Is trying to kill the X-Men franchise in all forms but the movies just because Disney aren't the ones making the movies really worth it?

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We still have the Inhumans. They're basically interchangeable right?

Yes! And I hope they go away for good! So these threads can finally fucking die!

No. You go somewhere else.

Make me.

I akways thought the stories were filled too much with shitty drama and boring characters. The originial x men team besides maybe beast and ice man should be forgotten. Make it more about the bad ass and violent characters like wolverine, deadpool, and juggernaut.

The thing with the X men is that they are relatable in a way the inhumans canĀ“t, kids getting superpower and joining a band of mistfits would always be more easy to digest to the average person that magic mist trasform you in a superhuman and then you are recluted to a secret nation with it own convoluted form of goberment and backstory that involves cavemen and aliens.


No point in making an epic run that only sells a few million to have fox copy pasta it and make half a billion. its retarded from a business standpoint to accept less money.

Heh, well Fox is really busy doing its own thing to really care about doing some straight up adaption of a story anyway.

Hell, not even Marvel Studios does straight up adaptions either as Age of Ultron and Civil War are nothing like the comics.

You dont need the entire story to make it good but the characters that go with it is the problem.
So now you have an epic adaption of xmen that you cant use because you dont own the rights to the characters in it. Once again fucking you over in the long term. Movies on average take 3 years to spit out. So they hope they can get people hooked on inhumans within that time table. There is a reason deadpool couldnt use the rest of the Xmen. Just switch off to inhumans and dont give any xmen any key role that cant be fleshed out to another character.

its a long term strategy to kill them off now and profit later. Gotta ride the gravy train will it lasts

True. The "it could happen to you, or you, or YOU!" works much better with the X-Men.

Don't all new mutants fall under Fox's rights?
That's actually a pretty good reason to make your new characters like Ms. Marvel not!mutants rather than give up movie rights for free.

> There is a reason deadpool couldnt use the rest of the Xmen.
Probably not the one you think though.

but then where would Rich Johnston talk to himself?

>an epic run that only sells a few million

Oh those days is gone, babe. Long gone.

Yes because 53 years of comics isn't enough to draw inspiration from, clearly FOX is going to run dry soon if Marvel stops making more X-Men now.

>Don't all new mutants fall under Fox's rights?

We don't know. Probably not, as we know not even all mutants previously created fell under FOX's ownership for live-action.

Two cases:

Colossus (among others) was used in 2000's X-Men by FOX before it was clarified in court (in a case which FOX had brought against Marvel and two other companies) that FOX did not, in fact, own the rights to Colossus. Since he's been used afterward (and since it would be easy to get the movie pulled from circulation without settling, as this wouldn't affect Marvel's bottom line at all), we can assume they paid up during the settlement of that particular case.

Possibly the most powerful mutant in existence, able to consciously create and maintain entire pocket universes, Franklin Richards is not part of the X-Men rights - he's part of the Fantastic Four rights, which are co-incidentally at FOX, though that in itself doesn't give them the right to use him (or any other part of the FF rights) in X-Men productions.

>Is trying to kill the X-Men franchise
Yeah, they're really trying to kill it with those 6 onging series, and 2 two upcoming events, not even including series the 4 series staring prominent X characters.
Yeah they're really trying to wipe the X-Men from memory.

But user, don't you know, current Marvel comics are good :^)

Yes, it is all Disney's fault.

The only reason that Fox sued Marvel was because Marvel created a shitty X-Men rip-off, Mutant X. Marvel has only themselves to blame

ah, mandatory strawman post
it used to be funny year ago, now, you're just cringe.

marvel is loooong past its prime. they're basically now an ip farm. no one cares about comics, they could make the best X-Men story ever this year, and fox wouldn't care anyway

Wait if fox doesn't have the rights to colossus why has he been in x2, x3, dofp, and deadpool?

because user talks from his ass, and doesn't provide sources. instead, he invents things out of confusion

Damn, I love how Marvel can be so elaborate when destroying one of their premiere properties yet being so incompetent at goals like launching Iron Man as their flagship title or getting anyone to give a shit for Hydra Cap. Shit truly it's a gift to plan ahead at wrecking a franchise while dropping the ball completely at salvaging one.

marvel is a crappy company, what did you expect, Valiant?

