Batman Beyond Rebirth #1

Rebirth everyone waited for.

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Mandatory ad.

Too glossy.





Art's not bad at all, if I dare say so.





Not going to say who the killer was I see.


did we really need a summary of his origin? The character is pretty recent and the pages could have set up the plot.

Gotta keep hook for new readers.

Dana was Asian!?!

Rebirt, #1, you know how it goes.


I wish the real Joker looked more like that guy.

I never read new 52 Batman Beyond but why does Barbara look so young? I never did finish futures end.


Is sook drawing the title going forward or just the Rebirth issue, 'cause i'm picking this up otherwise.

duh, 16 years late to the party on that one

Covers only.

did the plotline about the birth of the Jokerz in Robin WAR/We Are Robin ever go anywhere?


just rebirth issue, but the regular artist bernard chang isn't bad at all.


Well fuck.
I just wanna read a jock drawn book again.
Is that so much to ask DC, is it?

Is that symbol they are waving around supposed to be something to recognize?


what's with all the "Z"s?
is this future talk?




See what raping the Joker did, Gordon?!


This shitty series does not deserve the good artists it's getting.

I don't know Green Arrow and Gotham academy without having most of the pages be a complete summary.

>advertising Felicity and friends

If this is the real actual joker, he'd be disgusted with the lame Jokerz, doing pedestrian crime in his name.
They're just not worthy.
This will backfire in ugly ways.

so I guess jurgens is gonna ignore the 3 joker thing

I don't think the Jokers even about know the JOKERS.

No, he's probably just resurecting only one of them. Calm your tits, no reason in assuming someone is ignoring something just because it isn't spelled out in bloody semaphoric exposition. Jeez.

No one has done Damian's Titans yet?


Thanks op

That's what you get for sending one of your sidekick to rape the Joker, Batman! I told you you had to rape him yourself!

This is not schway

Everybody should

woah the comic panels broke
interactive panels in comics woah

>Even bums in Gotham stay strapped

Amazing art, kind of shit story

Thanks OP

"Schway" nice

It is what always happens. Group resurrects their idol and it ends up being the worst decision they ever made

Why on earth do they call it neo gotham.

Wait. Is this the same guy writing Action Comics?

Everything's neo in the future, trips.

Wait he threw that guy out the window is this a batman who kills or are we just supposed to pretend he somehow survives that (which i am fine with i learnt playing arkham asylum its best to just suspended your disbelief on those things)

Man, Rebirth, with the exception of Blue Beetle needing a fire lit under its butt, you are doing okay so far in my book. This page is great.

Bruce still has it.
So does the name wayne still hold meaning in this future.

Terry kills like it's nothing, user.

Its a really nice effect as long as you dont overuse it.

Also the breaking on entering the next panel as well is a really nice touch.

>Did ____ in Robin WAR/We Are Robin ever go anywhere?

No. No, it did not.

Man, if you don't realize by now that whole stupid mess was just a way to sneak in a black Robin, I don't know what to tell you.

Barbra knows hes batman interesting.
I assume she had long since hung up her own cowl when this guy became batman.
Im gonna have to check out the previous batman beyond series it seems pretty interesting.

I thought that was the legion logo on her clipboard at first.

>pay day
I like her

wow, this looks like shit

What unshitty series deserves it?

Ok I'm confused as hell

How is Terry alive again? What happened to Tim?
Why is Barbara so much younger? Where's her grey hair?
I didn't know everyone was so much older. Terry is an adult, did this happen in the previous series?
Is this canon to the DCAU? Or is it it's own thing? Return of the Joker isn't canon to this?
Where's Bruce? Is he dead?

God fucking dammit enough with this skin tight techsuit shit

Wait I thought it was supposed to be Damien aka lil D aka Dwanye training Terry?

Wait what does this have to do with the dcau.

Best girl

Because it's called BATMAN BEYOND and BATMAN BEYOND followed the DCAU Batman, complete with Batgirl and Batman boinking.

Nothing, they just brought over some trappings from the cartoon series but ultimately they are going to be doing their own thing.

