Deathstroke #3 Storytime

"The Professional" part three!

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Well, let's get started...
For you, user.

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Finally Rose is here.



















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Holy shit. Is this how he lost his eye pre Flashpoint?

Damn Slade is based

Rose is in Damians teenTitans.

Fucking savage.

he wants damian as his new partner?


but that girl is his wife ?

So he doesn't care about Dick anymore?

Deathstroke's history is based. Where can I read more?
Yes. She was in all previous issues as well.

Did based Grayson tap that ass?

damian will laugh at Slades workout and the trained for his children,,Slades kids are crybabies.

>of course she's porking someone named "Richard"

That's what Priest wanted but she's a teenager.

Gonna lol if he did.Now Rose likes to date guys named Richard

But she banged Jason.

>I'd like to ravage her.
That's not very PC Priest.
I love how Priest doesn't give a fuck. We need more writers like him.

Yep. And kid on floor would be Joseph, kid with mind-control powers, unless I'm wrong.
Dunno. Wolfman's solo?

I like that too.

>Damifagging out of nowhere

I love cool guys like Slade :) Do you have a problem with that?


What are Rose's powers? Precognition and?

Amazing. Based Priest.


Priest. he should write a batman book.

damian wants her for his. teen titans.

Sleeping together in full clothers? Really?
Also costume is shit. Why do they need to change goat new52 version?

I don't get it. It's because of Dick or what?

>Sleeping together in full clothers? Really?
It's explained in the issue user.

Wait what
Ah i see

The bit with the old lady is a nice touch.

Yeah, Dick trained her and turned her against Slade pre-N52, and she wanted to bang him. Later on, she tried to bang Tim as well.

If Lobdell wrote it, it's not canon

wat a tweeeest

Hm first new title panel of the issue.
I auctualy assumed at first it was another jump back so even though i was glad there was less jumping around this time i was still anoyed by the lack of a timeframe given.
Still seems its in chronological order so its not a big deal now.

Much improved over the last few issues so far.

This is incredible, Priest is a genius!

so when is teen titans coming?
also,can damien really enlist anyone into the teen titans even if they are villains?

Who's this Evan guy?

I think it's Slade's stolen identity

Still not a fan of the bulletproof armor. Would've been a better sequence if he just burst through the door, shot two people before the third got his gun out, ducked in the next panel and shot the third too.

You really want this to become full anime-y? It's already anime enough as it is user.

Lel what? Bullet dodging is pretty common in cape comics, son. Besides, it's not even as much bullet dodging as it just is "Slade is faster than a normal human, especially when he takes them by surprise".

It's not the bullet dodging part, it's the long drawn out rule of cool action sequences that you want. I like it as it is, I'd rather Priest give us 2 pages worth of action sequences and 18 pages of pure fun character interactions.

What you just described would take up a lot more panels and extra limited page space for the comic leading to to become more decompressed, and that you likely want most events to happen that way, lead to a lot of decompression and spreading the story over even more issues hurting the overall story, even if everything else were to remain the same.

>, it's the long drawn out rule of cool action sequences that you want
user do you read? it's the same amount of panels
>one panel with the mooks standing around talking
>one panel in which he kicks down the door and shoots two guys
>another panel where he ducks and shoots the other guy
Oh wait, that's even shorter.

So you never see the mooks at any point in the combat?

You got the previous deathstroke runs for that. Read those instead.

Her son got his throat cut because her husband was off with the kid he had with another woman. She's mad.

Or better yet read any of the Ellis/Millar meme faggotry. They always get good artists. James Bond is garbage in writing but looks visually stunning.

You see them as much as you're seeing them in the official page.

No, you see them firing guns and getting blasted. Your description keeps all the focus on Slade.
>one panel in which he kicks down the door and shoots two guys
This would have to be focused on Slade, the busted open door and Slade's guns firing. The guys, on the other side of the room, wouldn't appear unless you added a second panel of them being surprised or getting hit by the bullets.
>another panel where he ducks and shoots the other guy
Again the panel focuses on Slade diving and shooting a gun, and presumably a bullet flying by him. The guy shooting the gun would have to be another panel, him getting hit would have to be another panel.

You could of course easily imply all the actions of the mooks from the panels with Slade, but question was if you are fine without seeing the mooks during the fight.

Also one could do larger splash panels, full page, or half page panels depicting a much wider and broader view of the full room, but that would take up more page space which you were trying to avoid.

