Titans Return Storytime

It's time to continue our Hasbro mandated event!

>This Week
Transformers #57 and MtMtE #57 (Both of these are the final issues of these series)

Transformers #57:
MtMtE #57: mega.nz/#!CwYUwJrJ!axSJQCiWRpJZ-qwbknU9tWZdwYRnwL5M6gKf7Xa4cXc

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How long did you wait for the site to be back up in order to make the thread?

Too long






And now back to our regularly scheduled Revolution lead up...





Being Soundwave is suffering






And this is where MtMtE comes into the event.
(So the order is: Titans Return => exRID #56/#57 => MtMtE #56/#57)




And that's the end of exRID.
Download again: mega.nz/#!bkYiDQjB!3XnzuULmb2GtcZPWELitzE6RGBVlH2Cpo4-EeLVQALY

ya done good

I posted mirrors in the Win-O'.

And now onto MtMtE #57

Thanks, saves me having to sort them.










That's pretty funny.



Woops forgot 13

Correct order is:
=> =>






The End.

Not going to storytime the two Revolution issues? Are you a different guy to the usual Revolutianon?

So are Cerebros and Max a "thing" now?

I'll storytime them in a min, just need to sort them.

Prowl was pretty cute this issue (his expressions)

thanks for posting, user

Post the smug and obnoxious writeup page.

Wow, Soundwave is officially on camp Prime.

This one?

That's the shitpile, yep.

I didn't think it was that smug.

>living the dream


There is no reason to be salty.

Revolution Storytime thread:

Optimus and Soundwave are a painfully cute duo.
>Arcee lurking in the shadows away from everyone
It could have been a trio, Arcee. It could have been a trio.

I reread all of Titans Return to refresh myself on all the out of order happenings, and noticed that Badgeless were still around and Ironhide was still talking about being a security firm in the Titans Return one shot. I guess Till All Are One took place after the TR event!

>I guess Till All Are One took place after the TR event!
No, the four issues have been said to take place before. It's even getting its TR issues after Revolution.

I meant the 1-4 issues, but still, shit, I forgot about the bits of TAAO in the TR recap. I guess it's a big ol' error then.

That Combiner wars animation was dirt.

Chromia's doppelganger needs to stop causing trouble.


I'm a little confused. ex-RID is done now? And the only book following where it left off is the Optimus Prime book?

The Optimus Prime book is exRiD season 3, just like how Lost Light is MTMTE season 3.

alright loved the end of both comics.

fitting finales.

I love that Prowl finally has a crew of his own.

though it does bring up a interesting thing. Prowl now has his eye fixed so the question is who fixed it and if he dropped Sovereign back on Earth, did he and Optimus actually meet again or was it a hi and bye kind of drop off?

Oh hey this is where nikle is from

Farewell, Sentinel. You glorious, murderous, greedy, insane bastard.

You will be missed.

He'll be back.

If the guy can survive 4 million years until now, I'm sure a fall like that won't be the true end of him.

Man, fuck GI Joe.

Here's hoping.

So what's the ancient threat coming to Earth, Quintessons or Onyx Prime?

Is Prowl broken?
He seems to have a nearly opposite personality from normal.

>Scavengers on earth

I want them not fuck things up but... it's the Scavengers. Also want to see Misfire being buddies with Thundercracker. He might like earth sitcoms.

If that last panel is supposed to be some sort of hint or reference to something, I've no idea what it is.

Both. It sounds like a bunch of the 13 are coming back, and Quintus Prime is a thing.

>Optimus Prime
>Lost Light

Why does IDW have a habit of constantly changing title names with every run?

So I guess someone sent an SOS while Getaway took over the ship. Bad timing for Red Alert to stop being paranoid.

Is this a bad thing?

I admit I've been struggling to keep my head wrapped around everything going on in transformers, but aren't the Primes mostly good save for 1 or 2 bad eggs?

Relaunch readership spike magic

How does this work when even some of the fans who follow JR on twitter were unaware that the comic wasn't ending?

They see the ad for the All New, All Different Transformers: Lost Light #1

What kind of nerd reads the backmatter?

They don't need to. IDW will show it off on twitter

It's not like 100% of any fandom catches the news. Just like how some people didn't know RiD is getting a 4th season regardless so many people bitching it's a weak show with a terrible time slot.


Quintus created the Quintessons, so even if he had good intentions he still fucked up.


Ramondelli's art has improved. Good.

Yeah, you can finally tell who everyone is now.

Would you fund a kickstarter for a creator-owned James Roberts comic?

my head keeps telling my there's some message hidden in it (besides the obvious) but also I'm pretty drunk. I won't hbe surprised if I see those numbers again in like 3 years in Lost Light #43 though, knowing JR.

The only definite reference is MTMTE: 2012-2016.

no. no monies

Some on cue up the mass effect theme

A Prowl's redemption arc.
I cannot believe.
And he is alive.

I'm so happy (no sarcasm) I really like him.

And so hey, now at some point Cybertron will be bombarded with an army of Titans. That's gonna be fun on the bun.

Depends what he's pitching.

He didn't need a redemption arc because he did nothing wrong. Just was unpopular in-universe because he was effective pragmatist instead of going off of feelings.

Wouldn't Optimus Prime be able to tell them to stop? He did raise one by speaking.

That's how you know he's plotting something.

REVOLUTION is over but the danger isn't over! A wave of undead TITANS threatens CYBERTRON! STARSCREAM will need more than secret police to stop the oncoming horde, but our Fearless Leader finds himself short on friends and firepower. Who can be called upon-and why aren't they stepping up to the plate?
• TITANS RETURNS returns-with a vengeance!
• As OPTIMUS rules on Earth, so STARSCREAM tries to rule on CYBERTRON!
• WINDBLADE returns to CYBERTRON... just in time to watch the world die!
In Shops: Nov 23, 2016

A wave of undead TITANS has touched down on CYBERTRON! Even with the help of the massive METROPLEX, WINDBLADE and STARSCREAM can only hold them off for so long. They need help from Elita-1-and they're going to get it whether she agrees or not. The fate of CYBERTRON depends on it!
• TITANS RETURNS continues-but can our heroes survive?!
• Despite their differences, WINDBLADE and STARSCREAM team up... for the sake of CYBERTRON's survival!
In Shops: Dec 07, 2016

>he did nothing wrong.
Mass genocide of a Carpessa city and using Kup as a proxy sounds pretty wrong.

Carpessians deserved it.

I would if I had money.

nobody's perfect

He never used Kup for a proxy, he simply set him up so if there was a need to override him he could. Which considering that he killed multiple comrades in a delusional state is useful for the safety of himself and others.

Oh, right. That.

They didn't want any part of the war. Killing them to force survivors to join the Autobots is still a fuck up thing to do.

Knee-Crow Titan needs to reform and fight for justice along with his brother Metroplex against the invading hordes.

Nah dude, he did.

>Having covertly aided in the recovery of Kup, he took the chance to make some "improvements" during his rebuilding, which would ensure that the iconic elder could be controlled and made to act as a proxy for him. Prowl didn't want attention or glory, he only wanted to do his job, and he had absolutely no ethical qualms about ensuring that "when [Kup] speaks, you won't even see my lips move"...

So what other colonies do you guys wanna see in the future of IDW? Personally I'm hoping for Gigantion.

Doesn't matter. They sound Italian. Fuck the Roman Empire!

And Prowl noted he never found a time where it was useful, especially since Kup was in the Dead Universe for a long time.


Probably just a matter of time, now.

Lithone re-purposed into a colony of some sort with robot kids would also be pretty neat.

Lithone should keep being a world of non-Cybertronian mechanical lifeforms. Not everyone should be from the same line of existence.

Where does he say that? I'm trying to keep track.

But consider: transformer kids. The comfiest kind of robots you can imagine.

Nevermind found it. Your right he didn't find the time to use him as an influence on others but he did use him to send him to the dead universe.

They don't have have children. From the protoform state they only draw in materials to create their bodies from and emerge fully formed with the information they need.

