Detective Comics #941 Storytime

It's time for "Night of the Monster Men" part three.

Time for a Riot at Blackgate!


Where is the Bat-Mecha?






Something needs to actually happen in this issue. Last 2 issues were so lackluster.



prepare to be dissappointed


>tim kidnapped by oz
wew lad




I'm talking about the crossover my negro.


I like that Kate is better at teamwork than Bruce


What she wears under that skirt gets longer every issue.


Had we seen that gadget before? That felt like lazy writing. It's not like Steph is "gadget girl"

oh right sorry man im drunk you are correct





The one on the right of the agent in the second panel of the mid row is Bendis.



Truly, it was a night of the monster men

Observe the clock, Batman.

Thanks for reading, folks.
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What a great cover.

The monster looks more scared than anyone

Gotham Girl looks dope

Thanks OP

Action Comics: Hal Jordan/GLC: Expect Night of the Monster Men part 1-2 reposted in the thread later.

>continues 10/14
the shit is taking forever to end

Claire is a cunt .

Well that's a development I guess. Aside from obvious decompression this starting to become fun. I just wish tone wasn't super serious but that faggot Tim had to die in the last issue to ruin the fun.

Damian ?

Damifag, my second favorite Cred Forums shitposter behind Omega-Men-is-not good-REEEE-kun.

I really enjoyed that actually. Is the rest of the new series worth reading?

What does Cred Forums recommend I read? new to Batman comics but enjoyed the Arkham games

so have they given a reason why they haven't called in the Justice League yet, cause honestly they should have done so pretty much immediately after the first two showed up

>I rang sewpaman an e's busy innit

Awww the prisoners care!!

Clayface continuing being best boy, I fucking hope that Tynion doesn't turn him back to heel



Boring .

>pity Arthur doesn't answer, he could use his monsters to fight other monsters



Dammit Batman 8 got delayed?

This ones part of a crossover between three series, which are worth reading (Batman, Nightwing, Detective Comics). There are some other Bat books as well, like Batgirl, Birds of Prey, and Red Hood, but those series are mediocre/terrible.

Part One



Storytime Deathsroke before this.




>I didn't move here to
So he willingly moved to Gotham?




Red Hood isn't mediocre.

Rebirth Bat books:
>Detective Comics
>Red Hood and the Outlaws
>Batgirl and Birds of Prey
>All Star Batman
>Batman Beyond

Batgirl and BOP is the weakest so far and Batman Beyond is pointless book.

>You think you scare me?
>No please don't hurt me
Pretty much how it went down

Don't see too many sound effects that are the characters name.


but...but that's a friday

And back to our regularly scheduled graveyard smash.

One chuckle-worthy panel doesn't make up for globs of awkward narration or Red Hood constantly talking about his daddy issues





That ain't a wednesday, nigga




It's raining. That'd be rude to make everyone go out into the rain.


Orlando says each monster represents something.

Keep that in mind while reading.


Don't tell me what to do. I will be willfully ignorant if I want to.



Goddamnit, the whole this event looks gross and disgusting. It's also is not interesting at all. Who the hell thought it will be good idea? Can we just back to fights against TONS of bat-rogues?



>Red Hood isn't mediocre.


Part Two

















I can't believe that this doesn't involve Synder at all.

How did the guy that got famous for monster stories like American Vampire, The Wake and Wytches not be responsible for this?





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That's literally why utility belts exist, do you want foreshadowing for every whimsical bat-a-rang and trick arrow like some unimaginative clear cut Hollywood movie? Would your life and this comic really have been better if she threw explosives to block the entrance, instead of this cool new gadget?

He's too high profile user.

Cass thought of this cut grass bullshit?

Hugo Strange made all this Dark Souls shit?

Splitting up like this will probably lead to at least 1 evil Clayface.

Which doesn't make sense considering Bruce regularly works with teams while Kate is the lone wolf.

>Red Hood isn't mediocre
Agree. Red Hood is definitely my favorite bat book so far.

Stay bitter, anons.

Trust her, Bruce, so if she dies people can blame you again.

>have to read Nightwing for Part 2



The next issue will be delayed or did they make a mistake here?

This issue wasn't bad, but I have to admit that I'm disappointed in Orlando.

Why the fuck does that slut have Skinhead haircut now? Disgusting.

>I really enjoyed that actually.

Why? It was horrible, drawn like shit and everyone was out of character.

This series continues to be the worst Rebirth comic.

Just get rid of Tynion already.

>everyone was out of character
Explain muhfag

Literally delet your life

Tynion is bad, but it was Orlando who wrote this issue.

Whatever. Kill them both.

Gotham Girl is having the most garbage time as a super hero ever, especially since her power use is killing her.

holy fuck this event is such garbage

Is there a reason why she has the awful dyke haircut instead of the cute one she used to have?

