Wtf i hate ppg now

wtf i hate ppg now
can you find comic thats less likable than this one?

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This art hurts me.

Dorkly is humor kryptonite.


>Words, words, words, words...
>Artstyle ripped directly from CN shows, didn't even bother making modifications
>Political Justice is the topic


This is a parody right?

Why is it people who want to fight for social justice always make their comics nothing but a complain-fest? You have a medium that's only limited by what you yourself can do.

Ain't no way that pear shape hasn't heard of a cinnamon roll.
Bitch ate 3 of them this morning for sure.


The chick in blue seems fairly semi reasonable.

>people sympathized (like in
) with the mother so fag who draws this decided to make her completely unlikable in newer comics

>You have a medium that's only limited by what you yourself can do.
There's your answer.

I can't remember what was this offensive best selling Halloween costume?

>You literally just used 'they' as a singular pronoun.
Except she literally didn't, you dumb bitch.

Alright nevermind
The fuck costume is she even talking about.

Also she appears to pass really well i doubt she had to deal with much at all.

Suicide Squad Prostitute Harley

Damn, does this woman just hate her mom?

That's something I've never understood about "They, Them" this isn't like Fish or Moose, They and Them literally means multiple individuals.

I honestly would've been less bothered if they used Xir.


>"sorry, my mom is a fucking retard"
>right in front of mom
nice going

I auctualy think it would be kind of cool to make harley transexual on one of the other earths.


Probably the Caitlin Jenner costume


That'll be this years, not sure how its offensive to transsexuals, unless the pants are too tight to hide a penis.


The child and shopkeeper are the only likable people here.
Non binary people are just a joke that hold back acceptance of transexuals because they refuse to accept you have to be one of the genders and the mother totaly fucking overreacted.
Still i do like that she is eager to share stuff with children even if it is bullshit.

Deus Vult, Dan

really makes you think (same person is respected as a male but opposite after becoming female)

Wait that was a thing
Well shit i was ready to go on a rant but shes right that is pretty tasteless
Still she probably wants to take away peoples right to wear a tasteless costume which is far worse then a bad costume.

which comic is more cancerous, one in this thread or picrelated?

They even drew her worse by showing her crows feet more often and by giving her neck lines

Pic related, does that apparently devout Muslim women realise what's happening to her son while she's on a date with another women?


>What's a cinnamon roll?

How can you not know what that is?

It's like you don't know what a pumpkin roll or cheesecake is.

I won't to smack this person.

Not for being trans but to just being a straight up bitch to her mom.

I'm never having kids. Of course, with my life style choices, I don't think that was a possibility anyway.

Is it weird that I'm totally fine with transgender people but I can't accept people claiming to be a non-binary gender at all?

>comic about a

cant you see her mom is uber-asshole?

Alright that one's believable.

>You don't have to be gay to have a boyfriend, you could be asexual
Fucking stopped reading there because I can't look past that brick wall of stupid.

What a waste of a GET.

This is my first time hearing of a pumpkin roll.

Because it's insane, you can't not have a gender.

Why can't anyone just be happy with themselves anymore? If your a dude that looks cute enough and likes to wear dresses so be it. I would perfer that over someone that thinks "hey I like dresses and womanly things, I must be a woman."


Why is the ten year old watching the 7-8 year old well into midnight? If this was like for an hour or something I'd kind of understand, but this makes no fucking sense.


I hope the next panel is that freakshow hanging "themself"

wow, the mother has the patience of an angel

In context though it's Tumblr adopting this "Too Good For This World, Too Pure" as a way to describe someone who's good-hearted and innocent... It is massively overused .


Caitlyn Jenner costume if I remember correctly

im glad shmorky got his shit together. thank you for the funnies OP it made my morning

Isn't Caitlyn Jenner hated among the trans community?

Both are shit, but assigned male is so shitty I choose to believe is an anti-trans guy scamming people and making shitty comics with hyperbolic situations that would never happen.
This one less stupid, better drawn and seems more personal. And with just the comics posted here I already hate this person.

If her mom is so insufferable why doesn't she cut ties with her and her family? This arsehole wants to suffer and be seen as the trans victim.

I think this comic gets awesome at 2 points
1. When he points out that it can't have children
2. When, despite ACTUALLY FINDING A GUY TO DATE IT, it manages to scare him away in the last panel.

what century do you live in? Any person who sprouts nonsense is being called out on it, whether they are a guy or girl

What is a cinnamon roll?
But yeah I don't want trans people writing children television so sue me

Then Southpark happened and the 14 year olds were told who to hate

Hey, they stole my idea!

>whats a cinnamon roll?

Holy shit go back to whatever shit hole country you live in and off my chinese cartoon board

It's a joke from AT after it was shit.

wtf, I like ppg now

I'm absolutely not surprised in any way at all


I want her to point to a non gender confirming black person and say
They are always like that



Just don't approach little kids you weird fuck
Last week I had a mentally challenged kid attempt to return a McDonalds burger at me because it was wrong somehow and I'm neither a McDonalds employee nor in the workers side I was just in line to get my food
I just looked away and ignored him and im not trans just a regular guy. I know better than to mess with kids in any sorth of way

Is it me or are the full on cancer trans are always trans women ?

this has to be satire. the calarts look, reference to steven universe, "vulnerable minorities". there is no way this wasn't made by an user to poke fun.

The fun thing is that her mom isn't even being an asshole whatever way you look at it. She seems caring and perfectly accepting of her trans daughter. She just gets confused when the main character starts going on about the crazier shit like nonbinary genders and muh oppression everywhere. Are we supposed to sympathize with the mom?

My shithole country is Africa, I'm African from a majority black country
Do you want to reword your comment tumblr?

Look at later pages, the author is doing his hardest to make the mother appear the bad one

Cinnamon roll is a tumblr term, not a Cred Forums one



their eyes look like they're melting.

I can't even notice the writing the eyes are so distracting.

Like someone cracked an egg and didn't cook it properly.

Why is it so hard to tell people you are trans before they take you to a motel to fuck you?

This dude has clearly never had a holiday family dinner. I've tried helping my mom and wife in the kitchen, women are such fucking control freaks that I'm not ALLOWED to get involved in their process.

What's the matter did the ooga booga people not develop the technologies to create a delicious fucking pastry??

Except he is male in both panels
Just that he wants to be acknowledged as female in the second and that doesn't have to do with experience but biology

Listen here Jew faggot, Cinnamon Rolls are a goddamn American institution, if your shithole of a country doesn't have the goddamn brains and decency to have them then fucking kill yourself

How fucking tumblr is that you double nigger?

Why is it so hard not to commit a violence on them.

Has anyone ever met a tranny in real life who wasn't an unpleasant individual to be around?

But it comes from yurop?
The only pastry Americans created were donuts. And im not even 100% sure of that one.

FtM are pretty ok. They usually hate tumblr too

ones that are not cancer can go unnoticed. if a person does their best to make you notice they are trans they are attentionwhore sjws.
true trans just want to live normal life of opposite gender without attracting attention.