I only had half an eye on what DC was doing until Rebirth started so thought it might have had a followup when I wasn't looking

Wait there was a cartoon called batman beyond

fuck off and die you piece of shit

This is post-Tim right? Why is Bruce dead?

It's probably just for the Manhattan event, then we'll be back to business as usual, no need for this buttpain.

Yeah, this isn't in the DCAU universe, it's just sort of taking the setting, following the Future's End series. There's like, 3 volumes of DCAU Batman Beyond comics before this.

The true face of a DCAUtist, calm your tits down.

No fuck you.

I doubt this will have jackshit to do with Dr. Manhatten.

Literally and figuratively worse than current day MCU fans trying to cross over.

Every weird Johns tidbit, like Mr Oz or Babyseid, seem to play a role in it, and we were explicitly shown a Pre-Crisis, Pre-Flashpoint and New52 Joker, while Manhattan has been fucking with timelines and multiverses and erasing duplicates.

>his deadliest foe:

What war ?

That seems like an overreaction to somebody not knowing about a cartoon.

thanks for the storytime!

And thanks for that Bueno, senpai.

I don't want to even try to figure out what kind of time travel logic they used to account for what happened in Future's End. Three Jokers allows me to reconcile his being in the last page, while also allowing for pic related to have happened.

I think Future's End imostly sn't canon anymore after Convergence?

Well, it is canon still sine storylines from that book lead to this. Plus Jurgens said futures end Tim Drake story will be continued later on in rebrith

Well, this is a thing we're reading, yes, but not canon to Earth-0, they avoided the war and all that with convergence, so now it's a what-if or multiverse story.

Please put the word story somewhere in your post next time

this looks terrible lol

the mask will never not creep me out.

if anything, it should be a mouth piece like on a power rangers mask.

So is this set in the DCAU canon, or its supposed to be DCU?

i know one of the old BB comics was DCAU, but then somehow things got shifted to the regular DCU

The Batman #700 futures are alternate timeline/non-canon. This seems to loosely follow the cartoon's timeline (or at least it did...)

Bruce is gone?
Terry was assumed dead?

Matt also has Bruce DNA right? Just make the kid Robin.

Before Future's End with Tim Drake = DCAU
After Future's End with Tim Drake = DCU

This is after Future's End with Tim Drake.

Rolling around at the speed of sound

rainbow corps are back?

>and we were explicitly shown a Pre-Crisis, Pre-Flashpoint and New52 Joker
when was what?
Cred Forums keeps mentioning it, but i dont remember reading that in the rebirth special.

thanks user.
So what do i need to read to be "caught up" on this?
just the futures end story, right?

How could you guys forget the masterpiece that is Future's End?

''terry, I can't believe you're here. . .zzzzz''

>We want the Arkham City audience

They should still have their mom.

Future's End and the Batman Beyond volume before this, but Future's End was awful, and the previous Batman Beyond was pretty bad. And I'm really digging this book right now, so this isn't coming from a purely negative person.

If you're totally unfamiliar with Batman Beyond watch the cartoon series, even if it's not the same continuity, the supporting characters and setting are pretty much the same, it's like the carry over knowledge cartoon or movie fans get when coming into comics, and if the small continuity stuff like "Bruce is dead?" really bothers you, just wiki it.

That was in JL #50. You could also just google anything remotely related and find the damn image.

No, it's a new Volthoom style colorless ring villain.

Check out Justice League Beyond: Konstriction as well. That was awesome.

God, how BB turned from some cool future bat's story into some horrible generic robotshi and now this - JOKER AGAIN. I mean, Current BB run has nothing to do with DCAU right? Cuz DCAU Joker is fucking twice dead.

This whole Beyond series spun out of Futures End, in which Bruce and Terry tried to send Bruce back in time to prevent their future (one overrun by Brother Eye and heroes/villains transformed into cyborgs serving him) from coming to be. Bruce got fucked up and captured, leaving Terry to go back to try and stop Brother Eye and an Earth-0/Earth-2 conflict from coming to pass. Bruce got merged with Joker into a murderous cyborg by Eye and was sent back in time to stop Terry, but he got destroyed and Terry died in the process.
Tim Drake ended up becoming the new Batman Beyond and returned to a slightly altered - but still shitty - future, saving Barbara, Max and other characters from a Brother Eye prison camp. No idea what happened to this Tim (current E0 Tim has been captured by Mr. Oz), but Terry recently came back (he was manipulated into fighting Tim) and Bruce is still dead in this timeline.