The fact that his glowing eyes form Prowl's horns will never not be hilarious. I bet Prowl had it especially designed for that purpose.

Counterpoint: Tailgate is literally metaphorically an infant.

I just thought it would be cute if a colony adapted to having alternative means of reproduction and little transformers were running around. It would naturally be confusing to those from cybertron and the other colonies and thus hi-jinks would ensue.

Pax Cybertronia kinda did. More like youths smaller from the others. Too bad the entire world is a big lie.

Are Optimus and Soundwave the OTP?

He has the knowledge he needs for waste disposal and of the society he was born in. Being out for millions of years is the reason he seems youthful.

In-between forming from a nub they can be pretty cute. Babyish. (Yes I know it's scraplets but they didn't find it odd when it started taking on a shape while growing)

>"Sometimes you just have to stop."
I wish he would take his own writing to heart.

Jazz is having it rough on Earth

Because it was part of its powerset. Convinces observers it is normal. You can also tell because consistently referred to as female despite the implausibility of a female.


let Jazz rest. poor guy needs a vacation.

He's not gonna stop he got re-elected we're getting FOUR MORE YEARS.

>aren't the Primes mostly good save for 1 or 2 bad eggs?
In this continuity, they're basically all bastards except/including Optimus.

Is there a term limit on writers?
Like how Claremont and Furman went to shit after a while despite being popular initially.

Hell Yes.

I wonder if they will call Metroplex and Menasor, Megalo and Moledive, their Japanese names?

That makes sense to me. I hope they're absolutely massive too and that IDW doesn't scale them down too much.

They just show up calling themselves Metroplex and Menasor like they always have and someone else makes a complaint about same name being used for multiple guys. Ideally someone that themself isn't the only user of a name such as Tankor, Vanquish, or Sandstorm.

Convincing as in making them believe this is how protoforms naturally transform? Not really how it went down. They just tricked them by using their sympathy.

>referred to as female despite the implausibility of a female.
They did the same to Arcee and she pointed it out to them they didn't realized they kept referring her as "her". Maybe it's a weird robot frequency thing.

How do you best define IDW Whirl? What makes him so incredible?

Crazy cripple

Transformers Bender.

A tragic ass who wants to make watches who you try your best to hate.

Furman never went to shit

Yeah he started out that way.

So you like his IDW comics? You like.. Spotlight Arcee?

Stormbringer and Maximum Dinobots were pretty good.

Furman isn't really bad. He's just....not good at writing without sounding like it was made in the 80s.

Spotlight: Arcee is a cool story on its own, but it doesn't really make sense in terms of a larger setting and franchise. Would have been okay for a one-shot story in a different thing that was a sci-fi anthology comic.

Of course i do

You some sort of tumblrina who thinks robots should have gender cause reasons

Infiltration, stormbringer and maximum dinobots are great stories

Yeeeah that new project he's working on is 80s in the most bland ways imaginable.


What is wrong with 80s things?
From my understanding those were popular and sold well.

In the past it's fine. After reading other comics with different frequencies in writing tone, his feels very flat.

a loveable psychopath and jerkass.


If only it were really dead!

When did this issue release? my CBS doesnt have it.

You... you like Regeneration One?

It was alright.

It fit with the story it was supposed to be the cunclusion of

Aww yes storytime!

I think Cerebros fixed it, he was the one that patched up Prowl's side.


>Mfw everybody here except Windcharger is dead.

Can Windcharger please be a character now?

It was released early digitally by accident. It'll probably be at stores on the 12th.

Glitch is a traitor so he doesn't count for death.

still dead though.

Glitch died a long time ago.

They ironically have more chemistry than the what Prowl, Bee, and Megatron ever offered them.

>Spotlight Arcee
Is it bad that I actually really enjoyed Spotlight Arcee? Barring the whole deal with Arcee's gender, everything that took place on Garrus-9 was pretty damn interesting. I'm especially fond of the part where Fort Max is putting Arcee back together behind glass and she's currently just a head with some viper fangs and kickass blue lipstick.

>than the what
Than the likes of what*

It had its moments.

We need a gif of these two dancing side to side.

so today's Micronauts comic had something interesting....

I never understood moments like that; why grab onto the cab and drag it down, when he could just use his arm cannon at what is point blank range to blow Magnus to pieces?

>Forced to read other comics to get plot important things
Shared universe was a mistake

>MTMTEdrones scoffing at exrid's ending and S2 run on Twitter
Why are they never satisfied with anything that isn't MTMTE? I understand that exrid's humans are insufferable but season 2 was pretty solid all around beyond that.

Eh, the portion with Superion and Jetfire fucking around with the Enigma codes under the sea was also a mess but we don't talk about that and it was very brief.

It's not really important to the Transformers comics and I'm pretty sure they'll actually explain shit for the Micronauts readers next issue.

Any opportunity he could have had to be important has already passed seeing that he's dead.

Age for those user's just getting home from work and stuff.

When does the first issue of Optimus Prime come out?

You're from /toy/ aren't you.



Shut the fuck up Boco, it's in the November solicits.


Who wants to hear some transformers jokes?

I'm actually not.
The Transformer generals on /toy/ are unpleasant as all hell and boil down to Hasbro vs. Takara wars. The third party generals weren't too bad though.
We've been calling them drones on here for awhile, user.

How long will it be till the Quintessons kill her off? I don't even hate Aileron, she just feels so disposable so im expecting this to happen.

Well, thats what happens when people respond to obvious shitposting and /toy/ has fuck all for mods apparently.

It is a secret to everyone.
Nautica was not expected to survive Dark Cybertron as soon as her existence came out and she still hasn't died.

I'm calling it now.
First death is going to be either Aileron or Jetfire.

Thanks friend.

Being TC is suffering


>/toy/ has fuck all for mods apparently.
They split time between there and Allspark, apparently.

Lovin this page

They wait until the thread is in autosage and then delete things, which often just makes them bounce to like ~200 posts which gets everyone mad.


>issue 56 is White Light
>issue 57 is White Heat
>White Light/White Heat



Buster has survived!

So the beheading was totally unnecessary?
It is a great improvement anyway: to be headless to be alive.

Regeneration One was shit.

>You want to swap?
I laughed.

Yeeeee boiiiiiiii

I wish I had friends to do dishes with.
I wish I had friends

If this is smug, I like this smug. At least he's not jacking off to his twitter count or indulging Hussie-tier forgetting of plot points.

They are changing the title!

Prowl finally, finally, FINALLY gets his broken horn and eye replaced. When did the damn thing get broken off?

No way is Infinitus dead. Nuh-uh.

Fort Max is a G Gundam, and that makes me smile.
Optimus and Soundwave are bros/lifemates/let's just have a few energon spritzers and see where it goes, and that makes me happier.

So how many of the human characters we've seen here do you think are Dire Wraiths?

Sorry, but I refuse believe Sentinel died in a form so stupid like it.

I know that we were going to see a titanic Fort Max. It´s not the real titanic Fort Max, but well...

>Scavengers on earth

It´s a bad time to be a transformer on earth, but I want read it.

That is a very poor explanation

What about it?

Well shit the Revolution thread went to shit thanks to spergs.

Let's face it, there was never a good time to be on Earth. I'm surprised given Spike's involvement with the Joe's and EDC that their weaponry has proven so ineffective (unless you're Jazz) given Spike was able to acquire a bodycount while running around with just Jimmy.

Humans also killed Aileron's friend. It's strange how lightweight the Joes have been in a fight with giant alien robots with the full resources of at least one major world government on their side. At least Wild Bill gets to fly around in a super"jet".

I think my favorite so far was Mainframe hoping to use an electronic weapon against Soundwave of all people. Though in this case Soundwave defeating it was incidental given he was targeting all human electronics in the area.


No, user, the Dire Wraith's secret patron isn't Trigon.


Apparently, Galvatron getting his head ripped off conveniently just before the Titans Return event started was a complete goof, he's apparently meant to be 100% dead.

This is according to whom?

got a source on this?

