The Flash #7 Storytime

Nearing the end of this first, long arc. Let's see the wacky shenanigans that /ourguy/ Godspeed gets into!








First new page after the recent preview.














The end.

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I really want older Wally to hear this story and mock them about this noobish way of stealing speed.

So August is a stand-in for all those edgelords who want superheroes to finish off their villains

>Still Happy-go-Lucky and wants to help
>Just skips the bullshit and goes for the kill

I'm conflicted on if I'm supposed to hate August or not.

he reminds me of a subdued carnage-man

>"All taken care of officers, don't bother reading them their rights!"

he's gonna get SHAT on by Thawne so hard

Ultimately he's not wrong in his thinking but really you can't have him kill all of Barry's villains or you wouldn't have any stories to tell anymore.

So...did he shake him so fast he disappeared?

Yup, that's Barry for you.

He's mental. His way of thinking is childish and selfish.

The government is the one to blame since they don't do shit.
Gotham would be a great city if it had the death penalty.

Isn't this just the Future Barry killing his enemies arc? Is it still the same writer?

>His way of thinking is childish and selfish.
No it isn't, no one else will kill them so he feels he has to, what's the problem?

Nah, that was Jensen/Venditti. Williamson is brand new to DC.

Actually, it *is* a pretty similar arc, now that I think about it...But Future Barry was killing villains as went back further in time -- his goal was to stop them from committing their biggest crimes. On the other hand, Godspeed is more interested in dispensing with the villains as soon as they pop up.

Future Flash was edgier version of Waid's Dark Flash arc

Godspeed is closer to Danny West Reverse Flash, down to hunting down speed force users.

Godspeed is what we need.

He's like The Punisher but more sane

If this guy think he's such a hot shot, why doesnt he go after Cold

Jeez, it seems like nobody has any original ideas for Flash anymore.

Just throw another fucking speedster into the mix, that always works just fine.

Great Art in this page, love the design from the buildings and the perspective

Good work with the art here.

Didn't all the Rogues leave town after the influx of new speedsters?

This is only last 3 years alone:

> Manapul & Booch's Reverse Flash: "waaaah i hate my father, i will kill other speedsters to go back in time and kill my father and show barry his ways suck!"
> Venditti & Jensen's Future Flash: "waaaah i let wally die! i will go back in time to kill his killer, fatally hurt my enemies and show barry his ways suck!"
> TV Show S2 Zoom: "i want to be faster so i will kill all alt-earth speedsters to become faster and show barry he sucks!"
> Williamson's Godspeed: "waaah barry let my brother's death to be a cold case! i will kill other speedsters to be faster and show barry his ways suck!"

and all these guys are ripping off the superior Dark Flash or Zoom while being ridiculous.

I really hope he releases Eobard before trying to kill him, and then Thawn either gets away or just kicks his ass.

>Flash fucked with the timeline one too many times
>He's cursed to relive the same storyline over and over
very meta if you think about for less than two seconds


Christ black not Wally is a butch

Fuck, this is absolutely boring, like if Superman did nothing but fight other Kryptonians for issues on end.

>like if Superman did nothing but fight other Kryptonians for issues on end
funny enough, the New Krypton arc actually made this concept work.

It looks like Flash have only two good speedster enemies- Zoom and Professor Zoom. One Flash - One evil speedster. It's cool legacy. Why make another? I mean, are they really THAT lazy? Just make few rogues with some powers to counter speed

evil speedster only work for flash because they play the rival/archenemy dicotomy, also both Thawne and Zolomon have the time theme to differentiate themselves from their Flashes who their power is completely cinetic in nature while Thawne relias a lot in time travel and Zolomon was basically time stoping instead of speeding up. All the new evil speedster are just guy with the same powers as Barry with no significant difference in that regard.

i REALLy hope thawne whoops him

August is just a rehash of Future Edgelord-Barry with the blue suit.

I still cant believe that a future barry trained by Batman and lady Shiva jobbed to a shitty kid Flash that just got his powers.

Future Flash wasnt even an edgelord, he just killed massmurderers

August doesnt look stupid enough to release thawne instead of killing him while unconscious

Is death more monstrous than this? Frankly id prefer to be death than trapped in that machine forever

i bet he will release him by accident while struggling with Barry.

Oh user, you know this will inevitably happen.

