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ultimates #11
Thanos fight

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You gotta wonder why they let Thanos wear his space clothes in prison. It would be funny to see him in orange prison garbs


Nobody wants to be that stripped Thanos

Carol orgasm face
>only near cosmic


Monica you have been pretty useless lately


lol at this trope, literally the thing we make fun of DCAU Martian Manhunter for on the regular



>"Perhaps somewhere in the endless halls of being some aspect of me is at her side"

Ewing confirmed for being the only person in Marvel to read Starlin's OGNs.


>New Nextwave run without Monica
>Monica pops in for a cameo
>someone mentions how badly she's been jobbing while on the Ultimates
>she fries them and leaves, never to be seen in in the run again


Ewing pretty much reads every Marvel comic that concerns his stories

I don't know how the man does it, do Marvel writers have access to any of the published comic-books? or does he pay for them?

Wasn't thanos an anti hero for a while trying to save the universe or some shit?


You know for as big of a deal as Thanos is, fights against him can actually be pretty boring. His basic power set just doesn't really lend to anything flashy or dynamic.

Who's the dead guy?

>4-page spread

since he's top dog they always need to trick him or win through smarts or let Thanos self-defeatist tendencies win for them

Shaper of Worlds

Who's the dead guy? I don't recognize him.


He's a muscle wizard, but people don't really focus on the wizard part anymore.


Of course wait until the far away shot on the last page to take off your coat America.



Starlin had him go on an anti-heroic arc ever since the end of Infinity Gauntlet (remember how it ends with him on a farm?). That lasted until Annihilation, where he joined Annihilus basically on Death's whim (although he ended up helping the heroes at the last second), before Drax killed him.
Then he came back to life, pissed as all hell for being denied his waifu, and ended up swearing to destroy Star-Lord's entire universe.
Then Bendis brought him back AGAIN, and basically has written him as "IMMA GET THE COSMIC CUBE, BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT THANOS DOES!"

Starlin has continued to write anti-hero Thanos in his own OGNs, which may as well not be canon.

These recaps are great. I love it when stuff like this and Deadpool shows how the characters are reacting to situations while not being directly in them.

>the big crack of the floor becomes bigger with that artist shift

He's not actually a wizard, in fact he expresses fustration with magic in Thanos Imperative. What he IS is a cosmically powered super-scientist (imagine if Doctor Doom had cosmic powers INSTEAD of magic, and you'd get his general skillset).

Ultimates was kinder to her side than her own book this week.

ty OP. here is hoping for as little CWII as possible

Is it just me or do the CWII tie-ins seem less like a reaction to the events of the story and more like a reaction to how ridiculous the event is?

Ewing is trying to salvage all the shit that Bendis is destroying

I mean, Carol doesn't deserve to be a fascist 2-dimensional villain just because Bendis can't be arsed to be subtle on his DINDU references

>I've been outside, Conner. I've seen the face of pure and perfect nothing. And I want you to see it, too. All of you.
He's talking to us. Bendis is the jailer of Eternity confirmed.

is Thanos conciousness leaving his body?

There's something quite funny about how thanos is just laying there.

Ewing likes to try to explain stupid continuty issues that come up in events.
For instance, in Hickman's Time Runs Out, he randomly had White Tiger using a sword, when she's a kung fu fighter. So Ewing wrote in a scene where a guy attacked her with a sword, and she basically went "Nice sword, Imma take it."

I might have missed an issue. Did they explain how Monica got back from where America sent her?

maybe not Bendis, but he's definitely talking to the reader

Just like you solved things with Luke Cage, right, Carol? Oh, wait, you just assaulted him for no reason you cunt.

>do the CWII tie-ins seem less like a reaction to the events of the story and more like a reaction to how ridiculous the event is?
IMHO that's a byproduct of various writers trying to clean up after Bendis.

>Carol learning from the botched cw2 mission and wanting a plan this time
Marvel doesn't deserve Ewing.

Presumably MAC portaled her out again. Fight was over, after all.

Ewing didn't but I assume he's going to explain in letters or the next issue

She teleported them all to Nowhere to pick up Monica and then teleported them to Thanos

The Shaper of Worlds, a Skrull Cosmic Cube that gained sentience, like the Beyonder and Kobik.
Solicitations show that his ghost will show up in future issues of Ultimates.