A huge improvment over previous issues i could auctualy keep track of what was going on.
Its fine to jump around in time a little but you need to say what time your are jumping to at the start.

This was based.

No, user, it's like this, and look at the original page to know what I'm talking about it
>panel 1
same shit except the mooks are just chatting instead of acting like they just heard the door coming down
>panel 2
camera from the back, the mooks looking at the door that's just being kicked down by Slade
>panel 3
camera from behind Slade as he enters the room and shoots two mooks as they're getting up while a third is reach for his gun
panel 4
>somewhere from the side so you see both Slade and the third mook. Third mook is shooting for Slade's head but he predicted that move and is ducking out of the way and shooting said mook.

One panel less(allows for bigger panels in which you can draw) and all still taking place in one page. I just find it a lot ore fitting for an assasin that relies on agility and that Priest said his biggest asset is his brain, to take care of a situation like that instead of this Robocop shit
>burst through door announcing his arrival
>haha puny bullets
>throws grenade
>*Michael Bay*

>it's about owning your sexuality not giving it away
The fuck is she even talking about.

>dat rebuttal from slade

>Slade telling his daughter she should put out
Father of the year

Teenage edge.

She's a dumb teenager.

I reallly fucking love this page.
Its hard hitting and accurate without reeking to much of gahhh get off my lawn kids.

prudism disguised as empowerment without risking slut-shaming. Basically, pseudo-progressiveness galore.

Well yeah i figured that i mean i literaly dont understand what she was saying.

Is sleeping in a bed with somebody as some sort of display of sexual strength or something a thing the kids are doing these days.

DC should hand more characters over to Priest. I wish he gets another book when this is cut down to being a monthly title.

Postmodern Faustian bs philosophy


Now I still want some art of Slade telling kids to get off his lawn.

>Slade doesn't care if she's a stripper
>Wintergreen saying he's had a crush on her
>makes fun of her for not fucking her boyfriend

I'm getting Ivanka vibes.

I know he does not want to work on any more black characters but in a few years time when he has done enough whites that he feels there not just giving blacks to him because hes black i want to see him on a vixen book.

when do you guys think it'll get creepy

In the comic he doesn't kill those guys. It's a flashbang. He then let's the leader go without killing him.

Right, Rose had precognition because Slade gene. Ugh why not.

Like that? probably never, I trust Priest to not tackle on some bad writing in his books.

It's already pretty creepy.

Fair point but I don't see why he WOULN'T kill them. Still, I'd prefer him shooting their kneecaps/ their hands or some shit over this Robocop approach.

it's abusive, sure, but it doesn't have the incest subtext

Priest delivers again. The only book from Rebirth worth reading.

>prefer him shooting their kneecaps/ their hands or some shit over this Robocop approach
I don't think we saw the same Robocop

? I'm talking about busting through the door, getting shot and and not flinching while disposing of the mooks easily. Pretty Robocop-esque.

So Slade cheated on Addie with Lily who's now Chinese?

Robocop kneecapped and shot fuckers all day every day.

>Priest delivers again
>The only book from Rebirth worth reading.
You wot mate.
Do you only read villan books or something.

>The only book from Rebirth worth reading.
Woa man. You are absolutely right.

I'm pretty sure he shot for the kill but it's been a long time since I've seen the movies. or maybe you're talking about the tv series? yeah, he probably shot kneecaps there. Either way, I don't like the unsubtle approach of announcing his arrival, getting shot at and not being bothered by it shit

She's still Cambodian, Addie's just being racist.

>Fair point but I don't see why he WOULN'T kill them.
Because he's not a maniac psychopath edgelord and because this series and Priest aren't really trying to glorify violence.

New Super-Man is cool too user. Unless you're one of those obnoxious cbrfag that thinks MC is an irredeemable asshole.

Deathstroke has been fantastic so far! I loved every moment of it! One of the best Rebirth books!

I thought Priest said he's a sociopath and a cold blooded murderer in an interview?

So this is where he gets his codename "Deathstroke" from? I like how his family defines him so much. Was he using the codename "The Terminator" before losing an eye?

>you smoke dope
I love this old man

He's all those things but he has a sense of justification in what he does.

also remember when she came to Tim's room to scare him with tits 'cause Tim was an innocent virgin? good times

Priest is writing a smart Deathstroke than the hacking and slashing one Higgins, Liefeld or Daniels were writing.