Funny how almost every single human being on the planet is happy to identify as one of two genders
There were more mutants in down than trans people irl

My dad always cooked Christmas dinner while my mom threw a tantrum and tried to ruin it for everyone

The most commonly accepted theory of the origin of the doughnut is that they were created by Dutch settlers in North America in the 1800s.

Cinnamon rolls, on the other hand, have their presumed country of origin as Sweden.

To be honest I don't blame them. I let someone help with cooking a roast dinner ONCE.
>hey, these yorkshire puddings just need to be toasted. Can you take them out after five minutes, I need to go downstairs and make the gravy
>sure, no problem mate!
>10 minutes later
>[burning smell intensifies]

maybe you should stop oppressing her so she feels good?

Because you are drunk, you just paid for dinner and drinks and got completely blue balled
Now you answer me

Literally a mental illness.

This can't be real. This has to be ironic/sarcastic.
I refuse to believe it's real.

I haven't talked to her since april
If anything she is oppressing me by coming to the buildings door and ringing my door bell again and again for half an hour because I blocked any other way of communication

Because they are expecting a sex act when the man wants sex with a woman.
If a man tried to sex me in any way i would say no. If a man dolls himself up to get me to say yes, i would say no. If its too well done to get me to say no and i dont find out until were both naked, i would be extremely hurt and would hurt the other man.


Does anyone have the Cred Forums edit?

How is it edgy knowing that anyone can jump to any sorth of wierd conclusion when you talk with a kid you don't know
I would have liked to help the kid since my sister has the same condition but I know better

honestly, i believe it was due the hormone inbalance that they got from the hormone treatment. I have once met someone online who was an okay average dude. He knew he wanted to be a woman, but also he knew he was a guy, and was fine talking about it. After his hormone treatment he suddenly became a whole different person. It was like he was constantly on a non-existent period and become very delusional about his own life, claiming he was never a man to begin with(not even biologically) it was insane

Reminder that "gender" is a term invented by a child abuser who drove two boys to suicide to prove his theory.

>Even more transphobic

What? How was the original PPG show transphobic in any way?

he may be an asshole, but if it proved his theory what is there to complain about?

Yes, he was a prostitute

my guess they are talking about Him

Beats me
I'm pretty sure they never did a crossdressing gag and that was a staple of comedy back then

Toasted Yorkshire puddings? Da fuck.

This is pretty much my mom, she doesn't want me no where near the kitchen when she's cooking. Hell, it's wasn't until I was 19 I actually had to start cooking for myself

I love how the author thinks their opinions got better too.


the only thing I could think of was when those guys in jail dressed up as the PPG with those comically large heads

Him, a character who wore women's clothing and was never mocked or derided for it in any way? A character who was treated as a serious and threatening antagonist?

>working on my car in front of my house
>retired neighbors adult kid pulls up with grandkid
>he starts yelling at his kid
>"don't be a faggot, faggot this, faggot that, fucking you can't even look at the color pink, that makes you a cock sucking faggot, fucking faggots"

>poor kid, his dad's gonna make him the gayest fucking faggot ever with that bullshit

seriously if you want your kids to be fucking "non-binary" go ahead and start yelling at them about their stringent gender role when their fucking 5, and tell them they can't play with one toy or another. definitely don't let them know it doesn't matter, they might end up normal. ffs.

It didn't.

Not at all.

In fact the results where disastrous.

And he was the devil. They show a character that could very well be trans and he is literally the devil.

I thought the point was to show evil had no gender? That it could be anyone? But fuck me, even that small amount of subtlety is problematic I guess.

Not that user, but read this. He is a child molester and a pedophilia apologist. The only thing he proved was that transgenderism is a mental illness.

Yeah, like cheese on toast. You've never toasted something in the oven user?

as i said, he may be an asshole, but that doesn't matter towards science. Just because his motivation and methods are wrong doesn't mean his teachings are.

To be honest, I like this better than assigned male since nobody else is bending over the backs to make the main character feel normal and seems more natural with other character interactions.

I kinda like the art because it's more cutesy so I couldn't take it seriously. Assigned male's characters are all fat and the children with an unrealistic knowledge of the gender terminology

Assigned male is the worst

>but if it proved his theory
It didn't

All this gender stuff is bullshit. Boys have a penis. Girls have a vagina. Kindergarten Cop summed it up.

You didn't even read the article. His findings were wrong.

Yes she did. Learn to read, perhaps.

>So which pronouns do they go by?
How is that not using they as a singular pronoun, retard?

Second panel when the mother says what pronouns do THEY go by

Therein lies the problem.

kek this 100%

What I don't understand is what kind of shitty education did you receive that you don't know 'they' can and should be used a singular pronoun when you don't know the gender of the person you're referring to.

Because everything old is problematic.

Just like how the Old Ghostbusters was sexist unlike the Nu Ghostbusters punches the Patriarchy in the balls (literally).

>should be used
'They' certainly can be used, but 'He' is generally accepted as the default pronoun in the english language.


Ravioli, ravioli, let me off the rideoli.

What the fuck, do people even talk to their kids like this? I mean I grew up in a Christian household, a pretty conservative one, and the only time I remember my parents coming even close to talking about shit like "they deserved it" was pedophiles. I mean, even now my parents are still creeped out a lil by gays, but I was always told "they don't know better" not "Fuckin' queers don't deserve to live/go unbeaten".

>"I have problems with thing that is a non issue"
>Sensible person "Get over it"
>"I don't wanna

So, she's AWARE that she's being a big baby and just wants to keep being one? What?

Your mom is trying, you ungrateful sow!

>homoromantic asexuality
How deep does the rabbit hole go?

"I'm sorry for being a completely unreasonable person, allow me to apologize by continuing to do just that."

They're digger deeper everyday.



>can you find
Didn't even need to try.

The more I read, the angrier I get, and yet I cannot stop.

It's a vicious cycle

I think it works

Why do all the characters have eyes like that grey pegasus I can't post here?

So did 'you', but you don't see people going around addressing people as 'thou' anymore.

I really, really, REALLY dont understand the level of thought that goes into the writing in this comic. No sensible person, trans or otherwise would ever talk like this, ever.

Seriously, who the fuck says that? Who would say this in conversation? How do you write this on paper and go "yeah, no. This is reasonable. This makes sense."

i honestly didnt even know what i expected when entering this thread

>which pronouns do they go by

There is no logical base for this at All
It's astonishing the ease with which you claim homosexuality is something you are born with and then claim your kids become homosexuals if you hate the gays
Wich one is it?

Varying degrees of strabismus.

It's ripping off Disney villains wich where in case on accidentally gay since the person who designed the was gay hence imprinting his own mannerisms in them
So what you call a stereotype was just a gay man accidentally ten years of Disney movies and everything inspired by them

Living in Texas I can tell you that yes, people do talk to their children like this.