Thanks user.

>All these people talking about Nextwave today

What a mess of a page.

So I guess bendis wasn't ignoring continuity after all.
But he will however pull some bullshit by having Gamora be so mad at Thanos that she does something stupid and frees him, because Bendis doesn't understand Gamora's character at all and confuses her with Drax. Even worse, he can't even get her history right, and they'll act like her getting people killed because of Thanos is a common thing.

That's what I figured but damn near every writer with a tie-in seems to either be on damage control or ready for the event to be over as soon as possible.
I see you, senpai. Fans have been buzzing since The Captain came back.


Except taking some dude's word for it and putting people away for what they might do. She's a fascist, anyone who supports her is a fascist and that's just the way it is.

so how long until this bitch has her sex change operation

>Implying Bendis knows Thanos is still around in Ultimates
He'd have to read books other than his own for that. Thanos was just a plot device and a cash grab for him. He didn't give a fuck what happened to him after killing WM.

>trying to punch the big bad through a portal
Hm where have I seen that before

It's what we in the business like to call "BENDIS EVENT DAMAGE CONTROL"

>So I guess bendis wasn't ignoring continuity after all.

You know how Bendis likes to claim that "Continuity is just the best writer being tied down by the worst"?
Ewing is proof of that.

he reads the storytimes

She hasn't put anyone away for what they might do, she has said she will release the lawyer if no evidence comes to light, she is just confident they will find it.

Had to grab the middle part from the previews.

Nice catch, my eyes usually just gloss over those character summaries.

>just solve it

Fucking Carol. Some problems can't be fixed.

I also like her "fighting solves nothing" stance when she spends her days fighting things to solve problems. What a bitch,

Why do I get the sinking feeling this is the last we're going to hear of this plot thread?

I believe this is the first time Poochie has actually had anything resembling a comeuppance other than being teleported to the wall in Secret Wars.

Because you've seen the previews for Lemire's Thanos series, and aren't planning on reading Bendis GotG where Gamora will free him stupidly somehow?

Goddamn, that's as poignant as it is depressing.
I at least appreciate this book showing she's aware of the fact that it's getting more difficult for her to keep justifying her tactics. She's basically trying to cut a Gordian knot with a hammer at this point.

>she has said she will release the lawyer if no evidence comes to light

Like she was doing with briefcase lady? Taking someone in, ransacking their fucking mind with psychics and then wanting to toss them into a cell when you find nothing is the exact opposite of that. She's spit all over the constitution she once swore to uphold.

>she once swore to uphold
She kinda mumbled her way through that part.

You do know she has been beat up in Vengeance, YA, and CW2. This pretty much the only serious fights the Ultimates have had all run.

>I don't know how the man does it, do Marvel writers have access to any of the published comic-books? or does he pay for them?
Writers have free unlimited access to back issues if I'm not wrong, I'm not sure what that means for cunrrently published comics -think that just passes through editors

>bringing Mar-Vel into it
Come on man, that's low.

>I don't know how the man does it, do Marvel writers have access to any of the published comic-books? or does he pay for them?
You do know that DC and Marvel literally have whole runs of comics in their archives, right? And they also have whole libraries of their stuff in digital form, too. So it not that hard to do research. Just most writers today are asses who are too full of themselves to do the work to have it connected to what has gone before. That's why there are so many retcons at the moment.

Between this and Thanos Imperative I really like that the anti-Thanos strategy is "shoot him with a really strong gun"

I didn't know, yeah

with how little Marvel writers care about continuity these days it doesn't seem like they actually have access to the shit the other people write

Welp, I guess this mostly clarifies how Starlin's OGNs could be canon despite Thanos being stuck outside the universe post-SW.

So the Thanos that appears in is most likely the Thanos that Reed recreated (616-8 Thanos) while this one is the original 616-7 Thanos.

>acknowledging both Slott's Silver Surfer and Starlin's All-new Infinity Trilogy
Marvel doesn't deserve Ewing.

Wait what? Are you saying there are two thanos?

