How do you think they feel like?

how do you think they feel like?


It's a Dark Souls boss battle that's bout to go horribly south


Bags of thorns.

but like horribly sexy south

fuckin SOURCE goddamnit


Shit really? I have seen threads about it here but I guess I'll peruse it now. SHOEBILL TITS

So did she kill all of those babies because of her blade-nipples or because her milk was poisonous?

...when did she kill babies? am I missing something?

She killed babies by accident when she tried to breastfeed them, according to legend.

Those fucking bedroom eyes in panel 6.

You didn't miss anything, you're just not obsessed enough. Everytthing about the comic is told through blogposts.

And this is why webcomics are shit.

It's not like you need the blogposts to understand the story.

But you do need to to understand the significance of anything going on, like OP's scene

One theory I heard OP is that Murkoph is Ssael and that Illganyag is Tirna but another one is that they may be the original gods of Kassylyne that have been changed over time due to the waning belief in them since most people are either geffendur or ssaelit these days.

What? No you don't. There's nothing in that scene to understand that's not in the comic.

The whole "Illganyag accidentally kills babies when she nurses them according to legend" thing is just background lore you don't need to know it to follow the story.

She's a Chaos God in the Warp. Chaos Gods are much less malevolent in this setting, it takes the living to create wickedness in magic and spirits.
She is a grief-stricken spirit that mourns mankind's mortal misery. She tries to breastfeed living babies, but they die. She collects their souls in an eternal nursery.

She may or may not be the lover of that character, who is an undead only described as Slaanesh but worse, if he's a fallen version of the God Emperor of Mankind as has been hinted.

Do you need the history of the Republic to understand A New Hope?

Or the events of Oblivion to understand Skyrim?

Its background that gives context to the plot, but isn't necessary to it.