At things like parent teacher conferences they even talk to other parents like this.

>thousands of years ago all the genders lived in peace side by side
lol wat


I don't even


I don't know, I think a beard will be better

That's pretty interesting.

We all know women consider themselves always right and men always wrong. But this new evidence shows that the woman will consider the man wrong even when the man is herself!

So, this is a parody right?
It's actually making fun of transbullshit?

Or is it just like, Poe's Translaw in action?

stop make all these bad transgender comics STOP

But everything changed when the cishet whites attacked

There was this episode with the impostor PPG that were grown men in costumes.But it was fun..

hot damn

I have and I hate seeing it, it's an imperfection and leads to some not so fun health issues down the road. Like why not do fucking birthmarks or something?

What's with the strong correlation of owning a cat and being a complete faggot? Is it those brain parasites I've heard about?

It's a parody whether it was intended or not. I don't care if this faggot was serious and thought they were making a good point, all they really created a comic that confirms every single bias that people already have.

Toxoplasmosis. Maybe? My understanding is that those tend to make people more docile and compliant. That's not what we're seeing.

>14 year olds
Don't you mean...everyone?

I have yet to find a better summation of trans people than "fake humanity". Its just so fucking accurate.

That's stupid

>It's okay to seriously hurt or kill someone because you wanted sex and were rused

Holy shit guys.

I get where you're coming from but don't really agree.
I think not being able to tell if a person is a male or female is just a natural way to get a person to feel unsettled which works well for a conniving evil type person

Yeah? You say that like it's a bad thing. It's basically an attempted rape, if you want to put it in Faggotese.

Man cannot be raped.

This doesn't even need an edit, she acts like an unlikable twat in the original as well.

If they don't want it in the pooper, but you put it in anyway, that's rape.

Double so if it gets poop on everything.

>basically attempted rape

If you're able to kill the other person as easily as that homo was, then you have all the power in the situation. You could just accept you got tricked by a trap and walk away instead of chimping out like the nigger you are.


Coming from a guy that is a genuine inquiry. But I guess having an always-on victim complex makes everything seem a slight against you

So basically this entire thread

All that matters is that it was real in his mind.

Seems like a legit question. Guys(proper guys with no mantits) have no idea what it's like to have so much weight hanging from their chest.


They're both IM RIGHT YOURE WRONG: The Webcomic so they're both arrogant and obnoxious as fuck

>original PPG


Yeah, Lovecraft is definitely the kind of person I want to emulate

I think that is the point. The guy was a nutball and sociopath. And he owned a cat.

"Isn't that right Niggerman?"

Uuhm... Him?
I have no clue either

>mfw Man in a dress showed up in Typing of the Dead

Is that... Windbreaker?

But if one was to choose, Assigned Male is certainly worse for the sheer amount of obnoxious it oozes.


Because rape by deception is still rape by deception, even when it happens to a man, you sexist.


That'll show the crazy bitch!

>>Political Justice is the topic

You mean Social Justice.

Is there a political agenda here or is it just "LOL FARTS"?

>aka faggots misusing the term "phobia" by using it to label words or things they don't like

And all they can do is complain.

If it is, the artist is dedicated

>I'm African from a majority black country.

I'm sorry.

If it's any consolation, the Chinese should be along any day now to forcibly civilize you at the point of a bayonet.

It's about fart rape.

>Political justice

No, those comics would be tackling actual issues

No, it's not you.

Transwomen purposefully turn themselves into a stereotype of women -- meaning that they're mostly all a bunch of neurotic, loathsome harridans.

But will they finally get their gravel?

Assigned male is like that nedroid strip where Reginald does a comic about a cat using other cat comics as a reference.


What else you can expect from a bunch of neurotic shut-ins who's main idea of what being a woman is like comes from anime, porn and primetime television?


But only once they replace the Africans with more Chinese.

That documentary was fantastic.

Empire of Dust.

To be fair, when they don't people tend to ask "what's the fucking point"

Nothing, that's the point. These unfortunate people -- and I mean that -- are so unhappy with their lives that they want to become someone else, and their idea of what women are like is so skewed that they choose the very worst aspects to emulate.

I've got two transwomen friends, both of whom I met online one of whom broke my heart and they're good people.

I mean, I don't claim to understand the underlying psychology of what's going on, but they're good people.

You're spot on. My trans gf hates this comic as much as I do.

More like Teach the locals to speak the more civilized Zhongwen


>my trans gf

>"A dog barked at me one time and it was scary." - H.P. Lovecraft

This honestly reads like something Terry Pratchett would write.

>trans gf

We call those "bf".

inferior people wheezing panting and stumbling to give (you)s to superior people

>A dog barked at me once, and the cacophonous sound echoed endlessly within the seething tunnels of my mind, awakening in me the thoughts that man was not meant to think and NIGGERS NIGGERS NIGGERS NIGGERS NIGGERS.

>Lovecraft didn't like dogs
>literally every story of his that includes a dog shows that the eldritch and horribly alien shit will leave you alone if you have a dog around

Where can I get one, serious question.
Not hookers, but a real gf

There's a movie called Can We Take A Joke? that's pretty appropriate to this situation.

Legitimately I don't have a problem with people who get surgeries because they want to become the opposite sex but people who play dress up and say gender is a social construct while making up their bullshit genders are usually the most obnoxious attention whore faggots I meet in college these days

During his altzheimers?

Lovecraft's creatures just don't like guardians in general.

They avoided cats, too, remember?

The funny thing is this guy thinks he was respected as a guy while I doubt he was ever respected.

>Joan of Ark murder for being trans
>Was fucking another General
>Was an excellent soldier and major morale and discipline booster
>Was captured and killed as a witch, not as an enemy commander.

Trans bullshit didn't even start being a thing until very recently in world history.

And because he obviously needs money

>tfw I will never find a cute guy that just likes to wear feminine clothing.

This trans stuff is horseshit and I hate that no one can be happy with the body parts they got and want to mutilate themselves just because they think it will make them happier.

Goddammit I'm mad.

I am trans-cinnamon roll.

His views on nig and such were hardly unusual, most everyone held those opinions aside from "radical" progressives.

Or y'know kill your dogs to the point where you're picking up new dogs everyday like a carton of smokes.
>The Whisperer in Darkness

These are really good.

They still couldn't get into the house while the dogs were around

I want a cute trap qt too.
Must keep dingus.

This is completely off-topic, but I've been thinking of writing a sort of Lovecraftian story about a big-game hunter arriving in Africa in the early 20th Century to hunt the White Ape, only to discover that he's been tailing Tarzan and the mangani. Does that sound like something worth reading?

While I sympathize with the patience and loving understanding of the mom, I'm gonna have to agree with the daughter here.

This Dinosaur Comic perfectly illustrates my thoughts on the issue.
Well, most of this strip, anyways, before the subject changes.

Don't get me wrong (), I love H.P.'s fiction, but the man was cringy levels of racist, at least by today's standards, even a little by his days standards.