I tend to doubt the Titans Return schtick is over.

The Titans Infinitus sent are still en route, after all.

I think he means because nothing ever came of it, but there is time yet. Especially since Blackrock is going home and Optimus happened to leave Galvatron's head on the President's front lawn.

Even if it was the existence of A bad story dosent make them all bad

hello loss light

Toyline stuff doesn't always make it into comics, Cyclonus never became a combiner.

He and Tailgate combine all night long into the night.

>So the beheading was totally unnecessary?
Not entirely.
He had to behead Trion in order to let Sovereign slip in and take the wheel.

>problematic faves

Absolutely not.


>A new listing for the hardcover collection of IDW’s recent Transformers vs G.I. Joe series has popped up over at Amazon: Transformers vs G.I. Joe: The Quintessential Collection. The book is listed at $49.99 for 420 pages and set to drop in March of 2017. No cover or other details yet other than the fact it will be OVERSIZED, stay tuned.


So now that Titans return is over, what did you all think of Infinitus? Personally, I enjoyed him as a villain. He's not a super deep character but he at least exceeded my expectations in the end. We were lead to thinking he was just a really angry conservative calling for social cleansing ,which is still true, but now we understand that he wants everything about current Cybertron razed to the ground in preparation for Onyx Primes arrival rather than some rage driven vendetta (with the exception of the Decepticons who he targets for ruining all of his plans). Infinitus' exchange of dialogue with Optimus about the primes and joining him was especially good and I'm hoping we see the little asshole again. I doubt Prowl and company killed him off seeing how abrupt and lampshaded it was.

Aw don't like baby robots user?

Robot pets didn't end well for Fort Max. He loved those little bastards and they all turned out to be too intelligent to hang out with him once their minds were restored.

Bit facetious but I wish at least a one had decided to stick around.

To be fair some Transformers have pets but none of them so far have been born and raised on Cybertron. Buster is a dog and B.O.B is an insecticon made on Earth.

>B.O.B is an insecticon made on Earth.
I thought he was part of that Swarm from All Hail Megatron.

They were made on Earth though, if my memory serves me right.



Yeah looking on and off-site a lot of people who hadn't looked into either Revolution or 'Optimus Prime's solicitations freaked the hell out when they witnessed that panel. I knew he was going to live and I still freaked the hell out afraid he'd be incapacitated for the closing pages.

You somehow forgot The Pet, though technically he was a degenerate with a cybertronian animal alt-mode. He was once...A MAN

The sad part is he'll never be able to carry babies inside him ever again. Sovereign did that much damage.

Barber literally said this during the reddit AMA. Titan Master Galvatron isn't happening.


>Re: Titan Master—all the cards on the table on this one, I had no idea he was a Titan Master until literally the day after we sent the issue to press and my friends at Hasbro sent me the new toy. I mean, they probably (surely) told me it was happening but I forgot. I ran over to Carlos Guzman (our editor) and was sort of horrified, especially since the next issue was Titans Return. I wouldn't picked a different death scene if I'd known, because I didn't want to create that connotation.

I want Soundwave to get a new group of robo-babies.
He deserves them for all the bullshit he has to put up with and I want more cassette babies

Don't even joke about that!

I'm calling it now.
Swift is going to be the new parent figure to Rumble and Frenzy now that Soundwave is serving as Primes new best (boy)friend and a protagonist.

Is she the lady who joined the Cons recently? I hate to admit it but the number of characters being tossed out who nevertheless haven't had much screentime, it's easy to lose track of them.

why you gotta say thing you know will hurt me?

There's a few problems with the demise of Galvatron. Nevermind that they built him up as some ludicrously powerful barbarian warrior, godslayer and army-breaker, And he was the one keeping at least some faction of the Cons as antagonists. And then he goes out like a bitch.

We still have Con troublemakers but Galvatron is dead, Soundwave is buddies with Optimus despite having been bribed, the DJD is dead, the Combaticon effort just toppled along with Bruticus, and even if Starscream ends up going rogue again I cannot imagine anyone really following him.

So who are the main antagonistic faction? Feels like right now their main conflict is humanity.

>So who are the main antagonistic faction?

Also they were building up the 13 as a big threat all through exRiD #57.

>glorious golden yellow light


>Is she the lady who joined the Cons recently
Yeah, her husband was Barricade and he convinced her to join up with them. It's a shame we didn't see more of them.
Finally, Quintessons.
I'm going to call something else, anons.
>People will complain about Quints the same way they do about humans not knowing that they've always been apart of TF lore.

They are not a good part of the lore

Quintessons are fucking boring. They were funny for the movie as a joke race but the TV show made them into generic evil businessmen.

Space Pirates would like to have a word with you.

The Quints are wild in IDW.
They're kind of like demons and one possessed Trypticon back in Autocracy. I'm excited for them.

So Prowl will be in the Lost Light book? Maybe it's for the best, being on Earth kind of makes him act like a shitty bot and he would just be fucking up Optimus every chance he got.

Would a transformer sexually interact with an fleshy female?

Don't kid yourself. We won't be seeing the Luna 2 crew again anytime soon.

No because fleshbags are inferior.

I dunno but they will keep bitching forever so it's best to ignore them.

>quintessons created an entire race of sentient machines to be slaves representing the height of greed decadence and cruelty

>effectivly 80s corprate greed and pragmatic mindset meets the roman empires extravagance and cruelty

>said race threw off there shackels and revolted leading to a golden age but their infighting lead to the end of that age and a weakening of them as a whole

>the quints come back to reclaim their property

Hell no man the quints are teriffyingly awesome and the perfect villians for post war transformers stories

It was shit when they had a fat guy with mechanical legs and it is shit when the are many-faced squids. Stop doing this shit archetype.

You should get some better taste

Or kys ether works

Nah, this is the sort of stupid bullshit that does not deserve to be perpetuated in fiction.

Theres nothing stupid about it

In fact it fits in tranformers better then any where else considering how the franchise is built to sell toys

Wrong. It is lazy meta-commentary pretending to be deep.

I dont think it was evere intended to be deep.

At least no more then the already pressent 80s themes already present (the cold war, fighting over resources ect.)

Meanwhile they delude themselves into believing the travesty that was S2 is good. While it had two pretty good arks the rest of it was...It was just such a drop in quality from S1. I'm convinced that people are only enjoying it for the gay shipping and implied mental ailments of the characters at this moment and I'm not even saying that to be an asshole. They're ignoring bad writing because you obviously can't criticize something and still like it, right? The entire cast was pushed to the side for Megatrons sake and while I really like Megs the series severely suffered from that.
You're treating Transformers as though it's a form of high literature.

>The entire cast was pushed to the side for Megatrons sake and while I really like Megs the series severely suffered from that.

I feel the opposide, Megatron didn't really do ANYTHING the entire season except sulk and then went godmode. I anything he should've been a much bigger thing that he was.

>I'm convinced that people are only enjoying it for the gay shipping and implied mental ailments of the characters at this moment and I'm not even saying that to be an asshole.

Well it's not inaccurate...

Most people only read MTMTE because they like the character and they want the characters to be cute and do cute meta-4th wall breaking shit. So they will ignore all an any story telling problems as long as they get their dose of cute characters doing cute shit.

Which is fine whatever, but the smug attitude they have of "EVERYTHING NOT MTMTE IS SHIT FUCK IT ALL" it the annoying part. MTMTE isn't better or worse than anything that came before it. It used to be better but now it's on the same level as G1.



I already went through hell and back modding my TR Galvatron's titan master function out, along with the jet mode.

y'know if someone'd told me that Soundwave and Optimus would be friends ten years ago I probably would've decked them.

I encounter far more cunts who bitch about mtmte and GAY ROBOTS BURN IT ALL YOU FUCKING FAGGOTS RUIN EVERYTHING REEEEEEEE!!!1! than I do people defending. I mean seriously you can't even say you would like ____ character as a figure without some people sperging like you just fucked their waifu in front of them.
What I'm getting at is that both sides are awful now and I wish everyone could chill out.

