Why is she so perfect?

Why is she so perfect?

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Two words, user:

ELASTIC _________

This pic alone says it all. That stance, that figure, that softness that reveals her powers. Whats not to love?

She's fictional, so she can't insult you and laugh at you for being worthless.

Elastic girl.


Would she win?


Not likely. The omnidroid was specifically designed as a perfect one-on-one combatant.

She's fucked if it decided to do a helicopter spin of its claws.


Why do artist never draw her nude?

Skin-tight leather is hot shit. Also, if she's nude, it kind of ruins it for your imagination.


She could squeeze in the opening near the droid's head and have it stab itself like with Bob

Omnidroid 08, maybe.
Anything after that, no. It becomes too smart to lose at that point.


Round eye can't into porn unless futa.
Any nudity is considered porn.

>only decent longer EG porn us drawn by shad
>female incest shit
There is no god

But how soon?



Left or right?

Why not both?


>When she wears a suit tight enough to fuck her in

Do you guys honestly want to cuck Mr. Incredible?

Something something forbidden fruit.


I like how her ass is literally smaller than in canon

Doesn't even factor in, I just want that MILF ass
On my face



No, but I wouldn't be a man if I didn't try, damn it. Bob knows it, too. Why do you think she was a stay-at-home mom? Because otherwise he'd have to fight tooth and nail for that ass. Every. Single. Day.

An ass worth fighting for


>she probably just pulled it open and had the doctor take out the kids.


Liking big ass is nigger culture.

Fucking brainwashed goons

Irishman pls go


>le "only niggers like big butts" le meme

Mcfucking yourmcself you goddamn mongoloid retard rock chomping thundercunt.


That is actually the biggest I've got.


This is aids

Prefer the fusion with Ladybug


Would never work, Bob had to make a hole for himself and I doubt she could just squeeze through some tiny cracks.

What other Helen fusions would look good?

I suppose I could imagine a fantasy where he actually does cheat on her with Mirage, and Helen fucks me as revenge.


It's like chewing gum.

With Jessica Rabbit here. I doubt anyone with Helen would look bad.




her daughter is better

It'd be an interesting fight. She's more mobile, which means a lot of the omnidroid's tactics wouldn't work the first time.

nothing is 'nigger' anything you autist. male preferences in general are hardly even race-dependent

Does bring up a point not often mentioned about the ending fight, you never get to see the droid adapt to the rest of the family much. Granted, the kids were just getting the hang of using their powers for heroing, and Helen was still rusty compared to Bob who had been getting back into the swing of things for a few months.

That guy said BIGGER, you illiterate twit.

Off the top of my head:

>Scarlet Witch
>Peg Pete
>Power Girl
>Red Hot Riding Hood
>Gogo Tamago
>Penelope Spectra
>Maddie Fenton
>Carmine Sandiego
>Calamity Jane

I can read, it was the wrong reply.

>Helen mixed with
>>Peg Pete
>>Power Girl
>>Gogo Tamago
>>Maddie Fenton
You have my attention

Those trips don't lie

>Maddie Fenton
I do have an empty chart I made quite a while back...


>peg pete

oooh you're a-temptin' me

Chose my favs. Shame noone will do it since fusions are dead.

This earns a bump

Who WOULDN'T want to see this?


In retrospect, she's lacking THICK-ness.

Not perfect.

I hate that cliche, that only black people like big butts.

Why on Earth would ANYONE want a small butt? It does not compute. You don't want less of a butt, you want more of it.

Wanting a small butt? That's stupid. You're stupid. Stop being stupid.


Helen would put on weight like fine wine. Thank you aging process.


Cred Forums's known for years that she'd make a god-tier BBW. Watching her journey to that point would be as enjoyable as the compression theory.


Oh yes. She would be the hottest BBW ever.

First the aging pounds. Then the post-marriage pounds. Then the appetite pounds. Then the pregnancy pounds. Then the lack of activity pounds.

What a sexy journey it would make.


Hopefully someone will write this one day.



Am i the only one who finds it utterly sad that despite how rad and sexy Helen was, all people care about is her ass?

>Implying asses aren't sexy

No they are, and Helen's is one of the most perfect ones that is official. Just dont see the need to make bigger or to focus so much on it while forgetting the rest of her appeal.

Die faggot

Only faggots like small man-lile ass. It's faggot culture.

You know actual 3D porn of her looks creepy.

couse she doesn't exist.

>literal barney garbage

Holy hell kid, please leave and stay leaved.

You can say that with most CG porn in general


She is so into spanking.

Spanker better beware of that rebound.