Oh, I know, and he even apologize for it shortly before his death.

>Let's just rewatch all of Steven Universe for the seventh time.
This is the fandom you chose, Cred Forums

She actually is a crazy bitch tho
I dont even want to "show her" I legitimately avoid her because she causes drama and shit everywere she goes
She in just a big anchor, hold on to her and you will sink

I like how the self insert voice of reason character is drawn with the derpy facial expression normally reserved for strawman characters.

Is there gay sex in it?

Haha, faggots.

It's like whoever's writing this is trying to make the mom look worse and worse, but the mom is still more relatable than anyone else

I wasn't planning on it.

everyone looks derpy in this shitty comic and it makes me mad

If it was singluar, she would've used DOES not DO. as in "What pronouns DOES he go by?". In this case, if she intented a singular use, it would be "What pronouns DOES THEY go by", which is absolutely retarded.

I blame all the futa hentai on dial up growing up.
It's just like furries.

Holy fuck american education at its finest

>he gets involved in fandoms

He was popular in the 1910s. He was shockingly racist even for the time.

Fu-futa porn's DIFFERENT, right?

Futa isn't GAY, right?

I think I can explain that one
Lost of bi guys want to have fun but would never consider an actual gay relationship
I guess they want to create the opposite to feel a bit better about thselves

SJWs have to draw comics because without art nobody will pay attention to their shitty essays. They're literally picture books. They don't know this, just like they don't know that all their other attention-begging stunts are clearly attention begging, all those SJW red haircuts, their going out into the world naked and then saying its to prevent rape, etc.


>opinionated men are sexy

Nobody in the history of civilization has ever fucking said that.

Tfw immigrant family

Sometimes we just straight up forget about Thanksgiving day and go straight to Christmas. And when we do celebrate thanksgiving we go to someone else's place.


where are these trangender 20somethings gonna be in 10 years?

Hippies shaved and went to work, they got over it.

What about these kids who pump themselves full of hormones and estrogen? Unlike pot slowing your head down after years of use, messing with hormones will fuck a body up in a much more direct way

But, aren't you thankful for America?

You can't get any worse than Zen Pencils

TFW actually married to a trap

>Character who gets triggered whenever anyone mentioned anything that could be construed as anti trans
>Rolling her eyes at a person getting upset for mislabeling their sexuality
God, now I'm triggered.

>I prefer an animal that barely tolerates me than an animal that will kill and die for me

>He was popular
Meh, not really.
He was influential is more like it.

it's the only industry who endorses brianna wu

they're entitled to complaining

>Wait, you expect to do all the cooking and cleaning while the boys get drunk and watch boring action movies?

Your message overrides your medium. If you treat your message as more important than the joke that conveys your message, you basically have two characters taking turns standing next to walls of text.

It's like how social conservatives are generally not as good at comedy, because they think everything is fine the way it is or was better the way it was before and their toothless jokes reflect that.

These make me cringe so hard.

I actually look around to try and avoid eye contact with it.


>Make a badass suit of armor

>Other plebs going to pedestrian jobs while I fight dragons

>Gold, glory, and fair maidens await me.

Fucking sold

>There is no logical base for this at All
Well there is the startling prevalencey of homosexuality among the ultra repressed christian right. Not so much with the new libertarianish alt-right, but I don't think they care as much about gender roles either.

You know what happened?
I bet the author came here or to Cred Forums to troll the pspeposter t right or something equally stupid and then they made fun of her and posted the picture with the criminals dressed as the ppg and he got soad he retweeted that at tumblr

Weren't the progressives of that era the ones advocating eugenics and racial perfection, like Margaret Sanger?

My divorced uncle is the one who always takes care of Christmas dinner in my family. Shit's good.

Stay salty, faggots.

I met mine on a non-Cred Forums imageboard, but I'd assume you meet them the same places you meet cis gfs.

A cat is more akin to a human child than any other pet you can get at least in behaivour
So lonely people get cats and grt disturbingly invested in them

>Well there is the startling prevalencey of homosexuality among the ultra repressed christian right.

Nah, it just seems more prevalent due to the background it's put against.

Futa isn't gay, otherwise it would be CALLED GAY.

It is a slippery slope towards many have trode on thier way to full blown faggotry.
Otherwise it's like calling 30 year old neckbeards PAEDOPHILES for watching little girl cartoons.

Holy shit, these are all perfect, especially Sebastian

Eugenics received pretty broad-based support, because people from a lot of different ideologies felt it could be a way to advance their cause.

So, I'm reading through this person's comics. Do they realize they're writing the mom character to point out their own bullshit? And that the character representing her (or him, whatever) as a whiny, petulant, child and that this is the character we're supposed to root for?

The lack of self awareness is almost painful.

You're the one who's salty.

Because of all the cum you're guzzling, faggot.

>trans people

When will people will learn that trans aren't people ?

Who said I did?

But he's right

Sure, especially if their cause was the elimination of genetically inferior humans, as many progressives of that era subscribed to.

But he isn't.

>I'd assume you meet them the same places you meet cis gfs.
This doesn't help me at all.

I think the stock answer is that if you were attracted to the person before you found out they were trans, and the only thing that changes your attraction to them is the fact that they're trans, then you're just being transphobic and they're not required to disclose to you.

My wife's got a trans friend, really cool lady, but I don't dare ask her about this kind of shit. It's too much of a minefield, you never know when you're going to say something you had no idea was massively offensive.

Actual faggot here, futa is for hetros, bi-curious or not.
Traps and twinks are where it's at.
I hate that they are all lumped it together.

>This has to be satire
You'd think so, wouldn't you

We live in a world where this wasn't on an insane blog or The Onion


On the off chance you're telling the truth , congrats user. You're living the dream

>actually arguing about grammar in a comic about an idiot being an idiot to strawmen

Usually comics with SJW themes are good for some rage material, but the redhead and the brunette ITT just make me feel sad for the author avatars. Their gags give me this vibe that the creators are just miserably unhappy people. Not satisfied with their own bodies, and constantly lashing out at the world in an attempt to feel better about themselves.

So be a modern day Don Quixote then?

>using faggot as an insult
>here of all places
The lack of self awareness is almost painful.

There is no place to meet people who will love you. It's pure luck. The only way to increase your odds is to date, which means to exposure your vulnerability to the harsh judgement of others repeatedly. And even then you might just find a pale substitute you accept desperation. Even worst, it's not unprobable there is nobody capable of loving the particular combination of habits, personality traits, and situations that you currently are - you might have to wait decades - and even if there is, you might not love them.

The only ftm I ever met was rabid as hell

Constantly angry about everything, even unrelated to social justice

Assigned Male


Misery loves company, user.

>Still not answering the question
It's ok, we all know what you really want is to trick men into getting raped

I don't understand, am I missing something??

>yeah honey, your fillings, now shut up
I don't getting, we are supposed to be on the mom's side or the other thing's side?

inb4 samefagging, just shitty timing.