>So they will ignore all an any story telling problems as long as they get their dose of cute characters doing cute shit.
Exactly. It's like Roberts forgot about actually writing a story and instead turned it almost into some strange slice of life type series. Even with all the lost lights tragedies, the tone is literally never allowed to become serious past 4 panels because some character will crack out something witty. I love cute shit but at some point it got annoying and the characters ceased to develop whatsoever which was a huge disappointment seeing how the complexity and individuality of the LL crew is what sold the series in the first place during S1.
>Which is fine whatever, but the smug attitude they have of "EVERYTHING NOT MTMTE IS SHIT FUCK IT ALL" it the annoying part.
Holy shit this.
I can't go anywhere beyond Cred Forums to discuss the comics because everywhere else a majority of people seem to be blinded by their bias. Pic related is the epitome of everything I dislike about the MTMTE fanbase. Now as for hating everything that isn't MTMTE, it doesn't help that exrid overall had a better S2 apart from again, a few wonky parts here and there, but they'll still shit on it for some reason? Because the characters suck and aren't cute? Yet Optimus, Arcee, Prowl, and Soundwave have developed far more in S2 than anyone besides Megs has in MTMTE S2.

All that being said, I do like MTMTE. I really do. But Jesus christ, I have enough taste and confidence in my opinions to understand when something is in a bad state.

I quit exrid after Combiner Wars dropped a shit ton of plot threads and Prowl was contolled with the magic of friendship and rainbows.

>I encounter far more cunts who bitch about mtmte and GAY ROBOTS BURN IT ALL YOU FUCKING FAGGOTS RUIN EVERYTHING REEEEEEEE!!!1! than I do people defending.
I hate those guys too but you won't find many of them off site beyond toy related forums since they're usually filled to the brim with genwunners.

I come across mostly on toy forums, certain parts of tfw and the toy board here. Theyre easily as insufferable as the worst tumblr cancer.

Events never go well.
Titans return was surprisingly decent compared to the shitshow that was CW.
>Prowl was contolled with the magic of friendship and rainbows.
Only combining with Optimus and the overwhelmingly positive squad didn't do jack shit to Prowl mentally. Combiner wars literally ended with Prowl nearly murdering Prime and vice versa.

I like both MTMTE and ExRid but lately I found myself liking ExRid better and yeah outside if Cred Forums I don't really discuss this comic either.

Different fanbases. The "FAGBOT GET OUR REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" sperg lord are exclusive to more toy focused boards like tfw2005 where you have people who will cry about everything. Hell half of the people there don't even like transformers as fiction and are only interested in plastic shit.

The hard core MTMTEdrone fanbase are the other type of cancer because they MTMTE is literally the only piece of fiction they ever experienced in their entire life so they go full sperg over it because they are convinced that the big bad G1 is coming to take their gaybots away or whatever.

tl;dl Cred Forums is the only place where you can actually talk about comic in a non retarded way and that tell you everything you should know about the TF fanbase.

Dammit why

I don't like a fuckton of things in exRID because of the way I personally tend to interpret these characters but it's undeniably a better written comic with an ongoing plot and character development. It actually feels rewarding to follow it as opposed to MTMTE which has been just a quick fix of wacky zinger humor for the month without any tough put into it anymore.

Which comes from the fact that Roberts keep writing MTMTE as a sitcom TV show and not a comic. Comics are shit for this type of storytelling. Either adapt to me medium or change the medium you can't do both.

>Replacing the cat with another cat.
Ravage is a person you jerk.

I liked season 2.

tfw there will never be an animated Friends-style MTMTE sitcom. I'd probably watch it.

>Intro is a montage of Rodimus and the Lost Light crew fucking up on their adventures, messing around, etc

ACTUALLY I'd definitely watch it if it focused on the Scavengers instead.

>"So no one told you life was gonna be this waaaay"
>Spinister shoots something, his gun fires in time with the clapping after that line

Ravage left a cat shaped hole in Soundwave's heart that needs to be filled

I'd rather have Seinfeld. A much better show and adapts itself to ayys

>so they go full sperg over it because they are convinced that the big bad G1 is coming to take their gaybots away or whatever.
I don't even think it's that. It's that MTMTE is more likely than not babiesure first step into TF fiction outside of Transformers Prime and so anything serious in tone or lacking Roberts British wit is seen as inferior.

Seriously, a lot of those drones are ranting about Revolution while not even having their series ACTUAL cast serving in it. How do you even complain about Micronauts within the context of Transformers?
>It actually feels rewarding to follow it as opposed to MTMTE which has been just a quick fix of wacky zinger humor for the month without any tough put into it anymore.
Roberts needs to start telling some sort of a story again. It's already been two seasons in and we haven't expanded on the knights lore whatsoever and everything ceased to progress for the sake of "More than Meets the Megatron".

Because being Soundwave is suffering.
He and Jazz should have a suffering off.

>It's already been two seasons in and we haven't expanded on the knights lore whatsoever
We've been expanding on it all the time, you just didn't notice.

Cybertroupias emblem shows up all the time throughout the comic but we literally haven't learned anything about it. The closest we've gotten to knowing even a sliver of something about it was at the end of the Scavengers issue where we witnessed two Transformers with the Cybertroupia symbol on their chests.

>but we literally haven't learned anything about it.
You know, there are resources you can check before you go and say something that makes you look stupid. The wiki is a great one.
>A distinctive gear-like hieroglyph cropped up at multiple points during the Lost Light's long and eventful journey. A massive version of it was emblazoned on the dark side of Luna 1, encircled by planetary engines; it was one of the concepts the anomalous spark attempted to communicate to Skids This Calamitous Life; it showed up on the supposed map to Cyberutopia that Thunderclash received through his dreams The Sensuous Frame; it was carved into a wall by the brain-damaged Grimlock aboard the Weak Anthropic Principle, along with the words "PREPARE - CONFRONT - REPEL"; most notably, it appeared on the chests of some mystery 'bots with a penchant for Worldsweepers and growing organic life forms in tubes, Animals implying ownership of the crashed Worldsweeper the Scavengers explored, which was filled with bizarre biomechanical experiments and the aforementioned Grimlock. Megatron led a discussion on the symbol with some of the Lost Light's crew, and concluded that it might serve as a "coat of arms" for a particular chapter of the Knights of Cybertron.

Well I stand corrected.
Though, I always though the worldsweepers were Decepticon remnants in store for phase 7, IF phase 7 is the whole morphing planets business.

I just hope he gets to see Rewind II and flip his shit.

That would be funny and depressing at the same time.


>Well I stand corrected.
I think a big part of why people like you get bored of mtmte and complain about the story is because you dont actually pay attention. I can understand if the stupid witty banter Roberts likes to pepper in throws you off but dont say things aren't happening. But I do agree season two had some of the absolute most shit issues and the 55 finale was garbage.

Would you save the universe with Karza? Y/N

Wait people are complaining about Micronauts? Geeez

Uhm, question: Where the hell is this from? I don't remember reading this and I kept up with every issue.

The Holiday Special.

I dunno but I am sort of a newbie to the TF universe and MTMTE just confuses me sometimes and I dunno WTF is happening at some points and I get frustrated when characters ramble about stuff sometimes. But yeah it does explore the TF culture more than ExRiD (conjux endura, empurata, etc...) and I like that (it's probably what I like the most about it) but I am at a point that I feel like it sometimes throws so much things at me that I get confused as to what is happening especially when I caught up and I had to deal with the one issue a month format.

ExRiD has its problems too, and sometimes I feel that certain the humansl ack personalities other than getting triggered by the Cybertronians (which is understandable but at points I just want to slap them) but I can follow the plot and it is pretty straight forward and for someone like me that has trouble keeping up with overcomplicated stories I like that.

It also has my fav Cybertronians so I really like it.

Oh fuck me I forgot that even existed.

If you check out the notes on each issue on tfwiki they can help explain a lot of references and callbacks.