Speaking of, I imagine she loves massages as well. Gotta keep that body supple and stretchable.

>Spank dat ass
>End up smacking yourself in the face

She's pretty generic. The only thing I like about her is her personality.

She'd be hot to hypnotize.

Someone needs to request this.

>Bob has Helen over his lap, both looking to be enjoying themselves
>Bob gives Helen's bum a firm, open palm slap
>His hand bounces off his wife's ass and backhands him in the head hard enough to send both falling over


Then you're gay.



If there were ever a time I needed that pic of the drawfag signal, it's now.

That even exists? Link?

Isn't just a silhouette of an empty beer bottle with broken pencils stuffed inside?

Google it, you'll find it



Here my attempt.

>my attempt
I don't see it. You're shit, and I've seen you in different threads being shit. You're not even worth it for free. Practice and then come back.


Nah, you're shit.


That is an interesting idea, that Elastigirl is actually much fatter than she appears and is hiding it thanks to her powers.

You're just imagining all the things you could do with her as a blimp.


oh lawd

I don't get this obseession with obesity.
Is it an American thing?

Pretty sure it's a European thing since they claim to be more progressive than America.

No, just a few fat people

Also post more Helen

There's plenty of skinny dudes that are chubby chasers



>functional stretch length

What the hell that mean? Her max length in general?

I think it's the "as far as you can stretch without injuring yourself" thing Edna mentioned.


Or, more correctly, she can insult me exactly as much as I need to reach orgasm.



>the suit acts like a condom too

holy fuck

Wonder if anyone is willing to try these. I sure as hell know I can't due to my shit art skills.



>Every thread dedicated to one of the sexiest female characters drawn always ends up about her plain ans slim daughter being THICCed up.

Now im hoping that they are aged up in the sequel so you all can see how unthick Violet grows up to be.

This is so my fetish, I love ninjas in skin body glove suits like Taki for that very reason.

Makes you wonder why they don't just make a Violet thread instead.


>the first thing I thought when I saw the thumb was loss

Damn, that's hot.

It's not bad. Keep practicing.


Should have known this was an edit



Can she get any bigger?

It seems very impossible.


Sorry, everyone took the good ones.



Chubby chasers exist everywhere.



>And when everyone is blowing up, nobody will blow up.

Is there a Cred Forums version of this?

As long as it's a world where Helen and Vi both have hips like those, I ain't complaining.

They got to have something up top too, hips that wide just look ridiculous and stupid, otherwise.

Yes, giant tits are also a necessity.

And something in the middle. Doesn't have to be a borderline obese belly, but there's a difference between a literal hourglass and hourglass bodytypes.

I find it kinda frustrating that there isn't as much lewd older Violet art that goes crazy hourglass and gives her both mega tits and monster ass. It's usually only one of those things people exaggerate.

Not to say that I don't love the various Titty Monster Violets and Ass Empress Violets, just that I'd like both in one a little more often.

Yeah, Hourglass Violet would be the ideal. Part of my preferred Parr fetish combo platter, alongside compressed-BBW Helen and muscle-shota Dash.


>>Most of the world is in her pussy

>walks up to the camera instead of elongating her torso to it

Had one job.

The wasp waist was fun for that tangent of the fucksmithery behind Van's pics, but I'm more with Course I'd also like more BBW/Strongfat Violet


>muscle shota Dash

So... Like a jackhammer times ten?

Someone that's a better colorist then me really needs to go over that pic again.


Do you mean when it comes to fighting or /ss/? Either way, yeah.

As far as more realistic ideas for how a timeskipped Violet would look in an actual Pixar movie, I'm fond of this one. All she needs is longer hair.

Fan of this look myself.

Nice....Also what's with the party hats on the threads? Is it Cred Forums's birthday?


That...is logically impossible!

My inability to find a full version of this (if it exists) is making me incorrigible. The only place that seems to have his art is the Cred Forums booru and that's definitely not everything.

Even just a confirmation that isn't a full version will only leave me disappointed as opposed to frustrated.

TFW Elastigirl (I know this is a pic of Violet) will never get fat over the course of time.

You will never wake up to her bountiful figure every morning, cushioning you perfectly in its soft warmth.

>I'm getting as big as mom

I might have to write something on this...

...do you mind drunkenness?

Different person here.

I, for one, love drunkenness.

If you can make it a casual encounter instead of an earth shattering oh my god thing that would be great

Yeah, there's no full version.

I'm okay with it. Not one of my fetishes, but not a boner killer either. Write away, good user.

Violette fags



Oh hey, new content

Oh jesus my weenis

Excellent newness.