They can by other man
It doesn't matter if in fairy speak there are 200 words for rainbow but non for biology but according to law you are still a man

I don't get it either. Did she purposefully make herself the heel, or what?

That is much better

It is exactly what it looks like: dude watches Game of Thrones once, becomes a roleplayer and leaves his wife and home to pursue his newfound mental illness. And ZenPencils wants you to cheer for this man.

But hey, give Zen a break. After all, it's not like he advocates retaliating to minor bullying by killing people with a hammer to the head, right?

I am. And honestly, it's just like having a wife.

Except, you know. The penis.

Mom: I'm trying hard at your dumbass shit.
Jesska: My mom is a retard bigot, I need to feel offended for you.
Blacky: I'm fine with it.

>A pet that doesn't even like you ks better
I agree that as an entity cats are better and only loose to dogs because of size, hell I even like rats better
But as a pet, as something I buy entirely for my enjoyment I want the dog

Not a with a hammer explicitly, no. Just some kind of scanners brain explosion shit.

>Do they realize...

No. People who've become radicalized generally don't have the ability to look at things from a neutral point of view, or else they wouldn't be radicalized. From his perspective, viewed through the distorting lens of his ideology, what the mom is saying is basically "I LOVE TO KILL PUPPIES AND GRIND THEIR CORPSES AGAINST MY VAGINA TO GET OFF. WOO BOY I'M HORNY, LET'S GO SLAUGHTER RAPE SOME CUTE BABY DOGGIES YEAH!", so he sees absolutely no reason to exaggerate her or put up any arguments against her words- they should speak for themselves, shouldn't they? He doesn't have the ability to understand that through a normal person's eyes, she's coming out the more reasonable one.

It's one of the nice things about people with insane ideologies, no matter what the ideology is- they often sabotage themselves by giving undue light to their naysayers because they can't accurately judge who has the more persuasive argument.

He is retard.

You use DO when the subject is plural.
DOES when subject is singular.

In this fucking comic's case, "they" is being used as a replacement for "he" or "she", therefore singular.

How fucking retarded are you honestly?

I taught all of my cats to play fetch

Here is the thing about phobia phobia is an irrational fear that can't be reasoned with. You don't tell a person afraid of spiders to get over it and you don't expect them to be ok with spiders walking around everywhere and you definitely don't punish someone for being afraid period
So if homo and trans phobias are real then you are a horrible person for even bringing them up, you are intolerant, you are ignorant and stupid and you are a bigot


I really don't understand this, she's trying, you piece of shit.

Are we supposed to feel bad for her or.....?

Holy shit why is this panel so funny to me

It's funny. I told my mother about the NASA shirt controversy and about how supposedly "evil man stuff" like that was driving women from science. Her reaction paraphrased was

>if those faggots are triggered by a shirt how are they going to do anything in science


I feel bad for the mother. Woman is a god damned saint for not just beating the shit out of her son. Not for being trans, but being a whiny bitch that treats his mother like a piece of dog shit.

Funny thing about Lovecrafts racism is that despite the fact that he was considered racist even by the standards of his time he also wished no ill will to anyone and supported the extension of freedom to other races as much as possible as long as he didn't have to associate with them.
This is a man that simultaneously thought that black people were another species that may or may not lay eggs but also thought they should be able to vote.
Lovecraft was complicated.

You have a good mother. Buy her something nice next time her birthday comes around.

Reminder that you argue with these people on a daily basis
Reminder that picking fights and acting like complete tools is their only joy in life

Bullying sucks, but the kid with the hammer was more in the wrong by using deadly force.

I learned English it's actually my third language
But I guess you get irritated when your grasp of the world is so tiny little American boy

Because no one talks like that and so, you're brain finds it humorous and makes you laugh in an attempt to subdue the biological need to rage at stupid shit like this god damn comic.

It's a defense mechanism.

>only joy

I'd argue it's all that they are capable of.

Is this comic trying to say you can't watch game of thrones unless you abandon your family and job to live in the woods larping 24/7?

But then how do you watch Game of Thrones? There's no HBO in the woods.

>What about old videogames
>What about youtubers
>What about filename threads
There, that's three things. You can talk about that don't involve sjws at all

I've had enough of "humanity" tbqh

Post the one where the kid brings a weapon to school and kills 3 bullies


Same here. Sooner transhumanism is achieved and I can leave this flesh sack to become downloadable data and leave this rock, the better.

She had an interesting life.She hadcame from a Communist country on a science scholarship. To do that, she had to learn BBC quality English in six months to get through the embassy interview. I wish some of these hipsters got tossed out in the middle of Africa and had to learn to survive on their own for five months.

Similar thing happened to me.

Only I didn't need a weapon to remove his teeth. Worst punishment I got? Suspended for a day. Never bullied again. Totally worth it.

>It's a streaming service, you choose what goes on the TV
>Picks something that offends her and keeps watching long enough to bitch about it.

Are you taking the piss? You seriously can't find ANYTHING that doesn't offend you on god damn Netflix?

>bangs men
>calls others faggots

Parents do tend to see this for the bullshit it is.

Mine had a similar reaction.

I live in a liberal university town in a liberal part of my country with a wide range of diversity and I've only ever met one, and he/she was bagging my groceries. I have a theory that they tend to sprout up mostly in conservative places due to people trying to force gender roles instead of just letting dudes who want to cook and wear pink, cook and wear pink, or whatever it is they want to do. And then they move to ultra-liberal places like san francisco to get as far away from their parents as possible, passing merely moderately liberal places by.

There is no more homosexuality among Christians than other people
Christians just make a big fucking deal out of it that's all

Unless you look like an ugly pedo you have nothing to worry about.

I'd say there's less homosexuality in Islam.

Probably due to the whole "murder them" thing than anything else.

I guess you can only ever watch one episode?

Brb, off to plan B, where I kidnap a toddler and raise it to be my waifu.

Its not just a right, it's a privilege ; ^)

Even that bullshit answer still doesn't make sense
You are allowed to reject anyone based on any personal preference you may have
And yes there ade solid reasons both to not fuck a trans person and not to get into a relationship with one but I don't want to is just as valid as any
Trans can't deal with the fact that men don't want them so they start bullshit everywhere sorry I'm not forced to like you just because you went through hell

The worst part is there isn't even a scene where a westrosi knight dude charges headling into a dragon in all 6 seasons.

typical SU fan.jpg

Haha no that's part two he made later on to apologize
Part 1 ends up with the kid taking out the hose ready to get vengeance and its shown as logical and right

>Sweetie isn't it nice to be out eating breakfast together? We barely get to do this anymore...
>That's nice sweetie

I work with one. She's pretty down to earth actually. No one talks about her change and she doesn't try to draw attention to it. Doesn't get triggered like these comic 'artists', and actually makes fun of the dumber trans shit out there.

In fact I learned about Assigned Male from her when she told me of how far down the deep end some people go.