I don't really know what to think of the IDW verse anymore, to be honest. It used to have some magnificent worldbuilding going on (Knights of Cybertron, Primus and the other creators, the whole pre-war state of Cybertron), had some really awesome history that was explored in multiple parts...It was all set up really well and they took their time to seed it and explore it.

But now there are events everywhere with Titans Return changing Sentinel's personality and motivation completely, the Thirteen Primes being a huge thing and apparently the new thread, the colony worlds that have barely been touched upon...I remember reading that originally Hasbro wanted to let IDW fit into the alligned continuity, and it almost feels like that is happening now, making everything more convoluted in the process as they just toss in anything that they want.

It's made all the weirder because some parts of the IDW verse are still operating in the old way. Like, compare the Chimeracons to the Beast Planet for instance.

Yyyyyeah there is no way Blitzwing will willingly join the Joe after this.

Crossing my fingers in hopes that it's Skywarp.

Regarding the Thirteen, it's important to remember that this Thirteen is not the same Thirteen as the Aligned Thirteen. In fact, there aren't any multiversal singularities in the TF multiverse at all anymore! Everyone is their own thing in their own universe.

Oh OK I will do than then necause I get so confused sometimes, thanks.

They aren't a multiverse entity, no, but they are still effectively the same thing: Super important, ancient characters that people only remembered existed recently. Also, Optimus being bullshitted as the thirteenth one for some fucking reason.

What new stuff from outside G1 would y'all like to see in IDW?

They were made in Cybertron.

Glitch is nobody. Even him has forgotten who is Glitch.

I don't care at this point. Just wrap up the current arcs in the next 50 or so issues and then reboot.

>remember that RiD still exists, binge the latest episodes
>half the cast disappears for like, five episodes
>Scorponok is around for half an episode, the ladybug does nothing, this supposed army of Decepticons does fucking jack-all for the entire time they're around
>Soundwave shows up, providing the first real sense of threat and tension since the show began
>he falls for a painfully obvious distraction and is immediately put back on the bus
>Optimus shows back up and is a dick to Bumblebee for no reason, causing Bumblebee to be a pussy about it
>Ratchet shows up for no fucking reason, does fucking nothing, and then leaves
>despite the giant giant glowing neon sign above wolfdouche's head that reads "I WILL FUCKING BETRAY YOU" the insecticons trust him implicitly and then he betrays them
>despite facing "an army of hundreds of decepticons" the autobots just waltz right into the enemy base, and face no real resistance the entire time
>seriously, once Windblade gets captured all pursuit stops and the only decepticon to even bother them after that is wolfdouche. they just fucking set their bomb and walk the fuck out, it's crazy.

What the fuck did I just watch? Was that the end of the season? They just captured and exported ALL THEIR FUCKING VILLAINS.

When is this shit going to canned and replaced by the next transformer cartoon?

Am I the only one who wants to see more Carriers and Deployers?

It's a poorly-made and written show. But it's cheaper too.

>I think a big part of why people like you get bored of mtmte and complain about the story is because you dont actually pay attention.
No, it's because there was genuinely bad writing all throughout season 2.

You didn't read the rest of my post.

You know, not everyone gets hyper-excited every time they spot bread crumbs. It's also a godawful way to advance the supposed main plot when you reduce it to easter eggs. An awful gimmick to make the writer seem More Clever Than Thou, even though it largely replaces actual development with a ridiculous scavenger hunt. Roberts could almost be called the Moffet of Transformers at this point given his penchant for leaving loose ends flapping in the breeze, but fortunately - or not - he has managed to actually seize some of those loose ends even if he just rams them into the plot in an, "Oh well, it turns out it wasn't much of anything after all," way, such as the sudden inclusion of the Necrobot and Dominus "Well Shit He's Dead Now" Ambus.

He's a good writer, but his problem is that his schtick gets old fast. Season 1 built a lot of mystery and interest with a number of potential plots and seemed to be going somewhere. But it turned out he merely drags things out to ridiculous degrees and has relatively very weak payouts when he finally produces a conclusion. Dominus Ambus conveniently showing up as The Pet and dying was a particularly egregious one. And the Scavengers seeming interesting when they first showed up but their once-in-a-blue-moon appearances haven't done them any favors in seeming interesting. Or the DJD built up as the ultimate badasses who can murder guys designed to murder entire planets, and then they all go out like a bunch of jobbing bitches.

Still a lot of these are subjective judgements, so of course mileage will vary, but complaints about Roberts definitely have spiked and you tend to see less enthusiastic defenses of the man. Frankly this bread crumbs nonsense is an especially weak, not helped because he's tended to overuse easter egg visuals in his plots, such as the changing door numbers on the Lost Light.

Why would you assume that? You provide two premises. One is that people complain because they do not pay attention, the second is that the writing quality has declined. His post obviously rejects your first point while agreeing with the second.

Here's a good indicator on how good the "does not pay attention" argument holds up. When you show them writeups like do they say, "Wow, there really has been a lot of advancement of the plot and I just never noticed! This makes up for everything I thought was missing in actual story development!" Because I sincerely doubt that is the general reaction.

Seeing how RB is doing better than any TF show and is now the longest running that has even been put out, be careful what you wish for.

I enjoy both regardless.

There was a time when TFG loved Rescue Bots.

Soundwave was the worst. They should have at least left Laserbeak on the run to open a potential hook for him finding out a way to bring Soundwave back again in the future.

I only want nobody of them died.

And to see their earth alt-modes, if is possible.

You basically summed up my thoughts during my absence after having taken a nap, thank you user.
>But it turned out he merely drags things out to ridiculous degrees and has relatively very weak payouts when he finally produces a conclusion.
If there's one reoccurring thing I've noticed about Roberts writing are these incredibly anticlimactic endings. He's a a good writer so I don't understand why he insists on such unsatisfying conclusions? I still wonder how he just sat there and decided the fate of the DJD should just sealed in a single panel.

>I still wonder how he just sat there and decided the fate of the DJD should just sealed in a single panel.
This finally turned me off him. That had to be the shittiest anticlimatic ending I've come across in a long time.

>There was a time when TFG loved Rescue Bots.
Most of those people moved on to other places. All that's left here is bitterness.

>I still wonder how he just sat there and decided the fate of the DJD should just sealed in a single panel.
Kinda wonder if this is because he had to wrap up for the whole Revolution cross over thing.

Maybe, but he controlled the pacing and even if he had to make 50 the big betrayal issue, he could have eliminated a lot of the screwing around in the next four issues before 55.

I still haven't forgiven him for the conscience machine used on Deathsaurus. Is it so unfathomable that he could have had a change of heart without the help of a laser beam that was invented and then forgotten in two panels?

>Kinda wonder if this is because he had to wrap up for the whole Revolution cross over thing.
I don't think so considering the Scavengers are the ones who will be participating during Revolution. I'm pretty sure it just has to do with Roberts dragging things way too long in order to build up suspense only realizing at the last second that he's written himself into a corner due to all that build up and now needs to conclude everything within 25 pages if he wants to start off Lost Light the way he wants.

Maybe it's because I've read plenty of comics while growing up and seen some reeeaallly shitty ones that made me jaded, but I find it hard to hate the current writers like the way I've seen you guys do. The Ongoings and even parts of AHM were way worse.

Heart Of Darkness was a mistake.

We don't hate James or the other writers, we just criticize their writing every so often and Roberts just so happened to be the guy to miss the mark too frequently this tike around. Personally, the reason I get so asspained about it is because of how much I genuinely like both of these comics. They're actually my favorites alongside some other IDW titles and 2000AD.

Heart of Darkness was like a fever dream man. I want to forget it, everything about it was so bad apart from finding out what happened to the natives of Gorlam Prime.

Roberts problem is that he built up a lot of hype in season 1. This seems to be his strong suit, in fact, and drove the initial interest in his stories and the praise of him as a writer. But wait, that sounds awesome. How could it be a problem? Because hype is fine in and of itself, but if the payoff is weak in comparison to the hype the end result is unfulfilling. If this occurs too often then people just stop getting hyped in the first place because they know what happens will never live up to their expectations.