>Dr Penelope Young
Arkham Asylum reference? She been mentioned before?

Orlando needs to step up his game. He was terrific with Midnighter. He can do much better than this.

So far Snyder's Batman book has been the best.

After her brother died she went full-on nuts, even pretending to have entire conversations with him.

>Suddenly she has pants on


She shaved it because of trauma. It'll probably grow back in an arc or two.

Hey she grew her hair back, guess I was wrong about it taking an arc or two.

Why not? If they split the event between every single batbook they can get over with it quicker instead of having it drag out for too long.

>She shaved it because of trauma
Ah the old haircut of sadness, rightup there with the beard of sorrow as the way to express your grief in print media.

Literally throwing away the only reasons people ever liked her.

I actually think Birds of Prey is one of the stronger books out there. It's doing a really good job of balancing n52 and post-Crisis characterization, and the art is really fun - not goofy cutesy or fashionable, but proper superheros with strength fun.

>Mama Jill? Mama Liz?
At this point, even females that don't appear on panels are lesbians.

What's the deal with Gotham and lesbians?

Cass not dumb.

Just not read good.

Isn't Stephanie supposed to be dumb?

All the men are in gangs
Single good woman starts seeking each other

Fuck I can't unsee that

>Superboy Prime impersonation time!

She can be smart when she isn't goofing around.

>Red Robin... Master Tim would have already kicked this

I get that they're trying to address the fact that Tim died, but this seems like a really lazy way to go about doing that.

>Calling her Stephanie in the middle of a giant crowd

Good job. This crossover has actually had a problem with that from the start; People keep using real names over comm channels as well.

Stop using real names in front of everybody, ffs. Does Orlando not understand the purpose of codenames?

>it's another "jasonfags get offended by RHATO getting criticized" episode

Someone tweet this at him.

Wait, you're right. wtf?

>it's another "butthurt Jason hater get offended by RHATO getting praised" episode

I aproved the pants, look better with one ridicule mini skirt

Gotham Girl need one new costume

Simply terrible.

Now reminds me Miss .. Captain Marvel, blond, powerful, violent, with anger issues and shouting threats worldwide

>Bat-Familty still being sidelined in favor of Gotham Girl

it's Batman & Robin Eternal all over again

Not everyone has to deal with Batman in Gotham to end up in prison. This dude just had some unpaid parking tickets.

Poor Clayface.

In Steph-haters' minds, sure.

I'm really enjoying it - but curious, how would you like them to handle it? I mean, I would like an issue of the Tec characters in a more quiet story (like the epilogue to I Am Gotham) mourning him, or like Teen Titans, but...we did have that issue, which was pretty decent. It's not overkill, or a perfunctory afterthought, like some of the Damian issues were (Batgirl, I'm lookin' at you! You had a great cover, but man, was that useless.)

I really don't see how they're being sidelined - Steph and Cass and Clayface had massive hero moments here, and Gotham Girl mostly failed hard.

god forbid ANYONE think that RHATO is mediocre and not the greatest thing ever

To be fair, her father is a Riddler knock-off and she started crimefighting to thwart him, you'd think that would require some brains.

desu I fucking love this crossover

Wait a minute

Oooh, good call. She's a puzzle solver, and I love the way she "times out" the ragezombies to think.


Batman needs to stroke his penis and make himself feel good knowing that he is capable of protecting all on his own while cancerous monster run rampage in his city.

>god forbid ANYONE think that RHATO is good and the greatest thing ever

>We Bloodborne now

I didn't say she was dumb, but both Cass and Steph should be ignorant of the fucking botanical chemistry lesson that they are using to save the day here.

Do you remember the training Steph got as Robin - it wasn't just fighting, it was science and reasoning and a knowledge base. Stands to reason she'd get the same here.

Bah gawd, what an elbow drop!

Thats a cool fucking cover

how many heads does this thing have?

he's gone full bird

Except he's not on his own you dunderhead.

batmans team
>troubled youth
>troubled youth
>troubled teen he raised from youth
>troubled adult

kates team
>creature from the black lagoon

i feel like one of those is bettter thanthe other

Gotham Girl looks better as a monster

Tynion was the one who wanted Basil to go straight, so I have high hopes for him sticking to it.

I know JR these superstars put their life on the line for the sport they love

Fucckkkkkk. Nightwing should be pretty interesting. Wonder if Kaiju Dick will still be a good guy.


Now have Spoiler and Orphan get monster mened cause fetish demands it.

>Not having Jess being yellow

Literally Y

why would she be yellow

Cass has been studying tape of the Macho Man Randy Savage.

Because fear was her thing to such an extent that the Volthoom ring sought her out.

the purple cpae is really growing on me

Watch Batman Unlimited: Mech vs. Mutants

Isn't it just some kind of leggings?


Monster Dick still fucks