I was always a bigger fan of violet to be honest.

New to who, though?

You're scum, but I still like you.

To everyone because I drew it this morning After Van, of course. Wanted to try his style.

>The Filthy Midnight Pervert What Perves At Midnight
Oh, you're one of those. Ok

>The Filthy Midnight Pervert What Perves At Midnight
So you're making gravy WITH the lumps, then. Big soft lumps.

I love that you guys got that reference.



Not sure if want.

by warnerc
I'll have to look for this.


It's a fighting game. That should help.



I wanna make out with Helen's butthole
For hours
And hours





If only DaFuze had been blessed with the tiniest modicum of artistic skill.




this thread needs more /ll/




Kind of looks like she's about to lose control and shit like crazy.


I wish people would pair Elastigirl with Jessica Rabbit far more often.

They're both sexy redheads, but they represent opposite forms of sexy (superhero housewife and sultry femme fatale).



>>she probably just pulled it open and had the doctor take out the kids.




>mother/daughter cattiness

damn this is hot.

Ain't it just? Especially with those figures of theirs involved.

Should I bump this thread?

Well, we are potentially waiting on a writefag: Patient bumping should continue as needed.



Give me an idea for a scenario. Might write something based on this later.


I don't think you know the meaning of this word, user.



How about something with Violet going out in this skimpy costume () and vainly remarking how well she makes that look work.

Yes, sort of a combo of and . Helen disapproves of Vi's look, Vi scoffs that Helen is just jealous of Vi's figure, and things escalate from there. Seconding!

More Helen
Fuck off Violette

Well it sure is a good thing nobody has been posting Violette.

>capes do nothing but hide the curvacious figure
>skintight, indestructible material accentuates the figure, showing off the fine curves of the body

You're velcome, Cred Forums.

You know, Edna, maybe that girl wouldn't have died if, you know, you designed capes that broke away easily as opposed to being buckled with fucking admantium.

how does this costume stay on

Invisible straps?

Considering the advancements made in rendering clothing, I wonder if they will add some capes in the sequel.



Whatever keeps their masks on?

Working on this now. Also trying whiskey for the first time, so, let's see what wins out. Feel free to post any ideas.


I'm done with anything involving shapely buttocks in jeans or super suits.

*Down with anything

Time for sleep.


Who says she designed that?



Heh, if Violet's this fat, Helen must be sexily huge.






Hot off the presses.

Was expecting a thicker Violet, but still a good start.


Did somebody say "Violet"?

Now this is a level of thicc I can get behind!

Thanks. Open to suggestions for part two.

...pondering some bad ends.

What sorts of bad ends?


Why did the clock stop?

>coloranon fugged up the socks

Granny's Peach Tea


Need more thicc violet
More, I say!

It was based on Ankh's story.

>random poolboy
>not Dash
I feel somewhat disappointed.

Depends on how you define "bad ends", but I think Helen ought to face some "corporal punishment" from Bob.

I wonder what she was like when she was discovering her sexual needs.

Like a raping version of Rover from The Prisoner?

you made me spit beer out of my nose


Hold onto your dick

I see what you did there.

Come on, mate! I'm just asking for fat invisible girls




>Helen will never assault and envelop you

>making her ass smaller but her tits bigger
I am unreasonably upset by this.


Dont you have like 7 more character blogs to make

Goddamn it, I kek'd

>fat chick with small tits
Is there anything sadder than this?

That's why I'd prefer a fat Violet that's a little more topheavy and happy. Like I see weight-gain as an extension of the whole "Violet's frustrations with her scrawny frame and lack of curves fade away in an over the top manner" that the whole Violet inheriting her mother's genes thing is built upon.

Anyways, here's a crossover ship pic.








You gotta do what you gotta do


>all this inflation art
Did Dobson drop in?

Mostly because you are very lonely and looking to fill the empty void with imaginary characters, who have been built up and idolized by your internal emotional conflict



If I was a supervillain, I'd feed Helen and Violet a variant on Passion Patties. Get them both enormous and thus unable to stop my schemes.

A very fat superheroine is a much less effective one.

>The weight gain ends up affecting Violet's developing powers and makes her forcefields bouncy and more pliable and capable of being shaped into constructs as she gets heftier

>most of the Helen & Violet the fanart is disgustingly thicc or fat

Because one's a thick MILF and the other's a girl that's unhappy about her scrawny frame.



It would also give more weight to Elastigirl's attacks. Due to her increased mass, she'd be quite the heavy hitter.

And potentially add to her stretching range.

She could be both a bowling ball and a battering ram.