To steal one of his own lies: Hype is a lie.

Roberts is a damn fine writer, but appears better suited for running smaller scale series where he can plot out everything ahead of time. When he's given an ongoing and left to create a meandering maze out of his own cleverness he actually seems to be losing a good deal of his audience. Not, as the earlier user suggested, because they cannot follow along but because it stopped being fun. Some of us are still trudging alone out of hope (which is also still a lie) or momentum or because we invested so much in the first place we don't want to let it go. Disappointment is a bitter desert after an otherwise fine meal, though in truth people have been complaining about indigestion since before season 1 was over. It's only gotten worse during the second course.

I don't think there is anything with Roberts he isn't clever enough to solve, but from what I've heard his interest in continuing has been slipping as he's been finding even his more devout members of his fanbase (not that I want to bring up the dread specter of Tumblr) turning on him more frequently.

> Some of us are still trudging alone out of hope (which is also still a lie) or momentum or because we invested so much in the first place we don't want to let it go.

What exactly are the key points most readers are looking for? I mostly enjoy reading MTMTE and exRiD (When it first started) for the lore building. I'm a sucker for history and culture of alien worlds. Something we never got in the earlier days of IDW and only speckled in the Marvel run.

I'm here for the history and character development. Seeing these characters reimagined and fleshed out is great.

Are you serious? That's really disappointing if it's true because we do know what he's capable of. Lost Light is just beginning too.

Well, if anything he can start writing mini series like LSOTW and SOTW kind of like Roche. As user pointed out, his work is better planned ahead.

I like your critics because they bring up points I know are there but can't quite point out.
What do you think of TAAO and exrid if you don't mind writing some more?

>but from what I've heard his interest in continuing has been slipping


I would like source on this too. Too much exaggeration flung everywhere these days.

Shit Cred Forums says. Supposedly he has been wanting to start a new project or some shit.

>Then Megatron- and his Decepticons- turned me into a...
>... a chair.
Doesn't sound like that sat well with him.

That was a while back and all he said was that he would one day like to write for Dr Who or some other comic I forgot, it was from an interview he did. He very much wants to see mtmte reach 100 issues but after that he may be on to other stuff.

I remember this. It was one of this dreams to write an episode.

Maybe when Moffet leaves they'll hire him, then we can still get our dose of plot points that go nowhere.

Moffet? Gerry Moffett?

I'd take Roberts over Moffet any day.

Is the world ready for gay cybermen, though?

You have to find a reason to keep reading - or you just don't. Could be various things and is mostly up to personal tastes and tolerances. You've found something to latch onto and drive/maintain your interest, so good for you. Unfortunately for me I cannot agree with given we've seen too many characters who were otherwise interesting get development and then abrupt death. Like Trailbreaker finally learning to accept himself with a new name and Megatron getting him off of the liquor and a new job and he finally feels like he's more than just the forcefield guy - and now he doesn't feel anything at all ever again. And then Skids going out in a fit of bullshit power boosting nonsense. He'd finally gotten his memories back and now he can't even apologize for Quark because he's dead now.

RID2015's strength is fun individual episodes. I love most of the seasons. RID2015's weakness is trying to do season-long plots, both season finales were awful.

Season 3 seems to be doing great on both fronts so far, the Weaponizer Mini-Cons are a great addition and Starscream coming into play should be good.

>Star Saber is a bag guy sort of good guy
>Nightbeat, Ammo, and other reused G1/OC characters in Eugenesis

Is there actually a database/archive of the Transmasters UK works? I read Eugenesis, but the website for the former is a bitch to get through

Cybermen have no need for such frivolities.

You mean fan works? Eugenesis isn't official.

Yes, other fanworks such as Eugenesis in the Transmasters UK continuity

I'm enjoying these new adorable googly eye minicons.

Ancient Cybertronian calming technique?

One just need convince them that it is logical, just as you only need to convince the Daleks it will truly make them the master race.

I'm enjoying Jim Cummings pirate lobster.

>One just need convince them that it is logical.

Or not. One Cyberman did break away during the whole graveyard/cybermen invasion thing they had going on. One just has to have a strong need to be super gay.

>Jim Cummings

It's hard to not think of Pete when I hear his voice.

I feel like I missed an issue. Last thing issue remembered from MTMTE was getting to the core of the planet. This issues was all sentinel and prowl. Is issues suet just revolution fucking things over?

55 was like the last trip with the LL crew. 56-57 is like a side story that happens to connect with the whole Revolution thing.

It doens't connect with Revolution, it's a Transformers-internal event for the Titans Return toyline.

So Transformers comics are being buttfucked by both Hasbro and IDW advertising.

Confusing as fuck.

> "Titans Return" tie-ins mark the final issues of each series, before their relaunching and rebranding follow the Revolution event.

Hasbro doesn't force IDW to do NEARLY the amount of stuff they could, so be glad it's usually only a few issues that are affected when they do.

So what really happened with the LL? I mean I know they got the SOS out but there was no mention of what will happen to the mutineers if they're encountered.

Lost Light (the title) will be dealing with that.

Transformers: Lost Light #1—SPOTLIGHT
James Roberts (w) • Jack Lawrence (a & c)
Five years ago, Rodimus and a collection of traumatised, lovelorn and/or sarcastic Autobots set off on a quest to find Cyberutopia. So far, they’ve made a right hash of it. They’ve misplaced their map. They’ve lost their ship, the Lost Light, to a mutinous escapologist. Oh, and they’re dead.
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

That's what they want you to think. You, user, just feel for the gay cyber agenda. Cyber-Brigadier is now their Big Gay Cyberleader.

Is it just me or has Starscream ceased to be relevant and interesting beyond threatening Windblade every issue?

Poor Starscream needs to be booted out of power so we can watch him scheme again.

Aren't you fascinated by him being haunted by the ghost of Bumblebee and caught talking to him on a number of occasions yet nothing ever comes of it?

It's such a cool idea but frustrating that they don't expand on it!
We need a ghostbee focused issue already from ghostbee's perspective.

To do that they'd have to prove that Bee is really a ghost and not an undigested bit of energon, a blot of engex, a crumb of energon goodie, a fragment of underdone Decepticon that was cannibalized the last time Starscream lead and he's been saving the dude's leg for a special occasion.

Starscream has nothing on Windblade that can't also hurt him anymore, so their won't be any more of that. It's a stalemate between the two now.

>It's a stalemate between the two now.

I want more of these.

>Till All Are One may be the new toyline advertising title starting next year

says who

I'm only assuming.

Well then don't say it like it's fact.

Come on, user, he did use the word "may" so it wasn't even a definite statement on his part.

He said "may"

Tell me when it's finally Beryllium Bologna.

Cesium salami.

What Prime do you want to see the most?
I'm hyped for Onyx and Vector.

Cthulhu Prime.

I hate to say it but ^This.


The others are going to start fighting before explaining they didn't know what dire wraiths are, aren't they?

Doubt it.
Acer will try to pick a fight but I'm pretty sure Optimus is reasonable enough to keep asking ROM questions about the dire wraith and why he assumes Cybertronians have anything to do with their sudden power.

Lol looks that way, probably even after ROM explains everything and they still think he can't just murder Wraiths in the open like that because he is making humans panick. But going by the solicits alone everyone is going to be fighting each other for most of the entirety of this event.

I guess the tie-ins look to be the exception with Ian and Kup teaming up, then Marissa, TC and Buster fighting Dire Wraiths at the White House, and Windblade with the Micronauts.

I don't think think that was what ROM meant, he meant that if someone helps them that he prays it isn't the Cybertronians because the Cybertronians are crazy powerful and we already know that in ROM's comic they want to get the Cybertronian's power.

soooo..... why is windblade in this comic again?

It will probably be explained in TAAO: Revolution.

Optimus just raised a titan so I'm assuming she's there to give it a check-up and accidentally got caught up in all of this.