*unzips dick*


Most young people don't watch television anymore you old dinosaur, they stream it.

I've never heard of this, but it seems like something a young woman would do these days.

Rose is a clairvoyant? Since when? I thought her power was the ability to bypass superdurability and inflict damage on them like a normal person.

It sounded like they were dating, they just haven't fucked yet

>People find Deathstroke challenging to read

Dear lord, is this the level of reading comprehension these days?

TT #35, Johns run

H-hot. More?

For almost a decade.

For a long time

It's why Clock King bothered her and liked her or something

It needs to clearly label whenever a scene takes place in the past, the jumps are jarring.

There is enough context to figure it out yourself

Just look at what's popular user, there's your answer.

>um, like, can you TELL instead of showing? smdh

Just read it twice.

>implying people want to put time in their fiction.
Seriously, this book is going to be such a hard sell with normalfaggots.

Since John's run.

It seems like a recurring theme with Slade's kids is psychic abilities.

I wonder when Joey is going to show up

It still makes it harder to read.
Captions are already there, all he needs to add is a label that says "The present" or "the past"

Maybe you should just read something less challenging. Like say, Kate Leth's Hellcat.

Pretty much what this user said or perhaps you'd like to immerse yourself in the work of one Scott Lobdell?

It's easy to tell if something happens in the present or past. If Priest were to put captions to let you know that then Priest is insulting his audience and assuming they'elre to dumb to tell themselves.

just for you
Also in that issue:
- Rose lights a cig off Kid Devil's lip (lol)
- Cassie's downfall continues
- *that* Doom Patrol arc starts

Based Johns, giving fanservice and shit.

He's already appeared in a few flashbacks. I expect him to have gone nuclear when he shows up in the main storyline.

yeah, a lot of the time the difference between a good writer and a bad one isn;t so much the ideas they express as the way they express them

I've thought that they've never met in current universe. That thing bothers me most in new52. You simply don't know what is from pre-new52 is canon until some writer somehow mention it in his issue.

there are people who think Red Hood and the Outlaws is good, so...

>It's easy to tell if something happens in the present or past.
Not immediately, no. It doesn't sacrifice the integrity of the work to signify when a scene takes place, either through a caption or a different color scheme.

Good fucking DAMN IT!
When will we finally get some good kinky Slade sex?!?!?

dude,. come on.
the last Red Hood issue was pretty fun

>Okay, I am still not a huge fan of this book, but when Christopher Priest decides to tell a story that isn't designed to confuse the hell out of everyone, it can be pretty damn good.

>While Christopher Priest seems to have signed up for this book only to confuse people, he finally lets his guard down a bit and gives the reader some pretty cool story with a promising cliffhanger.

LOL @ the Weird Science reviewers. They're retards.

This new dark Trinity looks great, mate. Chemistry between Jason and Artemis is already awesome

Happened in issue 1 already user.

It's too bad that most people don't understand that execution>ideas.

This guy is a total faggot. Read his Grayson and Midnighter reviews.

that's just normal sex. BORING!
I want the weird shit. the kinky, almost creepy stuff Slade is known for.
to me, that's what defines his character.
many bad guys are assassins for hire. but Deathstroke has an "exotic" sex life, and an that's what makes him different.

Ah that would make sense.
Well the dating thing her choice of words were still stupid.

But i suppose thats the point your meant to have that reaction to the line.

>Not immediately, no.
What the fuck are you talking about? You see Slade with his teenage sons and wife and wonder "gee, does this take place in the present or past?", or when you see Wintergreen with black hair instead of white, si you wonder "gee, does this take place in the present or past?" ? Leaving aside the fact that Slade uses a different costume in the present from the past, do you wonder "gee, does this take place in the present or past?" despite the fact that Slade having two eyes or one is a dead giveaway?

>professional reviewers
How can people read them? Doesn't anyone remember the Grayson Future's End fiasco?
>it's horrible and makes no sense lol

It needs to be apparent from panel one. This issue had no problem showing Rose's clairvoyance vision in black and white so this really isn't asking for much.

Yes but you are not given that context until the scene is over or almost over.
You cant absorb the information properly with that knowledge without going back and rereading the part.

He's the ass hole who could not understand the Futures End issue

Back to /aco/ with you.

