Thunderbolts #5

The road for 10k sales.




>Red Skull stick figure

>cosplay cover
Pure cringe.


Omnipotent nazi loli is the gift that keeps on giving




That is what you get for not putting troll there


>Miles wasn't apprehended in the end
So the shock ending to issue #5 was actually a fakeout. Nice to know.


ge77o daze


You lying bitch Carol.

>those Miles feet
Liefeld lite justified.

I'd forgive Malin for EXTREME art if you could see he was trying and at least was dynamic, but seriously look at how minimal the pencils and the inks are in these pages or how the different planes are only understood by the coloring.


The feet? look at the gun. hahah.




>this Spider-Man is different
What difference has he manifested? If he tried to shoot any super-fast, super-agile guy with a sixth sense that acts as an immediate danger precognition the result would've been the same

Does this faggot have to show up in everything?


He is black and killing blacks is a controversial topic in US




Why does it feel right, because he's black?

>posting a shitty edit during a storytime

>le venom blast

"HEH" damn you bucky


I was waiting for this

Now let's see Cred Forums get triggered


Oh my, nobody saw this fucking happening.
Not one person.

>having story time etiquette on a mongolian throat singing forum



le epic movie synergy



>not bucky bucky bucky bucky bucky bucky

More like Cucky.

Fill in artist next issue, finally.

did you not notice him turn invisible?

>excellent artwork
>floating on Tumblr
>that letter from the cucked German
Zubbolts were a mistake

yo, colorist, venom blast is yellow not blue

So Carol relented on arresting Miles. Good.
Still doesn't explain why they suddenly just stopped fighting. Then again, it's not like Tony and his team had any reason for fighting anyway.

Nice save Bucky, almost got Venom-Blasted

The only similarity is that he's captured.

I spoke too soon It doesn't bother me in this case though. Miles is more powerful and Bucky didn't do any research, plus the SHIELD goons distracted him.

of course some puritan was triggered by Moonstone being in underwear

At least he held his own as much as you can expect him to in this case. Especially since he kept holding himself back from outright trying to kill Miles.

They should include a trigger warning for the Bucky tumblrinas

BS, hes an artist, they need ref material for drawing. stupid women get mad because they aren't looking to draw ugly women, but hot women. boo fucking hoo, they exist and men have wanted them for all time.

wish they would learn that simple fact and they wouldn't have to say stupid shit all the time.

Frankly it looked like some anime
>He's fast!
bullshit effect rather than invisibility

>Was it really necessary to have Ms. Moonstoone strip to her undies when Kobik took out the stone?
>I've read more about the problematic portrayals of women in comic books than I have read comic books in general, and regardless of that, I want to like comic books. They're a fun visual medium and [...]
>And I suppose this is my first real glimpse into the casual sexism inherent in this industry.
brb going on a murder spree

>not Jolt

>What difference has he manifested?
The ability to turn invisible, one of the his lesser-used abilities.

This comic hurts me, user. I freaking love Thunderbolts, but between the art, and the fact that this is basically just a Bucky book with them tagging along just depresses me, and every time I see the damn letters pages I just want to punch someone.

>excellent artwork

>Aaron's crappy Original Sin has Fury almost sniping Peter
>Bucky actually snipes Miles and doesn't give a fuck


this was terrible.

>Zemo, the Cosmic Cube and Bucky are all tied together in interesting ways and we're looking forward to exploring that down the road.

It was somewhat obvious already before but I guess this confirms that poor Zemo will have Zubbolts inflicted on him, too.

I must admit that this book is really souring me on Bucky as a character.

>wanting Jolt or Troll on this mess

>Songbird pulled from Ewing books for this

Is this really doing under 10k?

Not yet, but it was at 18k at #4.

It's doubtful sales will rise considering that the only people this book has any appeal to are Bucky tumblrinas with no standards.

Even putting aside the art, Bucky has absolutely ruined this as a T-Bolts book.


It's not great loss, not like Spencer is treating Zemo with any decency in the first place. I don't understand how what looked so promising turned so wrong.

True, but I get the sinking feeling that Zub is gonna shit on Zemo's relationship with the other T-Bolts aka the one aspect from Zemo's Thunderbolts days that Marvel hadn't gotten around to ruining yet. All of course for the sake of fellating Bucky.

I think we can all agree on that Zubbolts is the worst Bolts book featuring parts of the classic roster.

He's probably the only reason this book exists in the first place.

I still have hope for what Spencer has planned. That Standoff prologue issue was just too good and him saying that he has plans in the long run for Zemo makes me feel like it'll be right in the end.

I guess they will play a major part on the HYDRA story/event.

Those letter pages are pure fucking cancer jesus fucking christ

Man, this art is... Not good.

post yfw sales bump on the issue where Songbird returns

By then the book will be on the low 10's

I'm sympathetic to the idea of a 90's extreme revival, but goddamn modern coloring is never kind to this shit.


>frank miller rain


Liefeld goes full-McFarlane.

Then that was truly a cursed gift.

I think like Standoff issue #1 was great. Standoff issue #2 - eh. He really writes Zemo like a cartoon.

I think Standoff #1 was only good re: Zemo because the Bucky bait and switch forced Spencer to get clever with how he wrote him.

They used the classic Thunderbolts in several games and the Avengers cartoon, Bucky was only added for a MCU boost like when they shoved Iron Man in GotG.

Jesus, Malin, you didn't have to copy Liefeld even on the shitty feet, you madman.

Yeah, I could buy that. And how much disappointment that sets up with a promised Bucky/Zemo plot and then this delivery!

So, I hate Miles as much as the next guy, but how the fuck was he getting his ass kicked by the Winter Soldier?

Malin actually draws a pretty good Spidey

>This is what guns are shaped like. Good enough for me.
This art is ruining everything.

Why was this storytimed and Cap Hydra and Cap Falcon weren't?

For the same reason Squirrel Girl was storytimed over and over.

Why are you upset

>all that delicious cross-hatching
Digital coloring was a mistake.

Just Buck my shit up

>Zubb and Ewing arm-wrestled over who would get to use Songbird
>Ewing got BTFO
Dammit, Ewing.

She is getting an ongoing or at least a solo spinning out of the Cap HYDRA shit, believe on it, Songbirdbro.

If only they had a different artist for this book.

Careful with wishes like that, user. Remember that a Songbird solo might very well end up written by the likes of Kate Leth. Or Bendis. Or they'd have Jim Zub write that solo, too.

It would be still bad because the writing is mediocre at the best.

cool didnt realize we were taking ideas from ultimatum

>Songbird is one of the few Jewish characters Bendis never wrote

If I remember correctly, she was featured on his Dark Avengers run very briefly. Mercifully, he actually seems to be uninterested in her.

She returned to the streets after Bullseye and Venom tried to murder her. I don't recall Bendis using her in DA.

Next issue. No Bucky too, let's see if they book will improve.