I missed #56 of both Transformers series. Can someone hook me up?




>But going by the solicits alone everyone is going to be fighting each other for most of the entirety of this event.
Somehow this is the first time- in a very long time- that I can't even begin to predict the conclusion of a story. There are so many teams, so much misjudgement, and so many different problems happening at once that I can't come up with a solid guess. I feel this could come to an end and absolutely nobody will understand eachother save for the Micronauts and Transformers. Revolutionaries might just be a special program of like minded people and robots.

Don't care if things end in a tea party as long as we get to see Spike die.

Don't worry he shows up in Action man's Revolution tie-in.
Ian will take care of everything.

At least I hope he does.

It's a shame he had so much filler. But DOTL had to start at 50.

Cut Swervearth, personality ticks.

Have Thunderclash and Velocity meet up on the Necrobot's home planet and that's how they join the crew.

This could be a two parter so 41 and 42.

43-44 is the Scavangers two parter.

45 - 48 is the whole Getaway/Tailgate/Cyclonus thing with all of the fallout that got skipped over. as well as Skids's own past.

49 would be another issue with the DJD and Deathsaurus, we get more hints etc...etc.

50 plays out the same.

51 same. Ratchet and Drift return

52 would deal with the Dominus Ambus/The Pet. Nickel would then leave after seeing how Tarn handles Kaon.

53 - The fight really begins. Mostly just action. Skids's death could be the cliffhanger.

54. Megatron then goes out and fights. We'd learn more of the DJD origins. Cliffhanger stays the same.

55. Megatron defeats the DJD but its more satisfying, Ravage dies...etc...etc. Deathsaurus would see Megatron's bravery and gain a new respect for him. They don't join yje crew but they become allies. cliffhanger ending...etc.

I'd skip Overlord out of this, as much as I loved his interaction with Tarn....he served no real purpose.

>he served no real purpose.
Except to be beautiful.

I think all the reasonable characters ended up in Revolutionaries.

That said just by going from the solicits at least ROM will end up being hated by the time Revolution ends.

My guess is that Gi Joe ends up having an uneasy alliance with Optimus and his crew (Ayana and Ian are working with Kup and Blackrock so their respective groups have to be OK with that), Micronauts end up on Earth having their own adventures and trying to get back to Microspace, MASK is pretty much doing their own thing with VENOM.

By the end all teams know ROM is hunting Dire Wraiths and what they are but they can't tell the people of earth about the Wraiths because it will cause a mass panic so ROM is hated and feared by the human race and he's accepted it.

>I'd skip Overlord out of this, as much as I loved his interaction with Tarn....he served no real purpose.
I think he dropped Overlord into the fray to tie in that Getaway asked the galactic council to take care of Megs as opposed to the DJD.

I can see all of this happening but you know something that all these Revolution discussions keep neglecting? The Scavengers.
Do you think they'll be returning to space and possibly joining Rodimus and company in the future? Or will they remain on Earth as allies to the Cybertronian embassy. Seeing Grimlock interact with Optimus and company would be interesting.


Still I think they could have reworked the later half of Season 2.

Overlord I think should have left because the council wanted him back not him getting bored of Megatron's forcefield shit.

>Cut Swervearth, personality ticks.
These were such an utter waste of time.
I remember physically cringing at the dance party during Personality ticks. Swerve and Nautica dancing alone was cute though.

I loved Swearth and the personality ticks and all the dance scenes and I want more stories like those.

>because the council wanted him back not him getting bored of Megatron's forcefield shit.
Dude yeah.
Overlord could have reported the DJD had arrived before him, the council would see this as a golden opportunity to turn a blind eye. Its a win-win situation.
Cybertronians are dead and not just Megatron but all of the Rod squad and Getaway can't get angry at them because they had "no control" over the situation.

I think you're a liar.

Hey everyone I found the MTMTE cancer!

also we could have had Overlord getting fucking pissed at his superiors.

Man Roberts needs a co-writer.

>(W) James Roberts, Nick Roche (A/CA) Alex Milne
>A DATE WTH DESTINY! After years of doing very little, Krok, Crankcase, Fulcrum, Spinister, and Misfire think they can wriggle out of anything-but not even they can avoid a heavily-promoted multi-franchise crossover. It's the Scavengers Versus Your Childhood in a story that exposes all other art for the sham it is.
>•What will the universe's worst DECEPTICONS make of the world's greatest crossover?
>•One last dance with the your favorite DECEPTICONS before LOST LIGHT begins next month!
>•The entire creative team that launched MTMTE returns!

Yeah they'll end up on Earth one way or another, probably cause some problems and further misunderstanding.

Also doesn't Fulcrum hate organics? Yeah that's going to go well.

>Man Roberts needs a co-writer.
Nick Roche man.
They work well together.

ROM is gonna get bullied.

That was just generic Decepticon superiority, he'll probably have turned a new leaf. by then.

>Also doesn't Fulcrum hate organics? Yeah that's going to go well.
The majority of Decepticons either hate organics (ex.Blitzwing ) or are indifferent to them (ex. Formerly Soundwave). Decepticon ideology featured techno supremacism so it's no wonder a lot of them frown upon organics. If anything Soundwave or Thundercracker can lay down the truth about organics.

Poor ROM is bullied by everyone also,
>Scavengers drinking beer
>M.A.S.K kids judging ROM
>ROM is perplexed by this floppy consumable
>Snake eyes and Roadblock arm wrestling
>Acroyear and Biotron are the size of a soda and sharing it.
This is a really comfy cover.


What sort of person doesn't hate organics? Would anyone care if every organic in the comics were killed tomorrow and the stories were entirely about robots from then on?

Grimlock's tied up in the Knights plot, though. I can't see Roberts letting that go over to Barber.
Though maybe they could get an issue that's just "Roberts has the Scavengers meet [insert your favorite Earth character here] that also has to do with Grimbo's whatever.
>Ian's not on the cover

I am guessing he's going to be all Archie Bunker about humans at first and then just not give a shit later.

These dude being a team of REAL con and not cannon food drones.

I love Verity and Ian (does ROM count as an organic I don't even know) and have some interest in the Micronauts and other characters so I care.

Also there was MTMTE and there will be Lost Light for all your 24/7 bot needs, don't worry.

He's a cyborg. They're like the Mexicans of galactic racial politics.

>Would anyone care if every organic in the comics were killed tomorrow and the stories were entirely about robots from then on?
I would because I actually care about Verity, Ian, Marisa, Cobra, and the Joes.
The poor G.I Joe characters are just being handled really poorly in TF so far for the sake of its plot. A lot of them are genuinely pleasant characters within their respective ongoing.

>and have some interest in the Micronauts
The Micronauts technically aren't human though.

>Not caring about Miles Mayhem
How can double dubs be so shockingly wrong?

He's Action Man, he's probably nonchalantly eating his burger with a ticking bomb stuck to his chest while he parachutes from an airplane while Salmons, Mayday and Kup yell at him through a comm.

>The Micronauts technically aren't human though.
>every organic in the comics

I've only just met Miles so I have no attachment to him yet. I'll probably grow fond of him as M.A.S.K progresses because I love villains.

Well, the solicits do seem to indicate that Ian's the only one doing anything to solve the Ore-13 problem instead of duffing each other up.
>Ian bounces off Misfire's head, discards the bomb (which explodes) and yells at the others for sitting around when the world's potentially about to end
>Then gets distracted because the burgers smell great

I mean, the Micronauts wouldn't be placed in the same category as say the Joes or the members of EDC and they even have robots amongst them. They're not average humans.

And I FINALLY found what made me love does guys in the first place!
Now to find a way to play it again...

But some of them are organic

I dunno Miles that well but he seems fun and very machiavellan and even though MASK was meh him and Vanessa were interesting.

>Then gets distracted because the burgers smell great
That sounds about right. Very Ian.

>Optimus: ROM you gotta go back

Sentinel would have loved ROM.


Yeah the Joe fan in me is cringing about their portrayal and hopefully Sitterson makes them more likeable because Barber sucks at writing human and TFormers interactions.