They're fanboy reviewers, the worst.
>Deathstroke is too confusing
>Nightwing is too much like Grayson
>Earth 2 has too much politics, they should be punching each other instead
>Midnighter has too much gay
>Supergirl got rebooted from her mediocre New 52 series so it sucks

>Hur dur if you dont make your comic impenetrable your not showing.
There is plenty of fucking show over tell in this book but timeframes are one of the few things that are usualy better told.

It doesn't need to be apparent from panel one. But for the most part it is anyway.

They're retelling the Judas Contract so...

No, you're a retard.

Of course i do agree with slade on this mostly but look at constintine he is a whiny faggot about everything he thinks is wrong with the world but i still enjoy seeing him complain.

I know, Slade's pretty hot in this

I don't know much about CPR but does it work with the throat slit open? Shouldn't stopping the blood be the first thing to do?

they're not even professional. they just run a shitty blog, and they get hits because they're a "safe space" for people who like comics like New 52 Deathstroke

And what if this is your first deathstroke book.

I think it's only slashed.

I wonder how Priest and Abnet are going to pull it off. Since Rose knows Dick are they going to use her for the Judas Contract instead of Terra?

I'm not talking specifically about that. I remember seeing Grayson FE get 3's on lots of websites by professional reviewers. Hell, first issue of Seeley/Ferreyra got a 3 and problems cited by the reviewer were that the art is too confusing at times and Ferreyra's art is too bright for such a dark title.

All those points still stand.

Problem with most comic reviewers these days is that they're either:

A) "fanboy reviewers" who get uppity over "not muh character" or get confused by anything unconvential (see: the Weird Science people)


B) "faux-professional reviewers" that just skim over the books they read, and judge it based on how "indie" or "quirky" it looks, without looking into the book's merits or what it's trying to accomplish

>Hell, first issue of Seeley/Ferreyra got a 3 and problems cited by the reviewer were that the art is too confusing at times and Ferreyra's art is too bright for such a dark title
man, i can't believe that fun run got replaced with the most generic Suicide Squad book ever

but then how will Slade emotionally manipulate her?
I mean, he's not not gonna have sex with his own daughter like he did with Terra, right?

Seeley's writing was not good in that but Ferreyra made it worth reading. I've enjoyed the hell out of the backups in the current run.

>ywn date Deathstroke's daughter

Is that the classic costume?

>She'll never make a beta out of you
Feels bad man.

There's also the IGN and Newsrama reviewers who just skim over books to finish reviewing all the releases in half a day.

You want to impress, daddy? OK here's what we'll do... Or some shit. I don't know, this crossover is such a shit idea...

Seeley made those characters work well together as an ensemble, instead of having each character spout off assigned token one-liners

Is this actually the first issue of the series that you've read, or do you mean this ongoing is the first Deathstroke comic you've followed?

For me, it's the latter, I've seen Deathstroke in a bunch of different thing, but I haven't bought a book where he's the main character before, or read the Teen Titan comics like Judas Contract that introduced and defined him.
And having said that, I've been followings things OK, and haven't had trouble telling when we're in flashback territory or not

that's what I mean by the "faux-professional" reviewers. they basically just look at the name on the cover, and skim over the art

It's a rebuttal, but he still cut Hosun off, right? It's not always as clear as what Slade is saying.

It's almost like you can figure out whether or not something is a flashback based on the look of the characters

No he didn't. Deadshot couldn't go a page without mentioning his death wish and Harley was just as obnoxious as she is now. His Waller was good though, despite being so eager to get into the field and he write a nice Digger but Williams' Digger is better.
And please, Seeley is a king of making characters spout assigned token one liners.

They still get paid to do it.

I actually find this terrifying as well, but it explains so much.

Obviously man, he's saying
>I don't give a fuck who's dick you suck, girlie
But he's thinking
>If any dick touches your lips I'mma cut it off

It's a morally complex series. Just look at the page in which his wife shoots him, he's blaming him for running off to do a mission, but where was she? Running after his dick trying to find him and she could, she would have left with Slade and Wintergreen in the first place. They're both shitty parents and the kids sounds pretty rotten too but at the end of the day they're still family, it's easy to neglect and it's easy to not properly show affection to the people you love but they both wanted their children to be safe and they failed because they didn't put enough effort in it, because they didn't think they had to.

Did no one else notice that this Pace guy changed ethnicity between panels?


I quite liked Ravager/Rose's attitude towards Slade in this issue, where she's openly disrespectful and not all that friendly towards him, but isn't totally hostile and vigorously trying to get rid of him/attack him.