Thanos has a thing for cloning himself and let the clones get their hands dirty

>Reed recreated Thanos
For what purpose

he didn't, though

The Thanos we're reading here is the Thanos that Doom killed in Secret Wars, and Reed didn't recreate him

He kinda got stuck on nothingness after Battleworld ended

Just so you all know, this week's issue of Steve Rogers Captain America (somebody should storytime it) confirms that Alison Green was in fact not a Hydra agent ever.

But user said that Reed made a new Thanos for the new 616. Why?

The user who said Thanos was recreated was just wrong.

>But user said that Reed made a new Thanos for the new 616. Why?
So that Starlin can write a Thanos that doesn't suck and doesn't job to a knock-off Captain Mar-vell, magical lesbian baby and a guy in a cat costume.


>he died slowly too
Damn, motherfucker. This is so low.

Let me break this down for you:
When Secret Wars happened, Thanos was one of the survivors and ended up on Battleworld. He dies fighting Doom, but being unable to die, his soul or what have you is essentially excised from the multiverse.

At the end of Secret Wars, Reed recreates 616 as perfectly as he can. In Starlin's OGNs, it shows a Thanos post-SW teaming up with Adam Warlock then at the end, retiring to Death's realm and making out with her as he's finally earned his good end and become Death's lover. We know this happens post-SW because the fact that Adam Warlock becoming the new Living Tribunal to replace the one killed by the Beyonders is a plot point.

HOWEVER, in Ultimates, we see the Thanos that died in Secret Wars re-entering the universe, now no longer in love with Death and instead in love with Oblivion. This Thanos then acknowledges here: the fact that there could be another Thanos already in the universe that's still in love with Death and by her side right now. This is Ewing basically lampshading the whole thing by saying that the Thanos that was already in Earth-616-8 post-SW and had his good end with Lady Death is a separate Thanos from the one we're reading about here.

So Earth-616-7 Thanos died in Secret Wars, and this experience causes him to renounce Death and become an agent of Oblivion upon entry into Earth-616-8.

However, the Earth-616-8 Thanos, who we read about in Starlin's OGNs, never experienced Secret Wars so he never had the 8 months outside the multiverse to renounce death and become an agent of oblivion.

>Thanos-7 dies fighting God Doom
>Reed perfectly recreates 616, thus causing the creation of a Thanos-8
>Thanos-8 has a good end and retires to death's domain; this is henceforth "Starlin's Thanos"
>Thanos-7 re-enters the universe after the fact, now in love with Oblivion rather than Death because of his time outside the multiverse

No, he wasn't. Your reading comprehension is just wrong.

>mfw starlins thanos comes back to fuck up thanos

>>He's not actually a wizard, in fact he expresses fustration with magic in Thanos Imperative.
he doesn't LIKE magic but he dabbled in black magic for at least a couple of centuries before Gamora's birth. While not a Sorcerer Supreme, he's no novice either

>Thanos can't make portals
Well he can with tech and he's done it before but yeah you're still going too fast for him to react so I have no problems in the end.

No, I'm just assuming that the user got his information wrong. I don't know what specific thing he was citing.

Except the Infinity Trilogy events start BEFORE Secret Wars.
It's possible Tribunal Warlock did move 616-7 Thanos to Universe-8 while leaving another Thanos to deal with Secret Wars.

Give Tribunal Warlock was able to remake 616-7 Adam Warlock, I'm going to wager he remade HIS OWN Thanos, as he was originally from a different continuity- remember: it's suggested Alternate Thanos was identical to 616-7 Thanos except more nihilistic(if just slightly so).

It would make sense the more nihilistic Alternate Thanos would fall in GAY LOVE with Oblivion given the experience.

Surprised nobody has storytimed it yet. Like Ewing, it fixes and explains a lot of the shit Bendis did in Civil War II.
It turns out, Banner's death is all Captain Hydra's fault.

The whole event will be blamed on Red Skull, won't it? Carol will walk of scott free, despite all Guantanamo type shit she pulled.

Just because Carol is wrong doesn't mean Tony Stark is right. Blue Marvel seems to be the guy closest to my ideals regarding how Ulysses should be used.

Clam your tits T'challa stop acting like an emotional lesbian.

I'm surprised Sam Wilson hasn't been storytimed either. In it Tony Stark once again shows he's a hypocrite by using Sam's brain as a surveillance system using birds.

