it

Bullshit. If a show tanks, it's taken off the air. It's not just cheapness that gets it in a slot. I don't know about Megababies, but Johnny Test must have been SOMEWHAT watched to go on that long. I don't care how vile Cred Forums's reaction to it was, we aren't the target audience in the first place.

Hey, I hate to interrupt the daily dose of Teen Titans Go autism fighting but which Teen Titans girl would you fuck?

Beast Boy is the cutest

I've seen pieces of this show, it doesn't look all that bad and it has funny moments, but it's probably annoying if you watch a lot of it.

As for the original TT cartoon, it had a lot of cool moments but most of the episodes weren't even that great and it had too many cheesy anime-esque moments for comedy.

This show is literally It's Always Sunny for children.

Goddamn, that's some It's Always Sunny level dickery. And I kek'd super hard, you know hardcore Batman fans were just rolling on the floor from it.

>but Johnny Test must have been SOMEWHAT watched to go on that long

No, it really wasn't. It had abysmal ratings since ever since it moved to CN, it's just that Johnny Test was so cheap to make it really didn't matter. They simply clogged up a good portion of the channel with it and used it as filler most of the time, which is exactly what's happening with GO.

>dat monitor

I used to have a monitor like that...

>That punching bag

Even though I barely watch this show I genuinely like this version of Robin much more than in the first TT cartoon.

Honestly I like this show in the same vein I like Always Sunny and Archer. Just asshole friends being assholes to each other, it's cool that they made one of those shows for kids.

At least the characters in this show actually have character.

>Current year.

I think it's funny.

I'm having fun and there's nothing you can do about it.

>unfunny show on cartoon network

This is objectively wrong need I remind you that cn airs reruns of the Cleveland show

>Sadly I no longer have it, but I once saw a BBS screencap of someone in 1992 bitching about promo artwork for Batman The Animated Series. "It just looks so Japanese, not at all like the more realistic characters we're used to seeing in action cartoons!" was the basic gist of it.

Its funny because derivatives of it have basically become the standard of action cartoons, but Batman TAS's style was a huge game changer at the time. If you read Bruce timm's modern Masters book, he briefly talks about it. Everyone thought it looked more like Tiny Toons.

Absolutely false.

Is there an updated archive of animation errors for PPG?

>episode where writers use characters as a mouthpiece to complain about the big bad critics.
trash show.

I'm sorry, I would let this thread die, but I genuinely need to understand how anyone could think Batman:TAS looks like Tiny Toons. I was born in '94 so I'm definitely out of this loop, but how did teens and adults back then find the animation style comparable?

Count me in, it's funny, and better than the old show.


Okay this is kind of funny.



Teen Titans was great when it was good but that very rare. The creators of this show are way too butthurt over their online criticisms. Just ignore it and write your baby television show for babies. My Nieces and Nephews watch this and the old show. They prefer the old one because they know this is for babies.



My beef with TTGO is just that it isn't funny. One out of every 10 episodes is good.


What was your joyful thought?

1:01 is a massive fuck you.

TTG is much better than the original TT.

TT was a middle of the road pseudo-anime with a plodding plot and tired characters that tried to take itself too seriously. TTG is very refreshing in comparison.

>but I can't even say it was on the same exact level of, say, Avatar: TLA, by comparison.
Personally I never saw anything special about Avatar. Maybe I was just too old for it by that point.

Thats actually funny
>dramatic music
Reminds me of billy n mandy's secret snake club

Yeah it's really funny when they joke about how they could make a good show and churn out garbage instead. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Loved it.

But what's the point when it fails at both

>be me
>probably between the ages of 6-10 when TT was airing
>didn't even know it was on the air, everyone at school just watched the Simpsons, TMNT, Pokemon, Transformers, Yu Gi Oh, maybe Naruto, etc.
>fast forward to 2016
>everyone's a nostalgiafag, kids I knew during TT's air time who never gave a fuck about the series is going on about how TT was a classic and how TT:G shits on its legacy
>start watching it last year
>actually enjoy it
>start really enjoying Ben 10 Alien Force/Ultimate Alien too which I thought was boring as horse shit as a kid despite being in that age bracket target demographic that was a kid during the original run and a preteen/teen during Alien Force, thought it was some lame boring teen drama shit in the same ranks as stuff like Degrassi and Ben funny anymore
>start enjoying Young Justice, the various Justice League series and Batman: TAS (another series I thought was boring as fuck as a kid) as well
>realise that if I'd watched Teen Titans I'd have probably also thought it was boring ass teen drama shit, realise that kids do not fucking care about character development and that doesn't make them stupid or anything, that just makes them straight forward thinkers, kids just want to see the annoying characters stop being annoying, etc.,

I think we all just have to accept that cartoon network isn't making shit for us and move on. Hell, at least DC is still making all those animated movies, who gives a shit about CN; move on.
Also; fuck, I literally do not know how all of you at any age below 13 sat through Teen Titans every week, they fucking spent every episode getting their asses kicked and the episode's resolution was always some lame shit like "wow.... we r real friends... i'm sorry i didn't believe u.... but we are..."

>that seem written by angry kids who got poked fun of one too many times.
It probably seems that way because you're mad