Slade is a master at manipulating people and he seems to have a slightly better relationship with Rose in Rebirth, so he could get her to do his dirty work.

Based fucking Slade

Why the fuck would I pay attention to costumes? Are you fucking retarded? Do you really think you're smart because you pay attention to insignificant shit like this? This series deserves to crash in sales because the fans are pretentious dumbasses.

You just know

go back to reading lobdell/jurgens/humphries

Seeley's Harley was smart and manipulated people using their perception of her. Deadshot was disgruntled and it played off nicely against the other characters. There was actual banter between characters, where as Williams's run has so many characters that exist in a vacuum and are only in the book because "omg movie tie-in". And no one even gives a shit that Digger died.

Well, he's a piece of shit so what do you expect?


FUCK NO. Slade a bit pedo, but he'll never do such disgusting shit. And Rose is hunger for sex and wanna impress her dad, but she'll not do such thing either. She is promised to some Robin anyway.

are you damifag?

i think this is damifag

Nah, mate. My suggestion is based on fact that she's tried to fuck Dick and Tim. Damian is too young for her. Also Tim is too dead. So Dick is only true option.

>Your work at a strip club but blueball your fella--

Maybe he is damifag but he's not wrong here for once. Take your degenerate shit out of my face.


Bump again.

So, I'm saying "you can't read the dialogue in a straightforward way" - are you just posting this to explain further?

>Rose loves Dick
>Slade hates Dick

Based Priest

I get the impression that she really wants to impress Slade, and that the tough-gal attitude would work.

Jesus Christ, Slade

What a fucking savage

dude, their relation is already fucked up beyond repair.
adding sex to it wouldn't actually change THAT much

She does, and she's making a pathetic attempt to hide it.

This issue literally set up Jericho's origin, though. They don't need to use Rose when they can just use Terra anyways. Rebirth is Rebirth, you know. It's about bringing back classic elements.

Dick and Rose's history probably played out the exact same way it did originally, and Priest will get to it later.

It might even help

Oh shit, that's why people are saying Damian wants Rose.

Aw, this is cute.

It's her fetish and ways piss off her poppa.

Ahaha, Slade is a terrible father and I love every minute of it.

Father of the year confirmed.

It's actually better than pre-new52. Sitting together like father-daughter assassins, talking about their lifes. Looks pretty great by measures of Slade.

Awesome issue.

Did Slave ever showed somehow that he hates Dick in new52?

I'm not even sure they've met, which is probably good because n52 Deathstroke book was a ugly mess.

>their relation is already fucked up beyond repair.
No, not at all. What I'm afraid of is that Priest will go that route just to integrate "classic" elements back into continuity but it's going to end up as rehashing shit, like one of those dumb reboot movies with a new paintjob.

I don't know, I just like their relationship like this, he's an awful father, he fucks up, she acts like she hates him but she desperately wants him to notice her. It can easily get worse, which I'm not a fan of because it will be limiting, but it can't get better because Rose is stubborn and edgy and thinks she's smarter than she really is while Slade is selfish, a control freak, an asshole and just...a bad father, not because he wants to be a bad father, but because he doesn't know how to be a good one.

they never interacted and never talk about each other until literally right now

higgins wanted to do a crossover when he was writing both books but editorial said no

> you will never be ravaged by Ravager.
Why live?

So, there is literaly no reasons for him to hate Dick. Sad. I guess they've probably met during Ravager training in Bludhaven, but in this fucking new52 you never know what is canon. I didn't even knew that Dick training Rose is canon until now.

when is that coming out anyway?

priest is doing deathstroke's backstory and the judas contract crossover for a reason user

but isn't dick with starfire?

New52 Deathstroke was legit awful, he had no reason to exist without the first generation Teen Titans around.

Rebirth Deathstroke is returning all the stuff that makes Deathstroke worth a damn.

Well, I hope to see some good old Bludhaven fights for Rose soul between Dick and Slade. Also precious Slade's manipulations. And intersting how will they make judas contract without Terra.
She cucked him for some random sea guy.

Deathstroke was awful for many years before the reboot happened.

Dick is with Starfire according to the Teen Titans comic but Starfire wants nothing to do with Gotham.

I wonder how she will feel if she finds out that Dick got turned into a monster in Gotham.

not in any meaningful way, no

Priest will probably use Rose for the Judas Contract instead of Terra.