And Futures End is an alternate timeline for E0, it got prevented thanks to Telos' planet from Convergence being transformed into the new Earth-2, thus preventing hordes of E2 ships from suddenly turning up on E0 and starting an Earth War.

>a bat trapped in a clock

Holy fucck i just got the symbolisim

No it's Terry and Bruce died in Future's end

What, you mean Terry "Black Death" McGinnis?

You cross his path and think of crime, odds are you'll wind up squished to the size of a dime.

Is that Ace the Bat-hound of the future?

Her last name was tan and her dad looked like a sterotypical angry asian acountant

I'm out

this sounds confusing as fuck

How fresh

How original

>carrot and a stick

This is how ethnic/local mafias have as much power as they do. They actually 'help' the locals from time to time, which helps them rationalize that they're not ALL bad, which means less willingness to cooperate with the police than a purely antagonistic approach.

>editorial decisions have been so bad they've been retconned into actual supervillain plots to sideline/erase/alter various characters in Rebirth

It's kind of amusing on a meta level.

Are Batman Beyond Unlimited and Batman Beyond Universe worth reading?

Or maybe just Justice League Beyond or Superman Beyond? Help a nigga out.

Have you never scene Batman Beyond????

Arkham City "Bane" Jokers?

Why are the eyes red. This looks like hot garbage.

will we escape Timm's shit bruce/babs


Why the fuck was it Tim for a while?

yeah he's always been in batman beyond

>Why the fuck was it Tim for a while?
Because Future's End was a mistake.

Yup, its really schway.

why can't they just have terry leave dana for max ?


Happy there's a new Beyond comic, but I'm confused beyond confused right now.

Great start, but not a fan of the Red eyes.
Makes him look a Kamen Rider.
He is a bat, not a bug damn it!

Yes and it needs to end
Make it look harder the suit is more power armor than anything else


Is BB Unlimited/BB Universe worth reading?

Let me help you then.
If you can find better on like kisscartoon or something then go ahead and google.

I don't want another Kamen Rider Knight/British Batman debate again

So, a future Batman goes against a future Joker. Brilliant. How will it end? We've never seen the outcome of this matchup before!

>bruce was so mad even Ace was afraid
Terry was lucky to herd him only via radio.

loving these jokers designs.

>Bruce is dead
Granted, he was old
>Terry's Mom is dead
>In a war


I actually really enjoyed that. I loled at the Joker's body so i'm hoping it's not a serious resurrected joker thing.

Ryan Sook is crazy guys

makes sense.


>mom died in the war

Well, here a TRUE JOKER.. No these idiots JokerZ..

Looks kind of demonic. It could work if he's trying to bring back the old Batman mythos.

what a boring concept.

>Everyone waited for
Literally nobody wanted this.

Those glorious bastards

Is no one going to answer me?

Got places to go

Why are the eyes so shitty looking? Why are they red? It doesn't make sense. They can be seen as spiderman-like lenses, surely. But they look fucking awful. Seriously. Who paid the asshole who drew that? Otherwise it's mostly fine artwork. Just fucking crazy shitty design for the batsuit.

Who thought it was a good idea to make his goggles look like the douchiest sunglasses imaginable?

I'm in the same boat, gonna need to reassess this.

I think Bernard Chang is on the ongoing, he's ok iirc




He should be on a better title.

oh god damn it

>literally the perfect rendition of the perfect costume
How is this so hard to nail? Simplified and streamlined defines Terry's tech.

BB should have been a one-off. Just doesn't work as a comic.

Let me guess, you never watched Batman Beyond before.

Don't read any BB comics. Just stick to the show and enjoy it.


But that's wrong. The comics based on the show are good. It's everything from Hush Beyond onward that is ABSOLUTE SHIT.

Prove me wrong.