Are we just not going to talk about how she looks like a fucking chipmunk? You know the one Alvin wanted to bang. Why is everyone silent on this? Fuck!

Reminder that this was the actual strip and that "second part" was carefully added months later

I was thinking they look more like if Shmorky tried to draw with his feet.

You are full of shit

Actually I would rather not risk it
It's a crazy world full of insane people
Hillary is about to become president

I mean he can make some decent looking human characters, OP's comic...just no.

Errrmmhhhh ok

Nah, there's a fuckload of homosex in Islam. They just pretend it's something else entirely. Bacha Bazi.

Nothing will happen, If you're well kempt you can be nice to children without anyone calling you a pedo.

Just take off the trenchcoat senpai

These comics are trying to be taken seriously, but don't realize they're unintentional comedy gold.

For pointing out that the exact fucking comic you asked for was already posted?

It's greek style homosex, in which it's an older man scoring delicious younger boypucci

Tomato, Fagmato.

>This fucking thread
Cred Forumsmblr is real, I thought it was just a meme

Yeah there is a ton of wierd shit in Islam
Yesterday I googled Muslim porn and all sorth of stuff out of curiosity
This is a bit of an uncomfortable truth coming from someone who opposes them but when you remove all their bullshit programming they are way more human like than they appear
They just have been conditioned to self censor and defend laws they themselves break to the death

I have a friend who is a tranny and I like them. They are nice.

You didn't post the comiv I asked for and you know it
I posted it here

Holy shit this is one is hilarious but not the way the author intended or did they?
This is going into my LOL folder.

Personally, I blame the lack of alcohol. I find it hard to trust a people who on the whole ban alcohol consumption.

There literally is no difference and it doesn't change the fact that guys fuck each other until about twenty.

Wouldn't we be for these comics then?

The idea of 'being gay' is a pretty recent idea historically. People used to (and still do in a lot of places) have a different idea of what consisted of their identity.

>I like to talk to kids about this stuff

Yeah sure nothing ever happens until it happens and when it happens it's already too late

In which he doesn't kill anyone. Wow, you sure showed me!

Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo,
Aureli pathice et cinaede Furi,
qui me ex versiculis meis putastis,
quod sunt molliculi, parum pudicum.
nam castum esse decet pium poetam
ipsum, versiculos nihil necesse est;
qui tum denique habent salem ac leporem,
si sunt molliculi ac parum pudici,
et quod pruriat incitare possunt,
non dico pueris, sed his pilosis
qui duros nequeunt movere lumbos.
vos, quod milia multa basiorum
legistis, male me marem putatis?
pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo.
Fuck you, boys, up the butt and in the mouth, you queer Aurelius and you fag Furius! You size me up, on the basis of my poems, because they're a little sexy, as not really decent. A poet has to live clean – but not his poems. They only have spice and charm, if somewhat sexy and really not for children – if, in fact, they cause body talk (I'm not talking in teenagers, but in hairy old men who can barely move their stiff bums). But you, because you happen to read about "many thousands of kisses," you think I'm not a man? Fuck you, boys, up the butt and in the mouth!

>Catullus 16

Yeah back in Rome you got killed for having gay sex, as long as you weren't just fucking a slave for some reason that was ok

Nothing ever changes. Not really.

Because they cut the last part sure
He doesn't kill anyone
He also doesn't not kill anyone

He thought blacks laid eggs mate

Trust me compared to some of the 'art' we've been seeing in this thread, it's like a breath of fresh air.

It's from the onion you knob

This is so weird. Do they not know that these kinds of things destroy their argument? The mother here is in the right, and also this is the only comic that actually made me laugh due to the ending.

Or retarded shit is just funny and you don't have to get mad at it.

But using deception to get sex is considered rape.

>Yeah back in Rome you got killed for having gay sex, as long as you weren't just fucking a slave for some reason that was ok

In Rome, you got killed for all crimes. Romans didn't like prisons.

Fucking slaves up the ass was okay if you wanted to do that. However, bottoming was seen as degrading,and you got in trouble for fucking a patrician youth for that reason.

But it's in the errrmmmhhh zone were I can't call it shit not I can call it good
He could be good if he practiced but will he? He is already good enough for tumblr

So because Xir became the "woman" they always were all of a sudden they're personality completely changed and are a better person for it?
This delusion. Still smug, still thoughtless, definitely ignorant of biology and has there ever been a trans person that wasn't insecure as hell?

If that person became less confident after transitioning I'd wager the transition was a mistake.

When you look back at how silly past civilizations looked like it's kind of hard to take the current social issues seriously because they are so obviously current and they will so obviously not matter at all anymore a couple decades from now

You obviously have never read that story (or probably any Blacksad at all), it's about white Supremacists, so using vitiligo in that context actually makes sense.

Every single transition is a mistake satan

>confusung racist BANTZ for real opinions

>>What about youtubers

It's worth noting that Lovecraft changed his opinions about race in his later years. I don't like to think of it as a bigot, not appreciating someone's works because of their personal beliefs is something shitty people do.

Boys were wearing dresses way until the 20th century because all kids wore dresses at the time.

Social standards change so much over time that judging historical people by modern stands is retarded.

Pretty sure if it was a boy-toy you got a free pass so long as you were doing the penetrating and not degrading your manliness

>been in use that way for centuries

Proof? Gender-neutral "he" is the correct way, by the way. When you look at a person you should also not be confused by his gender, and if you are the correct way to phrase the question is "what is that thing?!"

Ever noticed how only the poorly-passing transfolk wanna bitch and moan? It's always some Brianna Wu (Johnny Flynt) or Chris-chan tier dude who passes for a woman about as badly as a gyro does for a sandwich.

You never see any of the Sarina Valentina-looking ladies kvetch and cry.

Really makes you think.


>methods are wrong
>but somehow his findings are okay

Romans were much more tolerant about social stuff as long as you kept to your class. Even Christians were okay as long as they didn't do it too openly. Yelling you were a Christian in public was like saying "FUCK THE EMPEROR!," though, so you got in trouble.

And it will happen again in the future when looking back st today
They will see the sjw bullshit and wonder what the fuck were they thinking?
After a while things then to go back to normal

how wude

Did you live in ancient Rome?

I took seven years of classics since I'm a huge liberal arts gaylord.

Dogs are shit and retarded, owner's can beat, starve and abuse in many other ways a dog, it will still be loyal to the master if it imprinted on them. Cats on the other hand if you treat them well can be very loyal and affectionate but you have to actually earn and maintain it.
Dogs on the other hand will be loyal to you even if you don't deserve it's loyalty, it doesn't know any better, not admirable in the slightest.
Not to mention all the people that get killed and seriously injured by dogs.

Only thing I'd change is giving Blacksad some goddamn eyebrows and making his pupils slightly larger. The other two are great, but blacksad doesn't look that close.

In fact while we're at it.

