This show was terrible, but Sabrina was a bit of a childhood waifu for me

This show was terrible, but Sabrina was a bit of a childhood waifu for me

She was cute. CUTE.

Her aunts were sexual as fuck too.

Screw you, it was a good show.

I don't know why I loved this, how bad was it?


All these old show
>never enough good porn

I never noticed when I was watching the show as a kid but why did her two aunts live together?

Rent's easier to pay when split between two people?


Or it's their childhood home and they're too cheap/poor to move out

That's like asking why the Red M&M and Yellow M&M are always seen together

They're heterosexual life partners

one inherited the house, the other is a fuck up

They're gay married.

Is there any reason to watch is as an adult?
How's the cunny game

Always felt to me like just a thing that happened back then.
Like Patty and Selma. I'm sure there are other examples but assed if I can think of them right now.

Never really paid attention to the cartoon, despite being the target age group at the time, but absolutely loved and watched a lot of the live-action show, despite probably being younger than the target age group at the time.

It was a major nostalgia trip when The Hub started showing reruns of the old live-action series. Really enjoyed rewatching it again.

What the hell is a cunny game


it's Cred Forums meme, brit slang for underage pussy

I know what cunny means, but wtf is a cunny "game"?

As stated above, "pussy" game is slang for "how much sex are you having?" In that other anons words, "how fappable are all the girls in this show?"


Hilda is damn hot

>watched this with my older brother
>because he's 4 years older than me get the impression there was some depth to it I was missing

Sabrina is a qt in retrospect, of course, and I'm probably gonna marathon it as a Halloween thing.

this was one of my favorite shows as a kid

Always annoyed me that it was non-canon with the sitcom, but ehh whatever

Yellow M&M is so obviously gay though.

There isn't even a reason to watch it as a kid.
It was fucking awful but I guess it has a bit of a waifu factor if you wanna subject yourself to it.

The only episode I can even remember was the one where her friend tried on some virtual reality glasses and was trapped in a game till he finished it.
...which has been done a billion times before that already.

>I'm probably gonna marathon it as a Halloween thing
Are there any good rips?

Salem was goat in the live action series

>what is a coven