Robin War

>The character is pretty recent

Batman Beyond came out 17 years ago

thread theme

no, the background is the city outside of the car, the windows if you may, terry just punch that motherfucker

Everyone point and laugh at this insignificant mongrel.


what is up with this suit

It's the face. His body can be detailed,but the face has to be simple - like shown there. The issue comes from artists often drawing the face with a lot of detail, which makes the suit look odd.

how does the joker even know Dana ?

can't even trust the sweet old ladies in Gotham

why would anyone be dumb enough to do that?

I haven't been keeping up. What happened to Tim?

What the fuck are you talking about?
There was a BB comic set in the DCAU and a JLU one too but both were canceled. They got worse as thy went along. Writer used the same gimmick for both Shazam and Flash like one arc after the other.

spellbinder had him hypnotized

wait I read that wrong. Tim gave up the suit after rescuing terry. then he vanished after riding away in a flash of light

Always good to see Ryan Sook on interiors.

Because Max is a shit

Ironically, best bat looks like worst rider.

But Terry looks nothing like Faiz.

that's not how you spell wizard

It's not the artist, it's the design. Rebirth happened so everyone needed a new costume. Terry's was already perfect so there was nowhere to go but down. I think they changed the eyes because that was an easy and minor change on a suit with so few details. Unfortunately it just looks wrong in every way.

Somehow I think it wouldn't be as bad if his eyes were white.

That's a big part of the problem yeah, unfortunately ever since the new 52 started every redesign at DC has to be covered in red for some reason. "Need a new design for an established character? Hold on, I know I've got a red sharpie around here somewhere" -Jim Lee

christ DC you fucking blew it its GROSS, jesus does the "artist" not have a brain? how did the guy even get paid?!

Funny how this doesn't apply to Superman.

In his rebirth design he originally had more yellow elements, but Jim Lee changed them to red.

>Arrow Season 5
>After a violent shipwreck
Surprisingly apt

Awww, the clock was so close to being at the right time. It's supposed to be 10:47 to open it. The time of his parents' deaths.

Thank you

Wish they would have gone with Damien training Terry but I understand using the classic origin

>Wish they would have gone with Damien training Terry

Why? Seriously. Why?

Grant Morrison made it clear that Damian would be a terrible Batman to the point of dooming Gotham to an Armageddon and making him take Bruce place as Terry's mentor would ruin completely with the concept of Batman Beyond.

Maybe it's 10:47 if you count that winter time thing.

Damian didn't doom Gotham, you imbecile.

Yes, he did, and he was an edgy Batman that killed. He was pretty much Azrael 2.0.

I was kinda hoping this would finally be good but Joker's back and otherwise it's just really bland. Why is it so hard to make an okay Beyond comic?

Look who's name is on the cover (Jurgens) and that's all the answer you need for why this book turned out the way it did.

Terry killed too

I think Jurgens confirmed that Beyond!Tim's disappearance was related to E-0 Tim's imprisonment

Then how come Action Comics is actually pretty decent?

Is Justice League Beyond worth reading?

What about Superman Beyond?

Except superman
At this point im pretty sure the mandate comes from right at the top at time warner.

Its a varient you faggots the whole point is to show off what he looks like in a difrent artstyle.

It's 10:48, not 10:47.
This is an extremely autistic thing to be correcting, I apologize.

No Derek in this?

Fucking Christ, chill. That's just the variant cover.
And it doesn't even look that bad.

>Gundam feet

That was prevented and Damien changed to a better person more suited to be Batman. Read a comic for once faglordinator.


Soo, this war thing happened or they just want a story with their mother miraculously coming back?

I'd say six issues of fighting Doomsday is pretty bland desu.

I'm still mad about red Nightwing


>Ryan Sook was wasted on this garbage
For what reason?


I'm positive at least a few of these weren't necessarily Terry actively killing them, and more them doing a thing and Terry not stopping them.

That said, Terry 'Black Death' McGinnis is a great name.


Nope, not liking the design.

Oh boy, I am so excited that they're doing this exact same plot over again. Yay.


Convergence avoided nothing. At least how i remember.

Earth 2 was destroyed by Darkseid and Future's End only changed that the refugees didn't find Earth-0 (they ended on the crappy souvenir from Telos). Convergence didn't changed that.