I'm thinking they need to do a DC and pull off a Rebirth, stat.

They're too proud for that. They will pretend nothing happened, and continue their travesty. While DC really needed a rebirth, for Marvel, it's business as usual. They would have to be really desperate to attempt that.

I don't know where his ideas about Colossus come from, but a few things make it clear there's no universal ownership or anything.

The rumor types said for a while that the X-Men line was barred from creating new characters because Fox would get them - this turned out to be bunk because the line has regularly kept creating more characters.

More recently, the Deadpool guys mentioned that Marvel needs to sign off on the things they do in movies, but they usually just give a tick to anything. In their case they had to go through Feige to get their use of Negasonic approved, since Marvel didn't immediately give the okay to that.

You'll notice Marvel (Entertainment, not Studios) get credited on all that stuff. They're not uninvolved.

Confirmed shit taste

But he's right though, if Marvel wanted to kill them, they wouldn't even publish X-Men comics.

Mutants go through extinction level events all the fucking time, it's nothing new. Legacy virus,House of M, Apocalypse,etc. The upcoming events are just more of the same.

Unless you guys mean they're trying to kill them off with shitty comics because if so they would've been killed off years along every other Marvel comic line.

It's a really weird situation. They're in the process of torpedo'ing Captain Marvel right now, and it was the very first thing they did to Sam Wilson Cap when he became a thing.

You'd think it would make sense to make things things great, so people like them.

you do realize that they used to publish 10+ X-Men comics? Now they reduced X-books to Inhumans side-books. They also farmed X-Men characters to Avengers books. Also, look at the charts, X-Men are still bread and butter for M.

Trust me, if they could, they would axe X-Men like they did with FF

The problem is that people don't know what they talk about, and instead they repeat what some user memed. It's like "he said, she said" shit

Half-truths and a lot of ignorance

Sad but true unfortunately.

Marvel killing the X-Men franchise is a meme

On the other hand, have they been treating it like a second tier property rather than the first tier one it is? Obviously.

I'm pretty sure one of their higher ups admitted that there's no logic to treating a property they don't own all the rights to like it's a flagship, because they can't make the most of that effort and push.

So they keep the line continuing on because it has an established readship and continues to sell, but mostly shoved into a ghetto, and chained to a shit tier knockoff franchise that they do own completely and want to push, despite nobody buying into that push.

well, people tend to forget that the new generations of writers are aware of the rules of the game. People say that it doesn't make sense from business standpoint for marvel to invest in X-Men, and I say:

does it make business sense for writers to give they A+ game for a comic book that belongs 100% to a corporation?

>I'm thinking they need to do a DC

DC's a fucking joke, don't let their current sugar hit high fool you.

Ironically, if Marvel had only used characters FOX did not own at that time to base its new characters on, FOX wouldn't have had a case and would have been forced to settle.

Which is what happened. In fact, the original suit FOX brought was so meritless that the judge permitted the show to go on the air regardless (which it did, on FOX networks around the world).

They *didn't* have the rights to him as of 2001; they *settled* the "Mutant X" case in 2003 and have subsequently used him without issue, so we can assume that FOX paid for Colossus and any other characters they didn't own, as well as clarified how they would determine what they owned in future before using new characters.

>waaah google is too hawd fow widdle owd me

>In a joint release, Fox and Marvel said the parties have amicably resolved their differences and put the lawsuit behind them and look forward to an expanded relationship. The terms of the settlement are confidential.


>Also, Fox's assertion regarding Brennan's similarities to Colossus is wholly conclusory, and the record does not reflect that Colossus is part of the X-Universe of characters to which Fox obtained rights.[68]


"the record does not reflect that Colossus is part of the X-Universe of characters to which Fox obtained rights"

ie There's nothing that FOX submitted to the court at discovery in August 2001 that proved or suggested they owned the rights to the character Colossus.

it's an interesting case, as the arguments in it basically make a mockery of the idea that you can copyright or trademark a particular set of superpowers. If it's too long for you to read, just ctrl+f to "colossus" and see if you can understand the words surrounding it.

tl;dr here's your sauce


They own all the rights except the movies.
If they were smart, they would capitalize on that.
It's just pure marvel's pettiness, of which they are known. It's not only Ike. Also, if you had a chance to meet some of the editors, you would be surprised how many of them don't want X-Men to shine, and are happy that they can instead get their own shitty books shine.