Thicken his eyebrows, make him bald OR give him scruffy hair that very slightly emulates the cat ears and allows you to have wind/enviorment flick his hair up etc to give him the ear reaction type shots/make him recognisable in silhouette head shots. If you're going to give him a pure grey beard don't give him pure black hair. The vitiligo actually makes more sense in regards to the polar plot.

But hey, blacksad is awesome and so are these designs.

The guy yelling was basically raped
All this could have been avoided by telling the fucking truth
Of course a man isn't going to react rationally when he finds out he was tricked into doing something he finds disgusting
You say men only reject the women when they find out they are trans but trans women hang around bars and pick on extremely drunk men who are clearly not awear enough to tell what's really going on
Honestly what an awful experience for everyone involved

>Ever noticed how only the poorly-passing transfolk wanna bitch and moan?
Ever noticed how said transfolk always portrait themselves in their """comics""" as perfectly normal-looking women? Really makes you think.

He wasn't 'basically' raped, he was raped.

Rape by deception is rape, no matter who's doing the lying.

>owner's can beat, starve and abuse in many other ways a dog, it will still be loyal to the master if it imprinted on them
That is how you get a traumatized dog who can't ever be expected to peacefully live among humans again. Often the ones who get treated like that have to be put down

don't fucking even compare those two.

>blaming the Jews for your small penis

>Romans didn't like prisons.

No one did prisons the way we have them now until like the 18th-19th century anyway.

The closest was like, dungeons where they'd lock up nobles for ransom, or jails where they keep people waiting to get executed or exiled.

Weren't prisoners either slaved or thrown in the arena to fight lions?

>The closest was like, dungeons where they'd lock up nobles for ransom, or jails where they keep people waiting to get executed or exiled.

Also, if you went into debt, you could get sent to jail until your lender was happy. A lot of Americans came as debtors who worked their ass off for their life.

Actually, a lot of those slaves were trained fighters who ended up being celebrities if they survived long enough. And they weren't abused since they were valuable assets, like a race horse.

I wonder how that guy would feel if he knew ned died years ago

You are absolutely right he was raped
And yet there are people out there so hateful that they will blame the man for getting the exact reaction you would expect a rape victim to have
In the las second you can hear the trans person yell in between sobs it's not my fault and it entirely is
Modern sjw bullshit is built around tricks and lies designed to pull this shit and allow trans people to rape men in the hopes that the next morning he won't mind about it
It's beyond disgusting, most times , scratch that every time a trans person pulls this shit he/she/it/for/wadadadadaluplup should expect to wake up like this
And worst part is he will go on to tell everyone he was beaten just because he is trans and everyone will assume he is telling the truth
Why don't you fucking teach trans people not to rape tumblr?

According to game of thrones (the books). Arena fighters make piss poor soldiers


Probably since it's more like MMA improv than actual fighting. Except when they put in lions and tigers and added battleships.

Greek and Roman soldiers were basically trained to walk for hundreds of miles and then make a living wall of spears and shields and fuck you against hordes of barbarians.

iirc yeah. She's not well-liked due to being anti-gay marriage, not to mention the more "obvious" reasons like being white.

you obv. not
cis gendered pig

I have. It's ooky. The bloke from Assigned Male looks like he came off the set of Silence of the Lambs.

It's okay to like Stephen Universe, so long as you like it for the right reasons.

>anti gay marriage


I grew up in a Muslim household and my mother talked about wanting to kill all "gehs and lezbeens."

She's also one of those people who thinks Africans are superior to African-Americans so she talked shit about them too, along with Mexicans.

"they" has been used as a singular a lot more often and casually than you think user

>Man, my cab driver was so weird
>Really? What'd they do?

That's Andrew Ryan numbnuts.


Africans are kind of superior to African Americans depending on what we are measuring

nope, vacuous, attention seeking, and besides their entire life revolving around their junk so everything is about sex, incredibly boring people.

How much further will they go in the name of social justice? We gonna get humanizations with that mannequin skin disease now?

no it fucking doesn´t, go back to your hole olga

>butchering blacksaad

whoever did this will hang

Is blacksad "black"

>I want to be a woman
>but I don't want to ascribe to gender roles
Fucking trannies, man.

I was the one that posted
I never claimed that he was hateful or that his works should be dismissed.

Quints confirm, killing trannies is relatable

That comic panel's from a story with race themes. At some point a character with white fur harasses Blacksad for being black, and he points out the little patch of white on his muzzle (pic earlier ITT). A couple of pages later a black character starts picking a fight with Blacksad because of his white muzzle.

Sure, tumblr artists seem to have jumped on vitiligo overly eagerly. But when it comes to human fan art of Blacksad, vitiligo might actually work there.

What the fuck

Only if you also make Poison Ivy a Trasvesty on that universe, then I'm sold

For context she's a Somali immigrant

I know a mtf whose only unpleasantness is that they are really ugly for a woman. But she's a chill person in all other respects.

I also know a mtf who is very attractive, but can be a bit of a whiny snowflake, but mostly tolerable.

Recently I saw a post on facebook from somebody I dimly know as an acquaintance through mutual friends that they're "genderqueer" and request to only be referred to by gender neutral pronouns and for people to stop treating them like a man. I can't stand that person, and I actually had no idea they had an alternative gender preference before that post, they hadn't even really struck me as particularly SJW til recently- I just never liked them.

The only time I ever met a tran was when I was vacationing in Miami and the Keys

I didn't want to get to know them


Unless someone is saying something negative about a group of people to you to insult you, why care? Chances are people are saying horrible things about several groups you belong to like all the time, it's beyond ridiculous to be so personally slighted all the time.

>you dont murder a queer just for jus kick his fuckin ass

i love this guy, to bad his son is mental

Society would be better without these fucking whiny, entitled twats.

>PPGo starts with a feminist episode
>yeah girl power PPGo is so progressive!
>PPGo makes a trans episode
>they are transphobic and literally Hitler!

can you imagine how it feels when a SJW has their crusade blow up in their face by their own?

Well, I tried.

If you don't believe me, read Primetime Propaganda by Ben Shapiro and the ridiculous "Hollywood conservative" list on RationalWiki.

That's an easy answer

Because they want attraction like anyone else
Before it even leads to a motel room, there's gonna be tons of flirting and romance, and they're sucked up right into that feeling of foreplay and getting horny and don't want to ruin it, and they take it all the way to the bedroom which I assume they have all the hope it continues

Ben needs to come back tho

whats dumb is that people think its liberals vs conservatives
if you're getting blacklisted, it's probably because your views are too extreme because most people are just moderate
there's a liberal clique, but they don't have any actual pull
there're no conservative cliques because there are only specific types of people interested in non-screen media and they aren't conservative

Cred Forums doesn't even really buy comics as a whole and we're more liberal
ask a conservative board about their media consumption

terrible attempt, Shapiro

might as well have done your plug and have the plausible deniability when someone tries to call you out for shilling

SOMEONE doesn't know about the puppies

>artist makes trans comics
>Cred Forums hates it
>400+ posts discussing trans issues

>artist has successfully opened up dialogue about trans to people who might have not known or cared

Really makes you think....

