Suicide Squad #3

Storytime, because ALL TWO YEARS



>Billy Tan may FINALLY come back after JLvSS



















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Should soultaker be able to injure a kryptonian?
I know they're just as susceptible to magic as anyone, but he still has super-resistance from harm.

Heh, I guess it can now if it couldn't before.

I suppose Katana versus Wonder Woman isn't as far fetched as we were led to believe after all. :^)

I never got the chance to say it last month but i really liked the way flag just decided to nope the fuck out of there the moment he heard phantom zone.

I dont remember the damage from the darkseid war being that widespread.

Then again i have probably subconsciously blocked most of my memorys of that shitshow.

>I was kicked out of the girl scouts
I ligitimantly want to know why she was largly sane back then.

Question. Is there a sun in the phantom zone? Would Zod keep his powers in there after all that time locked away?

Wait so waller did not know they were going after zod.
And here i thought she would have given them all the nesecary equipment.

These guys look tough.

Just as incompetent as she was in the movie.


>super villan
Oh cool new rogue.
Im assuming shes going into the squad if she survives the squad or when she comes back from getting killed in the squad they will give her to cyborg his ongoing is doing a good job of giving him a gallery but a little extra help cant hurt.

I wonder if this chick is going to end up as one of harleys gang could make for interesting storys but it would make the canonity of those books even more confusing.

Injure him maybe. But he still has Kryptonian speed and strength and should be able to heat vision her head off before she can get within slicing distance

Think she'll be the new Nightshade? Aka the teleporter.

God, this writing is fucking awful.

I really like that bottom right panel.
I know the artist is really slow but once he leaves this book can we put him on the next magic based one shot.

I blame that we get half a comic of story.

why dthe fuck does Belle Reve look like some supervillain lair? it also houses normal prisoners, the whole normalcy added to its charm.

Nah there was already a new nightshadee in blue beetle this week.

>croc surviving Heat Vision

Oh baby

Just because they made her fat now doesn't stop her from being the same Waller from the previous New 52 volumes of Suicide Squad.

Anybody recognise these guys or are they new.

Oh cool. I just meant fill her old role from the old run, but I need to check that out. New character new or Rebirthed new?

Right? I can't believe this is coming from the same dude who wrote Martian Manhunter.

What the Hell happened here, senpai?

I am conflicted.
I am annoyed the artist is so slow we need these backups but at the same time they have been really good.

what? Red Shadow and People's heroes not doing it anymore? I wanted Zastrow and Stalnoivolk back.

>Moe Waller

I'm not sure if its a new character but somebody compared his powerset to her.
It is definintly an improvment over the last issue (most improved this week is deathstroke though)

When she said maybe you can i assumed she was talking about the past with her own children at first.

Oh shit there's a threat coming.

Better then movie bell reve at least.
Although i only hated that because i prefer the place to be a tightly run ship with no fucking around from the guards.

Oh wait you can actually tell?
I can never predict if Cred Forums think a writing is good or not, Cred Forums usually even praise shit writing. Hell even a shit writing got a good sales.

Or maybe you're just one of those who actually a rational one.

>if Cred Forums think a writing is
Keep practicing that English user. You'll get it down one day.


I will, but please don't divert the subject. What is your opinion about my post other than the english?


Your post says nothing more than you don't like this comic's writing and think Cred Forums has bad judgement. Not really much to comment on user.


Well you could say if you're agreeing with me or not. Or are you actually offended by my statement?

I don't get this meme. Stop posting memes I don't get.

I think this writing quality is suffering because it has only half the issue to progress the plot.

Well I think the writing is shit, and you too are shit for liking it.

Why is Katana dressed like an idiot rather than a badass biker?

Nope. If I remember there was s place inside the phantom zone nos affected by its powers and superman was without powers inside

"Annihilation Brigade"

I guess we're running out of good names :(

>buying comics
>Cred Forums


This is so slow but at least is competent even if a bit...I don't know, weird. Some real heavy hitters in this first arc considering the Squad is ...not that strong. The backups have been really good so far though. Last issue was legit good start to finish though.

The writing suffering means that the writing is being bad, user. And bad is a synonym for shit, your same opinion as mine. Hit those dictionaries and soon you'll be able to understand what people are saying to you without getting angry and name calling ;D.

>any squad with enchantress
>not that strong

I'm just joking user, I'm already happy enough after hearing about your opinion.

Aw thanks user.

The art is awful too.

Hilariously enough she gets knocked out quite early. Apart from her though the team has two people that shoot stuff, a bitch with a mallet and a guy that throws frisbees. And it's not that they're "not that strong" it's that they're not that strong compared o the guys they're up against in the first arc.

I hope Jim Lee fucks off after the first arc so they can stop this doing this half story shit, it just doesn't work for me.

Yeah she did get taken out pretty quickly.
Still shes pretty powerful hell it took the whole justice league dark to take her out last time.

Wait a second is my memory lying to me wasn’t she seperated from june at the end of that arc.

Yeah, no.

What is this, the 90s?

Yes one of the best parts of the 90s at that.
Not the best part of course that honer goes to pockets.

why is zods head half the size of harley, fuck me the art is terrible

Nice first issue. But the art needs improvement.

>Nice first issue.


They spelled Rick Flagg's name wrong

fuck, shit art but the extra supplement stories are good but i dont know i can honestly say i like it. There are good moments like with Flagg, croc, deadshot and harley all being fun but overall it kind of sucks hard.

I blame it most on lee being to lazy to do full issues meaning the writing gets cut back

I agree, but...uh, maybe the ongoing wetlands destruction in the Louisiana (which acts/acted as a buffer against the sorts of floods you see in Katrina) basin resulted in it flooding, so they made it 'stilty'?

I seem to recall BR being right in the middle of marsh and swamp.


Nah. Herlel is shit.

I would love to know what some of you people consider "good art"

current green arrow ongoing

>implying anyone should pay for this piece of shit after reading this garbage issue.

Art that isn't 90s shit slightly modified to be current DC house superhero style

My bar isn't even that high, but this dialogue, ESPECIALLY Zod's dialogue, irks me in ways I can't even describe.

Zod looks like a big guy.

>raging Zod

>not murdering them in all in about 20 seconds

Enchantress is a typical glass cannon.

Movie synergy and less pages to write due to backups

He's supposed to come off a bit nutty though.

Fuck, just bring back Tim Seely already.

It doesn't sound like angry ranting, he sounds like a complete retard.

Yeah see, this is exactly the kind of nerfing I'm expecting next in Justice League vs. Suicide Squad.

>easy go toe-to-toe with Superman and won
>can't kill pile of b-list metas and humans

I said nutty not angry.

He was worse, he just had better art.

So it's basically frostmourne.

I can totally fap to this Katana.

If only Kot had stayed. I know he's a cunt but his issues were the best of the New 52 shit.

They're taking about the scene in suicide squad where rick introduces katana because it felt out of place

movie synergy was a mistake

Ummm. Prison called "Dark Dream" sound good in Engl. But in Russian is sounds stupid.Especially how it was translated with Google Trannslate...


Is it the lighting that is making Croc look brown?
>Croc can now hang with Supes

suicide squad is serious business

lets be real though any squad with enchantress on it is instantly superior to just about every team in the dcu
she wrecked the Justice League by herself which is why she had to job this issue