Read Ewing's Ultimates, Starlin's All-new Infinite Trilogy, then reread the quadruple page page spread and think about how what Thanos is saying on that page ties up the continuity issues between the Thanoses that appear in Starlin and Ewing's books.

Does anyone have a textless version? And preferably a .png?

It's stupid but I believe it more from the mad Titan than just some crazy guy.

A+ Thanos Bantz

>"The Death of Captain-"
>Owning MAC like that
Holy fucking shit Thanos is savage as fuck

Oh shit mine made it in.

So Black Panther can put Silver Surfer in a hold and kick Thanos in the face. How powerful is he?

Which one?

he's empowered by a panther god, to a higher degree than Spider-Man was empowered by a Spider god after The Other story

>Ewing confirmed for being the only person to read Starlin's OGNs.


I'm embarrassed tho. Reading it back I might have gone a little overboard with the memey Mahvel excitability they expect from these :/
Besides one of the numbers got fucked up in transit. That or Ewing's just a really crafty editor.

You're a mess of a person.

your MOM is a mess of a person!

I like this, but Thanos has in comics shown his ability to deal with energy trying to alter his mind or mental patterns. There was that one comic where he basically walked through some kind of reality storm where everything around was being broken up, turned liquid, turned solid stone, turned to gems, and warped, but he just kept walking through everything because he was able to maintain his 'self' and his mind was stronger than that force.

I didn't read the Starlin OGN storytime (wanted to, but I was halfway through the Infinity Trilogy at the time). Is there anything to indicate that the Living Tribunal bit is specifically referring to the events of those?
..Also if anyone could share a required reading list from the 20 years between between Infinity Watch and the start of those threads it'd be much appreciated.

I don't like that they 'solved' Galactus. He was supposed to be a neutral force in the universe to keep it going. He wasn't 'evil' any more than a snake is evil, any more than a flood is evil. It sucks and you might lose someone but it is part of nature.

You can't stop tornadoes, you can only get better systems to predict them and help people get better set up to endure and survive them.

it's probably keikaku
And if not hey this Thanos is kinda broken. His sense of self got all kinds of fucked up by his time in The Void.

The tomes of King Jack himself can be quoted as saying that Galactus would one day give back far more than he ever took.
>Yeah, when the universe ends!
It did.

That was meant to as the 'natural' end of the universe. Galactus is like a giant repository for 90% of the life force he drains from planets. At the heat-death of the universe, Galactus will create an all new big bang that will rekindle life anew. If Galactus is using that energy to create new worlds now then the universe will actually completely 100% end with no future.

>that art shift

the fuck

Some aspects of the Universe itself don't like that they solved Galactus.

Nice quints.

That's extrapolation and assumption. It'll be canon when it's canon.

m.m. gets beat like that by everyone though


Thanos is sleeping

Reading Englehart's Silver Surfer I get the distinct impression Chaos & Order aren't actually "of the universe". Or 616, at least. They're depicted as overseers of an entirely different dimension, ala Doctor Strange.

Presumably he has not fully recovered. He was weakened by the reentry and he has done since then is get beat up.

Yes, it's specifically referring to it. Adam Warlock becomes the new Living Tribunal, hence the comment about the living tribunal being brand new. Plus, the left half of this also makes reference to it.


Can he save Marvel from Bendis in time?


Fun comic. Always love the Thanos. Looking forward to him escaping again. Losing twice so quickly hurts though.

The irony is that Bendis thought he was referring to himself.

Really been diggin Ultimates so far hope it continues at the current level of quality

>depicts mutant futures

and yet they still push mutants to the side instead of include them....

>until next issue, where Christian Ward joins us

Also Elsa showing up in A-Force.

>this is good writing at Marvel

I don't understand the argument against Carol at all. Who cares if a few innocent people get arrested if they saved a lot of innocent people form dying?

It doesn't make any sense whatsoever to me. This is a good thing, she has information to save lives and uses it effectively.

Carol is right. 100% She should fuck Cyclops.

She runs like a ninja

> noticing the Crack on the floor and not Chavez getting sexier

Seek help

Thanos is too tricky for his own good

War Machine died for nothing. We all know how it would end if he did get the Cube.