>talking about their lifes

oh so meaning rose will be screaming DADDY as he pounds her?

god I hope not.
I want to see Terra again. it's been so long....

This is true. But the New52 went full meme with him

That will be awful. It's bright and awesome rebirth, not some ultimate shit with incest. I hope Rose just will join Dick or Damien's Titans to betray them.

bumping this because anons keep speculating while ignoring basic facts

Not really, no. Pre Flashpoint he was worse.

Why is Slade so perfect?


Slade best dad

He specifically mentioned Terra, I don't think she'll be excluded

got source on that?

>CP: It’s twice-monthly, which is a real challenge to put out. But so far it’s been really easy. Now once we move past issue 12 or so, then we’re doing a big crossover with the Titans book. And we’re doing a JJ Abrams-ing of “The Judas Contract.” The original storyline that launched Deathstroke and is like the definitive Teen Titans storyline from Marv (Wolfman) and George Perez. So, we’re kind of building a firewall around that story to say, “Yes, this absolutely happened.” We are not dismissing that or ret-conning that, but as JJ Abrams did with “Star Trek,” we are now telling our own alternate version of it because of the speed force, and was Wally there or was Wally not there, and where was Starfire, and was Terra really underage when Deathstroke slept with her? And all that other stuff. So Alex and Dan Abnett, the writer of “Titans,” they are working out all those details. In order for the Deathstroke book to function, I need to tell the definitive, at least post-Rebirth, version of Deathstroke’s origin. Which involves the at the time Teen Titans, so I need to know who was in, who was out, and all that other stuff. So that’ll be the first half of the year, we’re just rebuilding Deathstroke’s cast and establishing Deathstroke, so that’s 1-11. Issue 12 will begin the second arc where it’s retelling that classic story and basically retelling the Titans origin over in “Titans,” and retelling the Deathstroke origin over in Deathstroke. Dan and I are kind of collaborating on it.

>was Terra really underage when Deathstroke slept with her?
god damn it. they're gonna change her age, completely missing the point of why the Teen Titans even recruited her.

you act like it was a good story

They probably won't make her too old. Like 16 or 17.


Did Slade really fuck Terra?

Yep. But it was to make her seem more evil and slutty. The Wolfman and Perez didn't realize that it also made Slade look bad until later.

Rose apparently looks up to Dick, probably has a crush on him too, that's good enough reason for Slade to hate Dick.

They didn't think making Slade a sexual predator preying on and taking advantage of the insanity of a teenage girl would make him look bad? Also the power dynamic is all fucked up so ofc it would look bad!

I think it's more like Bat writers don't know what to do with Starfire, and her relationship with Dick.

Dick is directly related to the death of Grant, the "betrayal" of Joseph (and death if Abnett and Priest go all the way with this), as well as "corrupting" Rose.

Slade has plenty of reason to hate Dick.

Terry Long, I don't think they're the best judge of healthy relationships

She definitely wanted to fuck him pre 52 and definitely wants to fuck him here too
Her bf's name is Richard

Also I'm like 90% sure Priest wanted her to be older partially because of the child soldier thing and also so she could fuck Dick


>Wintergreen is the cool dad
>Slade is the bad dad
I love it

I think he wanted to go older to work the teen prostitute angle with Rose


Oh I get it now, DC wanted their alt-right super-character too.

How old is Slade now? Sometime he looks like in his 40s.


They used to fuck pre-52.

You're an idiot, that's not his problem there. He's not some right wing sexist autistic maniac. He's just calling her out on her bs because she's trying hard to impress him.

not everyone shares america's age of consent, you know
slade's been around the world a lot




Metal Gear Slade

>He's just calling her out on her bs

It should also be noted that he's mostly complaining about her personal life. Few of his complaints about her have anything to do with how she operates.

Nah, he says she's not ready and pretty much laughs at the "I was trained by Nightwing" line.

Why does this artist add so many LINES to the costume?

I want the plot to become just as ridiculous by the end here as well.

I hope this series lasts a while with writing like this. I've never been a Deathstroke fan, but I really enjoyed the writing in this issue. Haven't read 1 or 2, but I can already understand what's going on which is great. Slade doesn't feel like Coldsteel now, but instead just a professional trying to get his kid into the family business proper. I'll be following this series hopefully it's an ongoing.

We've got keikaku as the default setting so I'm thinking thats a distinct possibility

Sounds right

Ow, unzipping your dick must be pretty painful.