>he's not wrong
>killing people is not wrong

>Imagine Barry and Eobard working together to take down Godspeed

The Flash covers since Rebirth are all starting to blur together. They all use such a similar design aesthetic and even similar poses sometimes.

yeah the only noteworthy cover is the #123 homage with the Wallys

this dude being faster than him makes no sense

No, he's Barry's Hunter Zolomon. He's a villain, but still thinks he's the Flash's friend and that he'll thank him in the end.

Savitar was a great villain, though I suppose some of that is him only showing up once for one good arc. And he was more Max's reverse Flash than Wally's.

Thanks, OP.

Dont do it, godspeed. You have no idea what your messing with

In season 2 of Flash I was hoping Thawn would help beat down Zoom. Shame it didn't happen.

bumping for others.

Jesus fuck, August

Jesus fuck Wally, don't make him run



>The hero Flash needs

I like the Hear No, See No, Speak No monkey gargoyles.


I feel like you're unnecessarily dismissing the Top and Savitar here.

he better do it while thawne is restrained then, because he'll be fucked otherwise

professor zoom is a shitty villain desu

Thanks for the read op


Professor Zoom is an epic level troll and sleaze.

>I'm going to kill eobard thawne
He's going to release Eobard thawne, isn't he?

Killing people is not illegal
Murder is illegal
Manslaughter is illegal
Self defense is legal
Standing your ground is legal

>Going to kill Thawne
Godspeed Godspeed

godspeed is not wrong. the dc universe's carceral system is shit and people like the joker just keep getting out and killing more people.

since its a comic book, of course godspeed is gonna fail to stab a restrained dude and free him instead

He's not blaming Barry, he's just doing what he thinks needs to be done.

>Fuck, this is absolutely boring, like if Superman did nothing but fight other Kryptonians for issues on end.
You have no idea how many times this has happened.

Wait, when did Scarlet Witch become in charge of titling Flash stories?

More powerful too. Imagine if the Punisher could walk through walls and travel from one side of the country to the other in seconds.

Did they do this three years straight without much interruption?

He's going to "kill" him by punching him at superspeed. Thawne will feed off his speedforce and free himself.

BatFlash needed his own Jason

Fucking brutal

So this is what an anti-hero flash would look like

>that distorted text panel
Oh baby
I'm really loving the art and coloring in this book, like a lot

Sonic the Hedgehog has Metal Sonic, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Silver the Hedgehog.

The Flash has Professor Zoom, Reverse-Flash, and Godspeed, and others.

>my brother died then i got hit by lighting.
well shit that was quick thanks DC.

I want thawne to mock him before he kills him
>You're swimming with the big fish now


For a comic about a man who can move like lightning this sure is taking a long fucking time to get anywhere. This should have been issue 3.


Not really. It would have lost a lot of its nuance that way.

Anyway, thanks for the storytime.

>no clipping those guys in the wall
fuck, no man, that is not allowed, thats disturbing dude

I think Barry may actually be depressed. They're never portrayed that but it would make a lot of sets for the character.

>If you're willing to give those powers up you don't deserve them
That backwards ass logic


Nah decompression here is justified. Godspeed is a good character and supporting cast has been good too.

Based. Is this the first hint of JSA since Rebirth?

It's a variant and means nothing nor has any context to anything in the comic.

Godspeed is probably my fav new villain in a long time, really looking forward to the next issue.

Thanks OP

I want this as a poster.

This story has been alright, but I have a few problems.

>More speedsters
>Another evil speedster who thinks he's doing Barry a favor
>Barry coming off like a scrub the whole arc, as if he has no skill at this point despite his resume of fights and enemies
>More Thawne (I love him, but he's overplayed to death now)
>Twist that wasn't actually a twist

My main problem is my same one with season 2 of the show, in that we're introduced to the main villain far too soon. Like, we should just now be getting introduced to Godspeed, and most of everything beforehand should have been character stuff with Barry and the new speedsters.

nigga fucking Angelo'd them.


>My Speed Force

That's not how this shit works, Williamson

I dig how he's outrunning Barry backwards

I don't really read DC anymore and I just randomly popped into this thread, but I'd read a book about Godspeed.

I love corny moments like "they're all yours gentlemen!" after something so twisted.

Sucks that he'll obviously die soon.