Good for you, user.
I got into Vision #10


>implying Rocafort's drawing speed becomes slower

First time my eyes have hurt from an art change.
I can appreciate the trouble in keeping an artist on schedule, but there's not even consistency in the coloring or even the inking.

>Double Ewing day
>Deadly Class is back
>Richard Rider's back
>MTMTE's finale was decent
It was a pretty good week for comics

Oh, wow! I didn't see that part. I just noticed how the white star on America's shirt seemed to disappear.

>MTMTE's finale was decent
You've got pretty low standards, huh.

Get In buddies!

Chaos and Order are the Eternity\Infinity and Death\Oblivion of the Magic part of the universal stack.

Basically, they deals with a different "phase-shift" of the existence

She is right but she's also managing the whole thing very badly.
It doesn't help there is a lot of inconsistency in the portrayal among writers.

>It doesn't help there is a lot of inconsistency in the portrayal among writers.
Carol went off the rails with the Hydra lady. The biggest problem with the other side is a lot the heroes are fine with until they get accused then it is "i'd never do something like that, Carol how could you". Like in Carol's comic today.

bruh BOTH thanoses remember the old infinity stuff, but one is the original who was stuck in the void outside the universe and the other is a reed recreation who was recreated with the memories

Which is jarring because at this point they all should know impersonators, context, etc are important.

Generally speaking, unless it's somebody already wanted or a natural catastrophe the best way to go about this is just find out about the potential culprit, why\how could he do something like that IF he wanted and ask them to please not do it. Hell, for most you could just run a "Random Lottery" to have an excuse to take people away for the amount of time you need to avoid the prophecy by having them "winning" a trip somewhere or something

we don't actually know.

this man thing has amazing taste in women

>next issue, where Christian Ward joins us to wrap up the loose ends of CIVIL WAR II
A whole two months before it actually ends!

This shit is just getting too cringworhty to read the sheer fucking stupidity of every character is astounding its almost like reading those teen titan comics where they all fall into drugs and shit

When was Eternity chained?

We don't know when, why or how Eternity was chained. All we know is that when Galactus saved the Ultimates when they attempted to travel outside of the multiverse to fix time, G spoke to Eternity and saw him chained

>the Universe is literally falling apart and getting taken over by a mysterious dark force
>heroes on Earth are too busy squabbling over irrelevant shit

Wait what exactly does that make Infinity/Oblivion then.

The reveal was Ultimates #5.
Ewing might be building towards an "Eternity War" so maybe Death or Oblivion have something to do with it.
Then again if we're to interpret certain scenes a certain way, Anti-Man's ravings seem to imply we're going full Morrison and it'll literally be Tom Brevoot or something.

Why are they writing Thanos at Silver Surfer powerlevels and without using his intelligence in the slightest? This is fucking retarded.

>you're still going too fast for him to react
Yea, it's not like Thanos has reacted to full-on blitzes from Surfer before, who makes Rambleau look like a paraplegic cripple crawling backwards. Oh wait...

what do you mean?
the Physical Universe is expressed by Eternity, Death, Infinity and Oblivion. Plus Galactus.
the Magical\Metaphysical Universe is expressed by Order and Chaos plus the In-Betweener.

>>Yea, it's not like Thanos has reacted to full-on blitzes from Surfer before,
not without the Infinity Gauntlet.

He had omniscience turned off: only the Power Gem was active. When he reacted to Silver Surfer going at how many lightyears an hour he was going, it was purely his own reaction time.

Pretty much yeah. But what do you expect from Bendis?

wrong: he had everything except omniscience.
Which means full Time and Space control.

He cut himself off from Time, Space, Reality, Soul, and Mind Gems

Did you even read the fucking comic? It was his own reaction time. And that wasn't the only time he reacted to Surfer.

Just the sensory input. He could still use their abilities, but he could be surprised. Like Doom in Hickmanwars.

He didn't cut himself off from the Power Gem's sensory input but I suspect that it doesn't provide any.


Thanos says that explicitly in that exact pic

>Just the sensory input
Kind of the fucking point. Unless you're seriously implying Thanos doesn't have the speed to react in which case you haven't read a lot of Thanos.

That's a recap page, idiot. It's full of exposition because it's not meant to be part of the comic and exposition is literally its only function.