I can also tell he knows nothing of the Joes, like Beach Head is suppose to be controlled, disciplined and patient to the point of exaggeration yet he impulsively shoots Optimus in the head.

>I can also tell he knows nothing of the Joes, like Beach Head is suppose to be controlled, disciplined and patient to the point of exaggeration yet he impulsively shoots Optimus in the head.
Given how IDW has never followed the toy bios religiously, I don't see how that means he knows nothing about them. He's using stuff from G.I. Joe Extreme in Revolutionaries, for christ's sake.

Got it.

Sitterson really loves the Joe's so I'm sure he will.
>Barber sucks at writing human and TFormers interactions.
I didn't think the EDCs interactions with the Decepticons were so bad. They made little to no sense considering AHM but I didn't hate it. His treatment of the Joes? That I seriously hate and it's probably going to turn off so many potential fans of the new ongoing. What Beachhead did was especially weird and OOC. Sitterson is apart of the Revolution squad so I don't understand how this is happening.

I don't own Joe toys and I don't care for shitty toy bios, I read the IDW origins issue with Beach Head (the one that explains his code name and how he got amnesia) and some of the IDW Joe comics and he comes off as a perfectionist to the point of being annoying (which I am also told it is a recurring theme with his character in other versions).

But the fact is that so far in Revolution most of the Joes could have been random humans, but Barber in general doesn't really write likeable humans.

Beach Head is weird, but the rest of it I'm kind of fine with. It comes off as stupid to us, but that's becaus we know they're the good guys. Frankly, the humans have good reason not to trust the Cybertronians, especially if they're being manipulated by Wraiths.

I feel like Spike's dad was likeable and Blackrock was interesting (although he can't be counted as human anymore) but the rest are just pretty one note. Ayana and Quain are just whatever, and Marissa is only interesting when she plays off TC but otherwise she's just moving the plot, the only bit of character we got from her was when she mentioned why she joined the EDC but otherwise not much.

Hell Spike is probably the one human with the most personality and the one that gets the most reaction from fandom even if it's not in a good way but if you talk about humans in ExRid he is usually the first one that comes up in a conversation. I dunno why he gets much focus DESU I rather he gets killed or shafted into the background.

>but Barber in general doesn't really write likeable humans.
All of the humans in Action Man were likeable.

I think that because Transformers + Trying to be Realistic = fucking stupid.

In the context of Transformers I mean but I get it in a way because the stars are the Transformers, not the humans, and Optimus and co need an obstacle or problem to overcome and I get that they aren't exactly all liked because of the war but damn the humans do come out like angry little violent shits.

Although I guess I do acknowledge that Ayana didn't want to hurt Soundwave so there's that.

Barber is writing Revolutionaries right? He'll probably do better TF/human friendship there, Ian and Kup seem like they will have a good dynamic, mostly making Kup grumpy.

cool down ?
not enough energon / ammo ?
your dealing with a psycho who actually wants to see if that fat fucker can survive a fall after a battle?

do you have a hard time enjoying things when they are not fully explained to you ?

What's that thing in the background hovering above the Joes on this cover? Can't tell if the purple effects are part of it or what.

They turned Rock'N'Roll into Nickleback and stunted his arm? WTF?

Looks like a glass ceiling with a hall and we are looking at it from below which doesn't make sense with the perspective the Joes are in

I want the Scrappers to meet the Dreadnoks that would be so much fun.

I actually find Blackrock funny and entertaining. Glad he's going to be in the spotlight from here on out in Revolutionaries.

>tfw all the people who hate the Joe's feel obligated and are forced to read the comic as a result of Skywarp being on the team

Jokes on you I don't give a fuck about Skywarp.

So we've complained, discussed, but what did everyone think about the endings?

Shit, as expected.

I love the random stuff too. It's breaks away from the run of the mill b/w millions of years war.

Confirmed megatron triple changer. Sorry

Costa go away pls

Confirmed by who? What evidence do you have? Do you have a source?

Because that's not the Voyager-class Titans Return Megatron, which has different jet and tank modes.

>Autobot symbol
>Deceptcon symbols

What the hell is he now.

What ever you want him to be, [term of endearment].

A Deceptibot.

I do at least like Skywarp to a point but fuck reading the Joe shit.

It's a shoop, notice the file name.

Still, it'll probably come with both autobot and decepticon stickers like that last one, so you can choose for yourself.

So many seekerfags are going to be pissed. On the brightside for me, I'm okay with G.I Joe and love Cobra so no complaints here.

I really do feel bad for the guys who don't care about the series but will still grudgingly read it for Skywarp. I can't imagine how annoying that will be.

>So many seekerfags are going to be pissed.
Are there that many? I think most of them are cutting their losses at this point since Starscream and Skywarp both have been taken from exrid.

I'm not into /toy/ so I wouldn't have known.

Seeker fans will get over it. Just like how I got over Sunstorm being turned into nothing in IDW after Dreamwave.

I think most of them are cutting their losses at this point since Starscream and Skywarp both have been taken from exrid.
Barber wrote Thundercracker and Starscream pretty well but I have faith in Scott to make Screamer interesting again seeing how much she's improved. Skywarp is going to be in the strangest position a transformer has ever been in, in TF history and that's OUTSIDE of Transformers.

>Skywarp is going to be in the strangest position a transformer has ever been in
Stranger than Bumblebee being a ghost and Starscream's Jiminy cricket?

Jetfire/Sunstorm were the best character dynamics from DW. It's a basic religion vs science angle but was fresh for TF stories.

>I have faith in Scott to make Screamer interesting again
You're either very hopeful or very stupid.

You're very pessimistic.

She's learned from her mistakes.

Pessimists are just optimists with experience etc.

How did that play out? I've never read DW but that was probably pretentious seeing that it's "religion vs. Science".

More like cynical defeatism.

We've had ghosts in TF before. I don't think we've ever had a bot leave their series before to join another one as an actual important character (Sitterson confirmed they would be part of the team).

That reminds me. What the hell happen to Eject? He was with the Joes for a little while then went poof.

n/m. I just realized that wasn't IDW.

10 - 01 -16
The 100th episode of Rescue Bots airs today.

Anyone see the last episode? The whole space part music reminded me heavily of Interstellar. Also the moment Dani and Blades had during the dark side of the moon was cute.


Bless, Ossio for more defined flat robutts.
We don't deserve him.

I love the mystery hatches that look like they might open.

Mystery hatches, is that what the kids call them these days?

Source ?

I have no idea what you guys are implying but I think it's sexual in nature.

Perish the thought, Goodie Proctor.

The ending of The Crucible pisses me off to this day.

Don't judge Ray for his tastes, the world's a harsh place and we all need comfort, whereever we may find it. Even if that's in metal and WD-40 on our genitals.

Hey now, we're just talking about where Optimus pumps exhaust from (but not right now he doesn't! Rom needs to shove his banana up there)

>The Transformers: Kiss Players (トランスフォーマー キスぷれ Toransufōmā Kisu Pure) radio drama was a segment of the Japanese radio show Lyrian Moe-tchao, and began airing on 3 April 2006 in Japan and ran for 38 episodes. Each weekly installment of the show featured a one to three-minute story narrated by one of the voice actresses who played the three main characters in the series. The radio dramas are in-continuity with the Kiss Players manga, and together they form the whole story of the Kiss Players line.
>August 7th, 2006. Episode 19: Marissa talks about washing Optimus, particularly his stick shift and the rim of his gas tank.

Kiss Players never happened.
>Marissa talks about washing Optimus, particularly his stick shift and the rim of his gas tank.
>Rim of his gas tank
Are they implying a fucking rim job here?

Kiss Players happened and is part of the Japanese G1 continuity. It explains a lot of the weird continuity connections between series and continues to be referenced in official material to this day.

>Kiss Players happened and is part of the Japanese G1 continuity.
The fact that they never retconned it is beyond me. Props for trying to work with something awful but as a result they can't make anything serious with their continuity at this point.