Why would a syndicated radio host who doesn't watch cartoons or read comics browse Cred Forums?

But was the eggs benedict good?

You tell me, Shapiro

>Cred Forums doesn't even really buy comics as a whole and we're more liberal
>Cred Forums
Have you not seen all the Cred Forums shit on this board?

One of my best friends is a tranny and she's based as fuck. She fucking hates SJW's and nonbinary-whateverthefucks. Really good at smash too.


If a comedian legitimately said that I'd probably laugh because there's no way they'd be serious. Like, it's so over the fucking top.

I had one as a roommate, super fucking chill and she'll send me anime shitposts sometimes. Person even was reasonable enough to not think of me as a bigot despite using words like faggot.

Also the fact she fucking killed someone, and won WOMAN of the year over an actual woman.


WTF, I hate Southpark now.

Is this the new "my wife's son"?

>artist makes trans comics
>Cred Forums hates it
>400+ posts discussing trans issues

>artist has successfully predisposed an entire group of people, who would have otherwise been neutral, toward disliking or outright antagonizing trans people

Really makes you think....

Historically anti gay and anti gay marriage. As a faggot his/her agenda confuses me

There was a black mtf at my school who was actually pretty hot. Dunno if they just lucked out or what but they looked and sounded like a woman, and seemed really chill.

If a poorly made webcomic made by an extremist can anger you so much that it makes you hate an entire group of people you have something wrong with you. ESPECIALLY since you actively seek being enraged by trivial shit on the internet

Dear old farts of Cred Forums

were hippes/goths/whatever trend movement your generation endured like what trannies are like now? Outspoken, annoying ones overshadowing the cool, chill ones?

Yeah but that's just idiots from Cred Forums who know about as much about comics as retarded tumblrites. Like tumblr they just post shit that triggers them then get some other people from Cred Forums to continue the trend.

Now this place isn't SJW batshit crazy liberal but it's always had more of an open view on things than other boards.

Didn't you know? Having an opinion is a hate crime worthy of death.

>Being a newfag
>Being a newfag who doesn't remember that nerds were pretty much shunned before normies made it cool.
>Not knowing how much of a sperg nerds can be and still are.
Normie get the fuck out.

>true trans just want to live normal life of opposite gender without attracting attention.
Not really, there's plenty of trans people who go unnoticed but the loud trans people are still usually "real" trans.

It's like gay people. I'm bi and most of the other gay people I know are loud insufferable fucking faggots.

shut up nerd, nobody asked you.

Jesus Christ their is nothing I hate more then some gay dude just wanting to announce to the world he is gay or is over obnoxious about it.

I hate it.... You might even say it's problematic.

The decent ones are usually stealth mode or shut-ins working on it.

The rational discourse is done to spite the author, and the people here are largely embittered towards the hard-line "trans are universally cute, respect my pronouns, fuck my mom" message rather than transsexuals themselves.

Mission accomplished, I guess.

Actually, I know more lesbians than gay guys, and holy fuck are most lesbians obnoxious as hell. They have the same low self-esteem that trans women seem to usually have and need to constantly prove to the world how gay they are.

There's something wrong with them.

But I came to the conclusion that trans people are horrible
Was that his intentions all along?

It wasn't the comic it was the discussion

You Are making a great argument in favor of rape right now

>Outspoken, annoying ones overshadowing the cool, chill ones?

It was gays.

It was literally the gay community. Everybody knew a "confirmed bachelor" or "extreme tomboy", but nobody except Southerners ACTUALLY held it against them unless they got up in your face about it. Fucking pride parades were the epitome of in your face, and nobody fucking liked it but we kept our opinions to ourselves because there was a legal disconnect for the gay community and those of us who had gay friends (i.e. actually rational individuals who happened to be gay) supported what the parades were doing because we figured a minor inconvenience now would do a world of good later on.

Had I realized this would be the outcome, I probably would have protested more.

whatever you say

Are we sure these comics actually is that the authors opinion and is not some kind of elaborate joke?

Do you want to go out with me, have little too many drinks? Get lost in the moment? Nothing has to happen we are going out as friends

>The discussion is calling them terrible people and saying that transgendered people are crazy
Really makes you think...

So long as you had a dialogue about it.

And over people with actual achievements.

Loss edit when

Angry old lady here. Born in the 1970s.

The gays and the 1990s edgelords.

Accepting the gays was the beginning of putting all this fringe shit at the center of culture. is right most people knew some gay people and we were like whatever, kinda gross. Gay people are way over-represented now. They dont fucking matter. They're like 3% of the population or something. Making big old parades and everything ended up making them seem like a big deal. Now we have this shit. Everyone thinks they have a claim on culture, instead of bowing down to it. This was partly the hippies fault but I'm too young to remember it.

The edgy nihilists were the people who grew up with 1980s cocaine and disco hedonists and were so fucked up by it they are incapable of morality and sincerity. They are also simultaneously extremely sheltered, and raised the prissiest generation that has ever lived.

>says normie
>calls others new

They look like cereal mascots

That's what hormones do to you.

You're worse than any tranny or gay because you treat your internet problems as serious ones.

IIRC that's actually an XKCD parodying Dinosaur Comics.

How come it's always seems to be MtF trans people that do these big whine comics? Is it because FtM think that to pass they need to suck it up and no one gives a shit about their problems?

>costume of a celebrity

1 second in google

Why the fuck is this bullshit allowed?
Disliking someone for being a weirdo does not mean you're afraid of him.

Most transgendered people are MtF, dummy.

No, FtM is pretty much socially acceptable, just seen as weird. Women trying to be manly as fuck has been socially acceptable for years. FtM is considered gross.

did I mention drinks?

>get off my lawn
Man, if I had a lawn, and people were just hanging out on it, I'd tell them to fuck off. It's not a park.

hopefully this teaches CN to quit pandering because you literally can't please these people even when you bend over backwards to please them.

What kind of router does this hominids mother have?

I don't know this shit man. I'm happy with my dick and I never hear about FtM trans folk in the news or anything so from my perspective they're just kind of an afterthought. For all I know it could be some progrssive stack bullshit where they go "in order to be a dude I can't talk about it because then I'd be flaunting my new privilege", because that's the kind of mentality I see when this crap always get posted.
So I asked.

Sorry I forgot that even asking triggers trannies. I'll go march in one of your parades to make up for it.

I wasn't upset. "Dummy" clearly shows that I wasn't taking it seriously. Most trannies and gays are male; that's just the general rule.

I'm neither by the way. Get the stick out of your butt.

>cacophonous sound echoed endlessly within the seething tunnels of my mind

>that part about going into town and the kennel looking at him funny cause he's buying like 4 more dogs

I'd read it with or without gay sex.


You sound hot to me for some reason, I want to hear more of your rants.

Let't not listen.

>cacophonous sound echoed endlessly within the seething tunnels of my mind

Why is that amusing?