Brother Eye still conquered Earth in BB's future (depicted on the horrid finale of Future's End). Convergence also didn't changed that.

I don't know the oficial status of the story (alternate timeline or whatever), but Future's End still is a thing on this comic.

Azrael only failed to save one villain. Which ended up killing his innocent brother. He never outright murdered anyone.

This is phenomenal.



Why is it so impossible for anyone to write a good Batman Beyond comic? Every single time they add in the dumbest and most useless shit. Why can't someone just fucking make a good ongoing?

They misunderstand the subtlety of its angst? I wouldn't be surprised if everyone overdid that part.

Batman Beyond can be summed up as "The Future Sucks For The Youth, But Not In A Mad Max Sense".

they go too far on the Batman side of the Batman+Spider-Man balance in Terry

"I dress up as a bat, Max. I'm not exactly conventional on monogamy."

It's Jurgens fault mate, I really wish Azz had been the one to write this ongoing especially since he was the one handling the Batman Beyond segments in Futures' End anyway.

Why does Max look like fucking crap here? She was hot in the cartoon.


I legitimately do not understand why DC is going to keep trying to make Batman Beyond comics a thing when they keep making this god awful stories that not only inherently suck, but also retread shit we've seen a million times before.

Like, fuck. This is literally the concept of the fucking movie.

heck is going on here

Who is the regular series artist of this?

I doubt Sook is drawing every issue, even tho that would be awesome.

Damian should never be Batman.



bernard chang

So how are they going to explain to the new readers that Bruce's absence is due to him being fused with the Joker and getting killed off in that masterpiece of an event.

probably not, considering after he retired he pretty much became a recluse, even from the company.

Jesus, that's the one rip Joker.

is the war the future's end shit? why the fuck are they keeping any of that? It was garbage. There were better ways to set it up as Terry alone.

setting up the pieces for Arkham Beyond to choose from I see

Because they forget that its actually a cyberpunk series about people going through tough shit that just happens to involve a future version of Batman.

>it's a 'Joker Coming Back From the Dead Again' episode


As another user mentioned, Future's End seemed like it had promise. Then we discovered why it never should have happened.

All star batman will have a whole jock arc

A metahuman sperged out and blew up Gotham maybe?

Only for a single issue, and All-Star Batman #7's artist is not yet announced.

As someone that's literally never read a Beyond book before (I did watch the series as a kid but I can't remember jack shit) this was pretty good.

Most stuff was explained pretty well, only shit I'm a bit confused on is. I assume Commissioner Gordon is Barbara? Why the fuck does she seem so young? and is she married to Dick? did Bruce cuck Dick like in the DCAU? How many years into the future is this set and is it actual proper canon with the rest of the DCU? Also what the fuck is schway? I vaguely remember something about Terry being Bruce's kid in the DCAU, is that the case here as well?

I think it's just the way the artist drew the eyes, because even in Terry's old suit, with red eyes, it looks alright. Not great, but not as bad as it does in the issue/cover.

So did he go back in time and steal that head from Jokerborg's body or what.

I don't like the defined musculature on the suit. It looks weird compared to the show (same problem with Power Ranger comics), and the suit is about stealth, foremost. Defined differing surfaces like fake padded musculature creates highlights on the striations, hurting the stealth aspect. Also...what war? Are they going with the "Brother Eye" thing from the last iteration as cannon for this continuity? Cuz that shit sucked. Tim in the BB lead role sucked as well.

Futures End, which this all spun out of, was set 35 years into the future. I wouldn't call it canon with the main DCU as it started before Rebirth, which alters things, and it incorporated elements from the cartoon and the digital only comic Batman Beyond Universe/2.0. That book sort of did it's own thing with melding DCAU and comic elements together. There was also some stuff from Kirby's OMAC and Kamandi in the last title. Its easiest to just think of this as a vague alternate future. This also means Dick's fate is slightly uncertain. In Futures End he was just straight up dead. But if they're borrowing more from the digital comic it means he got cucked harder than ever before.



And this is why I stopped reading cape comics.

well remember the movie? remember how they ended up following him not because they liked his ideas but because he'd fucking murder them?