Extraordinary X-Men #14

It's a Lemire episode with an ending anons saw coming ages ago.



I still dont like what Lemire did to anole, he was nice looking as a twink now he is bara, or reptile bara.


And here I thought you won't like Anole talking about... stuff.


Or I dislike that too but i forgot about that, thank you for reminding me fucker.

If I suffer, everyone will.



Woah, someone remembered Forge faps to Storm's pictures every night. That's nice.

Requesting Captain America: Steve Rogers next.


Unless it's done by time I'm finished here, sure.

Okay, that's fucking delightful. Forge ain't putting up with no super-villain scheming in his lab.


Pity he didn't that on himself during his New Humans and Ghost Box days.

Best part of the issue.

Although Apocalypse is clearly right


Full gay Jeen.

Of course he's right. Remember who he possessed back in the day.

I was expecting Forge to become a new horseman, then he would become the smartest person on earth.

Damn, someone actually drawing her like a teenager rather than a short adult. I'm impressed.


For a moment, I thought it was Hope Summers.

Nah, that'd mean something interesting will happen to him.
I now have image of world's tallest midget in my head.
And it's hilarious.

Apocalypse possessed Forge?

I don't remember that


Jean got anything better to do with her days than play fucking matchmaker?

Focus on "Right" and The Twelve, senpai.

Well, that's probably not great.

Damn son, it was too subtle.

Maybe I'm just a moron.

Thanks for the dump

I honestly expect kid to be Belasco's puppet or that red demon to be big bad.
Nah, you just glitched out, no biggie.

>Magik got no ass. 9/10

FFS they're still pushing that OroroxLogan crap even with the old man version? I guess fanfiction.net members really are Marvel's target audience now.

>not using proper name of ship Lorororo

This actually didn't fully suck. I mean, nothing happened, but most of the scenes were ok. I want to like this book since it has most of my favorite X-Men and I have a deep and abiding love for them, but I just can't put myself through it anymore. It would almost be kinder if Marvel just did them like they did the Fantastic Four; put them on a shelf for a while and maybe when Ike is gone Marvel publishing can just focus on making comics instead of being development for Hollywood.


Forge doesn't have a huge amount of history that *isn't* Storm-oriented, does he?

I guess I'm saying, anyone who remembers Forge *at all* is going to remember Storm and he were an item.

The soul sword gets looted an awful lot