Ladybug thread

Ladybug thread.

No Cat fags allowed.

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>Watching loli in skin tight latex bodysuit
>Not pedophiles


Fair enough.


But none of them are lolis.

Ladybug is a bit stacked for a loli, wouldn't you say?

>No Cat fags allowed.
What's the point?


>French 3D animation

Interesting to see how they develop Chloe's character.

all i saw was that it had korean audio so



I saw last thread that Chloe is most likely going to be the Bee miraculous holder.
Eh. I hope the redemption arc is good at least. I'd have preferred it if Alya (or whatever the qt brown girl name was) got one, or a new character.

>has tits

You are beyond fucking retarded, goddamn kill yourself and your family.

We donĀ“t even know if she is suppose to be a hero for all we know she could be a recurring villian

It is available in French, English and Korean.

It was literally confirmed last thread that the bee girl isn't Chloe

no a new character would have been awful, we have plenty of characters we just need to develop them more, not introduce more for them not to be developed

although I agree I wish we were getting more Alya instead of more Chloe

this hasn't been confirmed anywhere its just a rumor going around started by some fans

She has a nice butt.

can someone change Chloe ladybug uniform to the queen bee uniform?

Not a loli.

Not latex.

is season 2 out yet


delicious tears



>Not latex.
Looks like it to me.

Doesn't mean it is. :/

It's basically magical latex. Earlier promotional material had her with a smooth texture and seams, much more like real latex.

So it's like the "skin" of the bug she's named after?

Not just pedophiles, GAY pedophiles!

It's shiny spandex textured like the old Raimi Spider-Man suit.

It looks like a wetsuit to me, so neoprene?

Wouldn't that make her really toasty running around in the sun like that?

Probably. On the other hand, it could have magical climate control for all we know.

I'm gonna fall back on "it's magic" for this.

After all, the mask wouldn't come off that one episode.

fucking lol


Why is platonic marichat so delicious?


2nd only to Ladrien (Adrybug?)

Can't wait for the reaction when they find out each other's identities.

I think it's the "Marinette with Ladybug-confidence" thing.



>tfw not french

You will never legally hit that underage booty

feels bad man

You were doomed from the start

she's a teen, so jailbait.
Her little sister is very tasty tho, now dats some sweet loli

15 is all good in france

Post pics

(I assume the bottom is her VA)

Yeah, but then the term "underage" doesn't apply. They are of age.

>Her little sister
Marinette's an only child. Are you referring to the girl she babysits?

Manon is not Marinette's sister and you are sick and need help.

embrace yer fanbase

They still can't vote and they still can't drink alcohol.

then just put the drugs in OJ or soda, damn nigga

>Not wanting to nail le sexxxy cat-boy


I hope she gets a cool transformation sequence.



Got one with a better resolution?

>1.51 MB
>1.6 MB

What's your context of this?



>Getting fucked in the ass but finding out it's your dad


which episode was this from?

So what the appeal here?
I get the fap bait, but show doesnt seem to be going anywhere and the SoL humor is kinda bland.

I realize this isnt the only show like that, but still


>somehow super expressive

This really is just like anime.

so is the italian fox bitch gonna be a recurring character
i really did not like her, she was the same as chloe except hotter


my biggest gripe with this show is the backgrounds and how paris is portrayed
paris is overcrowded, dirty, and full of non-french everywhere

I mean its not like other shows that take place in real cities are really known for their accuracy

although I will note that a lot of the characters aren't exactly pure blooded French people anyway

also the backgrounds looked way better in the original 2D version, its just a weakness of 3D animation in general

Anyone got a mega?

they have a mega and multiple choices on what audio you want

I suggest French with English subs

It comes with the territory with a low-budget kids cartoon. Not only can you not afford to make loads of unique background characters, you also can't show unsavory things like homeless people, trash everywhere, etc.

Thanks my friend.

Hopefully a bigger budget in the next season might mean more background characters.

>he doesn't enjoy oppai loli

So just regular homosexuas then?

It's not even low-budget. That's the problem.
But CGI is so expensive that even a well funded show like this can't afford proper extras for the backgrounds, which was a problem that people predicted pretty much from the beginning when it became known that the show was going to be computer animated.

the models are expensive but once you make them they are cheap to use

if they could make the investment to improve the backgrounds, they would more or less stay improved at not much more cost

Ayla would make more sense as the fox IMO, Chloe is legit just too perfect in looks and personality not to play the bee.

Plus if Ayla got the fox we wouldn't have to deal with that other bitch who just screwed with the already convoluted as shit love square that's going on right now.

>I get the fap bait

That's really all there is to it. People just want to see underages in skintight latex outfits strutting around.


a l y a

not ayla.

A l y a


It's a comfy show and the characters are adorable.

>a lot of the characters aren't exactly pure blooded French people anyway
yes wtf is this shit?



I hope to see more of him, I'm really hoping he gets some character development

Posting best villain

>People just want to see underages in skintight latex outfits strutting around.

That's sad user...



If only sfm model of her exist...

im gonna make her getting gangbanged by lots of dicks.

The French are cucked second only to the Swedes. And maybe the Germans too at this point. Muh Diversity! Political Correctness isn't just a meme on Cred Forums.

France is far more "diverse" than Sweden or Germany.

I mean they are mostly former French colonial peoples anyway

welcome to france