Liefeld mentioned loooong time ago, how there is a rivalry between offices

It literally comes from the court documents, which are freely available online if you'd only bother to google them.


There you go, anons.

Ah, thank you. I knew that stroking the ego would work. And yeah, I'm a lazytard. Will read for sure.

oohh why you meddling kid

If they really wanted, why wouldn't they?
Say that the dream is dead, have the most important members join some other group with the others fade into the background until you can use them for some big event or when some author want to create a new B-list team
Having 3 comics explicitly dedicated to them, that until recently (now they have to lead to IvX) were related to the Inhumans only tangentially (if at all, like ANX) seems counterintuitive at best

>They own all the rights except the movies.

Marvel also only have partial merchandising rights

This is why they could bend Sony over and basically jack Spider-Man back - Sony *only* had the movie rights, nothing else. It was a much worse deal for them.

Mmm nipples... I can't fap right now, but I can save the picture for later. I do however, collect some of the docs about the case, so in all seriousness, I will certainly save it.

Thanks, I legitimately didn't know about the Colossus stuff

Well, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but they have to share with FOX only if they base the merchandise on the movies, right?

you just made my point even more. Fox already has enough on their plate so stop feeding them and start feeding yourself

boy, I certainly wouldn't want to be fed by Marvel, if I was a property. I would change gender, color of the skin, and start using retarded terms like "mansplaining", or "poc"

Funny thing is that they could make more money with the X-men with just toys and videogames than Fox with its movies.

Franklin Richards was mentioned in X2

>Unless you guys mean they're trying to kill them off with shitty comics because if so they would've been killed off years along every other Marvel comic line.

This. X-men fans have too much prosecution complex. If any of the X-men comic had bad writing, IT HAS TO BE a Marvel Disney conspiracy to kill off X-men, rather than incompetence on the writer/artist.

Well, Marvel's headline flagship event CW2 is a steaming pile of dogshit too, does it mean that Marvel is also conspiring to kill Captain Marvel, Ironman, Avengers, etc?

Kayfabe, mother fucker. Y'all marks are getting worked.

>its not even Disney being buthurt about it. its fucking perlmutter. apperantly when he was still in the MCU commity he came back from negotiations with fox and just straight tore a F4 poster apart in Marvel offices. these days its only Marvel Comics, Marvel tv and marvel animation (all lead by perlmutter) that push the Inhumans the most. Marvel studios gives so little fucks they basicly cancelled the movie already

Who will drop first in the final days of a dying earth
Lee or Perlmutter

>prosecution complex

Since Perlmutter can expertly avoid every camera, he could hypothetically live well past his death until his age becomes too implausible.

Being panicked that Marvel is canceling X-Men is dumb but I just want to give some historical context for the rivalry between Marvel editors.

When Claremont's X-Men went from cult book to best seller other editors and writers were hugely butthurt. They were particularly upset that it was the "new" X-Men and not the original five. During the 80s guys like Roger Stern (who I love but this is still a punk move), Bob Layton, and John Byrne would intentionally sabotage the characterization of the X-Men in their own titles and miniseries proposals. They felt that the Avengers and Iron Man should be the real top properties. This was in spite of the fact that it was Conan, Shang-Chi, Howard the Duck, and Star Wars that kept Marvel in business during the 70s. So many people in comics are just pathetic nerds who only like superheroes. (It's worth pointing out that getting rid of newsstand distribution also killed non cape books but the cape editors rushed the development of the direct market).

It wasn't until the 90s that X-Men was accepted as the top book but by then the quality had dipped, as a result newer talent developed a new form of resentment.

what if perlmutter isnt real
what if hes just a cover for pic related

>liking teenage drama
Can you still enjoy food, or does your shittaste get in the way of that?

I'm glad that you mention it. It's not really a secret, but rather, a forgotten lore

I'm actually now looking for more decent X-Men movies and shows because the comics are shit.
Pretty hyped for Legion, although I guess that's partly Marvel.

I don't know why everyone wants them in the Disneyverse so bad. I like having some Marvel movies that don't feel like the exact same thing as every other one.